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Thanks for sending the link about the Muslim lady who called out to Jesus.

Jesus’ mercy amazes me more every day.  Thank you, Jesus!

Jesus, please give us more compassion so we can feel the way you feel about situations, regardless of a person’s condition!

About 26 years ago, I told you about my first cousin’s husband who went out and sat down on the railroad track, and let the train run over him in Henderson.  I never forgot how you told me your father had reacted when he heard about that tragic event.  If I remember correctly, it deeply saddened him that this man didn’t know Jesus cared for him. You also told me he mentioned it for days afterward, if my memory is correct.

I remember feeling so much compassion and love, thinking of a man (your father) feeling this strongly about someone he never even met.

I hope I never forget that conversation or the feelings it left in me.



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Father and Son Excerpt, February 22

Pastor John,  

Jesus touched my heart through yesterday’s, Excerpt from the Father & Son Book: “Changes made by God’s life.”

 I wrote down (below) what I was hearing in the Spirit, and then I went back and re-read the excerpt from your book.  I saw then that all I did, in essence, was repeat what you had already written 🙂  It sure was good! It made me feel Jesus, and it sure is worth repeating:

Men, by their very nature as human beings, cannot judge this life from the standpoint of  God’s righteousness. The fact that we are human means that our very “being”, is bound to the limitations of human nature, all of the time.  We cannot escape that (by our own doing), any more than we can escape the flesh that’s wrapped around our bones. 

But God’s life (the holy ghost) within us raises us above the limitations of being human. It elevates us to a place where all of humanity and its spiritual conditions and conflicts and dilemmas, are beneath us. It takes us to a place where we can rightly judge humanity, because we are no longer a part of it.

The Spirit is God’s nature in us, judging through us the intent and actions of men.  And that judgment is available – necessary even, for all of God’s children. That is God’s doing, not ours, and it is real.



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Revelation Reading


The reading in Revelation was very good.  One thing in particular that stood out to me, and I don’t think I have heard you put it quite like this, was at the beginning of chapter 6 when the seven seals are opened.  You started off by telling us that until the Lamb (Jesus) opened these seals, they were hidden to everyone but God. And the seals contained the things that are going to happen because the Lamb overcame the world.  He created them for us and made a new future for us.  That is very good!  We would have had a different future if Jesus had not gone through what he did and overcame.  Like you said last night, when we receive the holy Ghost, we get a new past and also a new future – all because of Jesus.

Also, I loved seeing daddy fall down in the Spirit just like the elders did that we had just read about.  I love when we get an example of what Jesus is talking about.




Yes, Amy, the future revealed in the seven seals was a future that was created for the saints because of Jesus.  If he had not successfully paid the price or man’s sin, that future would not have been; we would have faced a different, and much worse one. Without the sacrifice of Christ, we all would have been lost.

Pastor John

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The Bible says that we should tithe, but if I only have right amount to pay bills, do I tithe first then borrow money to what bill I couldn’t pay???

Eric A.


You are right, Eric.  The Bible says that we should tithe.

Pastor John


Yes, I understand we are to tithe ,,my Q: is, if I made 500.00 in a week , and my bills come out to 550.00 , do l tithe first,, and then borrow money to pay the bill l didn’t have enough for????




If you understand that the Bible plainly teaches that we are to tithe, why are you asking me if you should tithe?  Your choosing to obey or disobey what you know that the Bible teaches is not my responsibility; it is yours.

Pastor John

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Negotiating with Jesus

Pastor John,

Beth and I were having a conversation, and she told me that one thing she is very thankful to Jesus for is the fact that her young teenage son knows that to serve God, to be right with God, he must have this holy Ghost baptism from Jesus, just like his mother and I have received.  Beth told me that her boy has told her that very thing.

After she told me this, Jesus showed me something: Beth’s son will continue to believe the simple truth that she and I have taught him unless one day God calls him to repentance, and he decides that he wants to go his own way instead. Then, if that happens, he will either invent a doctrine to ease his conscience, or he will embrace one of the many doctrines that already exist – just for that very reason.

The lesson that the Lord was showing me was not about my wife’s son; it was about all of mankind.

The truth is easy for men to see when they are indifferent about it. The Lord was showing me that when men have “no skin in the game”, as the saying goes, then it is easy for them to see what is right.

I then remembered the many times, brother John, that you have told us how easy it is for a sinner to see and confess true doctrine; fundamentals such as, “you must live right to be saved in the end”, or “if you live an evil life, you will not meet Jesus in peace”, or “you are not saved yet; salvation is at the end of your walk in Christ, not the beginning”.  You have told us on many occasions that sinners often can discern the Truth from the many false doctrines that exist in the world, and that it is only religious people that cannot see how simple and sensible and satisfying to the soul the real gospel of Christ is.

What Jesus showed me today helped me to better understand why people attach themselves to false religion, and why there are so many varieties.

For a man to feel conviction from God for his sin when he does not want to repent of it can cause him to seek relief in false religion to soothe his soul. False religion can be a compromise between a life full of sin and submission to Christ. And the version of false religion that a man chooses or invents for himself is the product of the sin(s) he is choosing to hold on to.



