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I fit!

Oh, Pastor John, 

I heard the best thing from a 2006 CD today.  You said “Every time we speak in tongues, God is getting us past something, past our minds, our wrong ideas, our misconceptions, our history.  God wants to give us a new history.”

That is so good to me! Lately, Jesus just keeps talking to me about his purpose for me, and for his body. I feel like I am where I was made to be, at the right time and the right way for his purpose. I feel like I fit. That is so big for me! It is one thing to hear it, but to really feel it is everything. Jesus has done something inside of me. I feel light. I feel pliable. Sometimes in the meetings, I have felt Jesus so strong!

Hearing this message today from 2006 is so good!

I am so overwhelmed with the love of God.  



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Just Live!

Pastor John. 

I was listening to a CD today and you were telling us, “Be happy, choose to live!”

You don’t have to worry about getting closer to God, if He wants you closer He’ll let you know about it!  All you have to do is live! Whew… I never would have dreamed you could just live, be happy and not worry!  I love the sweet feelings the truth brings!  Spoke in tongues all the way to Graham today…. feeling happy…. like thank you Jesus for every breath happy! 

Thank you Pastor John!  Thank you for showing me how to live!


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Jesus Wants Us Healed

Pastor John, 

I was listening to a CD from 2010 while driving home from work today. On it Lou was giving a testimony of times Jesus has healed her and of all the sickness Jesus has brought her through, then she said, “Jesus wants us healed” and then Uncle Earl said, “Yeah, he wants us to feel just like he does!” That was so good!  

I don’t think I’ve thought of healing like that.  I know Jesus wants us to be happy like him, satisfied like him, contented like him, but I’ve never thought he wants us healed like him!

I love that! It stirs up faith! smiley face2


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Cradled with Jesus

Pastor John, 

I had the sweetest night last night!  I re-watched the meetings from this weekend and loved every minute of it!  There were so many “highlights” I can’t even name them all!  Watching different ones dance in the spirit and just watching all the “happy” just blessed me so much all over again!

I fell asleep praying for different one’s and fell asleep speaking in tongues, how sweet!  I felt like Jesus just had me cradled in his arms.  When I woke up I was singing Gary’s song, “You don’t have a problem when there’s faith in God”! Then when I got in my car that song was playing!  Jesus is the lifter of burdens!  Jesus is our healer!  Jesus is our encourager!

I just feel so blessed, so taken care of!  I’m so thankful for this precious life that Jesus has given to us!  I want to treasure every moment!


Jesus cradling me in his arms feels so good, I looked up the word cradled [hold gently and protectively].  I love that and that’s exactly how I feel!

Love you!



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I really loved this!*

Those Old Testament verses take on a whole new meaning when you plug them into these future events where they belong.  Even a verse as simple as, “The meek will inherit the earth”, means so much more when you apply it to these precious chosen third of Israel who have been so utterly crushed.  I have read this verse in Deuteronomy, “The LORD will certainly judge His people, but He will have pity on His servants when He sees that their strength is gone” (Dt. 32:36), but it comes to life when you insert it into this touching story about God’s chosen people who are so desperate and completely broken, and Jesus comes to rescue them.

There are several things in this reading that really touched me:

The thought of Jesus having pity on the Jews and praying for them when they are at the end of their rope and can no longer pray for themselves really touched me.  After you’ve explained how the abased and humbled Israel will be begging God from the ground, squeaking from the dirt for heaven’s intervention, you write,  “But Jesus will be praying for them”.  Then, the verse from Isaiah 26:16 fits so perfectly there.

And this is so good, “The end of Israel’s strength is the place where God will meet them”.  The first time I read that I had to stop reading and I just cried because I have experienced that kind of love from Jesus first hand.  Not that I can ever imagine the kind of desperation and heart ache this poor Jewish remnant will be experiencing, but I have been to my own place where I felt my strength was gone and Jesus was there to meet me.  You wrote, “in that place is nothing but God’s mercy in which to hope”  I love God’s mercy!   I also loved reading this,  “And in that place, “They will call on my Name, and I will answer them.  I will say, ‘This is my people!’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is my God!'”  My heart was saying, “Yes!”  when I read that!

