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A Light in the East

Hi John! 

I want to share something amazing with you, and hope it will be a blessing for you to hear!

I may had already mentioned it to you at some time, but not for sure. Back before I even “knew of” or met you all…I had been web searching,(almost daily), for several years…looking for ANYONE!! that seemed to believe the very same things that the Lord had been revealing to me about the basic truths of salvation! Sometimes I’d feel nuts!!, just knowing that I couldn’t be the ONLY person in the world to believe these things.  The revelation, power and the belief was too strong!  Nothing I could of ever drummed up on my own!  So, I would “search” so many words like baptism, holy ghost, holy spirit, kingdom of God, born again, MUST BE, etc.  I can’t even remember how many hundreds of sites that would pop up…I’d check the site out, only to be disappointed.  It was sort of a sad time for me…The truth I knew wasn’t in any of them.

Or course, the Lord knew my heart, but I would pray and ask to help me find his likeminded people…SOMEWHERE in the world.  SO, I remember one night, I was woke up by a powerful dream…really like jolted up.  Very simple.  It only lasted a few moments.  It was just a map of the US glowing in darkness…and then in an instant, a pinpoint glow (or marker) shined down on the east coast.  It happened so fast…and I woke up so fast!  But I knew it meant something in my spirit!  The anointing was there.  Only place I had been to the East in my past had been Norfolk, VA…but I knew that the light shined down either on VA or NC.  It was so quick.  So I kept that freshly stored in my mind, not really knowing yet

what it was for… but the Lord reminded me of it, once I later found Gary on his site, which led me to meet you and everyone else. God was leading!!  Giving me a confirming answer…so I’d know.

It’s hard to describe exactly what I saw…but I found this attachment is sort of close. It definitely was the outline of the US…but with just darkness, no state borders…and a glow around the outside perimeter of it.  And then!!  Just that pinpoint light shined down on the darkness, in the area I described…and I woke. It was you all in NC.

God is good!!  I find it amazing.  Thanks for listening to my share moment!


USA map


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The Testimony of Jesus

Dear Bro. John:

I am so thankful that your words tonight stirred the Gift of God in me, and reminded me once again of the sweet testimony of Jesus and his love and mercy. I never want to forget what he has done for me. Our testimonies are LIFE​,​ and every time we tell of him we feel alive –​ and a thirst and hunger for more! I want to live desiring more of Jesus and feeling his feelings in me! It is Jesus that makes this life worth living, and as your father, George Clark, said, “Jesus has the blueprint for your life; all you have to do is get in step with it.” Those were not just words, but wisdom that he learned from the trials God sent his way.

Whatever struggles we may find along the way​, it is Jesus trying to get us in step with his plan for us. That plan includes correction, discipline, and instruction from him. How thankful I am that even though I was “lost in the woods”, HE knew what I needed to find my way back to him and used the love in the family of God to help me. And if we believe in his love for us, that still small voice will guide us to the Answer we need – – Jesus!

I will never forget after Jesus touched my heart that day in 2006, I asked him, “Lord, what did you do to me?” He answered so tenderly, “I conquered that part of your heart that didn’t believe the love of God.” Oh my! What a Savior!

He can conquer our unbelief with his love and take us to heights with him we never knew existed. I had to be willing and humble for Jesus to do what I needed that day. ​I wasn’t even sure how to be that, but Jesus led me. And it was worth every tear to experience what I did with him and to feel his love flowing once again in me. I pray to stay willing and humble,​ to be his servant to be used for his purpose in these latter years. What a privilege and honor just to hear his voice and obey.

I am thankful for the truth, for Jesus, and for a pastor who cares for my soul.

To still be feeling the love of God and a family to share it with is a blessing that fills the heart to overflowing,

In the boat with Jesus!

Sandy ~

(To read Sandy’s testimony in its entirety, click on the link below.)http://pastorjohnshouse.com/testimonies/sandysrescue.html

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Enjoy the Emails!

