Tonight’s Meeting

Hi John.

I loved what you said about your Daddy, Preacher Clark.  I am so thankful you listened and did what he asked you to do. We are free because of that obedience to do what your father asked because it was of the Lord.  It is so important for God’s people to learn their places in the body of Christ because it is for the good of the body if God has given anyone anything.

Thank you, Jesus, and God, and Preacher Clark, and everyone that is in their place doing their parts.  What an honor to hear from Jesus and live the way Jesus made available to us who are here doing the work he wants done at this time on the earth.

I loved the feeling tonight in the meeting.  It was so full of love for God and for his government.


Verses in Revelation 6

Pastor John,

This new understanding of the condition of God’s saints, after death, is so good!

To know that those old saints are seeking the Lord now on our behalf, with more earnestness than ever!  To know that preacher Clark is up there rooting for you, pulling for you and this work that you have carried on, and all of us that are now in your charge!  It makes us all whole!  God didn’t separate us from them, or them from us, in their deaths.  Of course He didn’t!  It seems perfectly clear and completely sensible now.  Of course he didn’t cut us off from one another – of course, He is that good, to keep us united until the end!  Talk about fulfilling that old soldier’s creed of “leave no man behind” – the Father and Son perfected it long before we got here!

When the Father and His Son Jesus shut the doors on this creation, it will be when we are all together, hand in hand.  My God in heaven, He is good!  I am so happy that they are up there, thinking and praying and hoping for us. Mmmmm


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The Beast

Is the description of the Beast in Revelation 13 that we read this weekend really the way he looked, or it was how he felt in his heart?

Thank you!



The description of the Beast in Revelation 13 is spiritual.  The Beast is a man, and he will look like a normal man to people.

That’s a good question, Naomi!

Pastor John

The girl’s song that was sung this morning was beautiful!!  It makes me wish that I was young again and have the privilege to work with brother Gary on an instrument and sing unto the Lord with all my heart. And I could learn with Donna and Billy and Darren and all the musicians that we have the honor to see and hear!  God has opened up a special chamber full of his song to give to us to sing and hear.  We thank you Jesus!!  Loved the reading in Revelation today!!  Anything that God is not in is empty and will burn up.  I love how God is so full of common sense, and if we trust in his spirit, we learn to walk in his common sense and feel what it is time for.


Receiving the Holy Ghost

Hi Pastor John. 

I so desire to be filled with holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues but, I’m having a very hard time. I have been waiting for many years but I seem to not get it.

Can you help me? 

Emily M.

Avon, MA


Hi Emily.

God bless you!

The only requirements that I know of for anyone to receive the Spirit is to believe the gospel of Jesus and repent.  That sounds simple, but our fleshly nature can make it seem so hard and complicated.   It can tell us we have done all that we can do to please God when we are, in truth, holding on to something Jesus wants us to let go of.  When you pray, ask Jesus to help you see what he sees, so that you can do whatever he requires of you, without fear and without doubting.

He IS faithful, Emily, and everyone who asks really does receive.  So get ready!  And please do let us know when you receive the holy Ghost.  We want to rejoice with you.

Do you have a body of believers nearby that can help you pray?  If not, that’s OK.  A number of the best saints I ever knew received the Spirit while they were alone.  I cannot recommend that you go to any church that would tell you that you are born again before you receive the Spirit’s baptism.  But a home fellowship where there is faith and love would be great, off you can find one.

Pastor John


To read Pastor John’s latest blog on The State of Dead Saints, please click on the following link:



Pastor John,

Tonight was so good!  When you began to explain those scriptures from Revelation 6, my heart was saying, “Amen!”  I feel like reading them again and again to let that really sink in.  It feels so good when the word of God cleans out the residue of Christianity!

I felt like Barbara, there was so much hope tonight!  It just makes your soul scream, “YES Lord!!”

I feel so thankful to have been given this life to hear such wonderful truths!

Thank you Pastor John!




Your message on “The State of Dead Saints” was so good tonight! For the Saints to not be happy about what God was [not] doing, even after this life is a lot to take in.  “How long, O Master, holy and true.…”  What a new thought!  I am glad that Jesus allows me to love it.  Token’s testimony about God’s laws so good!  What a night!!  THANKS !



Good morning John.

