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Sweet Spot

Hi Pastor John, 

I am sitting here thinking about this weekend and it is so moving to me.  I feel such a tenderness from Jesus right now.  I feel like Jesus is teaching me about how to live.  How to be part of the body.  What faith is.  After the meeting today, I had brothers and sisters come up and just wrap their arms around me and pray.  I felt like Jesus was showing me how to function here in God’s family.  When we cannot pray for ourselves, the body will pray for us.

I could feel Jesus when they prayed for me, and I feel like this lesson (I keep calling a lesson on faith) may be so much more.  I feel like Jesus is teaching me who this body is, how it functions, and how to really live here.

I love feeling the power of God, but this sweet spot with Jesus is so tender.  It is still, and loving, and intimate.  I don’t want to leave this place.



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Hey Pastor John, 

Every time you preach about order I have a question that comes to mind, what is the order for a single woman?

For wives, when they have questions or feelings, they have their husbands to talk to and get direction, but what about a single woman?

I know there are times that things should be taken to Jesus, but sometimes I just don’t know if what I’m hearing is right.

Sometimes there are things I feel strongly should be taken to Jesus, and then there are times I feel very strongly to take to you.  But what about all the in-between when I just don’t know?

I heard you in a sermon on an old CD, and you were saying that each one of us need to have out own connection with the Lord.  You said, “There are times you take things to Jesus, and at those times, don’t bring them to me.  But there are other times you should be coming to me.”



Hi Michelle.

It’s pretty simple, really.  Every believer has to learn to discern when it is time to speak to whom.  If you do not have a husband, then obviously, talking to a husband is not an option.  But even if you were married, you would still need to know when to speak to your husband concerning some things and when not to.  Married or unmarried, you could do it right or wrong, depending on your ability to be led by the Spirit.

So, you, as an unmarried woman, must discern which person other than a husband would be beneficial to talk to (whether just Jesus, or your pastor, or an elder, or a friend, or whoever).

Hope that helps.

Pastor John


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Ephesians 4:30

Pastor John,  

What do you think it means to grieve the holy Spirit of God?  In Ephesians 4:30, Paul says, “And do not grieve the holy Spirit of God, by which you were sealed until the day of redemption.” 

I suppose we can grieve the Spirit by not letting go of the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that Paul says are contrary to being led by the Spirit. We know the God’s Spirit is life, not a holy being.  So how is it that we can grieve “it”? 



Hi Michael.

We grieve the holy Spirit by making Jesus sad.  In this case, what Paul wrote to the Corinthians applies: “The Lord is the Spirit” (2Cor. 3:17).

Pastor John


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Our Testimonies

Good Morning Pastor John, 

I woke up thinking about how much we need each other’s testimonies. When I was praying for Sheila, Jesus reminded me of who she was.  I kept hearing and saying, “good and faithful Sheila.”  That was Jesus reminding me who I was praying for. Because Shelia has told her testimony I know who Sheila is. I can see more of her heart. I knew who Jesus was talking about.

If we tell our weaknesses, our hopes, our joys, then when we need prayer, there is something to take to Jesus.  I needed John David’s testimony about his healing.  That testimony gave me hope and Jesus used it to teach me more about faith and more about how much we need each other’s testimony.  Iron sharpens iron.  That is so much clearer to me.  Ruth told me casually before the meeting last night that Jesus healed her of migraines.  I need that testimony from Ruth.

I love that we are not just a bunch of people thrown together.  We need each other.

Really loving our life, Pastor John. heart


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Hi Pastor John, 

Thinking about today, I came to the meeting today with a bad migraine, feeling like Jesus was going to do something.  I have been asking him for faith for healing.  When I heard that verse about faith in that song today, I felt Jesus with me.  My migraine lifted, and it has not come back.  I have felt such a peace since the meeting – a still quiet peace inside.  I feel like Jesus is healing something much deeper than migraines.  I feel like Jesus is healing me to be able to trust him.

I learned at a very early age that I couldn’t trust my mom and dad or others I should have been able to trust.  I only say that because I haven’t really known how to trust, even Jesus.  Sounds silly, but I know I have been broken about being able to trust.  When you prayed for me Friday night and my headache didn’t lift, I felt hurt that Jesus didn’t take it.  I went back and listened to my testimony about being built block by block, and I talked to Jesus and said, “I am just going to trust you, Jesus.”  I think that testimony went in even deeper this weekend.  I don’t know if Jesus healed my migraines permanently, but I know I feel a peace inside that feels like something else was done.  I know Jesus loves me, and that is a very big healing for me.


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Psalm 24:7

Hi Pastor John. 

In this scripture, is the Lord through the Psalmist saying that the “gates” and “doors” are people?


Billy M. 

Psalm 24:7  Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.”


Hi Billy.

Yes, the psalmist is talking about God’s people.  I think the “everlasting doors” are our eyes.

Pastor John


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