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A Thought from the Lord Today

Pastor John, 

I wanted to share the thoughts that the Lord has given me today.  I felt LIFE and a quickening in my soul when these thoughts came, so I knew where they were coming from.  I wanted to pass them on, the best that I could convey them.

All of men’s deeds can be done in righteousness – or sin.  The deed itself does not make the determination.

A man eats healthy everyday, staying mindful to avoid those foods that promote poor health, denying his fleshly desire to feast on the good tasting fats and sugars that are so plentiful, and perhaps even exercising everyday.  All of this because he knows that his body is the temple of the Lord, and he honors it God’s possession and God’s tool, above his own desire for things that taste good. 

Another man eats healthy everyday as well.  And he is mindful to avoid those same fats and sugars, while he too exercises every day.  All of this because he glories in his own appearance and strength, above the desire of his flesh to consume those same good-tasting treats. 

Both lifestyles yield the same results, in appearance.  And the world cannot tell the two men’s actions apart.  But one is the act of an upright heart and a love for God.  While the other is vanity, pride and a love for one’s self.

A man asks another man for help, to complete his work, because in humility toward the Lord, he has put away his pride and humbled himself to confess his weakness and his inability to do all things for himself.

Another man also asks for help with his work, but it is because he is lazy and doesn’t want to do those things that are his responsibility.  So, selfishly and without fear of the Lord, or regard for the hearts of those around him, he burdens those thoughtful souls with the load that he is supposed to carry.

The world cannot distinguish between the actions of these two men.  But the first man is doing well, following the example that Jesus and Peter set when the Lord caused Peter to humble himself to get his feet washed by another.  While the second man is possibly kindling the anger of the Lord.

The heart of a man determines whether a deed is righteousness or sin; there is nothing unclean of itself.

And because that is true, God has no limitations as to where He can carry you in righteousness.  There are no lines drawn (by men) that Jesus cannot cross.



Thanks, Jerry.

Here is an excerpt from chapter 6 of the Father and Son book* that you may remember:

“Even when the Israelites were giving close heed to the law and the prophets, it was impossible for them always to know if a particular deed was good or evil because no deed is either always good or always evil.  Sometimes, prayer is good (Prov. 15:8), but prayer can also be evil (Prov. 28:9).  Sometimes, killing is evil (Ex. 20:13), but killing can also be good (1Sam. 15:32–33).  Mercy is good, but one of Israel’s kings sinned by showing mercy at the wrong time (1Kgs. 20:30–43), just as Israel’s foolish king Saul also had done (1Sam. 15:2–3, 8).  Then again, Joab, King David’s general, sinned by not showing mercy when he should have (2Sam. 3:27–28; 20:9–10).  Worshipping God can be good, but sometimes, the worship men offer disgusts Him (Amos 5:21–24; Isa. 1:11–17).  Cruelty is usually evil, but God Himself can be cruel (Isa. 13:9; Jer. 30:14).  So, who knows when praying or showing mercy is evil?  And who knows when killing and cruelty are good?  We must have God’s kind of life as an internal gauge to let us know what is good and what is evil in any given situation.”

May God keep our hearts!

Pastor John

* Follow the link below to read Pastor John’s book, God Had a Son before Mary Did:





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Just Live

“From the life lessons file: You can’t outrun talk, or stomp out all the fires that slander starts.  Just live, and let your life speak for itself.”

Jesus was talking to me about this 2 days ago. ​ I wrote it down. ​ ​After my dream and seeing your Facebook post about just living, I thought I would share it with you.

Really love hearing things in the truth being said​,​ then learning through experience how true they are. ​ ​I like really knowing that getting our minds on Jesus fixes EVERYTHING.  Nothing feels off when our minds are on the Lord.

Jesus told me “you keep trying to get to a place with me,​ and that is keeping you from just living. ​ ​It is like running on a giant hamster wheel. ​ ​Quit trying to figure it out and just live. ​ ​To just live is to really submit. ​ ​Submit all your own thoughts, your own wants and desires​ and be lead. ​ ​Just submitting is how you live.​”

Oh how simple,​ but oh how hard!  ​I told Jesus that I really don’t know how to just live. ​ ​But I want to,​ and I know he wants it for me!!


