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Encouraging Words

Pastor John, 

I think these are some of the most wonderful and encouraging words: 

Revelation 22:17

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

 Romans 10:13

13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”



Yes, Beth, they are precious, encouraging words.

Pastor John

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The Souls under the Altar

Pastor John,

I was reading what you said about the state of dead saints, that those martyrs who were under the altar of God were asking God how long it would be until their deaths were avenged. God told them to wait until their brothers finished their course, who were about to be killed the same way they had been.

My question is, who does this comment cover? Just the saints who live on earth after the death of those saints under God’s altar? Or does it include all saints throughout time who have been martyred for faithfulness to God?


When God mentioned that certain brothers were about to be martyred the way those souls under His altar had been martyred, He was referring to believers who were about be killed in a time of great persecution which is still to come.


As I kept reading what you wrote about the state of dead saints, another question came: “How will God avenge these martyred souls?” Then I thought, “Well, I guess it will be when the Second Death occurs, for then those who have put to death God’s faithful saints.”
Just some thoughts I was having while reading on the web sight.

Tony E


Thanks for the question and comment, Tony.

Yes, the horrific Second Death will be God’s final justification of His beloved Son and His fiercest vengeance against all rebellion and rejection of Jesus. “God is not mocked”; therefore, the Second Death is unavoidable for sinners. We trust God, and we believe He will judge every soul in perfect righteousness; indeed, we love God for the same reason we fear Him: His perfect judgments and His grace.

Pastor John

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Revelation 21:24-26

Hey John,

I had a question on Revelations 21:24–26, where it says “All the nations [of the new earth] will walk in his light and the kings of the earth will bring their glory and honor and into it, and the gates will never be closed by day and by night.”

Do you think we will live in that city of New Jerusalem, or will there a new Earth and we’ll just go up to visit the city certain times year like Old Testament people who lived in Israel sometimes went up to Jerusalem?

Jimmy T


Good question, Jimmy.

There will be some believers who will live in the New Jerusalem, but for the most part, God’s children will be given places on the New Earth to live, and we will go up, at least monthly (Isa. 66:23), to worship God in the New Jerusalem.

Pastor John

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Sitting in my truck at Lowes getting some materials listening to Darren’s music.  Hard to get out of truck feeling so thankful. We are so very blessed to know the truth!

“For life is all the matter of the heart.”

I sure appreciate you, John, and where God has my little family.
I want to scream, “LIVE, everyone!”

Paul C.

You may enjoy a collection of Darren’s music by clicking on the following link:


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The God-spell

Wonderful testimony from Barbara in Sunday’s meeting!!  Wow, what a song by Darren, “Come Home”!  Praise God!!  Help us be worthy of your work and power in your sweet holy ghost!  My, my, what wonderful feelings!!  Have a little drink!!!  It was so sweet seeing Ashley dancing!!!  I love it! Thank you God!!  And thank you, Jesus.  I loved the feelings today; they were so strong and encouraging, just overwhelming!!  Thank you, Jesus!!  Glory to God!!  I love being under a “God-spell”.  That is the only way to live; walking according to the God-spell is life more abundantly! 


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Your Translation

Pastor John, 

Surely you are aware that the modern translations of the bible are Satan’s playground; the NIV being the most corrupt of all!


It is true that the NIV is a poor translation; at times it is more of a paraphrase verse than a translation.  I don’t use it.

Did you know that when the Pilgrims fled Europe and came to America, they considered the King James Version a perversion of the scriptures?  They only used the Geneva version. Interestingly, in a recent survey, the KJV was found to have followed William Tyndall’s version of the New Testament 92% of the time.  But some of the churchmen who helped produce the KJV were of the same ilk as the churchmen who hunted Tyndall down and killed him for translating the Bible into English!


Why do you quote scripture from other than the KJV?

Sometimes, the Greek is better translated in other versions.  Here are a couple of examples of places where the KJV got it dead wrong:


Acts 12:4 KJV

[4] And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after EASTER to bring him forth to the people.

The word “Easter” is an intentional mistranslation by the KJV. The Greek word is “Passover”, not “Easter”.  The translators wanted to make it seem that their Christian holiday was already being practiced in the book of Acts.


Acts 19:37 KJV

[37] For ye have brought hither these men, which are neither robbers of CHURCHES, nor yet blasphemers of your goddess.

