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Christian word

Pastor John, you are so right!

Here is one of many references I can find online:

How many times does word “Christian” appear in the Bible?
In the King James Version it appears 3x: (Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, and I Peter 4:16)
The New Testament manuscripts were written in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic originally not English as English did not exist at this point. The Greek word for Christian found in these passages is: Christiano meaning a follower of Christos (Christ). Christos means anointed/Messiah. Mashiach is the word for Messiah in Hebrew and Paraclete is the word for Christ in Hebrew. The original disciples never had any formal “name” for themselves but were later called Christians by the Romans who occupied Antioch Greece in which the word had a very different meaning in those ancient days!

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Sweet Morning

Good Morning!

Jesus did something very sweet for Jonathan and me this morning. Every morning on the way to school lately there have been hundreds of little birds sitting on the power lines. We always get stopped at one particular intersection. Jonathan loves to listen to the birds “talk to him”, in the mornings, and I get very tickled watching him enjoy it. Well this morning the birds happened to be on the other side of the intersection and he could not see them. I could hear the disappointment in the back seat as he started saying, “I can’t see them momma!” I said, “Ask Jesus and say, Jesus please let the birdies move so I can see them.” It was sweet because I could hear his little sincere voice repeating just what I told him to ask Jesus for. Just as he finished saying it, a big garbage truck came racing thru the intersection and scared all of the birds off the line. They were scattering and guess where they all flew to? They sat down right on the line outside of Jonathan’s side. The light quickly turned green, and it was the sweetest thing because I knew Jesus had done that just for us. I told Jonathan how Jesus made the birdies come just for us! 🙂

I brought tears to my eyes thinking about it this morning and how we truly do have a living God, who cares even about the simplest of things in our day. And that even at such a young age Jesus give’s our children sweet little experiences.

It was a very good and unexpected way to start our morning! 🙂


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Joseph’s humble attitude

Hello Pastor John

I have been reading the All Things book and the story of 17 year old Joseph during his time in Egypt, and I am amazed at how God kept him. It was twenty two years later and God decided Joseph had obeyed Him so well at all the things Joseph had suffered at the hands of his Brothers, Potiphar’s wife falsely accusing him, the butler forgetting Joseph’ plea. No matter what he suffered, He knew God’s hand was responsible for it all, and was never bitter instead he made sure he was going to be the best servant anyone ever saw. This really touched my heart.

I have a question about the story of Joseph. Was his story a shadow of what Jesus would be like when He would come and suffer and show the world He was going to be the best servant anyone had ever seen? Just some thoughts.



Yes, Joseph was a figure of Jesus. The next time man sees Jesus, he will not be an abused and hated prisoner. Instead, he will be reigning next to his Father, just as Joseph reigned next to Pharaoh.

Pastor John

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John, I read the title of an online article, so I clicked on it: “Judge orders the removal of “prayer banner” from public school in Rhode Island.”

I expected it to have reference to the “J” word to warrant removal. (And that would be fine – I’m not for forcing Jesus on anyone who doesn’t want Him.) But then I read the actual prayer!!

Good grief. What a threat…. we wouldn’t want the thoughts on this banner to influence any young person at school.

They have it covered up now, awaiting “appeal.” :/


Our Heavenly Father,
Grant us each day the desire to do our best,
To grow mentally and morally as well as physically,
To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers,
To be honest with ourselves as well as with others,
Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win,
Teach us the value of true friendship,
Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West.



There is nothing we can do to put a halt to the moral decay in this society; this culture is crumbling before our eyes, and unless God chooses to raise up prophets and others with power and truth — and sends them — there is no hope at all. What we are to do is simply to be lights in a dark world. And this world is getting darker every day. May God help us simply to shine with His light so that those who are looking for the truth can find it, and find relief from this mad world.


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Some thoughts…

Hi Pastor John

Since last weekend, I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve learned and am still learning. The Lord has had such mercy on me, and as I’ve been writing these things, it really makes me see how blessed I am. These are the thoughts I had, day and night. Sometimes as I was falling asleep, I would think of something and write it down.

