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“I Wanna”

Hey – I wanted to share a poem the Lord gave me tonight during the meeting.  I was feeling that there were some who wanted to feel the joy and peace and liberty that others were feeling.  After putting some of that into expression 😎 , I was standing there and I started to hear these words “I wanna”.  I said them out loud over and over and again.  It sounded kind of funny, but I just couldn’t help it.  I was overwhelmed with someone’s prayer.  It sounded and felt like a little child saying “I wanna do that” in a childlike nature, very sweet.  I, then could hear Jesus answer back and say, “I wanna too!”.  So, I sat down tonight and started to write down what I heard and here is what came out!


“I wanna”

I wanna be happy
 and sing and dance too.
I wanna be free
 and be just like you!

Help me do it Jesus
 Help me loose this fear.
Help me learn to trust you
 and keep you oh so near.

I love to see your blessings
 on others as they shine
But help me dearest Jesus
 know when it’s time for mine.
Give me strength and wisdom
 to be willing to obey
All your humble pleas
 as they come to me and say….

I wanna love you too
 be willing for my touch
I wanna give you everything
 I wanna very much

When you hear me calling
 and feel me tugging at your heart
It’s me that’s trying to help you
 that’s the first place you must start.

Don’t be afraid to trust me
 I’m here to see you through
Don’t look past your feelings
 Mine are enough for you.

Come on and live forever
 that’s my offer kind and true
I wanna give you everything
 I wanna . . . . ‘cause I love you!

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Tonight felt wonderful.  When I was out in the middle I felt like things were “peeling off.”  Don’t know how to put it into words, but it had the feeling, “relax….enjoy…”  All I could do was feel very, very weak and give in.  I love that feeling.
I also appreciated Barbara’s testimony about idling too high.  That was something good that I needed to hear.  I think I am better than I used to be, but still need to keep that in check.
Thank you for all you taught us about our first love.  I want to keep soaking all of that in.  There is a good feeling there when we can “check ourselves” after you have taught us something.
Just feeling full and content and ready for bed…


That is wonderful, Carrie.  It was so good to see you be blessed and happy!  You blessed us all.  Thank you!


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The Angels



Hey John,

After previewing the early chapters of your new book God had a Son, GOD has always been without a beginning but everything else was spoken into existence.  About the angels and Christ, wasn’t it Christ that spoke the angels into existence along with everything else?


Yes it was.


I can’t wrap my thinking around this and why if this is correct the angels weren’t aware who Christ was.
thanks Marcella


The angels weren’t there until after Christ created them.  They could not have known how God went about doing it.  They just knew that they were alive.  We didn’t know who created us either until we were told.
Thanks for writing.


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NT Issues


Pastor John

I’ve got some more questions if you have the time.

In Acts 15 when Peter is talking to the apostles and elders and is telling them all that God had done for him and through him and the elders agreed to write a letter for the people not to ” lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things”.  It seems that Peter was agreeing with Paul and Banabas.  But later in Romans Peter and Paul had a big disagreement about the law of moses and Jesus being enough.  What am I missing?


The conflict between Paul and Peter was recorded in Galatians, chapter 2, not Romans.  There, Paul and Peter did not disagree as to the Gentiles not being required to observe the ceremonies of the law.  What Paul rebuked Peter for was for eating and associating with the Gentile brethren at Antioch — until some Jewish brothers showed up from Jerusalem.  Paul rebuked Peter for being a hypocrite and making the Gentiles feel like second-class citizens in the kingdom of God.  As far as the doctrine was concerned, Peter had no quarrel with Paul.  But Peter feared the reputation which those Jewish brothers would give Peter back in Jerusalem if they saw him eating with the Gentiles.  Peter had already been harshly criticized by the elders among the Jewish believers in Jerusalem for going to the Gentile Cornelius’ house (Acts 11), and, apparently, he dreaded going through that again.

Also, did all the gentiles go to hell before the Holy Ghost fell on them?  Just seems so sad that you were born with no hope of anything else.

No.  Paul touches on that in Romans 2:12-16.

In Acts 11:26- it says that this was the first time that the disciples were called Christians.  So is it the word “christians” that is bad or just the ceremonies that they envolve themselves with?


The point is, Michelle, God never called, and does not call His people “christians”.  That is a word invented by those in Antioch who did not belong to God, probably as a derogatory term for believers.  Notice what the Bible says:  The saints “were called (not “called themselves”) christians”.  Some people say that the word “christian” means “like Christ”.  Personally, I would feel as if I was bragging if I called myself “like Christ”, and I doubt very seriously that the earliest followers of Christ thought so highly of themselves that they would have judged themselves to be “like Christ”, either, and then given themselves a name — “christians” — to publicize their flattering self-judgment.