The word “churches” is an intentional mistranslation by the KJV. The Greek word is “temples”, not “churches”.   The KJV was trying to protect their church buildings by making it appear that even the mad heathen mob in Ephesus saw church vandalism as a crime.

By the way, the Greek noun for “church” is not found in the New Testament books. Every time the word church is found, it should read “assembly” or “congregation”. One of Tyndall’s “crimes” in his English translation was that he refused to use the word “church” because he knew it had no place in the Bible. That is one reason Churchmen hated him so much, and eventually killed him.

There are many more examples, but that shows you where I am coming from.


Jesus said in John 10 4-5 And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him; for they know not the voice of strangers.

Sir, the modern translations are (to me) the voice of strangers! Satan has so twisted the word that we have a new breed of “Christian” coming down the pike! It is he who thinks and believes he can be in the world and partake of the things of the world and still belong to Christ. These are the products of the New Age movement and the New Age churches who teach and preach from corrupt bibles such as the NIV.

Sometimes, newer translations are the product of sincere, dedicated people.  Only by seeing how faithfully they adhere to the Greek and Hebrew texts can we really know how good or how bad they are.  Our heavenly Shepherd speaks every language on earth and in heaven.  He is not restricted to the way humans spoke in England in 1600.


I am amazed quite honestly at the light you have from the scripture, and have had many confirmations from the information contained in your tracts. So for that I an thankful and grateful!  My beliefs are not mainstream by any means, but then true Holy Ghost filled believers are not mainstream either. 

Being mainstream in the religious system called Christianity is to be far from the will of God.


It’s amazing how many people today who call themselves “Christian” believe that they have received all that God has for them when they “believed” and were water baptized. They love the term Holy Spirit because it doesn’t sound as radical and the term “Holy Ghost” And they believe they are Spirit filled simply by believing. If you mention the Holy Ghost to them, ….they’ll say they already have it. If you ask them as Paul did the Ephesians in Acts 19 if they received the Holy Ghost since they believed, …..they’ll say they already have it! They received it when they were saved! Only it’s the Holy SPIRIT now NOT the Holy Ghost. My My Satan is such a deceiver!

Yes, he is.

My father once said that he liked “holy ghost” instead of “holy spirit” because the word “ghost” sounded like it came from somebody.  🙂


With that being said, lastly, I’m wondering why you change the word “Ghost” to “Spirit” so many times while quoting KJV scripture in your tract “Have Ye Received the Holy Ghost Since “Ye” believed? 

The KJV translates the Greek word “pneuma” as “ghost” sometimes, but at other times, the KJV translates it as “spirit”. Both are correct, even if “ghost” is a bit archaic now.


This is a very honest and sincere question, and I honestly am wondering about this in my mind. I am praying for an answer and confirmation. Do you believe these two terms can be interchanged without the danger of misinterpretation or confusion?


D. Lott


Dear Brother Don,

Thank you so much for writing!  It would be wonderful if we could meet some time and talk face to face about the things of God.   Email and text have some severe limitations. I hope that Jesus makes a meeting happen for us!

You are certainly welcome here any time.  God bless both you and the saints there with you, from all the saints here.  We love you in the Lord.

Please keep in touch.

Your servant,


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“Honor the Gift of God”

Pastor John.

I wanted to listen to some music on songsofrest.com and as I went through the songs this one stood out to me and I listened to it.  The words are so good right now considering what is happening, and what we translated in Ezekiel 16 this morning.  I typed them out. I want to always be thankful for whatever Jesus does for me, or for any one of us.


Honor the Gift of God
by Darren Prater

Through the years we’ve seen God’s people turn and walk away. It is never easy, no that is not Jesus’ way. They may give a reason but that reason it is not. They wouldn’t rest and take the time to start and honor the gift of God.

Through the years we’ve had God’s people come and they would stay. They’re here because they wouldn’t have it any other way. They have loved the people, they have loved what they’ve been taught. They are here because they chose to start nd honor the gift of God.

Jesus gave his life so men could truly be made free by the spirit that his father gave to you and me. It is like no other gift that you could ever get and I pray that we will not forget to honor the gift of God.

Time and time again we chose to open up our store. We have stirred that gift and he has given so much more.  Leading us into that place that we have often sought.  Always praying for those who forgot to honor the gift of God

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