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Father and Son Book Excerpt


 I love this excerpt.  In Christianity, I never knew about being led by the Spirit.  What a blessing to be able to hear God’s voice!  It is the right thing at every moment of the day.  God is alive!  Amen! 






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2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,000 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Satan’s Motives

Pastor John,

I have a question for you about Satan tempting Jesus.

​We know that before the resurrected Son cast Satan out of heaven, Satan’s job was to report to God those who did not keep the laws ​commanded by Moses​. ​ ​​But how do we know that Satan thought he was in line for a promotion and passing his earthly job on to Jesus?


We know that Satan was expecting to be promoted to reign with God because God revealed that through Isaiah​ (Isa. 14:12–14). And we know he offered Jesus his old job of god of this world because he actually did that during the Temptation.


Is it possible that Satan thought he was getting Jesus to give in to temptation and sin against God, therefore getting Jesus in trouble?


Satan would not have attempted to do such a thing before he was cast out of heaven. That might have jeopardized his hoped for promotion.


​Satan tempted Eve and wanted her to sin against God and Job and Judas, so it seems like something Satan would do.


But did Satan really want Eve to sin, or just to, as the modern saying goes, “be all that she could be”. ​ And although it is obvious that he did not tell Eve the whole truth when he spoke to her in the garden of Eden, it is not clear at all that he knew he was not telling the whole truth. Thinking that God was like him, or that he was like God, he might have been telling her what he thought was the truth.


Is what we read tonight what Jesus revealed to you?

​I was not around for the Father and Son book as it was being revealed to you so I am just trying to understand.​ ​ It feels right.​ ​ It sounds right. ​ ​Just trying to catch up.



Just hang around, Beth. Things will become clearer for us all as time passes, if we remain faithful to Jesus.

Pastor John

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Thoughts for the Evening

Hey John,

​This morning ​I was ​reading some Thought​s​ for the ​Evening​: ​”Clean Mouth Required”​, ​”​You Can’t Tell ‘ Em Nothin’​ “​, ​”​What Hardens ​t​he Heart​”,​ “​Just Bringing the Cheese​”, ​and ​“​Moderation ​in All Things​”​.*​ ​The feeling in my heart was speaking.  It was saying YES!! ​  ​I do not want to take the things of God lightly. ​ ​Thanks for all the ​w​ork you do!!


* See December’s Thoughts for the Evening by clicking the following link:

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Tonight was so wonderful! When Gary stood up and told about how much he enjoyed your email on the standards of Pastor John’s House, and then you started preaching on holding up the standard of holiness, it just felt so good and so clean to my soul!

I remember when I was out in the world, living in sin, I used to think I didn’t want government, and that I wanted to rebel against authority.  Then when Jesus touched me, and I received the holy Ghost, he showed me that I had actually been rebelling against who I really was.  In truth, I LOVED government, and I loved authority – most especially the authority and government of God.  What other kind of God would you want, but the One who has one true way of holiness?

Thank you for tonight, John, and for holding up that standard.



Hey John,

What cleansing for the body, young and old!!!  The meeting tonight was out of this world, and that is where we belong!!!  I am so thankful for “the professional forgiver”!



Oh my, tonight was so good. Thanks John, sure do love you! Sending hugs and thankful for the truth.

Amy B


Pastor John,

I loved the message tonight.  It felt like an answered prayer!  I love the peace and joy that Jesus gives and I want to hold on to it no matter the circumstances that surround me.  I love when I feel that stirring in my soul!  I feel so blessed and so encouraged.  

I’m very thankful for you and the other saints that have stayed on the path and held on to the truth!  I feel rich to have all of you, lights and guides to help me to stay on the path that leads home!

Michelle H


Pastor John,

Tonight was so good!  It was perfect.  When you prayed for me tonight, my heart was crying out to Jesus for deep, deep roots.  I pray God removes every ounce of this world out of my heart.  It is so wonderful to hear you tell about crying out to Jesus.  To hear brother Earl, brother Billy, and sister Willie stirred my soul.  Oh the blessed food Jesus gives us!  I am so thankful you cried out to Jesus.  I feel so encouraged and hungry for more of Jesus. 

( ps..and VERY VERY HAPPY)



Amen! I love how simple God has made it for us all, as you said tonight. Love God with our whole heart! Stay full of the Holy Ghost. Pursue the things of God. And I love the emails tonight from ones encouraged, and then those encourage us all even more! 

Thank you!

Donna N


Dear John,

Words get in the way when I try to write down my feelings about last night. The best way I can describe my feelings is to say I love it when God packs his mercy, his faith, his standard, his blessings deeper down in my heart as he did last night. He is always making us more like his son.  I love that verse you quoted last night: 1Peter5:10  “But the God of all grace,  who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.”