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Pastor John.

I have really been enjoying all the reading in Matthew and Revelation. It’s making things more real. I loved the Blog you sent out this morning about being saved and receiving the Holy Ghost.  It made me start thinking back on my life, and others when they where seeking to get right. What a place that is!  You feel like everyone is better than you!!  You are willing to do anything!!  You are in love with everyone. 

Oh, to stay in that place️! heart

Jammie C.

“Would Jesus save me if he came today?”

     Many of us have had that question come up in our hearts.  And we have certainly hoped that Jesus would indeed save us if he came today.

Recently, the Lord gave me another question which will help us determine the answer to that first one.  It is this: “Would Jesus give me the holy Ghost today if I did not have it?”

If Jesus would give you the Spirit today if you were seeking it, then he would save you today if he came.  Would you be given the holy Ghost today?

Pastor John Clark



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Reading Together

Pastor John, 

I love what we read about Revelation this morning and in Matthew 12 tonight.  Every time we go through it, it is changing and creating something deep in my heart that loves mercy. Thank you for being willing to make your work perfect.

It reminds me of the “All Things” message (time, purpose, and judgment)* and the wise and foolish virgins Jesus spoke of, and how Jesus said he would have gathered his Jews under his wing if they would have only been willing.  Then, reading about the believers who were cursed with Christianity because they also were looking for worldly power.

Whew!  I pray that we remember it’s about God deciding what it is time for and that we value and love His truth and people until the end.


*Refer to Pastor John’s book Suffering and the Saints


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Four Kinds of Soil

Pastor John, 

I started talking to Jesus this morning about Lot.  I asked Jesus why Lot stayed in Sodom.  I was thinking about the fellowship he had with Abraham as he followed after God, and the fact that Lot left.  I thought about his wife and his daughters, and I wondered if he stayed in Sodom to provide for them, or what could have kept him there, especially since Lot was vexed daily by the sins in Sodom.  Then I had the thought  “Lot let the cares of this world keep him from the sweet fellowship and life he could have had.” 

When I thought that, Jesus let me know that continuing to lose my peace when things go badly or wrong, or not how I EXPECTED them to go, was dangerous, and he reminded me of the parable of the four kinds of soils.  I couldn’t remember it clearly, but I knew that one of those soils included losing your soul due to the cares of this world. 

This is so good to me because it changes how I have been looking at myself.  Good soil has a good fear of God.   We benefit from that kind of fear.  It is clean; it loves God and His righteousness, and it “does no harm to its neighbor.”  Living in the Spirit,  we will not be bad soil.  We will patiently produce good fruit and live forever with Jesus.

I feel like it strengthened me when Jesus showed me this.  It changed my attitude about changing my attitude. 

Beth D

Gospel Tract #63

Four Kinds of Soil

by George C. Clark

“That same day, Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea, and such large crowds were gathered around him that he boarded a boat to sit in, and the whole multitude stood on the shore. And he spoke many things to them in parables, saying, ‘The sower went out to sow, and as he sowed, some of it fell along the path, and the birds came and gobbled them up. But other seed fell on rocky places where they didn’t have much soil, and they immediately sprang up, since they had no depth of soil. But after the sun arose, they were scorched, and because they had no root, they withered. Then, other seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them out. But others fell onto good soil and bore fruit, some a hundredfold, but some sixty, and some thirty.’ ”
Matthew 13:1–8

From the preceding parable, we see that all who are privileged to hear the Word of God are divided into four groups. This being true, each one of us should ask the question, “Which group am I in?” or “What kind of soil am I?” First, let us look at

(1) The Wayside Soil (Mt. 13:19)

Everyone who hears the word of the kingdom and doesn’t understand, the Evil One comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart. This is the one who was sown along the path.”

