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Wed night

Good morning!

Last night was just wonderful! I felt at times that I just didnt’ know what to do with my body because the wonderful feelings of God were so alive that I just couldn’t hold it in. I woke up this morning, and these were the first words that came to my mind:

I will praise your holy name with my whole heart.
And sing praises unto Thee for your lovingkindness and your truth.

It just makes me want to cry because of the thankfulness I feel for what God has done for us. Whew. Just wonderful. God has blessed us and I love passing it on!


Hi Pastor John

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting tonight. Jesus knows just what we need and when! I told Amy F. today I felt like Jesus just wrapped her and Richard up and brought them to my door! I really needed that visit, and then to feel such sweet feelings tonight, I feel so loved! Watching my brothers and sisters feeling the spirit just made me smile. I’m so thankful for Jesus, my family, and the sweet life that Jesus has given me. He is truly a sweet sweet Saviour!

Love y’all!

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Human Nature – Vince


After listening to the short audio that Token sent out, what is really beginning to stand out to me is that Jesus truly did divest himself and take on the nature of man. If he had an inside track or a “head start”, as I think Token put it, it wouldn’t have been a test at all, and it doesn’t seem like it would have taken him 40 days to overcome anything. He had to overcome that flesh just as we do. And he now had the same means to overcome it as we do. It seems like the only “advantage” that Jesus had was that he had plenty of faith to believe that anything was possible through the life from God that he now had in that fleshly body.

I have a question: Would Jesus, the man, have been considered a sinner before he was baptized in the Jordan? When Peter, or Paul, or John said that “in him, there is no sin”, were they only referring to Jesus after the Son of God came to his earthly temple? It’s hard to think of Jesus being a sinner at any time, but then without the Spirit of God dwelling in him, wasn’t it in his nature to sin just as any other human being?


That’s a question I asked my father many years ago. I said, “Was Jesus sinless from the time he was born in Bethlehem, or just from the time he was born again at the Jordan River?” He said, “It doesn’t matter what Jesus was or did before the Spirit came. The only thing that matters is that he was without sin from that time on because what God made him that day was what was offered to God for sin.”


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human nature

Pastor John

I listened to the F&S audio that Token sent out. I felt like a fly on the wall. 😉

I know I have God’s spirit, but hearing this is like I have had a seed that has been buried and you have given it food and it opened up in my soul. So when Jesus over came the flesh in the wilderness he no longer had the nature of a human. The feeling are way more than I can put in an email.



Jesus completely conquered the nature of the flesh in 40 days… He broke/overcame/went beyond the law/rules of nature of the flesh. He has made us “more than conquerers through him that loved us”! Wow… The thoughts from Father and Son book are not from this planet!


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Sandy – whew!

Bro. John:

I could not read the line from your email, below*, without thinking of what the Lord told me several years ago when I was listening to my mother go on about her past and the bitterness I felt coming from her concerning her past life. I remember silently telling Jesus that I did not want to be like that when I got older, carrying all that old stuff from the past around in my heart. No sooner had my heart reached out to him when I tenderly heard, “You are not a product of that (earthly) union anymore“. Whew! Talk about a liberating feeling! I floated home in the arms of Jesus that day. That was when he showed us that we have a “new past” and to live in it! Oh, to believe in who we are and not struggle against something we are not. Whew! It is good, good, good!

*”You’re struggling against something you’re not, not against something you are.”

Sandy 🙂

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Good morning John,

I have been dwelling on the thoughts you sent out about a new kind of creature. It is overwhelming how God is revealing so much to us through you with the Father and Son book. I have new thoughts and new feeling every time I read what you send us about what you are seeing and receiving from the Spirit about this new creature he has make us.

One thing that really stuck out to me was this part: “The ‘flesh wars against the Spirit’ within us because the Spirit brings with it the nature of God, and it is contrary to the kind of bodies we have.”

I have always thought of my body as working together with the Spirit to live right in God, that the Spirit came in and made my body submit to the will of God and transform to his will.

When in essence, we let the new creature take over, it keeps this body into subjection while the new creature dwells in it here on this earth. It is a war, but one that has already be won and made possible for us to win if we let the new creature that he put in us live. Wow!!!! John this is good stuff, life changing if we grasp it and take it in. Thank you, John


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Wonderful dream

Bro. John!

I want to share with you a wonderful dream I had last night. It was short but so absolutely defining of who our God is. And how much we need Him.

In the dream, we were singing and dancing around with our hands in the air. It was a scene likened unto the Old Testament people praising God with dance and timbrels. We were thanking Him and praising Him for all the things He was and what He had done and what He had saved us from. When I woke up, I could not remember all the things we had praised Him for in song, except for one significant line:

“He saves us from delusionary thinking”

I looked up the meaning of “delusion”: Something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated (to cause to spread out and affect a greater number)

I also saw that the opposite of delusion is TRUTH!

It was so sweet to my soul this morning – – “He saves us from delusionary thinking” Realizing that HE is the reason we believe what we believe. That it is HIM saving us from the lies of Xty affecting this whole world. It is HE who is saving us daily from the deceit. Oh, how desperately we need to be saved from our own thoughts and ways! As the Spirit spoke through Sister Lou several years ago: “The whole world is deceived.”

I am so thankful that the Lord comes to remind us that it is HE who is keeping us, and not we ourselves. Our Creator, our Shepherd, and our Savior!

