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Mercy and Truth

Do you think Mercy and Truth might have been names of angels?

Ps. 61:7. He will sit in God’s presence forever. Appoint Mercy and Truth, that they may keep him.

After all, the prophet said,

Ps. 91:11. He will give angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.
12. In their hands will they bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.

Probably not, but the angels who were appointed to watch over Jesus must have had names, whatever they were. But I will add for your consideration the fact that the angel of destruction in the book of Revelation was named “Destruction”, and the angel of death and the angel of hell were named “Death” and “hell”, respectively.

Just an interesting idea that I thought I would pass along.

Have a nice day.



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The Jerusalem Council


I don’t have any suggestions for you, as to how to resolve the issue you mentioned in The Jerusalem Council, but I do want to share some thoughts that I have been having.

I’ve tried to get to the root cause of why some believed Paul’s doctrine and some did not. One of the main things I believe was pride or the lack of it. Those who believed Paul did not have a problem with pride. Those who did not believe Paul did have a problem with pride: pride in being a Jew, pride in being a member of God’s chosen people. Pride that made them feel superior to Gentiles even if those same Gentiles had received the Spirit. Pride that had an ill effect on their heart that would not let them receive the truth, or be able to forgive Paul’s past sins, in their heart.

Unable to trust Paul, they were therefore, unable to believe Paul. The new Truth that Paul brought exposed what was in the heart of all who were present. The prideful ones were camouflaged under Peter’s gospel, but the light of the Truth destroyed the camouflage and they were no longer able to hide. Those who believed Paul would have been able to discern the hearts of the others, and as you have shown, would have treated them with much love and patience hoping to win them over.

As for those who did believe Paul. Why did they believe him? There was more to it than a lack of pride, or being able to forgive Paul for his past. You have taught us many times that the only thing we really have to share is our testimony. And the thing that they were able to do was to believe Paul’s testimony. But it is not quite that simple. There is more to it than that. The answer I believe may lie in which part of his testimony they were able to believe. It wouldn’t have been the part about his experience on the road to Damascus, or the things he experienced with Ananias. I believe the part of Paul’s testimony that they had to believe was Paul’s testimony of being carried into the third heaven and being taught by Jesus face to face. All of the other Apostles had been taught by Jesus face to face too! Paul said that he was “as one born out of due time”. Jesus couldn’t come back down here to teach Paul. Paul had to go there, and the Apostles and others had to actually believe that really happened! Paul being caught up to the third heaven and being taught by Jesus trumps all of the scripture that had been written before. Paul’s gospel was what God was saying concerning the Gentiles at that time! And because the Apostles and others were able to trust and believe Paul, they were also able to trust and believe the revelation he received from Jesus.

Billy H.


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Pastor John,

What a blessing it was for the things we all felt this weekend, and heard! What an honor it is for Jesus to show us favor, and let us feel just a tad bit of His feelings.

Just had to say something while sitting here thinking over it.




Amen, Paul!

To be touched by Jesus is a honor, and to touch him back, with our praise and worship, is another honor.

I am thankful for what we felt this weekend from Jesus, and what we felt for him.

Pastor John

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Happy in Jesus, Out of “Church”

Hi Pastor John,

I love to write what I feel in spirit. It’s been a year since I came out from church. I feel more peaceful than before and understand the scripture in Ezekiel 36:26. God said, “I will put a new heart and a new spirit WITHIN YOU”, from a stony heart to a heart of flesh (a responsive heart) – a new covenant. Then in 2Corinthians 5:7 – “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

I will not go to church anymore in showing to others that I serve God. I don’t live to be seen by other people as loving God, but I live with a hidden heart that loves God and lives in His spirit. For what is precious of God is a meek and quiet spirit, “which is in the sight of God of great price.” “The inward man is renewed day by day.”

I thank Jesus. Loving this kind of peace…


Leika O.


Thank you for writing, Leika. You have found the pearl of great price, and you love it. That makes you valuable, too.

We love you in the Lord.

Pastor John

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Dream / Invitation for Holy Memories

Hi, Pastor John.

I had this dream the other day, and I feel it goes along with what you taught us this past Wednesday about the deeds being done in our bodies and to the body (of Christ).

In my dream, we were in your basement, and the tables were set out. I sat down at one of the tables, and Amy F set a thick packet down beside me with a very pretty, white, lacy envelope on top of it. We all had been given these packets.

I noticed that the envelope and the packet had been professionally made. As I opened it, there were pages and pages of pictures from Amy’s life and mine together through the years. I remember looking at them and saying, “I remember these.” There were pictures of us together from the meetings and Thanksgiving. There were pictures of us praying for each other and sharing our burdens together. Pictures of joy and some pictures of sorrow, but they were pictures of our life together. How precious! As I pondered through them, I asked Amy, “Can I pick of few and keep them?” Amy replied, “Billy, they are all yours!” I then opened the envelope and it read, “To: Billy. From: Amy”.

