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Talking with Jesus

Hi Pastor John, 

Today I was driving down the road and I saw a beautiful purple tree among many trees with no leaves or color. They just looked dead and dried up. Immediately Jesus gave me thoughts of the wheat among the tares. Jesus has such beautiful vibrant trees so full of life right next to the lifeless drab trees. The purple trees are so beautiful against the other that you are just drawn to them. I spent some time talking to Jesus about how much I want to be like his purple trees, so beautiful and full of life, easily identified from the lifeless.

As I drove across Greensboro I saw these little purple trees here and there and always among the other trees. I kept thinking “It is no coincidence Jesus let those trees spring up where they did”. Just like it is no coincidence we sprung up where we did. Then I got to the dealership and saw an area that was so overgrown and dead. It looked like something just overtook it smothering the life out of it. The trees were covered, the ground was covered. There really was no sign of life. It struck me when I saw it. It was so lifeless. That is what this world would look like without the spirit. 

I love hearing from Jesus. Hearing this today makes me so thankful to have life.


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Pastor John,

This morning on my drive into work I was listening to the November music cd.  Gary’s song “Feelings” came on and a sweet flood of feelings fell on me in my car.  I felt like that song is a story of my life.  The song starts off when I was a child feeling the power of God and then going into a “church” and how those feelings faded away.  Then how Jesus lead me to a group of saints who praised the Lord and those feelings rushing back in!  My spouse left and my children grew up and moved out and left me alone……but with my feelings!  Wow……what a sweet story of God!!  I LOVE the feelings that Jesus gives, they are strength, love, joy and have healing power in them!

Michelle H

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Preferring the Imitation

Pastor John,

Jesus gave me a thought this morning, I wanted to share it.

Before God had appointed the Israelite named Saul to rule as king over God’s rebellious children, the Israelites possessed the real thing (or perhaps I should say, the real thing possessed them!)  They had the “King of kings” and the “Lord of lords” already judging for them, watching over and protecting them, and providing for all of their needs.

But their flesh was not satisfied, and they preferred an imitation, (“make us a king to judge us like all the nations,”) to the real love, authority and protection from God (their true King), who had faithfully kept them and provided for them all of those years. 

God gave them what they wanted; the Bible states it was with a heavy heart. But, nonetheless, the Lord God himself, in His continued love for His people, chose for them a man from among them to stand in the place that belonged only to Him. And while that man, Saul, now stood as the object of adoration of God’s children, God, in His unwavering love for them, silently continued providing for their needs as he always had done, and protecting them as he always did, from the unseen dangers that surrounded them.

Today, it is the same way. With God’s real authority, real love, real protection and blessings being offered freely, and in abundance, here in the Earth, through a life in the Spirit that his Son purchased for us all, many men, if not most, still prefer an imitation.

And God in His infinite goodness has even provided for that, for rebellious men. Though it be not good for man, God has given him that which he demands, to wit, “a form of Godliness, that denies the power thereof.”   Or, as God Himself put it in the book of Samuel,  “..they have rejected Me.”

And while men praise a powerless God that cannot save them, and give their obeisance to that which was fashioned by their own hands, the only true God, the King of all kings, still sends the rain and the sunshine to us all, the warmth and the cool breeze in its time, and the meat and the crops in their due season.  He is always there for those who truly seek Him, and He is always ready to forgive those who repent.  He is ever so “Real”,  and He is available, full of power and full of love that can be felt and that can change lives and heal broken hearts, for any and all that grow weary of powerless christian imitations, and come to Him.

He is our God. Praise His name forever.


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Excerpt from The Father & Son Book


I was just pondering after reading this excerpt, have there been rulers which fall into the category of Amelekites?



Hi Wendell.

There have been many cruel and cowardly rulers since Mordecai’s days, but there is no evidence that any of them are direct descendants of the cruel and cowardly Amalekites.

Pastor John

excerpt March 25

Note: To read The Father and Son book in its entirety click to the following link:




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Tonight’s Meeting

Hi John.

I loved what you said about your Daddy, Preacher Clark.  I am so thankful you listened and did what he asked you to do. We are free because of that obedience to do what your father asked because it was of the Lord.  It is so important for God’s people to learn their places in the body of Christ because it is for the good of the body if God has given anyone anything.

Thank you, Jesus, and God, and Preacher Clark, and everyone that is in their place doing their parts.  What an honor to hear from Jesus and live the way Jesus made available to us who are here doing the work he wants done at this time on the earth.

I loved the feeling tonight in the meeting.  It was so full of love for God and for his government.


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Verses in Revelation 6

Pastor John,

This new understanding of the condition of God’s saints, after death, is so good!

To know that those old saints are seeking the Lord now on our behalf, with more earnestness than ever!  To know that preacher Clark is up there rooting for you, pulling for you and this work that you have carried on, and all of us that are now in your charge!  It makes us all whole!  God didn’t separate us from them, or them from us, in their deaths.  Of course He didn’t!  It seems perfectly clear and completely sensible now.  Of course he didn’t cut us off from one another – of course, He is that good, to keep us united until the end!  Talk about fulfilling that old soldier’s creed of “leave no man behind” – the Father and Son perfected it long before we got here!

When the Father and His Son Jesus shut the doors on this creation, it will be when we are all together, hand in hand.  My God in heaven, He is good!  I am so happy that they are up there, thinking and praying and hoping for us. Mmmmm


Note: To read Pastor John’s latest blog on The State of Dead Saints, please click on the following link:




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The Beast

Is the description of the Beast in Revelation 13 that we read this weekend really the way he looked, or it was how he felt in his heart?

Thank you!



The description of the Beast in Revelation 13 is spiritual.  The Beast is a man, and he will look like a normal man to people.

That’s a good question, Naomi!

Pastor John

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