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The ” Good” Stuff

Morning Pastor John.

Sure do miss y’all. I am feeling better. Jerry is still having some issues but He is slowly improving. I stayed home from work Friday. I decided to see if I could find anything on the tv. I was scanning through trying to find something clean enough to watch. It really is near impossible anymore. I found a few things I thought may be decent enough to watch. Things on the bible, Jesus, lost artifacts etc…  As I began one program about, “The Exodus of Moses” I had a thought from the spirit. The entire show was really leading you to think that the bible is not true. It made me sad and the thought I had was “Wow it’s the ” Good stuff”  that is so bad”. I instantly thought of what Preacher Clark said about being terrified of what the world calls love. I thought about all those people wanting to know Jesus that find this stuff out there.  That book you just sent the notes on is another example of the stuff people run into, looking for Jesus.  I just feel so thankful that Jesus plucked us all out of that fog and maze this world has in place.

A little later I put in a meeting disc that had Brother Earl talking about vultures and how they only want the dead. This is what I love the most about our lives. To look up in the sky, and see vultures and hear from the spirit about keeping death off of you. How amazingly good is that? I felt every word Brother Earl said. I love that Jesus teaches throughout the day. I love the depth of God. I don’t know if the word I want to use is parables? If it’s the right word, I love a life of parables. I just love our life and love Jesus. Living in the spirit really is exciting like Gary said. It does not even have to be your own experience. I am just as thrilled to hear someone else’s testimony about hearing from Jesus. Well I just had to write that out. I can not hold all that love in. 

Hope to see y’all soon. I am going to help Venus pack today. 



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Reading in Romans

I love what you said tonight (1/27/16).  Something like this-
“If you’re not happy with the situation you’re in, get full of the Holy Ghost.  That is God’s universal answer to all problems.  Give in to God, there’s relief. Jesus will make you happy that you’re alive.”

That’s something I know, but it felt good to hear it.

Also, I’m going to put this on my refrigerator.  Romans 14:19.  It’s a good thing for siblings to remember. 😉
“Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.”

Good night!


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Safe Home

Hey bro John,

I’m so thankful for the government of God that I get to live in.  I’m protected from so much.  Jesus has to remind me of how much sometimes.  When I first came to Jesus, I grew up in the Lord where that was not the case.  There were people who brought in their own doctrines, didn’t pay their tithes, and were led by other spirits (not of God). I remember sitting there wanting the pastor to help and not let those things be.  But he didn’t.  I know those feelings of wanting order and peace came from Jesus, and he knew that was what I really longed for.  Now, here I am, living in what Jesus has put in my heart!  Thank you, Jesus, and thank you for giving me a safe home!


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Wed Meeting (January 27, 2016)

Nice quiet, sober meeting.  You said so many good things, Pastor John.  Encouraging.  I felt like you really want to protect us, and that you are responsible for us.  You will have to answer for the flock Jesus has given you. 

I hate that strange ​woman and her new age ​religion.  I hate it deep down in my soul, because I toyed around with that stuff for a brief period in L.A., never really accepting it, but curious, and that was dangerous enough.  Thankfully, the Lord had his hand on me and drew me gradually away from those kinds of crazy doctrines and beliefs. 

I enjoyed my west coast sunset, after the meeting.  I hope you enjoy the Sonrise tomorrow.  ;^)

Thanks for all that you do.


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Pastor John,

God has again reminded me of this: “Security is of the Lord.”

There is no security in our job, our savings or our possessions….all can be stripped away from us in a moment, or lose their value right where they sit. The only issue is, “Will Jesus care for us today?” If the answer is, “yes”, then by some means, He will accomplish it, even when it appears impossible.  If the answer is, “no”, then we will starve, even with a belly full of food.

He is our Security.  The rest are just His details which He can alter as He pleases.

One day’s manna was all that the Israelites were permitted to gather because security is of the Lord, not our storeroom.


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Hey John.

I woke up this morning feeling so thankful to have been present among God’s people this weekend as well as having my family in our house this morning.

In this crazy world, it’s such a blessing and an honor to be called by our Lord and have the liberty to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. It brings such joy to my heart today.

Thank you too, for everything you have done for us. It is not to be taken lightly.

Jim K


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“Out of Your Belly”

Hi Pastor John! 

I have to share this with you.  It is so good to me!  I had the best day with Jesus.  Jesus has been pricking my heart about testifying.  I always find it easier to write my feelings out, as opposed to telling about them.  So, I was practicing giving a testimony I want to give, and I was practicing on Jesus.  Whew!  I was speaking out loud to Jesus, and it was like Jesus poured honey down in the car.  Just like a thick, sweet covering.  I began to stutter under the spirit and speak in tongues.  Oh, it was so good!  It was so good that I just wanted somebody there with me to feel it and drink it in.  I love when Jesus takes over.

A few hours later, I was talking to Jesus about how wonderful that felt, and I felt the spirit flow from my stomach.  When I was seeking the holy Ghost, I would Google testimonies of “how the holy ghost felt”.  People would often say that it will bubble up from your belly.  That always left me a little curious and bewildered because I had not felt that.  I have felt it many times since, that glorious pull that just bursts from within.

This is so good to me!

So, I was thinking about that, and Jesus put this understanding in my heart: that is what John 7:38 is.  I completely get it.  I also get why the word “river” was used in that verse.  A river is flowing and alive, not like a pond or a lake, which are not moving and stirring. Every word Jesus uses is right.  It has meaning.

This is probably baby stuff for everyone, but I am just loving what Jesus is teaching me.  I never know when He is going to put something in my heart or open my eyes.  I am so in love with Jesus and with this life.  I had to share this. 

 John 7:38

“He that believes in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly will flow rivers of living waters.”



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