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Tonight’s Feelings

Hey John,

I feel like I was completely run over by the love of God tonight. We are so blessed to have Jesus with us, letting us feel his love and hear his voice! He is so sweet. I love the testimony you told about the little flying “thing” and how the Lord told you that little “thing” was the size of the spirit you’d been wrestling. I could see how that would apply to every “thing” in my life that has ever worried me. The song you sang there at the end touched me so deep in my soul. I loved the words to those verses; especially the one about him being our comfort. And the song you and Earl sang about not knowing what we were searching for, but He filled that longing in our soul! Oh my, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about those words and how true they are! I was almost paralyzed by the love of God I was feeling!

He has our lives in his hands, and what a wonderful place for them to be! I woke up this morning hungry for just a touch from Jesus and I am going to bed tonight with a bucket that is running over! I don’t really know how to put into words everything I felt tonight, but I had to at least say how thankful I am! And yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if God’s children everywhere felt his presence just the way we did tonight. I know he’d love to pour his love out on any of his children who would receive it!

Good night, Lee Ann



I cannot get over the feelings we felt tonight when the Lord showed up! How holy His feelings are, and how BLESSED we were to feel them. How blessed we were to be together in one accord. I don’t know what to say more than that, but I loved the precious feelings of life we felt tonight.



Yes, Donna, I am so thankful the Spirit of the Lord is still among us. Jesus is our hope and joy! How precious is his presence! I hope that all God’s people everywhere felt that holy presence tonight. I know that He loves His children.



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Hey Pastor John

I’m on the last disc of your “All Things” teaching series. It has been so wonderful. It has changed everything! Last night I even prayed for my ex-husband and his wife. That is a true testimony for the Lord. Ever since I was 18, this man has caused me pain, hurt, anger and many sleepless nights. Last night, it came to me to pray for him and his wife. The Lord let me feel peace and allowed me to pray for them out of an honest heart. I’m thankful for that. God is so good, even when I can’t see it! To know that He is in control gives me a peace that words cannot express.

To let go of fear of the devil is like a weight being lifted. It’s hard to put into words, but it does put a smile on my face. To understand who to fear, and why it straightens the road and makes it easier to travel.

I thank the Lord He found me worthy to open my eyes and heart to this wonderful truth. I thank the Lord He let me and my family find you and all our wonderful brothers and sisters!

God Bless,
Michelle W


Hi Michelle!

It certainly sounds as if you really got the point. You sound like me, when Jesus first revealed those thing to me, on August 23, 1981. When you called the other day, the astonishment and joy in your voice at the things you were learning brought back such sweet memories of my feelings at that time. That’s why I told you to stop apologizing for being so happy that you stumbled over your words! I know how that feels. There is nothing like the voice of our Shepherd. After hearing him, there is no other voice that can attract our devotion.

Michelle, if anyone understands what I teach in the “All Things” series, it can only be because Jesus is talking to their hearts; all that I do is confess openly what he has taught me. Jesus takes it from there. Many have heard the same things that your have now heard, but have not been changed by them. That result, too, is Jesus’ choice. Our destinies really are in his hand. We hope in his mercy.

Be thankful. “To you it is given to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to them, it is not given.”

Pastor John

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Sin is…

Hi John,

I was reading in 1John this morning, and when I came across 1Jn. 3:4, the Lord gave me a clearer understanding of what this verse is really saying. “Whoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law, for sin is the transgression of the law.” As I read this, the following verse immediately came to mind: “…I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts.”

Whenever I had read 1Jn. 3:4 in the past, I had always thought of it as transgression of the Old Testament law of Moses, but it’s much more than that! It’s simple: If you knowingly go against what the Spirit is saying to you in your heart to do, you have “transgressed the law”, and therefore have sinned. You don’t have to wonder what sin is, and you don’t even have to go look it up to find out!

In my heart I knew that this was true, but without the Spirit showing you what something really means, it would be easy to get in the flesh and read a verse like this and say to yourself, “well, I can’t find anything written specifically in the Bible about doing such-and-such, so it must be ok.”

Seems like a small thing I suppose, but little bits & pieces of understanding like this are wonderful to me! And just thought I would share. 🙂



“Here a little, there a little; line upon line; line upon line; precept upon precept.” It is a beautiful thing to watch people like you grow in the knowledge if God, Vince. Thanks for sending this.


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I was thinking today about “signs” and what has been said recently about persecution. My thought was that persecution is a “sign”. How many times lately have we heard Preacher Clark mention persecution or being persecuted? One of his recent quotes: “You don’t even have a chance [to make it with God] if you are not suffering persecution.”

