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Psalm 68:11


I’ve been reading in Psalms and I ran across this verse a little while ago and found it encouraging. Psalms 68:11 “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”

Billy H.


Hi, Billy.

Yes.  And may God save us from publishing anything in His name except the word He gives.

Pastor John

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From an Old Meeting, about 1973

When my Grandmother gave this testimony in a Sunday afternoon prayer meeting, she was close to 80 years old.  It was just a year or two before she died.  And most of her testimony was actually in English! 🙂

Pastor John

04:13 Sister Edna (Grandma):  “One thing I want to thank God for is a good doctrine. (speaking in tongues) Them that are seeking God’s doctrine’ll get alright[?].  Them that are teachin’ man’s doctrine, they’re just goin’ on, and they’re gettin’ so ‘good’.”  Praise God!  There used to be a scripture they teached me was [about] tobacco.  It said, ‘Taste not; handle not.  With the using, all of it will perish.’  It tells you what it’s [really] talking about.  ‘After the doctrines and commandments of men.’  I’m glad, I’m glad of God’s doctrine.  D-O-C-T-R-I-N-E!  God’s doctrine.  I thank the Lord for the doctrine of God ‘cause I love it, and I don’t care who knows it. (speaking in tongues)  No, I’m a-standin’ for it – for 50 year!  (speaking in tongues)  (more speaking in tongues)  Praise God!  The doctrine of Christ is goin’ to live on.  It’ll never die!  This is somethin’ that don’t die!  It just as fresh today as when I got it.  It ain’t gone dead, and it never will die.  I’m so glad of it, I don’t know what to do. (speaking in tongues) (more speaking in tongues)  This thing is living now. (speaking in tongues)  I’m so glad of it!  My Father is rich!  Praise God.  They’re fussin’ over the inheritance down here, but I’ll tell you one thing.  My Father’s rich.  Got it all in His hands. Praise God!


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Hi John,

I love what the word of God does for us.  I love seeing and feeling burdens being lifted off of us and others when the word of God comes, as it did last Wednesday night (8/17/2016). This way is so simple that sometimes we can’t believe that it is that simple.  This flesh fights it all the time.

I am so glad and thankful that God gave us his spirit and this way of life in the truth, to live every day.  I am so thankful for the order he has given us in this life, an order ordained by his spirit through his Son for us to walk in.  We have a man of God and a pastor that is led by the word of God to help us and guide us as we walk in this world while we are here.

And when that word is spoken by you, as it was Wednesday night, we all feel the relief it brings, and it is always right on time.  He knows our every need.  All we have to do is just believe it, just as you have said in times past about how to learn the Bible; you just believe it!!  When the word of God is preached, if we just believe it, it changes us inside and out, and it is not a hard thing to do.

I love the relief I feel.  I love the peace I feel.  I love how happy I am while walking through this world of discord. In the word of God there is harmony and agreement and peace.  It comes with order and satisfaction for who we are and what he has made us in this life. We are only happy if we walk in that place that he has given to each of us. I just feel so blessed and thankful for you and everyone else he has put around us. I just want to value it more and more every day. It is not a light thing!  All we have to do is look around ourselves and see how we all would be without the power of God in our lives. Thank you John!!



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Hi John,

Donna’s email reminded me of a few things…

First of all, I loved what you told us about the politics of this world Wednesday night, too.  We have that “other option”.  It’s to be happy with all that we have been blessed with, and leave to God what He is doing.

One thing that was so sweet to me, is that I could not identify what was weighing me down several days ago, and the wind blew in on the porch and the Spirit lifted that weight for me.  It was a real experience.  Wednesday night you identified the weight.  The weights are the things of this world that are not ours.  They are heavy.   And then you and Jesus blew some wind on us and refreshed us!  Haha!  That was a good feeling. 

The other thing that Donna said, was something that my Ellen and I were talking about yesterday at the house, and that was, the stubbornness of wanting things “our way.”  If we have our minds made up as to what WE want, then we will be disappointed and even angry when it doesn’t go that way.   Whether it’s wanting to change someone (so they will be what we want them to be), or whether it’s getting angry because something did not work out or move fast enough, or whether it’s wanting situations in our lives to be only what we want them to be, the satisfied place is “neutral”.  Not my will, but THY will be done.  What a way of peace. 

Last night we watched that movie at your house, “Empire in the Sun”.  I had never seen it before.  I’m glad you did not ask me what I thought of it at the end!  I would have busted out crying, I think.  I was almost speechless for hours afterwards.  Men’s inhumanity to other men is one of the things in this world I can’t wait to be done with. I hate what sin has done to people, but I love the way out…. Jesus!

My thoughts for this morning.



I love the instruction you gave us Wednesday night (8/17/16).   I love how it sets us free to be thankful and happy.  We really can be just who Jesus has made us.  I didn’t even realize I was feeling that burden! And the one other thing you said was for us not to be stubborn and have it our own way.  That would be very bad. Self-will will not lead to happy and thankful and staying hidden  in Jesus.

Thank you!  I love what you gave us!



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Like Jesus

John tonight’s meeting (8/17/16) was relief, relief and more relief!  If we really take it in, we will be like Jesus!  I am so grateful for his right ways and his spirit that he has given me!

Natalie smiley face


Pastor John,

I feel exactly like Natalie.  What relief tonight meeting brought.  I love that all we have to do is live in Jesus.  It’s so easy!

If I listen to the radio or the news or people discussing things of this world, and I start to feel that angry yuck feeling, Jesus tells me to shut it off.  It is just easy.

I loved Token’s testimony tonight about her dream.  I love our life.  I could fill every moment of the day listening to testimonies about what our Jesus has done. That is the biggest blessing to me.  To be hungry for more of God, for more experiences with Jesus…even if they are not my experiences. I love them!!