From the millions in this group often comes the question, “Is it our fault that we do not understand? Are we to be blamed for that?” Jesus gave the answer (Mt. 13:15):

For the heart of this people is hardened, and they hear with dull ears and they have closed their eyes, lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand in their heart, and repent, and I heal them.”

We might say, people do not understand the Word of God because they prefer sin and worldly pleasure. Anyone who wishes may easily understand enough of God’s Word to repent. Now, we move on to

(2) The Stony Soil (Mt. 13:20–21)

But the one who was sown on rocky places, he is the one who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy, yet he has no root in himself. He endures but for a while, but when trouble or persecution comes because of the word, immediately he’s offended.”

In the stony soil, we find someone who hears the Word of God and, may we say, bubbles over with joy as he receives it. His experience in the Lord is genuine and wonderful. It leaves him shouting the victory and rejoicing; yet, he fails to stand for what he knows to be true; consequently, he is soon overwhelmed by the doubting spirits around him. Next, the Lord speaks of

(3) The Thorny Soil (Mt. 13:22)

As for the one that was sown among the thorns, he is the one who hears the word, but the care of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke out the word, and it becomes unfruitful.”

The striking difference between these believers and those in group two is the time element. Those in group two lasted only a short time. Here in group three, the believer runs well for quite a while; but as time passes, he grows weaker. This, of course, is due to the fact that he allowed thorns to remain, and they choked out the seed of God. The thorns represent “the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches,” and these two evils make a believer unfruitful if they are allowed to grow in the heart.

Yes, Reader, those in this third group go much further than believers in the second group, who, as we are told, “last for a short while.” The truth is, those who are the thorny soil do not give up and walk away. Rather, they remain among the assembly of saints, even though they become unfruitful. In high moments of ecstasy, they may even be inspired to speak boldly against evil or to praise the Lord to the extent that they leave the impression that they are better soil than they actually are. Such believers reflect the biblical picture that is drawn in Matthew 15:8:

This people draws near to me with their mouth, and with their lips they honor me, but their heart is far from me.”

This thorny soil group equals in number the good soil group, for in one famous parable, Jesus compared God’s kingdom with ten spiritual “virgins”, five of them wise and five of them foolish (Mt. 25:1–13). They all had oil, you will remember, but the foolish did not bring enough of it. Likewise, all believers have the oil of the Spirit, but half of them do not have enough of it, and they will be cast out of the kingdom when they are judged. Finally, Jesus tells us of

(4) The Good Soil (Mt. 13:23)

But as for the one who was sown onto good soil, he is the one who hears the word and understands, who indeed bears fruit and produces, this one a hundredfold, that one sixty, but another thirty.”

Thank God for these holy and faithful believers, who not only receive the Word of God but also obey it to the end. They have oil enough to take them all the way to the great marriage supper of the Lamb. Each one produces fruit according to his ability, “this one a hundredfold, that one sixty, but another thirty.”

So, now, can you answer my question, friend? In which of these four groups are you? It helps us to answer that question honestly once we acknowledge that not only the Lord sees where we really are, but every true saint of God does, too.

Reader, stay in “the good soil,” for the time is short “when he will come to be glorified in his saints.” Amen!

Four Kinds of Soil

By George C. Clark

The fowls watched the sower’s hand
and saw some seeds fall short.
They quickly “came and ate them up.”
So ended this first sort.

The sun then played its burning part,
and scorched the ones who fell
upon the stony, arid ground,
where waters seldom dwell.

Next, the thorns all had their way
by choking out the seed.
At first they grew so very slow,
and then they took the lead.

But others fell in ground that’s good,
And they brought forth the fruit,
An hundred, sixty, or thirtyfold,
The price of a wedding suit.





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A Special Weekend

Thank you Bro John, 

I watched the meetings from this past weekend today & am still so blessed by them both. The things you said were wonderful, so were the songs, the testimonies and blessings we received. 