Reading this has shined a whole new light on what coming back with Jesus will really mean.  I have always thought how much I would love being in that army of saints who gets to come back with Jesus one day, but I never thought about who would be waiting for us and what we will see when we get here.  What an honor it will be to have a part in rescuing this precious chosen remnant of Israel!  We will get to witness that whole touching scene when these desperate and humbled-down people; God’s chosen people, finally realize that Jesus is their Messiah!   I can’t even imagine how wonderful that will be!  (will it be so holy and precious that I have to cover my eyes?!)

When I finished reading this at my kitchen table yesterday, all I could say was, “Wow!”   This is so good.  Period.  Thank you for all of the many hours you have put into writing this.  It really blessed me reading just this small section today.

Lee Ann



This is an incredible read. 

I felt spent when I was finished, emotions pulled from one extreme end, to the other.

It took me someplace.

“Humbled to the dirt /voices a squeak from the dirt / will be like one with a familiar spirit from the ground” (Isaiah 29:2a, 3-4).  Wow! This part went down to the bone in the Spirit.


Jerry D.


Wow John!!

How terrifying and humbling it is to think of being a Jew at that time!  I am speechless and amazed at what we have been learning from you and what the Lord has opened up to you for us these past few years.  From studying the book of Revelation, to the Council in Jerusalem, and the Father and Son book, I feel like I am being made new by every revelation he opens up to us!!  It is molding my heart and mind more each day, and I love it.

There is a settleness and a soberness that comes with each thing we learn from him, and it becomes life for us and brings a realness to what is happening to us all at this time.  I know I do not understand the magnitude of why and what he is doing with us in this present era – but he does!!  And that is all that matters.  I just want to be found doing what he wants, and be well-pleasing in his eyes wherever we are and no matter what is going on in this world. He has a place for us and that is where I want to be.

Thank you John!


*These comments were written in response to a segment of Pastor John’s latest book called, The Chosen Third Are Humbled.  His book titled, Revelation is being produced and should be ready for review in the near future.  



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The Point of Religion

Pastor John,

I wanted to share something that I heard from the Lord.

I love the feelings that came with it.

The point of religion is not to “have religion,” it’s to have God.



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The Jerusalem Council

Pastor John,

I have been sitting here thinking about the Council meeting in Jerusalem, and what things it might have entailed. 

Onlookers to the meeting that day might have described it as something akin to, “judging between perfection”.

I have been trying to determine what the burden was that had been placed on the Jews that day?  What was it that God was requiring of them, exactly.  And what would He hold them accountable for?  How did God see it?

After giving it some thought, it seems to me that the entire burden that the Jews in that room were facing, on that day, was the same burden that God’s people face everyday – that is, they were responsible for being in a condition (spiritually) to recognize the word of the Lord when it came.  In this case, it was coming through Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus.

God wasn’t asking them to “do” anything that day, nor was He asking them to change anything, not physically.  They would have left there that day worshiping God the exact same way they always had, and God would have accepted it as much as He ever did.  But what they did have to do was recognize the word of the Lord that had come to the Apostle Paul.  And since they were not present on the day that the Lord spoke to Paul, and they themselves had no such revelation from God, their only hope, and their responsibility, was to be in such a spiritual condition as to recognize God in such a radical circumstance as the unveiling of Paul’s Gospel for the uncircumcised.  But that would have been impossible for faithful Jews to do, unless they were subdued by the Holy Spirit that God had poured out on them at Pentecost. 

Everybody in that room was right. They were the best of the best among all people on Earth.  None of them were fabricating their testimony.  Both sides had witnessed Jesus’ judgment on the Gentiles (Peter and many other Jews heard Jesus call them “dogs” and refuse to minister to them, citing that He was “ONLY sent to the lost sheep in Israel”.  (The apostle Paul had heard Jesus speak of mercy and love toward the Gentiles, and forgiveness of sins.)  And both sides knew God’s Law and the scriptures better than anyone on the planet.  The only question was, “Had God done something new with Paul?” 

Wow!  I am looking forward to the new version of the “Council.” Your description of this new work makes the first writing sound like a piece of fiction, it being more of a reflection of the religion of Christianity.

It also sounds very difficult.  There is no right or wrong anymore – only Jesus!




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