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Pre-arranged Funerals

Hello Pastor John,

I have been clearing out some things around the house. I found a box of old cassettes. There was one I just had to listen to again. In fact I listened to it three times!

The cassette was “Aunt Leatha’s Funeral”. You said so many good things preaching her funeral I wanted to share them again.

You talked about how your Grandmother, Sister Edna, labored birth pangs to give Aunt Leatha birth the first time. And she was also there laboring with Aunt Leatha to come thru with the Holy Ghost. The new birth!

You told how as a young mother it was put into Aunt Leatha’s heart that it is appointed unto man once to die, then the judgment!! (I Loved this part!) You said, “You talk about prearranged funerals!! Aunt Leatha started arranging her funeral fifty years ago!!!! She knew this day was coming!”

This made me think about what has been said lately. It’s a matter of the heart! If we really believe from the heart, it should change how we live!!!

You told about a conversation you had with Aunt Leatha. You had to tell her God was not happy with something in her life. You said “You talk about repenting! Aunt Leatha fell on her face repenting!”

You said, “Demonstration of the love of God is to die in the faith! Aunt Leatha loved you with the love of God. Her tree has fallen. Ours are still growing. Do you need your trunk straightened to bear fruit?”

You prayed at the end, “Lord, don’t let Aunt Leatha’s gift of hospitality go with her. Give it to us! Her gift of giving, let us inherit it! Give us grace to live so that we will see her again. Let us pass on the good things we received from her!”

I could hear dear Brother Glen in the background, saying, “Amen!” That was Sweet!

There were many other good things on this cassette. Made me love Aunt Leatha more! I am so thankful I got to meet her, Brother Murray, and Brother Glen. Wish I could have met your father! You talked about him, too, on cassette. I hope to live to see them all someday!
Wonderful Message!!!!

Love Sue

Loved this quote too, “This is not something you can market! It’s something you live!!!!”


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Thank God for My Change


Dear Pastor John, 

I remember someone in a recent meeting testifying how after receiving the Holy Ghost* all he talked about was God and Jesus. I’m in that place now and am loving it!

When I’m not at work (and at points even when I’m at work) I am reading scripture or watching a meeting or listening to music that speaks of God and the wonderfulness of Jesus.

My world began to change months ago. God was moving me from my empty, worldly affiliations and replacing it with Godly affiliations. My thirst to know Jesus became top of mind.

God’s hand was in my meeting Brad as it’s through him that I met you and his family in God. I knew the first night I met Brad that he was called to be my teacher. And that is what he has been. Just the right person to be placed in my life!

Everything in this world is one damned thing after another as you said on Saturday. I’ve seen it and lived it for too many of the years I’ve been on this Earth. And I am beyond grateful that my eyes, heart, tongue, mind, body and soul have been blessed with the Holy Spirit. Everything feels new. No longer part of the muck and mire of the world. Called to live righteously!

Praise God for choosing me not to be damned, and to move out of my damned body and into my blessed spirit. I thank Jesus for his mercy and will honor him in my words and actions.



*Follow the link below to discover how folks at Pastor John’s House have received the holy Ghost baptism.



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Tonight’s Reading in Mathew

Pastor John,

Tonight, during our reading in Mathew 9, we considered aloud the Lord’s commandment to two blind men, whom He had healed after they came crying for his help. 

27.”…two blind men followed him, crying out and saying, ‘Have mercy on us, O son of David!'”

30.“…and their eyes were opened, but Jesus sternly warned them, saying, ‘See to it that no one knows!’
31. Nevertheless, when they went out, they spread his fame throughout that region.”

Later on, in our reading, you also explained how, “Everyone on Earth welcomes a healing. The Muslims included; everyone wants their family well.”  (to paraphrase what you said).

Taking all of that into consideration: How Jesus healed folk who asked and believed.

KJV  Luke 4:40  “Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”

As well as how he commanded, at least some of them, not to speak of their healings.

30 “…Jesus sternly warned them, saying, ‘See to it that no one knows!'”

Combined with the understanding that: all men desire a healing, and this, without necessarily desiring the Father or His son Jesus, at all.

I wonder if Jesus, by “sternly warning them to tell no one”, was trying to keep the healings from growing into something that required 100% of His available time? 

While still wanting to heal and help all of those that the Father would permit, with the short life-span that he was allowed, but not wanting the function of healing to turn into His sole function on Earth.

Maybe too many folk seeking him just for a healing, would have hindered his ability to get out the message of the Kingdom of God? He spent a great deal of time (the recorded time that we are given in the scriptures), speaking to men.  Often “likening” the Kingdom of God, to things in this world, so that men could better understand Him. 

