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This morning, by the miracle of this new live videostream, when I watched Sandy in such a state of JOY and liberty, overwhelmed by the feelings from God, I thought,  “THAT is truly the meaning of separation of “church” and “state”.

Being in that “state”; that condition of childlike humility, able to be moved by the Spirit instead of stifling it, is the difference between church religion and true worship.

Praise be to GOD!



LOL.  Brad, that sounds like something Sandy would have said.  Took me a minute, but I got it:  Being in a “state” of “in the spirit” is separate from being in church.  Thus, the separate of church and state.

That is great!  That’s the mind of Christ thinking for you.  Enjoy it!

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Worthy Is The Lamb

I have had the song, “Worthy Is The Lamb” in my mind all day at work.  With sweet soft touches of the Spirit falling on me every time I heard the part in the song, “The Lamb is Worthy.”  Oh how I have just been remembering, because Jesus is worthy, I have life!!  I have been throwing my heart at his feet and asking him to make me worthy now before my time on earth is passed, to help me not waste time on anything of this world that takes up his time owed to him for doing what He did.  The news media of this world should be broadcasting this song everyday.

One day, every knee shall bow.  I want to always be ready to fall on my knees every time his presence is near me.  I am thankful for where Jesus put me.  I love my family from Jesus.


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In the Image

Hi Pastor John,

I was thinking on this the other day, and thought on it again a little bit ago…after reading from the Revelation chapter this morning.  On how when the earth and all in it was created, the Lord really did fashion it after most, if not all, things that were already in heaven.

Mainly he created us in His image, but maybe everything is in an image of something He already had.  Thinking on the 4 living beings…that resembled things on earth to John.

Those beings were always first…way before the creatures of earth were created.  They were first!  So you could almost say, that when he created our earthly lion…He created it in an image that was already in heaven with Him.  When He created the calf, or the eagle on earth…He created again in the image from above.  So many things to consider.  I think about our earthly blood that he created to run thru our veins to provide life for us.

It was again just a likeness of His spiritual blood.  The image of Him.  It could go on and on, but so many good things to think about.  It is just amazing when you start to ponder on it all.  We just have no idea what all there is to really see…but it is exciting to think at it with the idea of him creating much in the image of his creations from above!



That’s interesting, Melissa.  I just don’t know how long heavenly things were created before earth and its contents were created.  We are not told, and it does us no good to speculate.

Thanks for the thought.

Pastor John

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Here is a poem I found in a book downstairs this morning.

There Is No Unbelief
by Elizabeth York Case

There is no unbelief;
Whoever plants a seed beneath the sod
And waits to see it push away the clod –
He trusts in God.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever says when clouds are in the sky,
“Be patient, heart; light breaketh by and by,”
Trusts the Most High.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever sees ‘neath winter’s field of snow,
The silent harvest of the future grow –
God’s power must know.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever lies down on his couch to sleep,
Content to lock each sense in slumber deep,
Knows God will keep.

There is no unbelief;
Whoever says “tomorrow,” “the unknown,”
“The future,” trusts the power alone
He dares disown.

There is no unbelief;
The heart that looks on when the eyelids close,
And dares to live when life has only woes,
God’s comfort knows.

There is no unbelief;
For thus by day and night unconsciously
The heart lives by that faith the lips deny.
God knoweth why!

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The Two Mothers


Hey Pastor John!

I have a quick question.  When reading a recent BLOG, I noticed that you said, “[children of] Hagar are attracted to religious ceremonies, in celebration of ‘holy days’, and other such vain religious rites.  But Sarah and her children care for none of those things, choosing rather to ‘worship God in spirit and in truth’ than in vain traditions of men.”

I started having a few questions running through my head.  Are there children of Sarah who are attracted to ceremonial rites and traditions, but they don’t have the other features of children of Hagar?  I know that I have seen people who seemed to fit the good category of “children of Sarah”, but in the end they proved to be very much as Paul described the children of Hagar.  They were not attracted to religious ceremonies, but they didn’t live godly lives in other respects.

I guess my real question comes down to this: I know people in the religious system of Christianity that seem to be good people, “children of Sarah”, but they do not understand God when He calls them to come out of church religion.  Instead, they cling to Christianity’s ceremonies and traditions.  Would that single factor make them “children of Hagar”?  I think I know the answer is no.  But is what makes someone a “child of Hagar” fleshly, worldly attitudes, and not just participation in ceremonies?  And is what makes someone a “child of Sarah”, a morally pure lifestyle and godly attitudes? 🙂    Sorry this got wordy… 😛



Good question, Ashley.  Thanks!

You are asking if my definition of a child of Hagar is the only one that applies, and the answer to that question is obviously no.  There are many different ways to be foolish, and so, basically, a “child of Hagar” is simply someone who proves to be what Jesus called “a foolish virgin”.

On the other hand, the only place in the NT that contrasts “the children of Hagar” and “the children of Sarah” is Paul’s letter to the Galatians.  And there, Paul speaks only to the issue of faith in the law’s ceremonies (Hagar) versus walking in the Spirit (Sarah).  Strictly speaking, then, I could successfully argue that the matter of “ceremonies versus the Spirit is the only biblically based distinction between those two kinds of people in God’s kingdom.

However, “the letter killeth”, and we must never allow ourselves to be hemmed in by Scripture, when common sense and the Spirit are telling us more than what the Bible says.  A child of Hagar is a foolish, disobedient child of God, and a child of Sarah is an obedient and wise child of God, and in Galatians, Paul was just speaking of one aspect of being foolish or wise.

Pastor John

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Pastor John,

This is some kind of statement from your BLOG.  It stood out to me when I was reading it the other day:

“If we are not free to choose disobedience and rebellion, then we are not free to choose love and faithfulness.”

Amy P.


Hi Amy:

Freedom can be the greatest blessing or the greatest curse we ever receive from God, depending on how we use it.  May God grant us the kind of heart that makes our liberty in Christ a blessing, not a curse.

Pastor John


Yes, that is is the statement that stood out to me too…I wrote an email on it.  We must be free, if we are ever going to chose the good.  The good can not be done by people who are not allowed to do the bad, if they wish too.   The good can only be done by those who are free enough to choose the bad if they wanted to but didn’t WANT to.  They loved the good more.   That’s powerful.



Yes, you got it.  What is truly good in God’s sight can only be done by those who have the choice to do either.  Before we are converted and receive the power of the Spirit, we have no choice.  We are bound to sin.


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The Father and Son




God was correct, I know, but why did he choose to hide the son?  Was it so the Son could learn how to deal with every situation by acting the way the Father would act?  So other creatures in heaven and earth could revere and respect him as they do the Father (being as He was going to put the Son on the throne)?

Had he made a way to raise a people up worthy to worship him?  Was it because God was searching for a way to reveal himself?  Was it for us to see what a wonderful Father he was by revealing his son?

God help me love your son the way you want me too!


Hi Wendell:

I am not sure if anyone can answer that question fully.  But the answer must include at least one of the reasons you mentioned; namely, that the Father knew the best way to reveal Himself was by hiding the Son until the appointed time, and then revealing him in Jesus Christ.

Ah, the wisdom of God!  His ways are indeed “past finding out”.  But His ways are not impossible for Him to reveal, when He chooses to reveal them!  Thank God that He revealed Himself to us in the Son.  What an awesome God He is!


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