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It’s Jesus

Pastor John, 

The past couple of weeks I feel like Jesus has just been carrying me.  With experiences and feelings, in a way, it’s almost felt like taking a step off a cliff at times.  But I wanted to share with you two things that have happened over the past couple of days that have really stood out to me and have really given me relief.

For years, I have asked the question, Who am I? or What am I supposed to be doing?  With those questions was a little fear because I guess I was scared of what the answer may be.  But the other night, I asked the question, and the Jesus answered simply, “You’re mine.”  It was so simple, but it brought so much relief!

Then last night, I was asking him some questions, and I heard, “Trust me.” Several times this happened as I was walking around, doing things in my house.  Then, as I was about to get into bed, I was asked a question: “Do you trust me?” It stopped me in my tracks.  It made me think of Peter when Jesus asked him if he loved him.  I said Jesus, “I don’t know, do I trust you?  If I don’t, please help me!”

All night, I just thought about Jesus.  I woke up around 4 AM, just thanking him, then fell back to sleep.  When I woke up, Jesus was my first thought.  Driving into work, all I keep thinking is, “It’s Jesus.  That’s it, just Jesus.”  

It was just really simple, sweet thoughts.


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Sweet Jesus

Pastor John,

I loved the feelings last night (and this morning, and this afternoon, and right now)! I love feeling so light! Last night I felt like if the roof wouldn’t have been there I could have just flown off with Jesus!

I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with the truth, with happy, with satisfaction, with my family and with our precious Jesus. The love of God just flooded my soul when you were preaching. Then when Jesus was showing me how much he loved me when he brought me to the truth, it just took my breath away! I looked around and thought, “He has done that for every single one of us!” How blessed! How precious!

He has done so much for me. He is my dearest friend, my sweetest comfort and my strength when I am weak. Learning to lean on Jesus, how sweet it is! To really know that he loves us and that we can count on him, always! He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is patient and longsuffering.

I feel like I’m learning more and more to rely on Jesus through things he takes me through, and, Pastor John, I’m so grateful for every situation and every trial and every correction because through them, he’s giving me more of him!

I was listening to Donna sing, “Come to the water” on my way home from work today. Before my hand could reach the dial to turn it up, I was speaking in tongues and feeling his warmth from head to toe! It was the sweetest feelings! My soul was longing to come to the water and drink!

I’m just so full I can’t even get out everything I’m feeling! It’s wonderful!



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Tonight was so good! Tonight was so good!  Tonight was so good! 

I feel like Jesus poured the watering can over my head tonight.  Sister Willie is right.  Our meeting is the Emergency room.  Need a heart surgery, a brain surgery, something put in or something taken out…bring it to Jesus.  I love what you said tonight about Jesus fixing it, even if we mess up.  I feel so much relief!


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Hey Pastor John, 

One thing that has stood out to me reading the George C. Clark stories this time is the importance of discernment. 

​Not only to be able to discern who’s who in the body but being able to discern people so that you will treat them right, speak to them correctly, and judge them righteously.  


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From the Philippines

Name = Leika

Location = Philippines 

Hi Pastor John, 

I am so grateful and thankful of Jesus He lead me to you (in your website).  When I searching for tracts for evangelism but it change me when I read your books.  How kind God is! I am from Philippines.  I seek the truth after I receive Jesus Christ when I was young until now.  I search on pastor who can explain to me everything and the bible said that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.  I am in a born again Christian church. My family is a Christian and I was raise as a Christian.  And now by Gods grace I become a youth leader in church. God put me a desire in my heart to read His word and seek Him. And I felt that there is missing and hinder. I read your book, God had a Son before Mary did.  I feel I was blind but now I see.  It really convict me this word: “Come out of her, my people!”  I continue reading your books until now.  I just started last Monday.  I want to email to you on how God reveal His word through you and how He use you for people who blind by Christianity System.  And now I feel freedom and thankfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ and God the father.  I ask God on how to come out to the church and begin following Jesus.  May you advice me pastor John. 

And please pray for me.

Yours in Christ,



Hi Leika.

Thank you for writing.

It is a wonderful thing when Jesus begins to open a heart to the truth, as it appears he is doing now for you.  First, as Jesus did for Paul (Acts 9:15–16), I should warn you that if you follow Jesus, you should expect to be misunderstood and hated, even by other believers, and sometimes by those you love most.  Few will praise you for listening to the real Jesus, least of all devout Christians.  But our heavenly Father will reward you openly, in due time.

Church religion has never been of God, and without coming out of Christianity and serving Christ at home, or wherever he may send you, the Spirit Christ has given you will in time be quenched by the rituals and authorities that are in the Church.  If you hear and obey the Father’s voice to come out to Him, some believers may recognize his work in you and do nothing about it.  Others may choose to obey God with you, and they will be precious souls.  Love them and worship God together wherever you can – but do not fall back under Christianity’s spell and start trying to make an organization out of the work of God!  “Envy not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.”  “Walk in the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.”

If you continue to follow the Spirit, Christ will make you more free than you have ever dreamed.  But pray for courage.  You will need courage to overcome the opposition that you will face, and you will need courage to believe the astonishing truths that Jesus will show you.

Please continue to communicate with us, and let us know more about you and your journey.  We want to be helpers to your faith.

Your servant,

Pastor John

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Bro John,

God is awesome.  Sometimes I want to say, “God, I just can’t believe all the little things you do for me!”