1. The importance of tithes/offerings.
2. My name was written in the Lamb’s book of life before time began.
3. One receives the holy Ghost with “stammering lip” and “other tongues”.
4. Don’t speed.
5. Leave something with people you see- even if it’s just a smile.
6. It’s ok to be happy, laugh and be free in the spirit.
7. We are different from the world because of the spirit that dwells within us- not our outward appearance or ceremonies.
8. The holy Ghost will dwell in an unclean temple………….God is merciful.
9. I can trust the love of God and the love of God in my brothers and sisters.
10. You can have a perfect heart and make mistakes.
11. Traditions bind God’s people
12. The truth will indeed set you free.
13. When God puts two people together, it’s a beautiful thing.
14. There is perfect order in God’s ways.
15. You can feel safe in your Pastor’s hands.
16. It’s ok to ask questions.
17. You must be able to stand naked before you can have perfect fellowship.
18. When you fall, God wants you to learn, get up, and keep moving forward.
19. Jesus’ sacrifice was IT!
20. Jesus is IT!
21. We are human. Everyone of us has battles.
22. The meanings of different doctrines I’ve heard through out the years.
23. If you know the truth, all the counterfeits doesn’t matter.
24. Spiritual authority.
25. The devil has no control over my life.
26. God has every bit of control over my life.
27. The love of God is so deep, my human brain cannot comprehend – but it’s exciting trying to find out!
28. What God gives us is for people not against them.
29. Benjamin Franklin (not the Bible) said “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. (Funny, I always heard this, but never knew who said it….duh.)
30. Two foolish virgins cannot get along with each other. A wise virgin can get along with anybody.
32. God can heal anything….sickness, disease, a broken heart, a broken relationship, our thoughts.
33. Happiness comes from God………..not the world.
34. Jesus is my bestest friend………..He has never left me alone. Ever.
35. God’s mercy is remarkable.

When I came to your house 2 years ago, I thought I was lost and didn’t have a chance. Just look at what the Lord has done for me! I’m so thankful for His mercy. I’m thankful that in this great big world, He looked down and saw me and my family and led us to you……….all of you! There is nothing that God can’t do……for anyone.

Thank you,
Sister Michelle


This is good. I like point 8 – that God is so merciful – He will stay in an unclean heart. That is love! But it is also frightening. I also like point 10.

They are all very good points.

I’ve been thinking a lot also, about how far from Xty I have come too. I’d say there are still many things from it that still need to come out. – I was in there a long time – I tried so hard to make it work – I took in as much as I could. I even remember one time in one of the last churches I went to – in a great effort to feel closer to God, I made a concious decision to ‘take in’ as much as I could. I remember the Lord kind of challenging me about it. He suggested it might be poison, and it might not be such a good idea to take it in! He was right… Well at the time, I thought they were my thoughts, but now I’d say it was probably the Lord. This was around the time I would call “the beginning of the end of my time in Xty”.

Anyway, just yesterday I was thinking about the poisonous doctrines in Xty. How they are just empty, and just leave you so dry and hardened from any feeling, or something. You end up not being able to feel anything. It is just so bad. So evil. Like Jesus said, it is an abomination.

The truth is just so much better. I mean, IT IS TRUE, and that is it! It is so good. It is not poison – it is nourishment for the soul. It is just so good! When I think about all that I am learning now, compared to the empty, poisonous lies I was being taught, I feel so grateful for the clean, pure, wise, holy, right and good things I am learning.

Jesus rescued me!

~jenny h

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Fill Us With Glory Now



Here are a few comments about the “Fill Us With Glory Now” song on youtube that we have received recently.

Name: Richard C.
Comments: I enjoy watching the video of the new song. I watch it over and over and weep as I long so much for the Holy Ghost to fill my worship also. I would really like the CD of that song.

Name: Dianna L.
Comments: I just watched the video on YouTube where the Spirit of God fell in your gathering and you were given the song, “Fill Us With Glory Now”. It was beautiful and I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the song. Please tell me how I could obtain one? Thank you.

