Hello Pastor John.

I don’t recall ever hearing it discussed but did Melchizedek only have man’s kind of righteousness? Considering he was the “king of righteousness” and the fact that Abraham paid tithes to him and not much else is known about him. I assume he didn’t have God’s righteousness but I’ve never heard it said, or at least I don’t remember hearing about him specifically.

Robert A. Payne, L. G.


Hi, Bob.

Thanks for the question.

It was impossible for anyone to possess God’s kind of righteousness before God’s extraordinary Son came and paid the price for it. “King of Righteousness” is the meaning of the name “Melchizedek”; the true King of Righteousness is the Son of God, of whom righteous Melchizedek was only a figure, like Abraham, David, and many others.

Pastor John

Good morning,

Last night I started “Government in the Assembly of God”.* Reading about God’s order and the humility of authority felt so good, so clean. I felt like my house was being clean and set in order.

What struck me most was reading Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

You said in your notes that the word “vision” means “revelation”. After reading that, I kept hearing, “Revelation comes by the power of God; without His power people will perish. This kept ringing in my heart, and I had to stop. That created such a fervent prayer in my heart for more of the power of God. I just had to get on my knees.

Just writing this I can feel the spirit all over me. We need his power, I just want to be still, be ready, and be willing to let him fill me.



Thank you for letting me hear this testimony, Michelle. So good!

Pastor John


It’s been a difficult time not seeing everyone and not knowing what this virus will do but the stillness with Jesus has been wonderful.


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Healing Is Coming

Good Morning Bro John!

Jesus is spoiling me! I had the best encouraging dream this morning! In the dream, I saw the inside of a forearm with a deep open wound and it was being closed up (healed) by an invisible power! Immediately, the Spirit spoke and said, “Healing is coming!” Oh my! The doctors can say it, the scientists can say it, but when Jesus says it, it is going to be! Sweet, sweet Jesus. He makes my day! Here’s a hug from Jesus! heart



Amen, Sandy! I believe it.


So Good!

Good Morning!

Really enjoyed this!

You wrote in a blog*, “But what is it that God sees in their hearts that He would refuse to give them His Spirit? Only God knows, and He is always right.”

I always find such peace in this. God knows and knowing that helps me not hurt for the ones I love that He has not chosen as of now. It also lets me just live and not push past God. I love the peace it brings. “He is always right.” That is like a healing balm to me.

All those people out there right now separated from false teachers, alone with God, makes me pray for tender experiences to be had with Jesus during this virus. I pray they cry out to Jesus and never go back. How many hurting hearts will cry his name during this time?

The email between you and Jerry the other day and this blog struck me. I pray to stay close to Jesus and be free from wrong thoughts and feelings. It has been hard to be away from the anointing and the body so long. I need the anointing, and I need the body. I ask Jesus to give me his feelings and his thoughts every day. I really, really miss us just praising God together.

Beth D.

* https://www.goingtojesus.com/gtj_thoughts.html?tname=rdt04-02


A sobering truth.

Pastor John

Bro. John:

I wanted to share with everyone the Spirit’s encouraging and comforting words I heard this morning. My daughter is a nurse at UNC Hospital and she texted me a picture of the mask they provide her to wear. She said they have to wear the same mask all week. They are only provided 1 mask per week! My heart dropped when I read that because of all the Covid -19 virus germs floating around. You would think they would provide a clean mask each day, but I suppose this is the shortage of masks we keep hearing about on the news. After I read her text, I went into the kitchen to fix some breakfast, still thinking on what I had just read, and the Spirit spoke to me so sweetly and said, “her protection is not in the mask, it is from the Lord!” Oh my! How I love Jesus! He always knows what we need to lift a burden off our hearts! I pray to believe in him for all of our safety thru this trying time in this country. And particularly for the safety of all the health care workers on the front lines of this virus. I know Jesus cares and loves us.

I loved reading these verses in James 5 this morning:

15 “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.
16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

I looked up the words “effectual” and “fervent” and they basically mean sincere, passionate, fruitful, productive, to name just a few.

I believe, Bro. John, when we pray this way from the bottom of our hearts (heart seeking), God will hear our cries and heal us and this land in which we live. I have to believe it because Jesus IS the Answer to every problem.

He is giving us this time alone to seek him. We are at your mercy, Lord; hear our prayers. May God help us to stand still in Jordan and feel His Presence.




This is wonderful, Sandy. Thank you!

Pastor John

Hey There

Pastor John,

Having a conversation with Beth last night, talking about how we generally can tell who authored an email within the first few words of the first sentence. It is the spirit of the person that we are perceiving. We are feeling the spirit of the writer and recognizing it – the words aren’t unique to one person.

That Spirit sanctifies people’s words and actions. It makes people acceptable to God.

Paul said he was judging by it, and the power of God. It is amazing.

Foolish words are sometimes found in the mouths of sanctified wise virgins, and wise words sometimes come from the foolish, but it is the Spirit that sanctifies. The words don’t mean a thing.



That’s true, Jerry. And it is a person’s spirit that influences others more than the words they say. “The kingdom of God is not in word,” Paul said, and we could add, “Neither is the kingdom of Satan.” Jesus said, “It is the Spirit [of God] that gives life,” But it is also true that an unclean spirit brings death.

Pastor John

Pastor John,

You wrote in your book, Speaking in Tongues at Spirit Baptism, “The tongue of man and the heart of man have a unique relationship. Jesus said, ‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks’” (Mt. 12-34), which suggest that when the Spirit of God changes and fills the heart of a man, his mouth is moved to express something.”

This is beautiful to me. I read it again and again. To know what it feels like to have your heart so full and not be able to utter human words as you try to speak of it makes it so very beautiful to me. That God has ever filled and touched our hearts, overwhelms me.

Beth D.

My sweet wife and I have really been blessed for the past six or seven weeks, allocating time every evening at bedtime to read a few chapters of the stories of your father*… Well, actually, “the story of God”. wink

Aren’t you fortunate to have been the one to receive the benefits of the best years of his life, growing up in his household of peace in order and godliness, and then to be able to interview him and compile all of these amazing memories?

It makes me a little sad that in our age there are so many distractions and attractions and responsibilities and obligations that deter us (or at least most of us) from following after the Spirit as diligently as George Clark did. Your manuscript title is very apt: he truly was a “pioneer of the faith”.

I can only express from a very grateful heart how thankful I am that God has put me under your wing, to learn the Truth, and that you have continued to obey God and walk in His wisdom just as your father laid the foundation for a life such as that. Both of you are examples of true men of God, and both Allison and I are blessed by the things we are learning to understand, a little here and a little there. Thank you for your wonderful writings. They enrich our lives every day and show us the way of holiness; and how we, too, can be a light in this world by Preacher Clark’s example and yours.



Hi Brad.

The biographical stories from my father’s remarkable life could encourage and challenge any child of God, regardless of where they stand with Him, high or low. I cannot tell you how many saints have told me what reading those stories did for them. A life lived in the Spirit is a life that the grave cannot end.

Thanks for writing.

Pastor John

* Follow the link below to read the story of George C. Clark, a Pioneer of the Faith.