Mmmmm, what a great start to the day! I feel all wrapped up in Jesus!

Sandy 🙂

Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.” Psalm 149:3

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F&S responses

Hi everyone:

After this morning’s session on the father and Son book, I am beginning to really wonder if I will ever get all this written down.
Here are some thoughts to consider, in case it takes me a long time to get it all down. Maybe some of the folk here with me will add to these thoughts, from what they remember:

(1) In this Creation, every creature’s nature is determined by the kind of body it possesses. If you had the body of a fish, you would have the nature of a fish. If you had the body of a tree, you would have a tree’s nature. If you had the nature of an angel, it would only be because you had the body of an angel.

(2) Jesus Christ was the first of a new kind of creature; one whose body did not determine what kind of nature he had.
The nature he had from the Father was a divine nature, but his body was made of flesh. My father’s mentor in Christ once told him that sinners cannot be tempted because it was their nature to sin. That is the kind of thing I am saying. The “flesh wars against the Spirit” within us because the holy Spirit brings with it the nature of God, and God’s nature is contrary to the kind of bodies we have.

(3) Nobody with a body that is different from his nature belongs in a universe where one’s body determines what kind nature he has. To prepare a place for His children to live, who are now living in a fleshly body with His nature inside it, God has prepared a new heaven and new earth. He will destroy this heaven and earth, where creatures belong are bound to act according to the nature of their bodies, and give us glorious bodies to match our divine natures.

It will be a great relief to get a new body that matches what we really are inside. No more “war”, but we will enter into a “final” rest and peace.


Rob read this out loud to us all this morning. Wonderful! I like it just like it is! 🙂  I never even understood the words “the temptation” much less what was going on!


Wow. “This is big yall!”
Most of Xnty teaches that even after you are “born again” you will still sin, that everyone HAS to sin, because they can’t help it, or because of the devil or… And if their version of being born again doesn’t involve spirit baptism (with evidence by tongues, then their doctrine is true. Without God’s spirit, there is nothing to war against the flesh, and the flesh is sinful by its nature.

Another thought – that’s why on the new heaven/earth, there will be new bodies that belong with the new nature.
Big! Whew!


Wow! We just read this out here on the porch in Boone. Whew is right!


Ha! Wow! Just copy and paste that into the book somewhere. So good!


Wow John, this is something. It helps to understand better now why the “flesh wars against the Spirit” as it does. God sure is pouring out some good new thoughts on us…. Keep working. 🙂


Wow. I’ve been thinking this week about the shame I feel at times just from having this fleshly body (I don’t quite know how to put this), and the war it is constantly waging against the Spirit. I feel like my spirit is clean (though God is the judge of that), but the flesh is always hanging around, ready to “muddy the waters”, or whatever, and it makes me feel ashamed at times, when I haven’t done anything wrong (again, I don’t know how to put it). Thankfully(!), as you put below, we won’t have to live forever with that “conflict”. That is REALLY something to look forward to.

This reminds me years ago when I finally realized I had the holy ghost (in that meeting in Henderson when I was turning flips, really drinking it in, etc.) and Sandy said something about the flesh just getting in the way, or not lining up, when we were rejoicing (or however she put it), and I blurted out, “Ain’t that the truth!!” I remember marveling that night (when I was VERY young in the Lord, not knowing anything) of how the flesh was still there the whole time, warring against what was going on.

This is a wonderful thing to think about.



I have been thinking lately, about the shape of the Spirit that entered Jesus’ fleshly body. The shape was like a dove. If Jesus shared the life of his Father, then the Spirit that came in the shape of the dove, tells me a lot about the Father. Jesus said that he and the Father was one. Then, if God’s life is dwelling in us, then what kind of spirit are we suppose to have?

Billy M

A glorified body is free, Billy. It is not bound to any particular body form, though there is a basic one that is “in the likeness of God”. John saw the Son of God in Revelation, first as a brilliant, majestic figure. But later, when John was caught up into heaven, he saw the Son of God as a lamb that had been slaughtered. The Son is “free indeed”, body, soul, and spirit, and he passes that freedom to everyone who believes in him.


This is wonderful. Perfect.

I have observed several debates on FB between Xns; some are Calvinist and some are vehemently opposed to the [evidently] Calvinist doctrine of “original sin.”

You must know, from your seminary days, about Calvin’s beliefs. I do not. I have not taken the time to analyze them to see whether they are biblical or not, and how Calvin arrived at his beliefs, to compare them with other Xn claims. Forgive my confusion, John. . . would you clarify it in simple terms? This segment from your chapter indicates that all men, women and children are sinners by nature. That is my understanding, from Bible study, as well. How is it that many Xns embrace the belief that men choose to sin, but are not sinners by nature; not “born sinners” because of Adam’s fall in the garden? Again, forgive me if my question if a dumb question. I am just looking for insight as to how they arrive at their doctrine, and claim they are biblically accurate.



I can’t tell you how Christians come to teach any of their confusing doctrines, except it be they they are confused to start with and, so, their doctrines will reflect that. But to answer your question….

Every human being who has lived since Adam has sinned, just as Paul wrote, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” From that, we can believe that every one of the billions of people who have lived on earth had an option to be holy but chose to sin (what an amazing co-incidence!), or we can believe that every one of those billions of people has sinned because it is human nature to do so. Now, what do you think? 🙂

Thanks for the question, Brad.


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