Persecution is one of those “signs” that follow “those who believe.” He asked the question on one of the meeting cd’s we listened too recently, “What is being persecuted in your town? I’d follow that.”

“You are not going to be popular in this world and be right with God.” Makes perfect sense.


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“Being the Truth”

I enjoyed reading the PastorJohnsHouse blog on Being the Truth. There were several things that stood out to me. One being that the truth is not a thing, but a who. That is so good. It’s beginning to sound like there is not much with the Father and the Son that is not a who; it’s all them and their representatives!

And, I love your questions: “Has he become flesh in you? Are you the way and the light to others? Can others attain to eternal life by following you?” Preacher Clark asked a question the other day on an old meeting cd. He said, “What kind of light are we to people when they don’t want to do the kinds of works we do?” These are good questions and good self-checks.

Also, reading this part of your blog stirred up a memory for me, you wrote:
“Paul wrote that ‘when he ascended on high, he gave gifts to men. . . . And he gave some, apostles, some prophets, some teachers,” etc. This means that, as your pastor and teacher, I am a gift to you. And as light for others in this world, you are a gift to them.’

Years ago in a prayer meeting, I was listening to you teach. I was loving it so much. I heard the Spirit speak to me and say, “A pastor is a gift.” It was so clear. Then, to know that the others God has placed around you are gifts as well, and you, gifts to them. It is a wonderful thing to be given gifts from God. It makes you think about how valuable our gifts are to us and others.

I love these thoughts. 🙂

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Billy’s Definition

My definition of “enraptured”:

The blessing of being enwrapped up, entied up, & entangled up with Jesus, until the day we are “enraptured”.

Billy M.

ps: I’m sure there are other definitions of that word :).


Yeah, but those other definitions are just made up. Yours is the real one.

Stay entouch,


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I wrote this sister last night and received these replies. It is amazing how folk can read our things and still see “saved” where it is not. Still I have answered her questions. She didn’t join a church. That is something.



Name: Donna

Web Comment: Praise the Lord! Do you know of any small groups such as yourselves who meet in eastern PA? Also, can you send me any links of yourselves in worship to the Lord via Youtube.com? Thank you, Donna

[My answer: “No.” I sent her links to web sites.]

Thank you for your reply, Damien. I am not surprised; we are in a dry area here but I am ever thankful for the Lord & His Presence & all He’s shown me & done for me! I will check out the other links you shared w me in this email. In Christ, Donna



Hi Damien,

I’ve taken a little time to peruse a couple of the links you shared w me & I am enjoying them. I’m an older woman who has been baptized in the Spirit & dealt w re giving up sin & being fully committed to the Lord & I have not been a member of any denomination since I came to the Lord many yrs. ago.

I want to ask you a couple of questions. If you do believe that we are not truly saved unless we are baptized in the Holy Spirit w the evidence of speaking in tongues, please show me the verses in the bible, bc I haven’t seen them so far


No one is born again until he is “in Christ”. The only question is, “How do we get into him?” The answer is given in the Scriptures that we both love: Romans 6:3; Galatians 3:27; ICor. 12:13.

As for the word “saved”, I think you mean “converted”, which is not a synonymn for “saved”, even though for the past century, Christians everywhere have used it that way. For example, the famous (and grossly abused) verses of Romans 10:9-10 are not referring to conversion; the people to whom Paul was speaking were already converted (see Rom. 10:1). Paul was referring to receiving salvation at the end (see also Rom. 13:11). Nor was Jesus referring to conversion when he said, “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”


& also what is Paul talking about when he questions in 1 Cor. 12:28-31 are all apostles, are all prophets, are all teachers, …do all speak w tongues? The obvious answer is NO. Is he talking about some people who have not yet experienced this baptism or is he talking about the reality that we are all different in our gifts & abilities?


That chapter deals with operations of gifts within the body of Christ. It doers not deal with the experience of new birth, the baptism of the Spirit. Those people were far beyond that. I wish the whole body of Christ now was close enough to God to have their problems.


I love the truth but not to an imbalance & I love the scriptures, word of the Lord & the letters that the apostles wrote & don’t make excuse for that.

Recently I happened upon Derek Prince on youtube & heard a clear teaching re the baptism of the Holy Spirit but nowhere did he express that it is the evidence of being saved & I do respect his clear teaching from the bible. Thank you, Donna


Our Brother Prince teaches what most of God’s dear children in our time have already been taught, that they were born again before they received the baptism of the Spirit from Jesus, but that is beyond my control. I can only do the work that Jesus has given to me.

May our merciful God continue to bless you, and keep feeding you his word of eternal life. Please feel free to stay in touch.

Pastor John

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