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1_Name: Tracey

3_Comments: My wife and I are Christians. 3 years ago, my wife committed adultery. I chose to forgive her and attempt to salvage our marriage. 5 months ago, she stopped wearing her wedding ring and stated she did not want the marriage. She has now filed for divorce. The disturbing part is that she sings in the choir and goes to bible study regularly while clearly making a decision that is unscriptual. She states that she is just willing to be alone for the rest of her life which is clearly not the truth. Although there is no proof, it appears that she has been having another affair and has definitely been communicating with a leader in our church. I discovered they had been secretly communicating for 3 months. Likely that they are now. Spoke with the pastor on two occassions about their communicating, he refused to speak with them. I no longer attend that church.

With that brief summary which does not give you all of the details. There is so much more. My wife appears to be willfully divorcing unscriptually. It appears she is being openly defiant to God. It is really disturbing and scary to me that she has gone to this point. We have two young daughters. I have done all that I could possibly do to save it.

1) Do I have scriptual grounds for divorce? 1 Cor 7:15 or Matt 19:9?

None of the counsel contained in the Scriptures applies to either of you unless you are born of the Spirit. I will proceed, on the assumption that you both have been born again.


Under normal circumstances, the answer to your question is yes. But you living with her for this long after the infidelity complicates matters. Of course, her demanding a divorce again now comes into play. My guess is that if she divorces you, it will not be long before she commits the act again that provided you the original grounds to end your responsibility to the marriage — even if she is not doing that now.

2) Is my wife although a Christian an unbeliever?

Being a Christian has nothing whatsoever with being a believer or being an unbeliever. The issue is, has she been born again. That is, has she received the holy ghost baptism? and have you?

3) Must I have photos, video or a confession from her that she has had another affair to divorce her for the suspected adultery?

Suspicion is not grounds for divorce and re-marriage. But according to Paul, in 1Corinthians 7, believers are free to separate at any time, for whatever reasons that seem to them to be good, but they may not re-marry.

4) If the divorce continues am I able to remarry?

Under the conditions I mentioned above, in my reply to your first question, absolutely yes.

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Feelings From Jesus

Hey Pastor John :).

I enjoyed time in translating this morning. We are living and seeing the things that Paul was preaching about in his time. I am thankful God has opened our eyes to see and love His doctrine.

Also, when I got home, I came across this sweet note I had written down in July of 2007. It was something from Jesus to me that I received that summer in 2007: “When you were a young girl and wanted someone to love you, I gave you Tim because I knew his heart and yours. When you wanted children but couldn’t have any, I gave you Jeremiah, and then later, Jonathan.” When you were in Christianity and having honest questions in your heart, and you wanted someone you could trust with your heart, I gave you John.”

I feel so loved and am thankful for every time I receive something or someone from Jesus. Thank you for being in our lives.


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Feelings & Senses

Hi brother John,

I’m not sure why, but today at work I began to think on going by your feelings, and the Spirit gave me these thoughts:

Feelings and senses are two different things. Your five physical senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste) come from the outside. Feelings come from the inside. Your senses can be fooled. The feelings that come from the Spirit cannot be fooled, because God cannot be fooled.

I guess when you think about it, it makes sense that the two are completely different. But, I had never really thought about it.

Is there such a thing as having feelings that we can’t trust? I know that we can have wrong thoughts, but what about wrong feelings?



Hi Vince!

Solomon said, “The thoughts of the righteous are right.” If our hearts are pure, we can trust what comes out of it, both the thoughts and the feelings. And you are certainly correct in saying that the feelings which the Spirit gives us are not produced by our five senses. Those holy feelings are not from anywhere or anything of earth.


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Uncle Joe: This is That

From a classic testimony by Uncle Joe, in late 1973, in a prayer meeting in Grandma’s farmhouse:

Peter said, “This is that… This is that which was shed forth, this is that which was poured out from heaven.” This is that. If this is not that, then what is that and what is this? I want to know where is that if this is not that? Praise God! If this is not that, then I wanna go where that is. Well I hadn’t find it, but Ive been looking for it. I’ve been going to all these different churches. And I get invited every week to go somewhere. But I’ve already been and I’ve found this, which is that. If this is not that, then I want to know what this is. He said “this is that which was shed forth” . . . Yes we’ve found it!

If you cannot say of your faith, “this is that”, then you better get out of that you’re in, and get into this that Jesus has given to us!

Pastor John

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From a man who identified himself only as “Church of God Pastor”:


I really enjoyed the music but I am disturbd that Pastor John Teaches against Holy Communion. Communion is a Ordinance from Jesus. Do this as often as ye remember me.


This astonishes me. I cannot imagine how anyone could think that I teach against holy communion. It’s the unholy communion ceremony that Christians perform that I warn God’s children to avoid. Please do not confuse God’s holy communion in the Spirit with the worthless, fleshly ceremony that Christians perform.


Are we to forget about the shed blood and broken Body after Pentecost? It was the Blod that set us free and redeemed us!   Jesus Body was broken for us. Why would you not want to remember that and sacredly honor it?


This also astonishes me. Please help me understand how I fail to honor or remember the holy work of our Savior, Jesus? I know we are not to forget about the blood that Jesus shed, whether it was his natural blood at Calvary or his spiritual blood (the holy ghost) on Pentecost.


