Sunday Morning Meeting

Pastor John,

There’s no way people watching our meetings on live stream (as I did this weekend) cannot love you and this wonderful group of honest, sincere people, when a discussion is taking place.  I love watching this morning, made me smile and laugh quite a few times.  You should see my notes on my paperwork!  Such great reading in the book of James.



Pastor John,

The meetings this weekend were wonderful!  I agree with Song about Saturday night.  

The first time I visited here with the saints, I had not felt the Spirit in a few years, and thought that it had left me.  I remember sitting down and listening to the testimonies and the songs, and I loved it.  It felt good and I felt at home.  Then I remember when you got up and began to preach, with every word you preached it stirred and touched my soul so deep. The feelings went so deep that there are no words to describe it.

This is exactly how I felt Saturday night.  When I received the holy Ghost I remembered feeling so clean and so full.  Then, when you asked the question about receiving the holy Ghost that night it flooded my soul again.  What mercy and love to be able to humble down at Jesus feet and feel that cleansing, again. To have Him touch your soul so deeply that you had no idea that place even existed.  I feel it now from the top of my head to bottom of my feet the goodness of God!  What a wonderful Savior!

Thank you Pastor John for giving us such good food!  I was eating and enjoying every minute of it this weekend!

Michelle H

Spirit Religion

Pastor John,

I don’t have the words to describe what we experienced this evening; I watched it through the computer.  To use words like “amazing” or “wonderful”, to describe what happened just seems inadequate.  Heavenly might be an acceptable word. Not in the sense that this world uses the word, but really Heavenly because what was said tonight and what was felt – what we were given – was not of this world. It doesn’t exist here, except when poured out by God from over there.

I want to tell what I heard from Jesus while you were preaching tonight. You were telling about a time in the not-so-distant past when the “charismatic movement” began, when God was pouring out His Spirit in a big way on people spread throughout (what seemed to be) every sect and denomination of Christian religion, everywhere.  That outpouring of the Spirit was during the lifetime of your father’s work, preacher Clark.

You said God was pouring His Spirit out on folk everywhere then, and that “many of the Pentecostals didn’t like it!  Some of them were even mad about it.”   But then you went on to say, “My father loved that it was happening!” The Spirit then spoke to me and said, “That’s because his religion wasn’t ‘Pentecostal’, it was ‘the Spirit’.”

I loved that!  It made it all perfectly clear.  Your father’s religion was “Spirit”. God’s Spirit!  That’s all.  There is no way to get tripped up with that.  Happy wherever the Spirit lands!  Amen to more of it!

It reminded me of the scripture from 2Corinthians 3:17,   “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  And your father, with his determination to worship God in “Spirit and in truth” only, as the Lord commanded, had that liberty, to love it!  No matter where it fell!


Trust God

Pastor John,

The Lord gave me something the other day, it was a thought and it was not mine. It belonged with, and seemed to even complete something that God has been teaching me over the course of 20 years.  I have done my best to tell about it, below.

Years ago, I used to feel myself squirm some when I would come to you with something that I considered a problem or a hard situation, and many times in response you would tell me, “Trust God.”  I believed you and trusted you, but I wanted what I considered then to be a “real” answer to my dilemma.  Something concrete, something that I could apply now  :)

As the years went on, and I watched God fix things in my life and in the lives around me, I realized that you were right!  I could, “trust God”.  That was indeed the answer, even when I didn’t realize it back then.

Some years later, after I married Elizabeth, with her being new in the Lord and facing her own seemingly insurmountable problems and obstacles, I found myself telling her (when she would inquire of me for a solution), the same thing that you told me, and with the same sincerity and belief that it was true, that is, to “trust God”.  And, she felt the same anxiety at that answer (at times), just as I did.  I know this because she would tell me🙂

Not too long ago, I found myself walking through the house, I abruptly stopped in my tracks, turned to Beth and repeated to her what the Spirit had, at that moment, just spoken to me, to wit: “Do you know why brother John always told me to ‘trust God’ when I came to him with my problems?”  “No”, she replied. “Because He knew God was really there! That is why.  He really knew God was taking care of us and that Jesus really is our hero.

Pastor John really believed God.”

In other words, you weren’t leaving me to flounder in that answer, Pastor John. You were trusting the real God to do what he said He would really do for us.

Two days ago, while at work, sitting at the courthouse, Jesus gave me a thought that seemed to finish this 20 year lesson.  The Spirit spoke to my heart and said, (and I must paraphrase here since I failed to record it at the time), “When a man doesn’t know me, he will try to solve your problems for you. Thinking to do good, with many words and ideas and “counseling”, he will try to help. That man doesn’t know the value or difference between His words and Mine.  You can’t trust that man.  But when a man has heard from Me, he will say little, knowing his words are of little value in spiritual matters, and Mine are of complete value.  That man, who will only speak what he has heard from Me, will give you more in just a few words (such as “Trust God”) than all of the rest.  He who speaks the most on spiritual matters, knows the least.”