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Jenny – Babylon Testimony

Hi Pastor John,

Here is the published video I did about when God have me the vision about Christianity. I’m love what Jesus has done for me. I enjoy telling it.





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How the Disciples Died

Hey Pastor John,

I hope you’re feeling well today. I have a quick question pertaining to the disciples. I was reading about St. Peter’s Basilica online and it said that Peter was crucified. I had never heard of this before. I then looked up the disciples, and it said that six of the 12 were eventually crucified. Where do people get this information? I had never heard anything like this before and was wondering if it was true or not.
Thank you for your time,



Hi Jonathan.

We cannot trust the stories handed down to us by Christians who lived shortly after the apostles, such as the stories you mentioned dealing with how and when Jesus’ disciples died.  Early Christianity was an apostate faith, filled with superstition and mythology.  It may be that Peter was crucified, but the fact that early Christians said so is no proof of it.

In the last chapter of John, Jesus gave an enigmatic clue concerning how Peter would die, but nobody can figure out from that clue exactly what kind of martyrdom Peter suffered.

Thanks for the question.

Pastor John

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The Gift of a Good Pastor

Dear Bro. John:

Tonight was more than fulfilling to heart and soul!  I love that moment when you just feel the pull towards the feelings of God and it overwhelms your heart.  Whatever your thoughts before that happens just fade away and God comes in and takes over.  I love that!

As you were preaching from Psalms that is exactly what happened to me.  The feelings of God came and pushed out everything else.  Then, as your words were dropping like honey into my heart, the Lord spoke, “I didn’t give you a good husband; I gave you a good pastor”.  His words confirmed that he had given me exactly what I needed for my salvation.  Whatever we feel is lacking in our lives, Jesus has replaced those things with far better than we could ever imagine for ourselves.  Jesus saw all these years that my need was not in a good husband.  I needed what he spoke of in Jeremiah 3:15:

“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

The gift of a good pastor is no small thing.  We would perish without the knowledge and understanding from a pastor with a heart like God.  What Jesus said makes me have more compassion for God’s people who are not being fed the abundant riches we enjoy because they have no good shepherd to feed them. 

So encouraging and uplifting tonight!  Thank you, Bro. John, for your labor of love in Jesus.  And thank you, Jesus, for the gift of a good pastor!




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Tonight (12/16/2015)


What a wonderful meeting!  At times I wanted to laugh, cry, thank the Lord and praise him.  Whew!  It made me think on all the things he has done for me and saved me from.

I loved in the beginning when you said that you need to cry out, remind the Lord, and keep praying. There are times when all I can think about is the future. How and when will it all work out? I could relate to Psalm 141 when David said, “Lord, I cry unto thee, make haste unto me…” 🙂 I’m thankful that He’s got it all under control. I love reading in Psalms. They have been such an encouragement to me.

Something else that jumped out at me was when you said, “I don’t praise him for what I know. I praise him for who he is and what he’ll do for those that trust in him! He makes ways when there are no ways. We’re going to continue and pursue him!” That felt so good!

Then to top it off, Darren sang my song.  I love the words to “His Father’s Son.” I’m convinced it was written just for me. 😉

Looking forward to what God will do next. He is good and I’m thankful to be praising Him!


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A Good Shepherd

Hi John,

I have really been thinking about all the good and wonderful things the Lord has been showing us and letting us feel in his spirit. It is amazing how clear and peaceful it all feels inside my soul, the peace it has brought, the love for his ways and the thoughts we have never had before. I know that it is all because of how much we have loved what he has shown you about the Father and the Son.

I love the liberty that comes with knowing the ​truth. It has created whole new beings out of us, not afraid to be who he has really made us. I was thinking this morning about how in religions of this world​,​ you are put in a box, trapped in those organizations​’​ belie​fs and rules and rites. And without the Father and the Son​’​s help​,​ that is the best that men can do in this world.

I love the freedom in his spirit to live life to the fullest​. We are free to move in any direction the spirit is taking us. No rules​. ​ No rites​,  And we can ​b​believe everything his spirit is teaching us. We can change when we learn more about his ways​,​ and not hold on​ ​to something that will hinder us along this walk, in this life with them. We owe no man anything but to walk uprightly in everything he is showing us at this time, and if something changes​,​ we are free to move in those changes and not feel obligated to stay stuck by other men or tradition.

There are no limits in his spire​t! We can be as free as we can stand​ to be​, and I hope we can stand a lot and take all he has for us in our lives.​ ​ It just feels so good!! ​ ​And I want to be found walking in all that he has given to us and not taking it lightly​.  There is a burden to carry​,​ but it is li​ght​ compared to the end of the matter. ​ ​I thank you so much for feeding us what he gives you; we have a good shepherd to watch over us. Now we want to be good sheep and eat it all up.

Thank you



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