Music was playing over the speakers, and Amy and you started singing a song together. She started to sing a line, and she pointed to you, and you started to add another line, and you two went back and fort. It was very joyful, watching both of you “trade” line as we call it. The music was not too upbeat, but joyous and fun to watch. Gary was playing piano and his orchestration was perfect with every note; not one was out of place, and it was all very complementary to what Amy and you were singing. I marveled and said to myself, “I have not ever heard orchestration like that before, it was so good. I only remember how the song felt. I wish I could remember the tune, but I do remember the title, I Will Rise.

As you both were still singing and Brother Gary still playing the orchestration, I looked at the pretty white envelope and in my heart, I felt it was an invitation to make more memories, to share more of our lives together in the love of God, to increase our portfolio of pictures together, to live life in God together. What’s that worth?

I look back at my memories and thank God for them. There have been ups and downs, happy and sad, health and sickness time, but I thank God that though out the years, He has surrounded me (us) with the most precious people on this earth in my life to help me through it all.

I humbly pray that I take advantage of the invitation from Amy in my dream to make more “Precious Memories”, as the song goes, with each and every one of us. It’s no small thing to be able to share this life in Christ together. We truly need each other’s gifts; God’s anointing on your life, the out of this world music that He has blessed us with, and the precious fellowship in His light together.

It’ll be worth it all.

Billy M.

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Message to the Teenagers

I went back and listened to Wednesday’s meeting, and I felt like that it would be valuable to type up the message that you had for the teenagers. Such wonderful instruction for them, for all of us! Thank you!


Pastor John’s message for the teenagers 7/3/19

“I do know what the Lord was telling each of these teenagers in here tonight. He kept saying after each one, “God wants the life.” You grew up around holiness, you’re in all the meetings, you get to where you know how to act in them. You get kind of accustom. You get to know how to act when you feel the spirit. You get to know how to act. God’s not interested in your prayer. He’s not interested in your songs. He’s not interested in any kind of worship from you at all without your life. All He wants is the life. That means how you treat one another when you’re out somewhere. That means when you’re home by yourself. He wants your life. He wants you. That’s what God wants. He wants you, and if He doesn’t have you, then you’d be better off not to praise the Lord.

That’s what Paul called eating and drinking damnation to yourself. You get to where you know how to act in a meeting of the saints, but if He has your life, you’ll know how to act around sinners. You’ll know how to act outside the meeting of the saints. If He has your life, He has your heart. If He has your heart, He has your tongue. He’ll have your hands. He’ll have your decisions. He’ll have your desires, if He has your life. That’s what He’s after because He wants to save it. He wants to save your life, and if you want to save your life, then give it to Him.
Get rid of it because you don’t know what to do with it.

Paul says we don’t even know how to pray like we ought to. He gave himself to the Lord, and he said the spirit talks some good stuff through me! Praise God! He gave his life to the Lord and look at the result- his faith and what he did.

You want to be worth something in this world? Give your life to Jesus. You’ll be valuable to every person you meet. You’ll have something good for them even if it’s nothing more than a good hug. You’ll have it for them if God has your life. You won’t be a bad influence on those around you, especially the younger ones looking up to you. You won’t be something they’ve got to overcome to do the right thing. If He has your life, He has your attitude. Toward parents, toward government, toward authority, toward those you could abuse if you wanted to. If He has your life, you’ll bless them, and God will bless you. That’s what God wants. He wants to save your life, not just your soul.

My father said it was a good thing for old people to get right with God instead of going to hell, that’s a soul saved, but God likes it much better when young people come so He can save their life. That’s what God wants to save. He wants your life! He wants your life because only He knows what to do with it. You don’t. I didn’t. I made a mess out of mine. Jesus picked me up out of the dung heap and said give me your life, “I give up.” I gave up. He gave me a life! This is the life Jesus gave me when I gave up mine. This is the life Jesus gave me. He created this person out of life, the ragged life, that I gave Him. And it was a pleasure for that old man to die, let me tell you. It was a relief for him to get out of the way and just let Jesus guide my life.

Amen! Hallelujah! Praise God forever!”

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Amy’s Dream about Foolishness


I had a dream last night and in it I heard “there is no wisdom in foolishness”.  What followed were scenes of “hidden things”.  The dream was pretty detailed but in sum, if you hide something it leads to another hidden thing which leads to another hidden thing and before you know it, you are not yourself anymore; the person God made you. It snowballs, just like telling a lie. And if you don’t come clean, so to speak, you will become very foolish and start doing and saying things you never thought you would. And, you don’t just hide the one thing, it leads to another and another. 

In my dream, I started out with a group of people who hid something. I agreed to keep secret the thing with them. Later in the dream, I was alone, and I did the very same thing we had done as a group, but this time, I did it. I then kept that thing hidden, and it was so hard. I didn’t tell my husband, my friends, anyone, and the more I kept it hidden, the more tormented I was.  I had to start pretending from that point on.  Which led me basically to the point of insanity in one form or another, some people can hide very well and it will become the lifestyle.  My life was never happy but consumed with “working things out, and thought and fear”.

I had not thought of “hiding things” as foolishness really, because you have a tendency to think of foolishness as silliness or joking around, which too much of that is not good either, but it was clear that if you try to hide, and do not repent, you will not remain the sane person God made you.

Amy B.


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