Name: Bridget G.
Comments: I would like a copy of the song given to you from the youtube post “Fill Us With Glory Now”. Thank you so much and Gods Blessings on your ministry

Name: Godwin E.
Comments: pls i wanted to get the complete version of these song “Fill Us With Glory Now” sang by pastor John , i have been blessed by it
(This man is from the Ukrane)

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this morning

Good morning John,

I woke up very early this morning. Laid in bed for a while but could not go back to sleep. Finally after a good while of unsuccessfully trying, I just started speaking in tongues and prayed silently in the bed. And the Spirit started to flow as I did…. I was praying in tongues for a little while, then the Spirit started speaking to me, in English. Here’s what it said, as close to what I remember. I inserted in [brackets] things that I felt, that were not really spoken just, so I could relate what I was feeling:

“Expect to be used. Tell that to the young people [meaning about 10+ to young adults among us]. Tell them to expect it.

[God talking] …. If you [young people] will get still, and put aside some “things” [not bad things, just things that occupy your time and thoughts], and listen carefully, expect to hear from me. I will talk to you, just get still, and listen.

You are going to have experiences. You are already having them, you just don’t think they are important, but they are. If you will tell what I’m doing in you, and what I’m saying when I talk to you, and tell how I’m making you feel, no matter how small YOU think those things are, I will do things [in you, and for others] that will surprise you when they happen. Expect to be used.”

That was it best I can recall, it’s pretty close.




Here recently, I’ve been typing out your short sermons from our meetings. I had literally just finished reading this one below about experiences and saw this email from Gary. Wonderful lessons!


Saturday, December 31, 2011

A lot of people push aside the need for experience saying, “It’s not by works”. It’s by God’s work. That’s not work of the Law; He’s never kept the Law. God has never kept that Law. He isn’t about to keep that Law. He IS the Law. Praise God. We are His workmanship.

When God first somehow got through to me that He was calling me out of Christianity, I was afraid to move, I remember telling you about it, you might remember. I was telling you, “I don’t know what to do next; I’m afraid to move in any direction.” And I felt like and said, back in ’93, I felt like my back was right outside the walls of Christianity. I had come out but there was nothing out ahead of me but a desert with no signs, no roads, no nothing. I didn’t know which direction to go. Didn’t know how I was going to get across it, get us across it, to the promised land; didn’t know. I had no idea.

A good little time passed because I was sitting in the basement at Elderwood Lane (when the Lord showed me about leaving Christianity I was living in Lexington). I was sitting in the basement at Elderwood Lane rewriting the tract on “You Must Be Born Again”. And the Lord surprised me by speaking to me. And when he did I was just amazed at what he showed me there. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that when I leaned back against that wall of Christianity, I fell down because it wasn’t there anymore. I was out. I was out there in the desert. What got me out there was an experience, with God. He moved me. He moved me with His voice. He got me farther away from it.

And what He showed me, it’s a little bit embarrassing but it’s a perfect parable, it shows that when the Bible calls something, something, that’s what it is. Solomon said a parable in the mouth of a fool is like a man with one leg shorter than the other. But God’s no fool. When he says something, when he describes something with a word, that word fits. And when he called Christianity Babylon, the Great Whore, that’s exactly what it is. Because what He showed me when I was writing the tract, was that those street walkers make their money by committing the act that ought to produce children, but children is not what she’s after. If she finds out she’s going to have one she gets rid of it.

In this New Testament, the seed of God comes through the mouth. Jesus said the seed is the Word. And Satan’s ministers make their money by doing the thing that ought to produce children to God, but if someone really gets under conviction they tell them they’re already saved and put it out; real children of God is not what they’re after. They’re after the money. When He says that’s the Great Harlot – glory to God – while He was talking I was being transported across the air. The back of the wall wasn’t there, it was over there somewhere. And He’s continued to move us through the desert with experience. We still don’t know where to go from here, but we know what’s going to get us across it. It’s an experience with Him. God, don’t leave us. Don’t leave us out here; we don’t know where to go. Praise God. Praise God for the experience.

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