Sorry, its just I feel like I have to re read the bible and learn everything all over again.

Thank you

God Bless,

No apology necessary.  Please do learn the Bible again.  We all need to do that along the way.
nk you for the questions.

Pastor John

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Sweet Experience

Hello Pastor John.

I wanted to send you this “letter” or “poem” that I recieved from the Lord about two nights ago.  I was laying in bed and out of nowhere I heard this voice just sweetly speaking to me.  I had been asking God to keep me close and to keep my mind on him through the different things he had been showing me about myself lately and while drifting to sleep that night he started to speak to me.  I laid there for a while thinking that I was drifting off into a dream but soon realized that the words were not mine they were being spoken to me.  The feelings were so solid and sweet and comforting – I felt sooo much love in my soul – It was like I was wrapped up in a blanket made of God’s comfort!!  I got up and thought, “I have to write this down!”  I didnt want to forget the words that he was saying to me – I knew they were encouragement for me.  So having said that here is what he said to me:

Listen Closely – There is something that I need to show you.
Now you know that I love you
And I want nothing more than for you to make it home
But without this correction your face will not make it before my throne
So take it in – I want nothing more than for you to come home
So many things I have to show you about yourself – And if you will let me, I will hold your hand through it all.
I will increase your wealth as you grow
I hope you know I am here for you
Now listen closely to what I have for you
You have pride and you have hurts, these things you got not from Me.
But if you lay it all before Me, I will help to make you free
Betray yourself and submit – I will help show you who you ought to be
For I am not hard – it is so easy
If you submit My love will make you free
Your heart will grow and you will know your place is always with me
Let me walk through your door
Pour out your soul and I will come rest with you

I feel so encouraged and so thankful for the experiences that Jesus sends my way.  After that experience, I felt renewed.  It touched my heart when I re-read this because all throughout the message, he kept telling me how much he loves me and how much he wants me.  I want to throw it all out before him.  I want him to know every inch of my heart and to rip anything up by the roots that is not supposed to be there.  I know that is where my saftey is.

This was just very sweet to me and I wanted to share it with you..


Thank you so much, B!  That is special, for Jesus to encourage a young person like that!  I hope you always feel how true his feelings are for you.

Pastor John

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Predestination vs Free Will


What is your understanding of predestination mention in Romans 8:29? and what is your view of Romans 9: 1-27 your help here would be much appreciated

Bishop Elect George E. Moore, Sr.

“Lets do it Again in 2010”

Acts 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.


Dear sir:

The issue of Predestination vs. Free will is one that cannot be resolved with Scripture.  It is undeniable that both are clearly taught in the Bible, and by our logic, we can never reconcile the two.  “Whosoever will” is obviously contrary to “no one can come to me except the Father draw him.”

Because the Scriptures teach both, it is unwise for us to choose one over the other.  It is best for us to rest in the knowledge that our God knows the answer to your question, which is a question we all have asked at one point or another.  But it is His secret.  For us, it requires faith to humble ourselves to confess, with Moses (“the meekest man on earth”), that “secret things belong unto God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children.”

I encourage my congregation and my students simply to concentrate what God has revealed, and to leave the secret things to Him.  He has a loving reason for keeping some things to Himself.  And perfecting our knowledge of what he has given us to know will occupy our attention fully, all our lives.

God bless you, and those with you.  If you have any further questions or comments, I would be happy to hear them.

Pastor John

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Slaves for the Master

Pastor John,
Last night, I was working on the computer and had the Pastor John’s House website pulled up.  As I was working the songs pulled me in and I started watching the pictures scrolling.  Some of the sweetest feelings came over me toward our family and what we have been given.  I took the feeling to bed with me and just tried to soak them in as I fell asleep.
This morning I woke up with a very peaceful and relaxed feeling.  I found myself praying softly, wanting to go through the day being happy with what God has given me to do, and doing it with my whole heart.  As I drove to work the first couple of scriptures from Revelation 1 came to mind.  In these scriptures, your translation refers to the children of God as slaves.  In today’s society, that word has taken on a very negative connotation, but Jesus started showing me again that he does not feel that way about it.  If we are slaves in a perfect Master’s house, it will not be a hard life.  If we have the right attitude, the Lord will put us in perfect order.  Those that are strong in the spirit will have the jobs to work the fields.  Others will have the responsibility of preparing the food, serving the food, cleaning the house.  All of the jobs are extremely important and valuable to the Master.  It relieves his servants from having to worry about the function of others or how the estate is run, allowing them to focus on only their responsibilities.  This makes for a happy, content and easy life.
On the other hand, those who are not happy and content with their responsibilities will have the opposite.  Their way will be made very hard.  The Lord, our Master, is good and will make every attempt to let them fulfill their daily tasks.  He will give ample corrections and show goodness and love for them.  He may even demote them to a lower position than is their best, just to keep them.  However, our position is not always guaranteed.  When we have been disobedient for long enough, He may decide to sell us to a different master.  It is a scary thought to have to work for a different master.  Who will it be?
I am very thankful for a position in my Master’s house. I am glad he takes the time to spend with me, he is a good God.

