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Matthew 11:12, 14


I ran across these verses in Matthew 11, and I am not sure I understand them. Would you mind explaining verse 12?  In verse 14 what is the “it” referring to? Is the “it” referring to the fact that John is the “Elijah who is to come” or John’s message? (I included verses 10 and 11 for context.)



10. for this is he of whom it is written, ‘Behold, I am sending my messenger before your face, who shall prepare your way before you!’

11. Truly, I tell you, there has not arisen, among those born of women, a greater man than John the Baptizer; and yet, the least one in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

12. The kingdom of heaven is being earnestly sought, from the days of John the Baptizer until now, and the forceful are seizing upon it.

13. All the prophets and the law prophesied until John,

14. and if you are willing to receive it, this is Elijah who is to come.

15. He who has ears to hear, let him hear




Hi, Tom.

Verse 12 has been the subject of a lot of debate for many years.  I see you have used our translation, which includes the following footnote at the end:  Or, “The kingdom of heaven is being treated violently from the days of John the Baptizer until now, and the violent are seizing upon it.”

Either of those translations is possible.  The kingdom of God must be sought (Mt.6:33), and the kingdom of God (or, those in it) is often abused, or “treated violently” (Acts 14:22).  And those seizing upon it may be understood as the seekers, earnestly, or “forcefully” sizing it, or understood as those abusing the kingdom (the violent).

The reason we went with the translation you quoted is that we felt to say that the kingdom of heaven is being treated violently has to be explained more than if we say there kingdom of God is being earnestly sought.

As for verse 14, the “it” is what follows, “this is Elijah who is to come”.  Jesus could have said, “If you are able to believe it….”  He knew it was a challenge for them to believe that.

Thanks for the questions.  Hope to see you soon.

Pastor John



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Help in a Dream

Pastor John, 

This morning’s meeting was really good and encouraging.  It was something I needed.  Billy said something in his testimony about how God can tell you something when you’re asleep about what is going on with different ones.  That was a good lead-in to what I experienced with something at work.

I was working on swapping out an engine in a Spectrum bucket truck and had to lift the cab up, but the way the boom sat above the cab made it difficult to lift the cab.  I couldn’t swing it out of the way, which would of been great.  So I was thinking on it after work at home and went to bed that night, and God gave me a dream on what to do to give me the most working room under the hood.  On the turret is a big chunk of steel that faces the cab.  Its purpose is to prevent the boom from doing a complete 360 degree turn.  In my dream, God showed me that just by taking that one piece of steel off I would have the most room.  He even showed me what allen socket to use.  I saw my whole tool box drawer open with all my sockets and stuff and saw the allen socket set and which one was missing!

I went in to work the next day and did what God showed me, except I might not of had the exact faith on choosing the allan socket….it took 2 times on getting the right socket.  It went smoothly after that on doing the repair.



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We Need the Beast to Come


I was just pondering the Beast in Revelation.  He needs to come for the nations to be trained into a concept of a world ruler. 

Currently nations don’t even consider that a possibility.



Hi, Wendell.

I think of it this way: the body of Christ needs the Beast to come so they might be disciplined to understand what it means to submit to the rule a king who has absolute power.  The divisions that exist among God’s children are proof enough that they do not know what it means to be under the control of an absolute power.  When the Beast comes, however, he will be used by God to teach them that lesson, and this to prepare them for the coming of the Lord.

Pastor John


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Tithes on the “Increase”


I read your book*, but need to be clear on your store house.

Also if I have an increase of say $1000 on my salary, am I to tithe on the increase or give the whole increase?



Hi James.

Thank you for writing.

I am not clear on what you mean by wanting to be clear on “your store house”, but the answer to your question about the increase is simple enough.  God’s part is the tithe and offering of your increase, not the whole amount.

God bless you and yours.

Pastor John

*To obtain more information on Pastor’s John’s book titled Tithes and Offerings, please click on the link below.


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“You Need Me”

Pastor John, 

I just read about a dream that Aunt Nannie had in 1993, from GCC story.  This is so good, so sobering.  I just had to let it sink in for awhile:

Then I heard a voice that spoke directly in my heart.  It said here I am.  I turn my head slightly to the left and saw Jesus, standing within a few feet of me.  He did not look at me or speak to me again.  He was looking straight ahead.  He didn’t open his mouth, but his voice, or word, was speaking to a group of people.  The voice said, “I don’t need you, you need me.  I can give you peace, comfort, and protection from the wrath of God that’s coming.”  I felt great fear and tried to fall down at his feet.  I knew that I would be safe there, but I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t pick my feet up.  I tried to push myself.  I was so close.  Then I was aware that I was back on my bed, holding The Broadcaster up in the air. 

What are we to gather from this wonderful vision from the Lord to Sister Nannie? She received from it three distinct impressions.

First, from her testimony, and her own words, I know that if we receive anything from God, we have to come to him with all of our hearts, with nothing between us. 

Secondly, we have to receive before we can give to others.  We can’t even give a birthday present until we purchase and receive it first.  “Oh Lord, have mercy on your people.”

Aunt Nannie’s third clear impression from her vision was that we must come to this place in Christ, or he will replace us with someone who will. 

Jesus doesn’t need me, I need Jesus.  Jesus doesn’t need man in order to have his gospel preached.  Men need the anointing of Christ to be able to preach his gospel.  Jesus doesn’t need the body of Christ to be the light of the world.  The body of Christ needs grace from God that it might be the light of the world.  Jesus had no need of tithes and offerings.  The body of Christ needs anointed men to receive their tithes and offering in his name.  Jesus doesn’t need us, our talents, our money, our plans, our buildings, our organizations, our many members.  We need Jesus and his power, his wisdom, his goodness, his correction, and his Spirit.  He is our life!  We are not his life.  Without him, we are hopeless. Without us, he lives and reigns forever more.




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