Sunday night, I couldn’t sleep because I was feeling quite uncomfortable.  But I reminded myself of a story you told years ago about mountain climbers being in a cleft on the side of a steep mountain.  It didn’t matter how uncomfortable it was during the night, the only thing that mattered was that they were still there in the morning.  I couldn’t remember any other details of the story, but I kept telling myself that part of it over and over until I fell asleep. 

Then last night, I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t. So I got up and piddled a few minutes.  Then I had the thought, “Hey, I wonder where my old headset-cassette player is because I can listen to it in bed and not wake Sammy.  So once I found it, I looked through my box of old cassette tapes.  The one I chose was “Leaking Vessels”, dated 3/15/92.  I put it in the player, but it didn’t come on. Checking out the batteries, I saw they had corroded and I looked like a big mess.  I put it on the counter for Sammy, to see if he could clean it up when he had time.  So today, he did.  

Just a few minutes ago, I put in that tape and guess what the very first thing on it was!!  You started telling a story about “these two mountain climbers on a very high mountain and they were in a desperate, dangerous situation because of a blizzard. It was getting dark and there was no way they could reach the top. What they did was find a crack in the rock and tied themselves in so that when they fell asleep, they wouldn’t fall.  They just waited until the next day.  Those mountain climbers said this: It didn’t matter how long the night was; the only thing that mattered was when daylight came, they were still alive. They were happy to still be there when the sun came up.

That’s the way the truth is.  It doesn’t matter what you have to go through in this life; we’re all on the mountaintop, and we can’t go up or down.  We’ve found the hiding place, and the only thing that matters is that when the sun is shining, we are still there. That’s the wonderful thing about the truth.  It keeps you tied into a safe place, and you won’t freeze to death in the blizzard.  You may be cold, but you won’t freeze to death. You may be uncomfortable, and it may seem like a mighty long time, but the important thing is that you are there in the morning. There’s still a chance to go on with God.”

I was overwhelmed by this entire incident.  What are my chances of finding that tape in a box full of wonderful old sermons?  I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t listen to any more of the tape because I knew that was a message for me.  I’ll listen to the rest of it tonight, I’m sure. God does care, and I am very thankful to have a good eye to be able to type this email to you!


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Life and Death

Hi Bro. John. 

The following is the dream the Lord sent to me awhile ago on which Bro. Darren based his song tonight.  It was so good to remember it and that Jesus really speaks to his people.  To hear his Voice IS Life!  I pray for more special times like this with him.


Jesus woke me one morning with the following sobering conversation going on in my spirit.  He was looking down upon the earth and the condition of man:

Jesus:  “You would never know that the two go hand-in-hand.”

Me:  “What two?”

Jesus:  “Life and Death.”

Me:  “Why would you think that, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Because too many people are living and preparing for death.  They should be dying and preparing for Life.”


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Sweet Spot

Hi Pastor John, 

I am sitting here thinking about this weekend and it is so moving to me.  I feel such a tenderness from Jesus right now.  I feel like Jesus is teaching me about how to live.  How to be part of the body.  What faith is.  After the meeting today, I had brothers and sisters come up and just wrap their arms around me and pray.  I felt like Jesus was showing me how to function here in God’s family.  When we cannot pray for ourselves, the body will pray for us.

I could feel Jesus when they prayed for me, and I feel like this lesson (I keep calling a lesson on faith) may be so much more.  I feel like Jesus is teaching me who this body is, how it functions, and how to really live here.

I love feeling the power of God, but this sweet spot with Jesus is so tender.  It is still, and loving, and intimate.  I don’t want to leave this place.


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Hey Pastor John, 

Every time you preach about order I have a question that comes to mind, what is the order for a single woman?

For wives, when they have questions or feelings, they have their husbands to talk to and get direction, but what about a single woman?

I know there are times that things should be taken to Jesus, but sometimes I just don’t know if what I’m hearing is right.

Sometimes there are things I feel strongly should be taken to Jesus, and then there are times I feel very strongly to take to you.  But what about all the in-between when I just don’t know?

I heard you in a sermon on an old CD, and you were saying that each one of us need to have out own connection with the Lord.  You said, “There are times you take things to Jesus, and at those times, don’t bring them to me.  But there are other times you should be coming to me.”



Hi Michelle.

It’s pretty simple, really.  Every believer has to learn to discern when it is time to speak to whom.  If you do not have a husband, then obviously, talking to a husband is not an option.  But even if you were married, you would still need to know when to speak to your husband concerning some things and when not to.  Married or unmarried, you could do it right or wrong, depending on your ability to be led by the Spirit.

So, you, as an unmarried woman, must discern which person other than a husband would be beneficial to talk to (whether just Jesus, or your pastor, or an elder, or a friend, or whoever).

Hope that helps.

Pastor John


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Ephesians 4:30

Pastor John,  

What do you think it means to grieve the holy Spirit of God?  In Ephesians 4:30, Paul says, “And do not grieve the holy Spirit of God, by which you were sealed until the day of redemption.” 

I suppose we can grieve the Spirit by not letting go of the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that Paul says are contrary to being led by the Spirit. We know the God’s Spirit is life, not a holy being.  So how is it that we can grieve “it”? 



Hi Michael.

We grieve the holy Spirit by making Jesus sad.  In this case, what Paul wrote to the Corinthians applies: “The Lord is the Spirit” (2Cor. 3:17).

Pastor John


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