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Brother John,

When we first started talking about loving God’s hurting people coming out of Christianity, I knew it would be wonderful, but I did not know how it would feel to be there to hold them, cry with them, laugh with them and tell them, “You have a new past, a brand new past, you can start all over, just think about it”. I had a touch of that this past weekend and I loved it! It felt so good to every person I said those words to; IT EVEN FELT BRAND NEW TO ME!!!

I am so happy to think about the walls of Christianity falling down, because when that happens, all those hurting people are going to need lots of love and God has put that love in our hearts for them. I feel like I want to open up my chest and say to every hurting heart, “look, look right in here and feel God’s love for you!”

Thank God that He is allowing us to be a part of the healing sent to His people! AMEN!

With much love,

Sister Sheila


Wonderful, Sheila. I felt the same way.


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