I was really blessed by last night’s reading about the state of dead saints. It’s so good to get rid of wrong ideas, especially ones that we were completely unaware of, but have held close for so long. The information was great…. but understanding the word of God, greater. And my favorite part about the reading, was YOU.  I love watching you rejoice when God gives you something for us. I love it when you love and treasure what God sends, it is such a wonderful example to us. And last night, there were a couple of times when you were rejoicing in the spirit, that the Holy Ghost hit me, and went all the way down – again!! That feeling is a new one for me. I had never had it before a few weeks ago… but when something is real sweet to my soul, it seems like it is a “sign” to me now, that I am loving it from the depths of my heart.  I love that “go deep” feeling, when the spirit hits me like that.  And I sure felt it last night. Thank you for gleaning and passing on these wonderful things, the word of God.  The only way a person can disagree with it is to be unreasonable. It’s there; it’s plain to see; but Jesus has to give us eyes to see it.  Praise God, He does it! Thanks again for that message.



I loved Gary’s and Darren’s songs last night!!

Wow, John, I love what God showed you about the state of the dead saints.  I love how it cleans out Christian garbage that we have taken in, just living in this culture.  I needed that, being cleaned by the word of God to you and you giving it to us.  I love what you said about believing the word of God, and how doing that leads us to understanding.

Also, what you said about King Saul tonight touched my heart.  If we disobey the word of God, it affects everyone around us.  And if we obey the word of God, it affects everyone around us as well, for the good.  It makes me want to check and make sure I am walking in the way God wants us to!!  Thank you, John!!




I loved the feelings last night.

It was so good what you taught us. I could feel it going in to my soul. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing that! What a difference it is when God shows up, then we believe it. Thank God we can believe it. I went home last night feeling 50 pounds lighter, not sure exactly why, but I sure did. I’ll take that!  🙂



Brother John,

Something that you said Wednesday night has really stuck out to me regarding the Bible verses that plainly state, what we only now know about the condition of God’s saints after they die. You said, “What this means is, until March13th, 2017, I didn’t believe those verses.”  (I am paraphrasing here). You said that even though you have read those verses from Revelation countless times, you have often spoken and believed in contradiction to them. We all did.  Whew!

It makes me feel like saying, “Seeing is not seeing; seeing is being shown by God.” There is no other kind!  We are blind, even when God has given us abundant vision about other things.

You have always told us, Pastor John, that when we feel the Spirit of God on us, it isn’t something abstract that we just happen to pick up on, but those feelings are from Him, delivered to us by Him, from His breast to ours, at the time of His choosing!  How much has this revelation reinforced that that is true!

Nothing is just “here”, nothing is stumbled upon, nothing is by chance or by accident, nor made real by the persistent will of man. Our will creates nothing. It is all created by Him, in His time, and delivered to us when He will.  Otherwise it just doesn’t exist – in our lives, anyway.  Even what is in front of us doesn’t exist for us, until it is revealed.

It is like you taught us, God is always, always, always – the “actor”, and we are never more than the reactor.






Willfully Destroyed

Pastor John,

I had a thought from Jesus this morning. I wanted to share.

The atrocity of being ignorant is not that you “know nothing”; it is that you will believe anything. And we who have been touched by God’s grace know that what we believe, determines how we behave, and that determines our eternal destination after this life is over and Jesus has judged, with righteous judgment, all those who have lived on this earth.

This current generation is on a path, with its behavior and ideology, to becoming one of the most ignorant and unwise that has ever been recorded in human history. With all of the instantly available information regarding mankind’s failures and triumphs at our fingertips, we as a people still remain oblivious to it. This is apparent by the behavior being displayed by men and women every day, all over this world. Men live today as if man has never lived, died, failed, succeeded and then talked about it, before them!

This generation, by refusing to be filled with the wisdom and knowledge given freely by God, and ignoring the readily available experiences recorded by the men that lived before them, have become proponents of fantasies that, not too long ago, even young children would have scoffed at.

Choosing to keep your vessel empty of truth, wisdom, and knowledge when it is available to you will make you a vessel of foolishness. You have no choice in the matter, for no one goes through life untouched and empty of influence.

But we do have the choice and the opportunity now to be filled with wisdom from God, and to absorb the knowledge and experience recorded by those who have already been down “life’s road”. It is an act of self-hatred to refuse to do so. Or as the Lord showed me this morning, it is the act of being “willfully destroyed”.