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The Revelation Reading

After reading those things tonight from your book on Revelation, I sat back and thanked God for what we’ve heard.  It made my mouth shut in some places and hang down in others.  It was so wonderful!  It really keeps you in focus.

Billy M.


Thank you so much for the reading last night!  I was sitting there thinking, “How does he do that?” (Putting it all together and make it so clear.)  I love how Jesus teaches you and you teach us!

Before coming to the truth, I never knew the Old Testament could be so alive!  I love how you added the OT scriptures to the Revelation study.  One of my favorite parts was the story of Joseph talking to his brothers, and comparing it to Jesus talking to the Jews.  Whew!  What love!

I was so thankful to be there last night, and thankful to be literally sitting there instead of watching it on Livestream.  I am blessed!



Good morning,

I feel so full after last night, reading about when the Jews turn to Jesus in the end.  I feel stirred with a longing to be full of zeal and to be faithful to God.  The love that was, and that will be, poured out from God for His people, the Jews, pierces my soul when we read about it.  I got up this morning just saying over and over “Lord, let me be faithful to you!”

How can I love Him enough for His mercy and not leaving me out there?

After learning the truth, the Jews will outlaw false doctrine.  Whew!  Their zeal for Jesus provokes me to jealousy now! When I first started taking the OT course, I used to feel jealous about them being God’s chosen people.  But I see why God loves them so much.  I want to be so full of zeal that I would fit right in with them at that time!  I consider what we have now, and think,  “Lord, am I thankful enough?  Do I really value it enough?  What would those weeping Jews see in me?”

We don’t have to wait to learn the truth.  God has already poured out His love on us.  We are already filled with His spirit. We have already met Jesus.  That is just rolling through me this morning.



Hey Pastor John,

I have loved reading Revelation.  It has stirred up such feelings, feelings I never knew existed.  I love it because I feel like I’m getting to know who Jesus is, His love, His mercy and His power. I’m in awe of this precious life that He has given to us.  He’s chosen us to understand it, to love it, to feel it!  Wow, that is no small thing.  

I wish every child of God could hear and feel what we’ve been given.  What a remarkable life!

Thank you, Pastor John!

Michelle H




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Life Support

Hi Pastor John, 

Today I was in the car and I was listening to a brother testify.  This brother said, “I know I can sit here in this chair (at the prayer meetings) and die.”  That struck my heart when he said that, and almost immediately Jesus said, “I am life support.”  Jesus will keep us alive when our spirits are tired and need help to keep going. Jesus will bring us into the “emergency room”, as Sister Willie says, and plug us into the body where we can get nutrients and be fed.  There really is nothing new in this world.  Jesus is the original life support!  That is so good to me.

Yet, just as in the world, a body cannot stay on life support.  Almost immediately the muscles weaken causing atrophy.  I was in a coma for seven days once, and after I woke up, I remember not being able to sit up without help.  I remember wanting to stand, and my mind was ready to get up and walk, but my muscles could not function like they were supposed to.  The lack of circulation and blood flow had an almost immediate effect.  I could not eat or swallow after only seven days.  The muscles were too weak.  I had to do daily exercises to even take a drink of water.  I was so thirsty, yet I could not have a sip of water, for the doctors feared I would choke on it.

You can overcome the atrophy and get strong again, but it is not without work, and it is not without pain.  The longer the body is on life support, the harder it is to regain strength and function.

I love the mercy in this, and I love His wisdom.  We can rest when our spirits are tired.  Jesus will keep us alive.  But we have to get up and use our spiritual muscles!  We have to move and let the blood flow, or everything vital begins to die.  We do not want to get to the point where we cannot take a sip of water from Jesus.  Imagine being so thirsty for a drink, and having the water available, but no longer having the strength to swallow.

Also while I was in a coma, the hospital sent two men from local churches, on separate occasions, to anoint my head with oil because the odds were high that I was going to die, and that was supposed to ensure I made it to Heaven.  I am so very thankful for the oil that will really get me home. 

I found this definition of atrophy:

Atrophy is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body.




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Good Testimony

Hi Bro John, 

I really enjoyed Rob’s testimony last night about his two choices the doctor gave him about his ear. ​ ​One was to apply the cancer cream and the second was to have surgery which required being cut on and then recovery time. ​ ​Rob went with his doctor’s first choice if it were him (the doctor) making the decision.

I know he was talking about a physical thing, but I thought about it in a spiritual way too.