Hi Bro John,

I really enjoy reading emails from different ones that write to you. I never look at the name until the very end, because I like to read the words, get the feelings coming from the writer & then guess who it is. Many times I get it right because I know that person from their testimonies & it sounds just like them talking! But then sometimes it’s a toss up – could be this person or it might be that person. Either way, I sure do love hearing from people & what they are feeling & experiencing on a daily basis. As we say so many times, I just love us.

Have a good day,


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So Much More

Good morning Pastor John,

Jesus is so good! I woke up and the house was quiet. I love that time in the morning. I feel much better today so I began to pick up the house a little and I saw my sweet husband’s Bible sitting on our kitchen table. It is full of papers and topped with the tracts he will carry with him to place here and there while out in town. It brought the sweetest feelings. Jesus has given me so much more than I even knew to ask him for.

I remember, years ago, seeing those who would go to church on Sundays, held a steady job and just seemed normal, and oh how I wanted to be like them! To me, that was the top tier. I would have given anything to be like them.

When I saw my husband’s Bible this morning, all I could see was how much more Jesus has given me. A real life in God. That is so wonderful to me! I have a REAL life in God. I do not go to church on Sundays and live an empty life carrying around a Bible that I do not read and do not understand. I have been given a real life, with Jesus teaching me and grooming me to be what his Father wants me to be. I have been given a REAL pastor. A man that God chose and taught and loves. I have been given a real husband that God chose to lead and help me be what Jesus wants me to be. I have been given a real family, full of brothers and sisters, full of elders with wisdom and experiences from God. Whew! Sometimes this just hits me so deep. I would have happily settled for that other life but God gave me so much more. He loved me so much more!



And we have been blessed by Jesus adding you to the body here, Beth! God knows how to build up the body of His dear Son, and we are very thankful for the things He has done.

Pastor John

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Rodney Howard Browne


Rodney Howard Browne is doing a series of meetings in Pittsburg PA this week and we watched a little of some. He said something yesterday that was right on. He said “What good is a Holy Ghost meeting without any Holy Ghost.” I love it when some truth comes out! That’s how we feel, and I’ve heard you say it before; what’s the point if the Holy Ghost doesn’t show up!

Amy B.

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“The” Son of God?


In a recent excerpt from your book, “God Had a Son before Mary Did”, you quoted a verse from your NT translation which has demons referring to “the” Son of God. If demons did not know about the pre-existent Son of God, wouldn’t they have said “a” Son of God instead of “the” Son of God? Your translation has the Roman centurion saying “Surely this man was A son of God”. I was just wondering if the demons would have said that, too.

Billy H.


In the Greek text which quotes the demons as saying “the Son of God”, the word “the” is there, so that is what they said. But what I learned as I researched the book, Billy, is that one title the Jews used at the time for the Messiah was “the Son of God”. So, when demons said “the Son of God”, they too would have had the Messiah in mind. They knew a Messiah was coming, and that he would be very great, but of the pre-existent Son of God, they knew nothing – just like everybody else in the universe.

Pastor John

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Sunday’s Meeting

Hi John.

I loved the meeting today!! It is so wonderful to understand what the Father and the Son are showing us. How valuable it is to be able to see the table that he has spread for God’s “daughter” and “queen” – for the Son and his bride to partake of together! When we were singing the song “Glory Bound Train”, the line that kept going through my head was, Come and listen, won’t you brother; have your heard and don’t you know?” All I could see was the table that God and his Son had spread in front of us while you were preaching John!! Oh!! If only our brothers and sisters everywhere could understand and see the table that is spread by His spirit where no flesh can ever enter in! And how good it tastes and feels to just put it all on the altar and live!! It is overwhelming at times how much peace and relief that truth brings to your soul, and strengthens you in him to want more!!

Tank you John!!


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Meeting Tonight

Hi John,

I loved tonight’s meeting, loved the feelings coming from the spirit while Gary was singing his song, “Jesus is the One”! To know that is all that matters. Also it felt very sweet when we started praying for President Trump and everyone in charge of this country. If they would do the same, who knows what God would change. I am so thankful to be a part of what He is doing at this time on this earth. Everything we have been through to get to this point has been worth it. I love being around his anointing and feeling the peace that comes with it. Thank you, John!!