Hi Jerry.

It was an education for me to watch this happen to some brothers and sisters along the way.  To see them refuse the conviction of God, and then become MORE religious was surprising.  But Jesus helped me understand they were trying to negotiate with him.  They were, in essence, saying to the Lord, “In stead of doing what you are telling me to do, I’ll sing more songs, pray more, and work more on doing other religious works.  Ok?”

It’s not ok.  It’s rebellion, even though those looking on usually don’t see it that way.  As Preacher Clark taught me, if you’re not doing what God wants you to do, whatever you are doing is wrong.

Pastor John


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Relief from the Meeting

Hi Pastor John,

I’ve learned no matter how I’m feeling, the meetings bring me relief and comfort.  But today was the first time I felt that relief just walking over to my chair.

After the meeting (last night), I went and said hey to Tom and then Randall. Randall hugged me, and then I told him how I’d felt that relief – he hugged me again and we continued talking about that,  and then I just felt more relief and starting speaking in tongues, letting all that out and crying. It felt so good. Then Doris came over and said “Did my husband make you cry?” I said “Yes he did!”  Then I told her, too, and we hugged and I cried. I love that!

So grateful and wanted to tell it.


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Wednesday Night’s Meeting


I wanted to share with you and the body some thoughts I had from Wednesday night and a dream I had that when along with what you were saying.
Very thankful for all the thoughts you shared with us Wednesday night.



Thanks, Tim.  Your dream reminded me of what Oral Roberts said about 60 years ago concerning the lesson he learned from the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: “If we do not bow, we cannot burn.”

Pastor John


Wednesday night’s meeting reminded me of a dream I had a number of years ago. What brought it back to my mind was something that Pastor John said in the meeting.  He said that we live in a bordered land that is protected and safe. We live inside of a bubble, and that we need to stay inside our city of refuge and not be drawn outside its borders.

My dream started out with everybody we knew from past meetings playing in this really bright green meadow. We were having such a wonderful time playing. Then suddenly someone saw off in the distance a line of very large tanks. It looked like more than twenty, each one leaving a trail of dark exhaust behind it.

As they approached us, you could hear the noise of their diesel powered engines. Still, they were off in the distance, but they were moving at a rapid pace. By this time some of our folks began to scream in terror. Some began to run away. They were shot as they ran away. Some dropped to their knees crying out for God to help them. It was very chaotic with all the screaming and crying. Some of us didn’t know what to do or where to go.

By this time, you could really hear the tanks well. I remember closing my eyes and raising my hands up toward heaven and crying for Jesus to help us. Then I felt a presence of something falling down from heaven. As I opened my eyes I saw a canopy like bubble covering over us. As this was happening, the noise level started fading away until it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everything was moving in slow motion.

Then I heard a cow bell, as if it were moving very slowly behind me. As I turned to see what I was hearing, I saw a huge light grey, almost tan, colored ox. It had stopped right in the middle of a dirt path that was leading away from us. The ox was turned perpendicular on the path. On the side of the ox was painted in dark green a map of the land of Israel with a red bulls eye around it. Then I heard a voice from heaven say, The land is yours, STAND!” Then I heard it again. The land is yours, STAND!” This time I felt the words resting on my chest with great comfort. As I started to turn back around, the bubble began to lift off of us.

The tanks were quickly approaching us. I was standing in the middle of the pathway. I could see one of the tanks turning and squaring up with me. It was moving very fast toward me. The closer it got, I could feel my flesh wanting to shake in fear. But I still had the comfort of the words I heard resting on my chest, “The land is yours, STAND!”

The tank came to an abrupt stop. Then I heard the screeching sound coming from the movement of the very large barrel on the tank. It moved downward until it was pointing directly at my head. I could see down the end of the barrel, knowing that at any time the driver could pull the trigger. I don’t know how much time passed while looking down the barrel, but it seemed long to me. Thoughts were coming to me saying, “You’re finished now. Give up, you’re going to be destroyed.” The thoughts that were coming were like a flood of water rising up toward my neck. But the words that I heard coming down from heaven were still saying, “The land is yours, STAND!” I had to make a choice-believe the words that were bombarding me by fear or believe the words I had experienced from heaven. I told Jesus I was going to trust him. At this time the words I had heard from above dropped down into my heart. At that moment a peace covered me and  I knew that I was safe. I was going to stand no matter what.

Then I heard what sounded like flames of fire moving very rapidly above my head. As I looked up, I saw a wheel of fire spinning round and round very fast. In a moment the fire fell down on the tank. The tank was destroyed to a powder like substance. That was the end of my dream. As I began to wake up, the scripture from 2 Cor.10:4 came to me. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

Thoughts can be strongholds. Even though things in this world are very chaotic and can feel overwhelming, the experiences Jesus gives us are more sure than the thoughts of fear and doubt that surround us. We just have to do like Pastor John told us and stay within the borders God has set for us and hold on to the words He has given us and we will be safe.

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