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Pastor John, 

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking and talking to Jesus about healing, a lot, not only physical healing but spiritual healing. 

The other day driving into work I was listening to a CD from 2008.  On it Gary was testifying about when he was healed of some sickness.  He said our healing is a benefit!  Wow!  That was so good to really take that in, our healing is a benefit!  You said that a key to that is fellowship and walking in the spirit together. 

Jesus was not finished!  The next day I was driving into work listening to another CD and you said, “What did God say when the people were trying to build a tower to heaven?  He said there is nothing that they won’t be able to do as long as they’re working together, so he divided them. In Zephaniah, God promised that he would return to them a pure language.  He did this for two reasons, one so that they would serve God with one consent together.  When God’s people get together there’s not gonna be much that they can’t accomplish!  The second thing was to be able to call on the name of the Lord for his help for the things they couldn’t do.”

That is so good Pastor John!  I have just been letting that soak in!  I’ve had such a peace and comfort that has rested in my soul I can’t even explain.  Then I got home from class last night, pretty tired.  I turned on the meeting to hear Gary sing, “Unstoppable”.  Whewee…that felt so good!  I was dancing all around my kitchen!  When I climbed in bed I had this thought, even tiredness doesn’t stand a chance against the Holy Ghost!  God is good! 




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It’s All about Jesus

Pastor John, 

I’ve been thinking a lot about things Jesus has been telling us lately.  When Tracey testified last night, it felt so good! 

This is what Jesus has been talking to me about for the past few months: 

I’ve had struggles with those spirits, having thoughts like, “I wish I was like so and so” or “Why can’t I do that like so and so” or “Why is so and so like that”.  I don’t like those feelings and I have sincerely been asking Jesus to help me.  His answers have been so sweet.  First it started with being thankful.  He told me that if I am thankful for what he had done for me and to me, there will be no room for those spirits, my heart would be too full!  When I would feel my thankfulness fade I would ask him to help me and he would!  He would put me in situations to show me just how much he has done for me!  I would feel my thankfulness get stirred again!  Wonderful!  So thankful he hears and answers our prayers!   

Then He told us, “It’s not about you”.  That was so big, in my little human brain it covered this small space but Jesus has been showing me that statement covers a multitude of things/situations. 

Last night when I went to bed, Jesus was showing me that when I entertain those spirits and let them in, it is me saying I’m not satisfied with or thankful for who Jesus is making me to be, that I’m telling Jesus that I’m not happy with him.  That made my heart hurt, but it opened my eyes and my heart to how Jesus sees some things.   

Everything we are, every talent, every testimony, every good moment and bad is Jesus.  And everything he does for us and to us is molding us to be the person he desires us to be; it is a little step closer to home. 

I am not the same person I was when Jesus brought me here. The old girl is dead…..good riddance!  Praise God!  I’m thankful for my life and my family, both are precious gifts from God.  As I sit here and think about this body that Jesus has put together my heart is filled with thankfulness, for each one!  Together we are a pretty sweet body!   



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I Heard This from the Lord Today.

Pastor John,  

I want to share what I heard from the Lord today, while speaking to Beth: 

Be careful what you seek to know – information isn’t free.  You don’t get to receive it without it having its effect on your soul.  

There is a price to pay for whatever you learn (good or bad.)  The bad takes a toll on your soul. 

You don’t have control over the effect that information has on your soul; you only have control over what it is that you take in.  


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New Year’s Prayer

Pastor John, 

I’ve been lying here talking to Jesus.  It’s sweet to bring in the new year talking with my dearest friend. 

I began thinking about people making resolutions this time of year and started thinking about what I wanted for this new year. I found myself asking Jesus to help me be satisfied. To be satisfied with what he gives me and satisfied with what he doesn’t. The sweetest and most gentle spirit fell.   

That means everything to me Pastor John.  Drifting to sleep feeling blessed and loved. 

Praying y’all have a safe trip home! 



Thank you, Michelle. 

That’s a good prayer to pray, for Paul said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Godliness and contentment are two qualities we very much should want to be rich in. 

Pastor John

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A Husband’s Place

Pastor John, 

I had a conversation with Beth tonight, and I heard and felt the Lord in it. As I spoke to her, I heard words of wisdom and instruction that were beyond me.  My words to her taught me as I listened; they weren’t from me. 

It made me realize that we as husbands have the words of Life for our spouse.  We have the words and the wisdom and the foresight that they need to get home to Jesus in peace.  That is our place, my place.  

I can’t do for anyone else what I can do for my wife because no one else is in my charge. I can’t impart wisdom and guidance to others as I can do for my wife because she draws that out of me; it is her place to do that.  That is her function. We need each other.  It’s a perfect match.  I’ve seen it time and time again. 


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“No Good Thing”

Hi Pastor John, 

I noticed this word from Paul, that there is “no good thing” in our flesh.  Psalm 16:2 said this: O my soul, you have said to the Lord, “You are my Lord.  My goodness is nothing apart from You.” 

Apart from the Lord, there is no goodness at all!  


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Recent Messages

God’s is doing his part by reaching out to this body.  First, when the Spirit was speaking through Tracy and now Brother Gary’s message from the Lord for us.  

The messages that Jesus has given you lately are priceless; they are encouraging and uplifting.  As the scripture states, there is “no good thing” in our flesh.  Every good and precious thing in us is a gift from God.  I pray I honor and value all of these messages, from whomever God uses.   It’s like Sister Lou, when she was lying in the yard some years ago, so full of the Spirit.  We had to hold her up to walk her back into your house in the basement.  She pointed to a box of toys on a shelf in your house and said that, just as children pick out a toy to play with, God chooses which one of us he wants to take out and use . . . or not use.  It’s not about us; it’s about Him. 

All I can see is the love of God for us all though these messages.  

Love always, 



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