How wonderful is that!!!

Beth smiley face


Amen John!!

I love what you preached on tonight.  We do not belong to this world, and people in this world are going to be who they are, and we are not sent to save the world. God looks down on this world 24/7.  He knows what condition it is in, and He sees everything going on in it.  We just want to be full of the holy ghost all the way to the end of our time here on this planet.  That is our job while we are here. I love what you said about knowing who we are.  If we know who we are, we will not take on any wrong spirit that is walking in this world, and act under its influence.

You are right, John!!  The adults in this world at this time are pushing young people into perverse behavior that some day many of them will cry out to Jesus for, and he will lift them up and take away all their sin!!  Wow!!  I like being happy!!   My, my, Jesus has done so much for us, and he will do it for anyone that calls on his name!!  I want to be happy, to be a light for them, and a blessing to God’s people!!  What a sweet dream Token had!!  Thank you Jesus!!  I loved the testimonies tonight!!  So good.





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Paul Still a Scapegoat

Hi John!

I am down in Costa Rica and wanted to say hello to you, Barbara, and all the family! My text is working better than my email, due to very limited bandwidth, so I figured I’d text you. Feel free to share with everyone. Things are going well here. We’ve been able to get a lot of work done, with no snake bites, and only 1 Bullet Ant sting (I was the lucky recipient of that!! Hurt like crazy for about 8 hours). I know God created Bullet Ants for a reason, and they fill an ecological role. But I just don’t like them!!🐜

I also wanted to share with you a realization I’ve had. I’ve finished The 2 Gospels and really enjoyed it. I found it very enlightening. But what’s really caught me is my deeper understanding that Paul’s gospel is the true one, and the other has become the ‘political/power-driven’ one. Over the last 10-15 years I’ve read a lot of books and academic references that ‘de-bunked’ the common Christian beliefs, practices, etc. One of the pieces of evidence that is commonly used to do this is that they say that the gospel Paul preached was “made up” by him, and that it ended up being the origins of the common or traditional Christianity. But now I realize how inaccurate that is. Paul did preach a gospel that was different, but it came directly from Jesus, and was Gods tool to bring in the Gentiles, and eventually bring all people together under 1 belief. But, it absolutely DID NOT become the traditional Christian doctrine. In fact, just the opposite. Paul’s gospel was shunned, while the other gospel was accepted, and was the one that became modified by Constantine into the completely false gospel spread throughout the world today, via wars and many other acts of violence, evil, and ignorance (as I write this, I just learned about more bombings in the Middle East–and they are, of course, based on ultra strong beliefs in one of the false gospels. Makes me very sad). And, I also realize that this gospel is all about conducting specific ceremonies, physical movements, and using various tools and clothes—seems kinda like doing choreographed dance steps!

So, although these different theological historians are correct in de-bunking ‘Christianity’ as it exists today, I’ve now come to realize they also have completely missed the mark on Christ’s true doctrine, and that Paul, even today, is once again being used as an inaccurate scapegoat– this time by the debunkers of Christianity! The poor guy just can’t win, even 2 millennia later!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my realizations. Thinking of you all down here, as I sweat and work in the jungle! Hope to see you in November. Bye for now!



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Cardinals Watch Out for Each Other

Good morning John.

I was sitting on the front porch this morning having my coffee, and watching the birdfeeder.

I noticed that there were two cardinals that came down to the feeder at the same time, a male and a female. It was interesting to me that when one of them went to the feeder, the other went to a tree a little distance away, and watched out for the other one. If something unusual happened (like they saw my cat), they would chirp a warning.  Then they would switch positions and while the other would eat, the other standing guard.   They were keeping each other safe. I wondered who taught them how to do that?  Did they have a discussion to make that plan, or did their bond just make them do that naturally?

I was sitting here praying for different ones in the meeting, and I thought that it is the same way with us.  Nobody tells us to watch out for one another or to pray. We don’t discuss it in advance. Our bond in the light gives us a Love that watches out for one another. Even our marriages can be that way.  Or two friends can be that way.

I love how slowing down to observe things can teach us something good. We can “watch out” for one another, I’m sure in a variety of ways – it’s a sweet feeling to do so.


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Tom’s Hugging Line

Pastor John,

I ran across this meeting from 2010.  This was a wonderful day.  I never shall forget being in the “hugging line”, waiting for my turn to hug Brother Tom.

Billy M

image1 (1)

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Wednesday Meeting (Aug. 10, 2016)

Hi John,

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the feelings were during the meeting on Wednesday. All the way out here in California I was feeling one with you all.  As I was enjoying the power of God and how you were all drinking it in, Jesus blessed me with feelings and a language I never heard before. It was just like I was right there with you all.  Awesome!

I am grateful that I can watch the meetings out here! I am grateful for this family of mine! :o)


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Jacob’s Tithes

Hi Pastor John,

After Jacob vowed to God to pay his tithes to God if God would bring him safely back from Haran, to whom would Jacob pay his tithes to?  Could  Melchizedek still be alive?


Billy M.


Hi Billy.

Good question, Billy, but the Bible does not provide any answer to it.  But then, were it not for a few verses in Genesis 14, we would not know that Melchizedek even existed.  So, a lack of information about priests of God during this time does not mean that they were not around.  Elijah, you will remember, had no information about any righteous people in Israel, and he grew discouraged, but God told Elijah that there were 7,000 in Israel who had not bowed to Baal.

In short, I feel sure that Jacob knew who to bring his tithes to when God brought him safely home, even if we don’t know who it was.

Thanks for the question.

Pastor John

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