The Message was preached with miracles, signs and wonders, but perhaps he was trying to avoid becoming a manufacturer of nothing but miracles and signs, so that he could help men to prepare for the kingdom of God that he was about to make available to men?

A lot of what if(s). I’m just chewing on what we read this evening  🙂




Hi Jerry.

That could very well be the case, as a story from Mark 1:40-45 strongly suggests: “…immediately the leprosy departed from him[the leper], and he was cleansed.  And after he[Jesus] sternly warned him, he sent him away, and he said to him, ‘See that you tell no one!’  But after he went out, he began to proclaim it greatly and to broadcast the news so widely that Jesus could no longer openly enter a city, and so, he was out in desolate places.”

Thank you for that observation.

Pastor John

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Below are some verses which state clearly that the Promised Land became a wilderness, or desert.  If anyone finds other CLEAR examples of the Promised Land being called a wilderness, especially in a spiritual sense, let me know.  I am aware that there are some iffy ones. 

The Hebrew translators and I have not reviewed together the verses from Jeremiah , but I think the translation is OK.  If you Hebrew folk want to double check them, please do.  They are relatively easy verses.


Jeremiah 12:10. Many shepherds have destroyed my vineyard; they have trampled down my heritage; they have turned my precious heritage into a desolate wilderness.

11. They have made it a desolation; it mourns for me, devastated.  The whole land has been made desolate because there is not a man who lays it to heart. 

Jeremiah 22:6. For thus says Jehovah concerning the house of the king of Judah: “You are Gilead to me, the height of Lebanon; yet, I will damn myself if I do not make you a desert of uninhabited cities.”

Ezekiel 20:34. And I will bring you out from the nations and gather you out of the countries where you have been scattered, with a strong hand and outstretched arm and poured-out wrath!

35. And I will bring you to the wilderness of the nations, and there will I enter into judgment with you, face to face. 

Hosea 2:2. Plead!  Plead with your mother (because she is not my wife, and I am not her husband), that she put away her prostitution from before her and her adulteries from between her breasts.

3. Otherwise, I will strip her naked and expose her as in the day of her birth.  And I will make her like the wilderness, and lay her waste like a desert, and I will kill her with thirst.


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Sweet Morning

ey Pastor John,

I had the sweetest thing happen to me this morning.  I know it may seem like a small thing but I rejoice greatly in it!

I have quite a bit of homework to finish so I woke up with the intentions of starting that so I could have the rest of the weekend to enjoy.  But when I woke up I felt that pull to sit with Jesus first, so I did.  I made my tea and sat down and got quiet.  I read the Random Thought and the Thought for the Morning*, and then I wanted to read in the scriptures but had no idea what to read.  I stopped for a minute and then started looking up all the scriptures about faithfulness.  There are some sweet passages on how faithful God is to His people.  I was really being touched by what I was reading.  Then something so sweet happened…I read Isaiah 11 and Hosea 2 and I understood what the prophets were talking about!  

I remember reading those scriptures and not understanding them, but because of what Jesus has given to you, and you to us, I now understand and can rejoice in their meaning!  

I don’t know, that just did something to me this morning.  


*To read Thoughts for the Morning and Random Thoughts, follow the links below: 




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Revelation Chapter 8

Hi, Pastor John. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much that I have enjoyed reading Chapter 8 of your Revelation book.  I’m going back and reading it again.  It’s very exciting to read and feel what God has determined in His heart to do for the Jews and fulfill His promises to them.  I especially love the section, “The Jews Will Rejoice”.  They will be coming to Zion with gladness, joy, and shouting with joy that simply chases “sorrow and sighing away” – after centuries of being on the receiving end of God’s sifting, God will bring healing to them.  I feel excitement for the Jewish people when I read this.  It makes me feel joy and gladness for them.

God is doing this now for us, as far as healing hearts for the Gentiles.  He is sifting us, for “many are called, but few are chosen”, filling repentant souls with the holy Ghost and giving us joy and gladness that shouts the sorrow and sighing away.  It is the Gentiles’ time now.  I pray that I am found worthy and am truly thankful from the heart for what Jesus has done. 

Thank you, Pastor John, for sending us these wonderful things.


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John 7:46–47


I have been contemplating the Jews​’​ expectation that the Messiah would come and set up an ​earthly kingdom.

Just a quick question where the scripture said ​”If you had know​n​ what Moses wrote​,​ you would have known me​.”  Is that translated correctly?



Hi Wendell. 

This is the verse.  Jesus said it.​

John 7:46-47: “For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me.  But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?”

Hope that helps.

Pastor John

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