It makes me think this could be how Jesus talks to us sometimes. ​ ​When he shows us something about ourselves that needs fixing or changing, we have a choice to make. ​ ​Many times, we can hear godly sermons, songs and testimonies that seem to speak directly to us.​ ​ If we can take in that godly wisdom and instruction, apply the “healing cream”, we might discover that was all that was needed to take care of the problem.​ ​ On the other hand, we can just hear what came to us as mere words or maybe think those were words for someone else, do nothing when the help is offered,​ and then have to be cut on. ​ ​That kind of spiritual surgery can be tough,​ even though we realize it’s for our good​,​ and it’s much better to be cut on than cut off.

It reminds me of the song you sang recently, “Let Have His Way With Thee”. ​ ​The ​chorus goes like this: “His pow’r can make you what you ought to be; His blood can cleanse your heart and make you free; His love can fill your soul, and you will see, ’twas best for Him to have His way with thee.”

When listening to the words, I usually hear this: “His love can fill your soul and you will see ‘Twas best for Him to have had His way with thee.” ​ ​Meaning, his way is many times an easier way,​ but we make it harder when we refuse to take that easier way when it was first offered.

Oh my, how many times have I done that in my life time.​ ​ It makes me want to tell Jesus all over again how sorry I am that I did not go with his first choice for me.

Hope your day has been a very good one.


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Wonderful Wednesday Night


Pastor John,

I loved last night!  I know there is a lot that I will continue to grasp and that will sink in, but the overwhelming love I felt last night has just consumed me!  I came home last night and wanted to read this again:

Zechariah 13

  1. And one shall say to him, “What are these wounds in your hands?” And he will answer, “Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”

Note: when God opens their eyes to His Son, astonishment and shame will overwhelm them:

Zechariah 12

  1. and I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and of supplication.  And they shall look on me whom they pierced.  And they shall mourn for him as one mourns for an only son, weeping bitterly over him as one bitterly weeps over the firstborn.

    11.a The wailing in Jerusalem on that day will be great.

I know that we have read these verses before, but I don’t think they have ever affected me like this.  The love, humility, gentleness and sincerity of Jesus’ words can barely be taken in.  I was thinking of this as I was falling asleep last night, and this verse came to my mind over and over:

John 13

  1. A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

The love that Jesus has for His people!  I hope that one day I can love God’s people like that.  Not just the family that I get spend my life with everyday, but His people everywhere!  What a sweet desire! 

Thank you Pastor John!  You have given the scriptures life for me!



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Revelation 19

Good morning Pastor John,

Getting ready for work and thinking about last night’s reading of Revelation 19.  I was thinking about the mercy and the love of God that the Jews will experience the return of Jesus.  You know what I love the most about that? I know that it is true.  I love that.  I don’t believe it is true; I know it is true. Jesus recently taught me that I was created for this life.  I was never supposed to be anything but His. (Mmmm..that is so good to me!)

After Jesus told me that I looked back at some of the more unpleasant things from my past and cringed.  Back then, I knew it was sin and wrong, but after knowing who you were created for, it feels crushing to think of it.  I know my rescue may pale in comparison to what the Jews will feel when Jesus comes to rescue them from the Beast, but it had to still be disappointing to God, and it feels awful to think on that.

I know the love and mercy Jesus will pour out on them after they realize and mourn for what they have done because Jesus poured it out on me. Jesus briefly let me feel that awful regret, and let me cry out how sorry I am, and then let me feel how much he loves me. 

So no one could ever tell me that what John saw in revelation 19 will not happen because I know it is true.  It is my experience, too.

I want to be there to see Jesus pour out his sweet mercy on them.  I want to see them feel the love of God.  Oh, what a day that will be!!!




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We Become the Truth!


I loved everything you said Wednesday night!!  I love the truth and everything it does for us.  It is so simple and not hard to believe when that is what you want and are looking for.  I was so full tonight, I could feel everything you were saying going through my whole body, just saturating every cell of my soul.  It felt so good!!!  We become the truth when we live it everyday.

I am so thankful that we are here in the middle of the love of God that He has shed on this place and His people.  Thank you for loving the truth more than anything on this earth, John!!  


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I Love My Home

I can’t  express my feelings from today.  Jesus took my breath away with the love of God with everyone.  We truly are in this boat together.  When you told us, “I love everyone one of you,” it penetrated my heart.  I’m still feeling the effect of that.  Want to say, “I love my home.”  I never really had one until I met all of y’all.

Billy M

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