Also the first People to be called christians were at Antioch


My point, exactly. They did not call themselves that. They were called that by others.


Why would you not want to be called a christian?


Because the religious system of Christianity is an abomination to God. My desire is to grow in grace so that I come to hate Christianity as much as Christ does.


I find that it is common among pepole that have removed them selves from mainstream churches to have contempt for them. Usually it is because they do not want to submit to authority or they have come out of a church split.Many times the Church won’t ordain them because of too many previous marraiges or something else in their background.


Generally, I have found that to be the case, as well. Is there a reason you bring that subject up?


Pastor John you are indeed in left field But at least you not begging for money or preaching prosperity. However rejecting Communion after what Jesus did for us and not wanting to be called a christian for fear that people will associate you with the rest of the body of Christ: Those are tremendous errors I never read past those two things.


(1) As I explained, I have not in the least rejected the holy communion of Christ, just the ceremonial form of it that Christians practice.

(2) What does rejecting the title “Christian” have to do with the body of Christ?


I will tell you that Paddling your boat by yourself can get you swept out to sea.




No matter how much greek you know It\’s not greek that saves you IT’S GRACE THROUGH FAITH


Amen. Thanks so much for writing.

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The Operation of God

Pastor John,

I just wanted to tell some feelings I had this past weekend in NC. I loved hearing about the wise and foolish on Saturday night (what I got to hear, while taking care of Luke). Sunday morning, as the meeting got going and Bro. Ray stood up praying, man, the feelings that flooded my heart were more than I could take. I felt so rich and blessed to see that. I have never heard or felt the spirit like that ever.

I keep hearing the spirit say, “This is no SMALL thing”! Then you started singing “His Power Can Make You What You Want To Be“. Every time you sang that part of the song, I would hear, “Do you trust me?” It was so clear that I looked around to see if others could hear it. I have been in that same spot when the spirit told me in Nov. 2006, “I wouldn’t put you through it if I didn’t think you could make it.” So, when I left there, I was a little afraid, thinking that I have something God is going to fix.

But last night GOD showed me in a dream how to do it. I dreamed I was on a table, and I was being cut on, all over, but when saw my face, I was smiling! I heard the spirit say, “The way to make it through it is stay HAPPY!”

Just wanted to share with you.

Love ya,

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Hi pastor John,

I have been thinking about the parable of the 5 wise and the 5 foolish virgins that you and Anna and Amy and I read about last night. I was thinking about the oil and what the oil was for. The oil was for light so that they could see, and if they ran out, they could not see. What I was thinking about was that when the bridegroom tarried, the foolish ran out. They had no light because they had no oil to put in their lamps, while the wise did because they took extra in another vessel with their lamps. And when the foolish asked the wise to give them some of their oil for their lamps, the wise told them to go to them that sell and buy for yourselves.

John, I was thinking about how the wise sent the foolish to a “who” to get some oil. They did not tell them to go make your own oil and fill your lamps. They were sent to a somebody to get oil for their lamps, and they got it, and came back (even thought by then it was too late for them). John I was thinking of how much it means to have a somebody to get some oil from, and the oil is for our light so we can see what is going on around us and stay out of things that rob us of our oil or we can run out because we don’t have enough. Not only do we have oil for our lamps, we have extra oil so we can be wise virgins and not foolish ones. If we stay around the “who” that God has chosen for us, we will have all the oil we need, even if the bridegroom tarries; we will have the extra oil for our lamps.

Thank you for being there John.


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2 Samuel 24


Can you remind me? What was wrong with David taking the census in 2 Sam 24?



Each male in ancient Israel was required to bring an offering when a census was taken (Ex. 30:11-16). The only thing I have been able to guess that might have provoked God to such anger is that David did that because wanted money. The problem with that theory is that money collected during a census would have gone to the priests for the upkeep of the tabernacle, not to David, so how could a desire in David for money have played a part?

There is nothing in the law of Moses that expressly forbade a king to take take a census. Maybe God was the only one who could legitimately call for one, and David was over-reaching.

That is all I can think of. Taking a census does not seem so bad to us; it seems relatively harmless. Counting people isn’t forbidden by the law. I assume, then, that it was evil in God’s eyes because it had to do with the money.



Ok, that’s what I thought. The only other possibility I thought of is that God could have been angered if David’s command for Joab to take a census caused the people a big physical burden. Didn’t they have to travel for a census or come together to be counted (which probably took time away from their work, houses, etc)?



hmmm. They might have had to do that. Mary and Joseph did, when Augustus Caesar commanded that a census be taken. That’s why they were in bethlehem when Jesus was born. Good thought.


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What Could I Do?




Thank you, Pastor John, for providing me with a copy of “Why I am Not a Christian”.

I am quite satisfied with your statement, but my question is, “What about the baptism, marriage, and/or when I die”, who will then perform the ceremonies if I do not belong to a church?

Would you be kind enough to explain the above?

Sincerely yours in Jesus’ name.

Abesos  M.
August 03, 2010


Thanks for writing again!

You have choices.

(1) You can always rent a Christian minister for a few hours to do a ceremony for you, even if you do not belong to a church.
(2) You can just do without any ceremony at all and walk in the Spirit, from the heart, with Jesus. Paul said these kinds of people are the real sons of God (Rom. 8 )

Hope that helps.

God bless you and those with you.
Pastor John

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