“The Real Answer”

Pasto John,

The Blog on “The Real Answer” is so good!  Thank you for sending it out.

It is liberating to know that when we are born again, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, our citizenship changes from this world to a heavenly place!  That understanding takes away the pressure to participate in earthly elections.

I love knowing that we are ambassadors for Christ, and that ambassadors do not participate in elections of the country to which they are appointed to serve.  They represent the country they belong to, and for us, that is God’s heavenly kingdom. Abraham and other righteous men knew they were strangers and pilgrims on this earth, as well, and longed for a heavenly country (we recently read about that in Hebrews).

Jesus has given us a higher calling – a place of prayer!  The key is knowing who Jesus has created us to be when we are born again.  It all comes back to understanding the new birth experience.



Pastor John,

Beth and I were discussing the Blog that you sent yesterday, “The Real Answer”.

We loved its content. 

To take in the truth that you wrote about is to let go of damaging bitterness toward this world and its evil deeds.  It puts things back to where they always are, to where they have never left from, and that is with us, the body of Christ.

We cannot go out and change the world per se, but we can be changed, and with that become a real influence of holiness.  And that is the only real effect or change that we can institute in this world.  With us then, the responsibility lies.

I have copied and pasted below, something that you wrote in that blog that is beyond just true.  It is as you described it, “the real answer” and its value to us is immeasurable:

“The spiritual blindness of modern political leaders is astonishing, but the fault is not altogether theirs. Their contempt for the gospel of Jesus is the result of the problem, not the problem itself.  The fault belongs to us who believe in Jesus, for our lack of power and conviction for righteousness. The power of the Spirit, when God’s people walk in it, influences the society in which those saints live; it even affects the conscience of those who hate the gospel.  Without the Spirit’s power, in men’s eyes, the body of Christ is just another sect of talkers.”

Pastor John, after rehearsing this with Beth this morning, it occurred to me that Jesus would never have been mistaken for a man that was a part of “just another sect of talkers”. As a matter of fact, Jesus spoke little, according to those who have their account of Him recorded in the scriptures.  Jesus was known by His acts (works) and His power. His speech, or “talk” did little but to confuse the people that heard it.

The apostle Paul and those like him were known for their power and miracles and their works, not “excellency of speech” as Paul himself put it.  His, nor anyone’s “talk”…back then, would have convinced the unbelieving Jews that the Gospel of God’s deliverance had been delivered to the Gentiles; it was power that made that transition believable and palatable.

The question back then, really, for those souls who were honest with themselves, was not, “Are these men from God”, but rather it was, “This is God….now, do I want Him?”

Without the power of God flowing among us in the body of Christ, we are not challenging men today with that same question.  We are only asking them to decide whether we are the “real” body of Christ.  The power of God can and will move us past that place, to where we too are presenting every man with the real question, that is, “Do you want Him?”  I don’t think we are yet being effective until we do.

I love what you wrote. It was from heaven.

Thank you.




Pastor John,

Both of my knees are without pain today. Neither is braced and they are working as they should. I just “ran” up a flight of stairs, for a second time this morning! I would have thought that an impossibility, three weeks ago.

I want to thank Jesus for that!  This is my second day at work without braces on🙂

Beth and I had a sweet visit from Michelle last night. At the end of the visit, I told her something, with regard to my knees, that in hindsight, I am very thankful for.

Michelle had asked me about them, as to whether they were still feeling better. I told her, “yes”, they are still feeling good “today”.  And without giving it any thought, I went on to tell her that I don’t know if Jesus has healed my knees.

He has not told me that, but I am thankful for them feeling better today.  And if He hasn’t healed them, then I still do need a healing…..and that’s OK!  I don’t have to make anything up for Him.  He hasn’t done it.  But He can do it!  Because He is real!

I love that, pastor John.  I love “knowing” that God is real!  It keeps me from trying to defend Him if His answer about my knees, or about anything…is, “no”.  The fact that I have experienced a, “yes” in the past from God, keeps me grounded if the answer is, “no”. And, “no” is what it will undoubtedly be, sometimes. 

Having God’s Spirit inside, and walking in the “Truth”, this way of holiness has given me so many real experiences with Jesus; those experiences let me know that He is real, and that His touch is real, and that the absence of His touch is just is real! 

Jesus has moved in my life many times, and if He doesn’t do something for me that I ask Him to, I don’t have to say that He did do it.

