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God Loves His People

Hey John,

I am reading the Old Testament Lessons from Ahaz 3062 today.  When I came to Hosea 11, “How can I let you go.  Yet, it was I who taught Ephraim to walk, leading them by his arms, and they did not know that I had  healed them.”  This and your CDs about God loving his people brought the tears in my eyes.  It let me know that I have not known how much he loves this people.  Thankful for all that you are doing, and for this body!!


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Last Meal

Hi Pastor John!

I was driving home from Paducah Kentucky the other day, thinking about how much Jesus has changed my life.  How He changed my thoughts and desires, how He changed my heart.  I recently received the newest meeting CDs and spent that whole trip listening to them.  The joy that comes through songs like  “The joy of the Lord” or  “I want to love Him more” really are such a blessing.  I often turn on the radio in those rural areas looking for old gospel songs.  I have yet to hear one that brings the same feelings our music brings.  I remember being drawn to Jesus through brother Earl singing.  I still am. I am probably known as the “crazy lady” here in town because I always have my hand raised (often with tears running down my face) singing my heart out to Jesus.

When I was driving home during this trip, I was thanking Jesus for loving me and changing me.  I had the sweetest thought come. I thought, “Jesus if I die today this is what I want for my last meal.”  It’s true.  These feelings are what I would want.  I wish all those wanting Jesus could hear and feel what God has so sweetly given to us.  Oh if they could just eat.  I am thankful to be fed. 



What a precious testimony, Beth!  We are blessed, aren’t we?

Pastor John

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“They’re in a Better Place”

Hi John

I was thinking on email from the other day about how Satan is not worried about drunkards or sinners.  It brought to mind everybody else who thinks that all their loved ones will make it to heaven.  That to me is the biggest or scariest lie.  Because no matter your faith, you want your child or parent or whoever you love to make it.  I can’t tell how many times I have heard, “They’re in a better place.”  No matter how bad that person was, “Well, they’re in a better place” or “You can’t tell me they’re not in heaven.”  May God have mercy on me, and others, to see through that lie.  Just about everybody I know outside the truth believes that lie.  Pretty sad thing to think that many people are being deceived.  Thank god for the truth.

Greg C


Amen, Greg.  A man who is what the Bible calls “just” would rather see the truth about everybody and everything, even if it hurts, than to be blind to it.

Pastor John


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Hi John,

Hope all is well with you all in N.C. We are enjoying a beautiful spring here, with temperatures in the 80’s already!

I wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying the O.T. study.  The tapes are a great resource.  I just finished the tapes on Judges and Ruth.  You were sooooo funny in your story of Samson (“honey brain”) and Delilah.  You cracked me up!  But the message that came through over and over again was that God’s people got in trouble because they didn’t have good teachers and they didn’t know God.  It was remarkable  how quickly they strayed over and over again, but they are us. Without the truth and walking in that truth, studying it, eating it so to speak, we are them.  I am so grateful John for what you have taught me, that God gave me you and you me. :o)


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From the Father and the Son

Hello Pastor John,

I just wanted to let you know that the last couple of days were pretty hard for me spiritually and emotionally, but about half an hour ago the Lord lifted up the heaviness from my spirit.  I received some encouraging messages from some of you, and I have the peace of the Lord in my heart right now.

Also, I was reminded of the words of John the apostle:

“To the elect lady and her children, whom I love in truth, and not only I, but also all those who have known the truth, because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever” (2 John 1-2)

The Lord showed me through this scripture, that there is a special kind of love binding together those who, by God’s grace, know the truth. That we love each other “because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever”.  I don’t know how it all works, but somehow it is so much more than just theology.  It is the truth.

Also, you must have read some of the messages I received because of my confession about not believing in the trinity, and believing that the Father is greater than Jesus.  Well, this morning I started reading Philippians, and I felt God smiling at me and speaking to personally to me as I read the words of Paul:

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”  🙂

Thank you for all the prayers and support!



God is with you, Zoli.  I marvel at the grace being shown to you, and at the joy with which you receive His Word.  You make this little flock happy, and we are encouraged by your faith.  There is a reward from God for that, surely.

We have been praying for your mother, that she will continue to feel good things from the Lord and that she will follow you into the kingdom of God soon.

“Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!”

Pastor John

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What Will It Matter, At Last

Bro. John:

I have been reading Zoli’s wonderful testimonies on FB, and some of the unfavorable comments towards the truth.  As I read them, I was reminded of a poem you wrote in September 1993.  I have hung onto the copy that I have for many years.  I pull it out and read it every now and then to remind myself of how useless man’s opinions and thoughts are.  Without the holy Ghost and the truth of God in our hearts, what will it matter, at last?  As the Lord told you many years ago, “What difference does it make what men say about anything?”   And I remember when the Spirit woke me one morning with, “This world and its meanings will all pass away.  Jesus is the only sure thing.” 

I love the absolute sobering truth and strength in the words you wrote. 

 ~ Sandy


What Will It Matter, At Last?

John David Clark, Sr.

September 30, 1993


What will it matter, when life is past?

What will it matter, at last?

