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Which Locust?


Was the locust that John the Baptist ate a tree?  All this time, I thought he had been eating locust the bug.




No, Wendell, it was the little critter.   They were clean animals, according to Moses’ law.

Pastor John

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Thanksgiving Morning

Hi, Pastor John.

While Judy went to work and before the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday morning, I felt such an overwhelming thankfulness for this Life that Jesus gave to me, and this place that Jesus brought me to.  It was about 8:00 a.m. or so, and I got out my guitar and was singing unto the Lord, when I just fell on my face in the middle of the floor and yielded to what I was feeling. I felt so grateful for what I was feeling!  The Spirit took over where I was crying uncontrollably with joy for my life. It lasted a little while and left me with a grateful feeling. I love those times when we are together and the Spirit flows, but I really love these alone times with Jesus and me.

After the Spirit was finished, I took Sarge for a walk on Bob’s property, just enjoying the feelings left over in my heart from that communion with God. Nothing is like getting alone with Jesus; it’s some of the best times I have ever had.

Billy M

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Most Beautiful before Death

Good morning Pastor John!

Tokens testimony about the leaves last night is amazing to me. Jesus told me the same thing two weeks ago. 

I was driving down the road talking to Jesus. I had been feeling a little low and just wanted to be with my friend Jesus.  All of a sudden the color of the trees stood out to me. They were so vibrant and beautiful. I said to Jesus “Lord, the trees were not this beautiful last week. They are getting so much richer in color. Lord, the closer they get to death the more beautiful they get”.  Then the spirit said “The closer you get to death the more beautiful you are”. (I understood it meant us in the body)

A few days after that, I was driving and the leaves were so pretty. I was thinking I want to stop and get a picture of how pretty they are. Still driving, I noticed that each tree separated was pretty but they really are breathtaking all together. As soon as I had that thought, Jesus said, “That is just like the body. You are most beautiful together”.

I love hearing from Jesus. When I heard Token tell that testimony last night, my heart stopped. It always does when Jesus shows me how real he is.

Writing this out I just keep feeling like it does not get any better than this. This life with Jesus is everything I could dare to dream to have. Feeling very filled, full and fulfilled, as sister Willie would say.



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When Did the Church Lose Military Power?

Hey there,

We read the section on the Iron Kingdom and listened along.  This was really good.  I have heard you talk about the apostate body of Christ for some time now, but it is really something to learn that there had to be an apostasy of Rome from a Republic in order for the blending of the two to even take place.  Even though you are just beginning to touch on the details of Rome’s Third transformation, you can just feel how much of a complex, and yet subtle transformation it was – beyond any human kind of genius.  It is really incredible that Jesus has put it in our hearts to believe it, even if it is, right now anyway, far too much for our brains to really grasp.

A question I had as I read and listened to everyone’s comments was, when did the “holy Roman empire” lose its military might?  It almost seems like there was a mini-transformation even after the 3rd transformation.  The Church still seems to have dominion over Western society and culture, but it’s almost like it’s a dominion that’s so much part of everyone’s lives (whether they admit it or not) that it doesn’t even have to actively exercise any military or political might over anyone.  I can’t really put my finger on what I’m trying to ask, but like you talk about later in this section in your notes – it’s more than just a mere influence.  It seems like a complete infiltration of Christianity into the culture that most people don’t even realize that they are influenced by it – and that is much more powerful that physically forcing people to think or believe a certain way.

Anyway, just some thoughts I was having this morning – disconnected as they are.  I am really enjoying what you are doing with this work, even though I’m a long way from understanding it in my mind – it just feels good in my spirit to think about these things.



Hi, Vince.

The Third Transformation of Rome took time to be perfected after it began in AD 325.  The Church maintained much of its military power, with ebbs and flows, until fairly recently, just a few centuries ago.  I suspect that the Church would love to have it back, even though its control over men’s minds is enormous without it.  God help those who love the truth in Christ if the Church ever does regain it!  Only time will tell if the Church will again possess great political/military power, or if the Beast will arise and destroy Christianity without it achieving that goal.

Pastor John


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Michelle’s email and Token’s testimony last Wednesday, (both about strife) makes me consider something that the Lord showed me.  That is, strife doesn’t exist in the Spirit – because the Spirit cannot be offended!  Any kind of offense that we experience, any hurt or injury that we feel is just to our flesh.  The Spirit in us is not offended, nor hurt, nor any other thing that is not producing the will of God. And it is not striving with others to be right. 

To flee from strife, to flee from the effect of someone’s poor treatment of us, or from the desire to defend ourselves from it,  is just to be spiritually minded. Strife and other carnal things just can’t get a foothold into God’s Spirit in us.

Jesus was never offended.  Even during his crucifixion, he pitied and prayed for the lost souls trying to hurt him.  God has that same Spirit.  And with a heart free from strife, and free from offense for all of the hate He has endured, He will execute perfect judgement on the souls that He damns for eternity. 

We are to be like-minded.  Full of His Spirit that is praying and hoping and working for the souls that despitefully use us while executing the same perfect judgment to be free from strife and avoiding all of those who pursue it.


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What is “Spiritual Weakness”?

Good morning!

I was reading the tract, This Is My Friend, and I have a question. It says, “God freely offers his children faith for healing and deliverance; yet, because of spiritual weaknesses, some have not yet learned to trust him.” What actually are spiritual weaknesses? Is it not staying full of the holy Ghost? Or letting other things come in, the cares of this life, etc. Just want to see if I’m getting it?


Donna C


Hi Donna.

Yes, spiritual weakness is, as you said, the result of not staying full of the Spirit. Or, we could say instead that spiritual weakness comes from living “according to the flesh”, as Paul would say it. Jesus, you will remember, said of his disciples, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Mt. 26:41). And Paul said that the law of Moses “was weak through the flesh” (Rom. 8:3). So, in the Bible, the ways of the flesh are associated with spiritual weakness, while spiritual strength comes from the Spirit of God.

Pastor John

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God Did It

Wow…I was reminded of this today by the holy ghost: “Trump was elected by God, not the electoral college tallies.” 

And a long-time [backslidden Christian] friend said something interesting today…

As he was watching the states’ votes on Tues on TV, he noticed how Hillary was in the lead by only a few votes in each state, up until about 9:pm PST, when the whole situation flipped and the final counts turned in Trumps favor and the percentages began to split and his tallies became higher than Hillary’s. And Mark had read online about many Christians (some of them undoubtedly children of God) had began praying across the nation in small and large groups mid-evening.  God heard their prayers and really turned the tide…and Trump took the office.

It seems like a miracle occurred.  When most everything else was stacked against him, Divine intervention tweaked the numbers and made it happen.

I feel that something is up with the Lord and our 45th president—and his VP.  

Token’s “turn-of-events” idea, although horrible to imagine, might be a possibility.  We do not know what God is up to, but I feel for the first time in a long time, to pray fervently for this man, AND for the changing of the hearts of those who currently despise him.  God forgive them for they know not what they are saying; deceived by the spirits of this age. 

Feeling happy and hopeful, trusting in Jesus.



Both candidates were, and still are, souls without God and without hope, but there is, for the time being at least, a palpable feeling of relief in the air that Mr. Trump won.  I think it is because believers feel safer with him.  He doesn’t seem the type to target believers’ hearts for persecution, the way Mrs. Clinton would have, and push an immoral agenda as vigorously.

Pastor John

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