Because, so many times, He does do it!  There is a real difference.  And because experience has taught me that, I don’t have to claim to have something from Him that I don’t really have.  Because I know that it is possible to really receive it from Him!Experience with God keeps God’s children from moving into a place where we try and explain away God’s blessings, or the absence of them.  One healing would turn a man from ever saying, “healings aren’t for today” or “God doesn’t heal anymore”.

One experience can make a man spend the rest of his life waiting on God.  And that is a good thing.

Because I have heard God speak plainly to my own heart, and daily out of my own mouth, through the holy Ghost that He has given me, I don’t have to defend Him if He is silent.  Because God has moved unmovable obstacles in my life, I do not have to make excuses for Him when my way is blocked.  Because He is Lord of “all things” and all of my life, I do not have to blame the Devil when things go wrong….knowing that my Father remains in charge of everything, including my hardships.

Experience with God keeps me from needing to negotiate the doctrine that I have been taught, that I know is from God.  Experience with God keeps me from needing to reinvent my belief system about Him.

Actually, what I experience from God replaces what I believe about Him, altogether.  Which is better!   I have learned to love, appreciate and prefer what I have experienced, over what I believe :) 

Those experiences from God have saved me from being a liar about Him, providing me with real godly testimonies in place of doctrines of my own imagination and self-will.That I would have passed on as fact in the absence of fear and experience with God.God has blessed my life!

He has filled my life with Truth and Power and Love and Experience with Him, in the Spirit, that have  saved me from having to prop up a doctrine that attempts to explain a life in God that has no power, that has no experience.  I do not know that life.  I have never experienced that kind of religion. The only religion that I have ever known centers around constant experience with the keeping power of God.  Take that away, and we would have no religion.

I thank God for the many experiences that I have had with Him.  Beginning the very first day when I was converted. When I was born again of His Spirit, it came in speaking!  He set the precedent then of what life in Him was. Experience! 🙂



Proverbs 8

Hi Pastor John,

I’ve been reading in Proverbs 8. I seem to recall you saying one time that Proverbs 8 is Jesus speaking to us. When I read it, it sure looks that way. Is that right? Do I remember it rightly? Either way, this passage is wonderful to me lately!



Hi Jenny.

The Son of God is speaking in Proverbs 8 about his life with the Father before Creation, and as you probably noticed, he and the Father were very, very happy.

Pastor John

PS You might be interested to know that whereas, n verse 22 the KJV has the Son saying, “the LORD possessed me the beginning of His way”, the Son is actually saying, “the LORD created me the beginning of His way.”


Thank you. I love that even more – how it was about Jesus and the Father, but that they were thinking of us – such as in verse 4: … “and my voice is to the sons of man” and also in v 31,”and my delights were with the sons of men”. What a wonderful God to even think of us! I know this has all been said especially in Father and Son readings/ book, but I am just feeling this lately. It’s so beautiful. Breathtaking!


You Can’t Tell Them

Bro John,

This is so good & so true. The very thing that people in Christianity are praying for is what they are holding on to the most. But oh how I do love your last sentence: “To come out of Christianity is such a frightening thought to them that only God knows how to enter that tender part of their hearts with His Son’s piercing, liberating light.”

That gives so much hope for those precious people who are really crying inside their hearts to be set free from those hard, religious ceremonies & forms that really mean nothing to them (when they get honest enough with themselves & desperate enough to admit it). What a grand time that will be when sincere souls realize something not’s right with all that & God enters that special place in their hearts with His truth & His feelings of what’s really right. 

You used to sing a song about letting go of the stone that’s pulling you down. I really like that song but I can’t remember many of the words. Be nice for you to sing it for us soon!

Thanks for sending this out. Makes me want to pray more for God’s people that are still bound by Christianity’s hold but deep down inside wanting a way out. 



You Can’t Tell Them

Pastor John Clark, Sr.

Save us, O LORD our God, and gather us from among the heathen,

to give thanks unto thy holy name, and to triumph in thy praise.”

Psalm 106:47

This is the unwitting prayer of every soul in Christianity who truly loves God.  In crying out for truth and unity, they are crying out to be delivered from Christian ministers, Christian traditions, and Christian doctrines, for those are the things that are confusing and dividing them.  But if you tell them that, they will turn against you.

God has to show them that the thing they love, Christianity, is the very thing that is confusing and dividing them.  It is the thing God most hates.  Sincere believers everywhere are praying for God’s cure for the deadly disease of division, while clinging with all their might to the thing that divides them: Christianity.  They are like a man pleading to be rescued from drowning while holding on to a boulder.  You can’t have it both ways.  The prayer of sincere children of God to be united with others who believe will never be answered until they let go of the stone that is pulling them down.

But you can’t tell that to God’s children.  To come out of Christianity is such a frightening thought to them that only God knows how to enter that tender part of their hearts with His Son’s piercing, liberating light.