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Wonderful Feelings


I went in to work just as normal, just praying and talking to the Lord.  Everyone was on vacation in the office except for me, and as I sat down at my computer, I began to think about God’s people.  The tears began to flow down my cheek, and I couldn’t stop crying.  It wasn’t just the tears but the feelings of love for them which flooded me.  I began to think, “What will someone think if they come in and see me in this condition?”  But not a person came into the office for a few minutes — which I would characterize as very unusual — while I enjoyed these feelings.

I just want to thank Jesus for those feelings!  God loves his people!



That is wonderful, Wendell.  If we don’t love others and live for their benefit, we haven’t even yet begun to live.  That’s how God and His Son Jesus live, and I praise God with you that He lets you share in His feelings for His people.


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Jesus at the Door

Hi, Pastor John:

Last Wednesday, I was driving and had what I guess would be called a “day-vision”.  I was standing at an open door, and on the the other side of the door was the cleanest feeling I had ever felt; I also felt love like I had never experienced it before.  I was praying to the Lord, “Jesus, I want to step through this door to the other side, I want to have what I was feeling all the time.”  It was like the scripture, “the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth.”  I knew it was so close, but felt so very far away.

Then Jesus revealed to me what he was doing in this vision.  Jesus was what you have been teaching us about the door; He opens and no one closes, or…he closes and no one opens. 

When I looked around in the vision, I noticed I was standing inside a room, looking out of the door that was already opened.  Through the door was Jesus.  What I had been feeling was him!  He is the cleanest feelings you can have, he is the fullest love one can experience.  Jesus was standing at the door and knocking, he was waiting for me to ask him in.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man will open the door, I will come into him, and sup with him, and him with me.”

Jesus is not rude!  he will not beat your door down, or break in.  He will politely knock and wait for you to not only open the door, but ask him in.  Then, the dinner begins.  Jesus even brings the dinner, a lamb that has been prepared :).

In the spirit, he told me that he has knocked on many doors, and that he knew they were home, but they would not open the door.  In short, Jesus was not welcomed, for whatever reason.

I want to get to the place, like Paul, C. where Jesus will come in.  If we let him in, all of those feelings (love, peace, joy, etc.) he brings with him (dinner) will be shared to all that are in that house.

I also pray that I keep my house clean, and worthy for Jesus, for when he comes knocking.  I don’t want to be embarressed for Jesus and His Father to enter.

Bro. Billy

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Dear Bro. John:

I heard a best-selling author say something today on TV that touched my heart.  What he said reminded me of November 2006 when the Lord said to me, “Let’s fall in love again.”  This author, talking about prayer, said, “We want the answers, but God wants the intimacy.  He wants you!”  That really struck a cord in my heart as I remembered searching for the “answer” that November 18th, 2006.  I entered my apartment that day thinking I was going to seek for answers.  🙂  That would have been “hard-seeking”, and Jesus knew it.  So, he tenderly led me down the “heart-seeking” path of love and feelings in Song of Solomon.  His intimacy removed the need for answers!  His love was the answer!  When He took me to where I needed to be, it was just Him waiting there!  I found Him in the feelings, in the memories of my relationship with Him.  I found Him in the intimacy of His love.  He came that day and sat right down beside me . . . . and once again captured and conquered my heart.  There was no need for words.  I was happy just to rest in His arms once again and feel the sweetness of His Presence.  Praise God!

On April 3, 2009, you said this in a gathering: “If you have a problem, forget about it.  If you have a blessing, forget about it.  It’s HIM!  Your testimony is not as good as HE is!”  Well, Amen!  There is no need to be afraid to surrender to His love.  Forget about your problem, forget about your blessing, forget about your answer.  Just be thrilled with Jesus!  Nothing is as good as He is!

Heart-seeking = intimacy with God!

Forever thankful for His love,
Sandy  🙂

“And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the LORD searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off for ever.”  1Chronicles 28:9

“I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.”  Song of Solomon 7:10

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