I watched how God touched us Sunday morning. It was special as I watched how much the Spirit blessed me. I love to drink of the sweet holy Ghost. I feel so good during those special blessings! Nothing hurts, nothing aches, no thoughts of anything, just a wonderful time to enjoy what I feel & that’s good enough for me. I can be so free to enjoy every bit of it, drink it all, take it all in and feel it. 

When I watched Saturday night & heard my testimony of being disappointed that my feet & eyes were not getting any better, it was so touching to see you pray for me, then others came & prayed for me. One by one, the precious children of God came & prayed, even many of the young people, standing there praying for me! I never felt so much love as I watched that Saturday night meeting. I cried at the love I saw there being poured out on me. 

Then the thought came to me what you said about the young people seeing these wonderful things of God & how it will stay with them. I started asking the Lord to let those young people really see & understand what happened there with me during those two meetings. On Saturday night, I came in feeling disappointed & a little discouraged but yielded to the holy Ghost, honestly admitted how I felt, received the prayers from the precious saints & left there feeling better in my spirit. Then the very next day, Sunday morning, you read about God’s yoke being easy & His burden being light which went right along with my testimony, so I gave it & then the Lord blessed again, filled me up to overflowing!! So much that I danced & shouted & fell out like a drunk. Oh how I love that. To me, it was seeing God in action doing His mighty work. My simple part was to yield, enjoy what I felt & just go with it. God did the rest. My simple part was just the minimum, which is what you talked about.

I am so thankful for this past weekend. The sweet time of chatting with you early Sunday morning was super special –  just me & you sitting on the couch by the fire spending sweet time together was a highlight to me. Others were there in the room talking among themselves, but I felt as if there was nobody else on the planet there but us two. I love you so much and thank you so much for teaching me the truth. What a wonderful life! 

Your sweet sister,


PS: That’s how I’m feeling, today – really sweet.

Thank you Bro John,



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The Best That We Can Do

Pastor John, 

This evening, while I was getting ready for our 7 o’clock meeting, I asked Jesus if He would give me something that I could share tonight – a testimony.  I then considered many of the things that God has done for me in my life, some things that I feel certain I have never shared, or if I did testify to them, it has been so long that it has all but been forgotten. I wanted to add to the pot, one of the peas that has been given to me.  At the same time, I wanted whatever it is that I said, if anything, to be what Jesus is saying, now; I wanted it to be alive!  Not just reminiscent of something that was once living.  It is just as you told us in Louisville many years ago, “The truth isn’t the truth if it isn’t what Jesus is doing right now.”  We need Jesus in the present tense, not where He was.

I continued getting ready for the meeting and forgot that I had asked Jesus for anything.  Then, while crossing the kitchen floor, I stopped as the Lord began communicating to me.  He did not remind me of a time in which he blessed me and I failed to tell about it, nor did he stir up something that was long overdue to be told, again.  But he did tell me this, and I want to share it.

The best that we can ever do for God, is to just do what He tells us.

There is nothing that we have, that He did not give us first.  There is nothing that we can add to Him, and there is no way that we can improve upon his eternal situation.  We will never have an idea that is better than His own.

What can we begin to offer the One who created and controls, everything?

In the book of Isaiah, the Lord spoke through the prophet, regarding the day when “sacrificing a lamb would be like cutting off a dog’s neck.”  That is because, while it is true that Israel had obeyed the Lord in worshipping Him with these kinds of sacrifices in the past, Israel had since failed to obey God in all other things.  And the sacrifices themselves had no value at all to God.  That lamb was never of any more value to Him than the dog that he compared it to. 

What did make this, or any other animal sacrifice, of any value was that the Lord was willing to accept it.  The sacrifice had been sanctified by God’s willingness to receive it.  That was its only value, ever.  And in response to Israel’s disobedience, the Lord declared that He was no longer willing to accept it.

It is the same today. Whatever God will condescend to accept from us humans, that is the very best that we can ever give to Him.  We cannot improve upon that, and it is arrogant to try.



Hi Jerry.

I guess that is why, as a man told me in my Old Testament class many years ago, “God doesn’t tell us to do the best we can; He tells us to obey Him.”

Pastor John



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