When all the honor men can give

Is given, yet we still must live?

Though many curse, and few forgive

What will it matter, at last?


What will it matter, though men despise,

And now avert their lofty eyes?

When Jesus Christ bestows his prize

What will it matter, at last?


What will it matter, when life is o’er,

And tongues of strife can strive no more?

When angry gazes all have burned

And hateful men the truth must learn?

When Christ no longer will be spurned,

And closes tight the door?


“Fret not thyself in any wise

to sin”, but seize upon the prize.

How can it touch the man who dies

And penetrates the darkened glass?


Be strong in faith.  Endure the shame.

What will it matter, at last?

He made the way.  We bear the blame,

But what will it matter, at last?




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Frightened Children

I don’t know anybody, except by the truth; I don’t know anybody except what God’s Light reveals to me.

I have watched as saints whom I thought were courageous in the Lord exposed as very uncourageous when they were asked by Jesus to believe what he says and stand for it.  I have seen them, precious sons and daughters of God, flee like frightened little children flee from gentle Jesus to hide behind the clichés and traditions that men had taught them, and they would not come back out.  Then I understood that Jesus was showing me how he saw them, and how he had seen them all along.  I then surrendered my high opinion of them (which had been based on what I saw and heard without the Light), and I trusted his judgment of them instead.

I also put away my sword when dealing with them, for Jesus had now shown me that they had no weapons with which to fight the word of God, and they were not my enemies.  They were afraid of the truth, and of whoever spoke it, because Christianity had made them distrust and fear it.  And I knew that if God was ever going to use me to coax them into His light, I would have to have a tender heart toward them (even the mean ones) like God’s heart.  Love alone – God’s comforting and healing love – will alone rescue them, and if I don’t have that for God’s little children, I am useless to Him.

The curtain behind which God’s frightened little children hide is the curtain of appearance.  Sometimes, they appear to be wise in the things of God.  (Many of God’s little children have grey hair; they have been little children for a long, long time.)  They may occupy exalted positions with impressive-sounding titles, given to them by a Christian institution.  And they may hide by putting on an act of righteous indignation against those who tell them the truth; indeed, under that spirit, they may say and do some very hurtful things to God’s true servants.  But God still loves them because He sees them as they really are.  Do we?

Jesus warned us to trust him and not to judge by what we can see and hear.  Because of long-standing religious traditions which had developed in Israel, the sinless Son of God and his followers appeared to be really bad.  And because of those same traditions, many of the leaders among God’s people who were evil appeared to be good because they hid their hearts behind the revered traditions.  Only with light from God could anyone see who was truly good and who was not.
Pray for that light!  With it shining in our hearts, we can see as God sees, and love as God loves.   And by the light of His truth, we may at last escape the bondage of making our own judgments based on what we see and hear and “judge righteous judgment” at last.



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Zoli’s Testimony

Pastor John,

Jr and I listened to Zoli’s testimony that Amy sent out. I felt so humbled to hear Zoli and everyone telling of their experiences. The feelings of thankfulness of what Jesus is doing. It’s so encouraging! Jesus is so GOOD to us!


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Romans 13:1

Hey Pastor John,

I just finished the pdf file on Romans 13.  Really enjoyed page 1 about Michael being the prince over Israel.  My favorite part was on page 3 (Romans 13:1), where it says, “Every soul [on earth] is to be subject to the higher [earthly] power [under Satan].”  That’s just a brand new thought.  I love what God has revealed to you in the Father and Son book. 

Thank you John,




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Father and Son reading

Good morning John,

While I was on my way to work today I was pondering on what we read last night in the God had a Son before Mary Did book. ​ ​I want to say I am amazed by what we read​,​ and the insight ​God has given to us through you, but it all is because of the Son and him teaching us about himself and his Father.

I looked at people going by in their vehicles going to work and wondered if they know why we are here and who created us​,​ and if they​, too,​ hear form the Son. ​ ​It is overwhelming sometimes to even believe what he has shown us and done for us for decades​.  It is a lifetime commitment. ​ ​I can’t help but tear up and thank him for this life and the understanding he has put in our hearts and minds.​ ​ I look around​,​ and I know I would be no different ​from anyone else I see every day if it was not for him choosing it to be so. 

We read and hear thing​s​ in this book that nobody ​I know ​has heard and felt before, and it is all because we are learning who the Son really is and who his Father is by that revelation.​ ​ God​,​ help your children everywhere to love you​r​ spirit and hunger for your truth​!  In it is life and life more abundantly.​ ​ I am blessed most ​morning​s​​ when I ​am ​leaving to go to work to see some of the most beautiful sunrises. ​ ​I love the newness of the day and the fresh start again each morning​,​ and when I see them​,​ I can’t help but think of the family of saints he has put us together​ with​, because​,​ to me​,​ that is beautiful, like the new sunrise each morning in the sky. ​ ​So I have to share ​pictures of it sometimes in a​ text to you and others because ​God’s​ saints are who I ​am ​thinking​ of when I see it. ​ ​What greater creation is there th​a​n to see God working in one of his children!!



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