I Get It!

Pastor John,

You know those moments where you really get it?  Like when Jesus just really let’s you get it.  I got something!! It is so simple and basic and wonderful!!

Last time I told a testimony I had an entirely different testimony planned out before I stood up. Then I opened my mouth and it was nothing but tongues and tears (love it love it love it).

Then a few nights later sitting around after the meeting, I looked up and saw Haskell’s sweet Mama sitting over across the room.  I felt like I wanted to go hug her and pray for her.  I had yet begun to hug her and I don’t remember exactly what happened next but I ended up on the floor leaning on that sweet woman’s legs.  Pastor John as I was there, I thought “Jesus I cannot lean on Haskell’s sweet Mama.  Help me get up.”  But the more I tried to lift my head, the heavier it got.

Early this week I was talking to Jesus about how much I love when Jesus takes over.  I was telling the Lord how much better His testimony was than what I was going to say.  To stand up and try and get words out while the spirit of God (let me just say that again – whew!) while the spirit of GOD shakes your body and controls your tongue – and that thought right there is when Jesus interrupted my thanking him and said “Think of how good it would be if you quit trying to over talk me!”  And he said it in a funny way.  I had to laugh out loud.  I never looked at it like that.  I can just hear bro Earl saying, “Just yield and let the spirit take over.”

I get it!

Just yield!  Shut up and eat!

I sometimes think some may think “she’s too happy, or she’s feeling it too much too often.”  So I find myself trying to rein it in.  I never want it to be my flesh. But you know what?  Nothing in my flesh wants me smiling, shaking, stuttering, or wallowing around on the floor.  So I just want to live in what Jesus gave me. I want to feel every feeling.  I want to yield.

With my job, I have hours every day with Jesus.  Listening to nuggets of gold and talking to Jesus about them.  Jesus has given me that time with him, time to eat and grow.  It would be insane if I didn’t walk around smiling and mushy!  Whew!  I just get it, Pastor John.
Beth 😀😀😀

Just Be Happy

Hey, your message tonight was so good! At times I have felt that disappointment of why people have such a hard time believing the truth. I have thoughts of “have I done enough?” or “what more can I do?”  I have the Speaking in Tongues book in my shop on the table, and a tag on it that says “free”.  A few people have taken the book, but for the most part it’s as if it’s invisible.

As you were preaching tonight Jesus reminded me of some sweet thoughts I had the last couple of days after watching people’s wrong attitude and behaviors.  I had been thanking Jesus for giving me the heart he has.  My desires are to love him, live right, be good, and love others. That is no SMALL thing. So, it felt good to know that if others don’t ever know the truth as he has let us know it, then it’s been given to us for our benefit, and we can just be happy in knowing the truth!!  That feels good!!!


When I heard Brittany singing Brother Billy’s song the power of God fell on me & overwhelmed me so that I couldn’t stop speaking in tongues. I found myself praying with all my heart for Brittany & our young people.

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This Past Weekend

Pastor John, 

I loved the meetings this weekend!  The whole weekend felt “joyous!”  Watching Naomi enjoy the feelings and then Sister Betty receiving the holy Ghost and dancing around enjoying every minute! You feeling better and being there Sunday!  I feel so blessed to have been there!!

On Saturday morning Lyn, Sandy and I were eating breakfast and talking. I don’t remember how we got on the subject but I was telling them how much I love the basics, there’s just something about when you preach on the foundation that I LOVE!  Then we came in Sunday and you began preaching on the foundation…whew….I LOVE it!  It just stirs my soul!  The holy simplicity of it just makes you feel like rejoicing!  I wish all God’s people could hear what we hear and feel what we feel!

As Beth would say, I feel fed, fat, and happy!!



Blessed beyond Measure

Good morning Pastor John, 

Last night I feel like I floated to bed and floated to sleep.  Thoughts of thankfulness just poured from my heart.  Jesus has given me the most wonderful life!  I don’t want for anything.  He has supplied my every need and then some.  When I lay my head down each night, I have a clean conscious and am surrounded by peace.  When I hurt He’s there to quickly comfort me, when I’m happy He’s there to rejoice with me and when I’m sad or down He’s there to lift me.  He has given me the most wonderful family that I love more and more each day.  He’s given me a pastor that I can trust and who feeds me the most heartiest meals ever prepared!  

This morning I was walking downstairs and talking to Jesus.  I said, “Jesus what more could I want or need?” My only thought was more of Him!  Please, Jesus, give me more of you!

Feeling loved and blessed beyond measure!

Love you very much!



Happy birthday, Michelle!  Sounds as if Jesus has already given you a wonderful present!

Pastor John

Jesus Helps

Good Morning, 

Tuesday evening I was paying bills and discovered that I had not entered a check in the register.  This was after a long day, and I asked Jesus to encourage me.  I wasn’t necessarily praying about the missing check amount but just to feel Jesus.  After praying, I had a feeling to look in my phone.  I’d used the calculator in it last week to deduct that check entry.  I knew I had used my calculator since then, and that the check amount wouldn’t still be showing there.  Still, I went to the calculator and looked.  A recent entry was showing, but a thought came to see if the menu button would help.  There was a “calculation history” option here, and I scrolled back and found the missing check amount. smiley face

Right after that, while doing the payroll, the first check did not print.  That was odd.  I loaded it into the printer again, and it did the same thing. We’ve used this printer since 2001, and it has never done that.  It works well even though it is old.  When the ink gets low, the print starts getting so light that the words only half-print.  That didn’t happen. There was no print on the checks.  Still, the thought came that maybe it was out of ink even though it had never behaved that way when out before.  Hoping and praying that it would work with the new ink, I loaded the checks again.  Before I hit the print button though, the feeling came to me that maybe Jesus was trying to save me from something.  So I stopped and looked closely at the check on the computer.  There were errors in the Federal and State deductions, making the net pay considerably higher than it should have been.  This was a salary check, and for those, normally, I only need to enter the correct pay date.  The check is automatically generated, and I print it.  For some reason it was very off, but Jesus slowed me down and helped me.  

I felt very encouraged after those things Tuesday night, and my day didn’t seem long at all anymore.  I am thankful Jesus helped me. heart



Doing the Work

Pastor John,

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking.  We have the holy Ghost and we’re happy to have it, but to keep it and fully enjoy it takes some work.  There are some that are willing to do the work to enjoy it, and there are some that do not.  The holy Ghost is a precious gift that will make you happy and give you great joy, if you want it.