PS. Loved what you said tonight: “If you’re waiting to be blessed, you’re waiting for something that has already happened!”

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John, Good Morning.

I was at work one morning contemplating all the different opportunities for my position as cross dock manager.  It is not complicated, but if you apply yourself to do a good job and consider, all the possibilities can be mentally taxing.  For some reason, staffing was unusually short on this day, and Bill asked me if I would mind driving a forklift to help out a little.  My answer was “Sure, be glad to.”  Doing this, for me, was like riding a bicycle since I had done so much of it earlier in my life, and I realized my mind started to relax.  The next thought that came to me was how easy this job was, and I started just enjoying what I was doing.  I had no expectation that the Spirit was fixing to speak to me.

This is all the spirit said to me: “Condescend to men of low estate.”  I often ponder whether or not I understood the Lord completely as it applied to me in that situation, but I am thankful for hearing that from Jesus, and your Blog made me want to tell about it.

I love it when the Lord does things like this because after such an experience, you would know that what Paul said is right even if it wasn’t written in the scriptures.



Let’s always remember where we came from.

God Condescended to Us

Paul exhorted us to “condescend to men of low estate” (Rom. 12:16 KJV).  But we cannot condescend to anybody as far as God condescended when He came down to help us.  Nobody is as far beneath us as we are beneath God.


Hi Pastor John,

I enjoyed reading your recent Blog about “condescending” and also Wendell’s email back to you, and have been thinking about it since then. It seems to me that to condescend to someone means that the person to whom you are condescending is “under” you in some way. It also seems to me that you cannot condescend to anyone who is over you, but only submit to their higher authority. And the Father does not submit to anyone or anything because nothing is above Him; He can only condescend to deal with any of His creation.




That is right, Billy. Those are good thoughts to contemplate.

Pastor John

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Matthew 27:45 / Last Night

Hi Pastor John, 

It was really something reading Psalm 18 last night.  We get the benefit of the work that you all do in the translations.  Thank you, to everyone.  In verse 9, you talked about the Father bowing the heavens and coming down in a thick cloud under His feet.  You also gave us a scriptural reference in Mathew 27:45, and told us that it was during the hours of noon to three PM during the crucifixion of Jesus, when this took place.  I haven’t thought about this until last night, but the Lord brought back to my attention in 2009 when I was in total agony in the hospital room being completely backed-up from the blood clots in my bladder, and not one drop of fluid would pass. (I tell of this in my book,“In God’s Shadow”  ,in the chapter titled, Agony, pages 53-58).

Sister Gwen called me about 11:30 AM on the morning of November 10th, 2009 and prayed for me.  Sister Gwen was anointed by God to pray for me so that I could endure what was soon coming to pass.  After she hung up, I had to go to the restroom, and that’s when the pain really started, at 12:00 noon.  The horrific pain that I experienced lasted until three PM, and then Dr. U came.  Jesus prayed for us in the garden of Gethsemane, and knew the pain that he would shortly endure before receiving again the joy he once had with the Father, and then share that joy with us.  It’s too much to write about here, but it was an amazing feeling during your teaching last night.  Those scenes in the hospital are still fresh in my mind.

Reading Matthew 27:45, I can’t help but thinking about the agony that Jesus went through for us, and remember the agony that I went through at the hospital because of a lack of flow in my body, but also remembering the joy and peace after Dr. U comforted me.  I know what I went through was just a small snippet of what Jesus went through for us to have joy and peace of the Comforter. Reading about my story again made Jesus’ story come alive more.

There is just a lot of similarities (to a lesser degree) from Jesus’ story and mine; more than I can write here.  In short, I believe I went through those things to help me understand better Jesus’ story. There was total agony and then total peace, before and after the story about Jesus’ crucifixion.

I am crying now, because of the love that I feel from Jesus.  He cares for and about us.  It truly is a story of God, and He will use any means possible to share or act out with men the story about His beloved Son.  

Billy M.    


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