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Good morning Pastor John!

I have to tell what just happened to me.
I had just walked into my kitchen when a strong spirit of prayer came over me to pray for someone. I got down on my face and started praying. Within about 5 seconds I had a very bad coughing fit, and quickly stood up. Immediately the thought came to me “did what just happen, really happen?” and I was given the understanding that my body had just made me quit praying! I told it emphatically, “thats not going to work!” and got straight back down on my face again and continued praying……. without further interruptions from my body! GLORY TO JESUS!!!

🙂 Kay


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TFMs on website now




I now have the January and February Thoughts for the Morning up on the GoingtoJesus web site. The current day’s link has been changed over to the current TFMs. I should be able to keep ahead of the calendar from here on.

The Thought for the Evening can still be accessed through the “Thoughts” option on the website’s horizontal Menu. Currently, the TFMs are only accessible through the daily link. The text of these TFMs has traveled through two Mac programs, then to processing on a Windows machine so there may be the odd strange character show up (usually to do with quote marks or long hyphens and the like). If people see anything odd I’d appreciate them letting me know so it can be fixed.

I’ve read a lot of February’s material this evening, and it is really good stuff!


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Pastor John,

Yesterday, while I was working at the hospital, I was walking into a patient’s room and the hospital chaplain came right behind me, asking me where a particular patient was. I told him he was out in the hall, so the chaplain went out there, found the patient, and said to him, “Hi, I’m [so-and-so]; would you like to receive holy communion?” The patient thought for a second, and said, “sure.” I tried to make myself look occupied out in the hallway so it would not be noticeable that I was secretly watching them from a distance. The chaplain said that he would first say an “Our Father.” He began to recite the prayer as the patient repeated it, and pulled out a tiny, beige-colored wafer the size of one of those Chiclet gum candies. He held it above his head with both hands as he prayed, and then presented it to the patient, saying, “the body of Christ.” At this point, I had walked into a vacant room to make a bed. I was filled then, and even now as I write, with this strange anger inside of me. The only thing I could say aloud was, “I’m sorry, Jesus, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” I could only tell Him how sorry I was that people would say and believe such a lie in His name. I told Him, “I know the truth, Lord,” as if to reassure Him that there are some who know the truth about who He really is despite all who do not.

The feelings reminded me of when we were in a cathedral in England. The place was filled with candles and statues of Jesus, and what kept filling my mind repeatedly was, “my Jesus, my Jesus,” as if to say, “no, you all have it all wrong. He’s my Jesus; not this.” At the hospital, I was not thinking about how ridiculous the ritual was, but rather, I felt as if I could feel Jesus feeling misunderstood and I was reassuring Him that not everyone thinks that way, that some know His truth.

Later that day, I had an experience with a different patient that makes this difficult job well worth it. I’ve been working with this one older black lady since January. She had had a stroke and was now in rehab, but had improved so that her planned discharge date was to be this past Friday. Well, sadly, she had another stroke the Tuesday before the Friday she was supposed to go home, so her level of dependence had greatly increased. I had gotten to know her while she was on the upswing, and I really became fond of her. We would cut up and laugh and watch Price Is Right together. So, yesterday, I was giving her a bed bath and I could see it in her face and in the tears welling up that she was very sad and frustrated that she had gone so far downhill so quickly that she now required almost complete help to even bathe herself. I could just feel her sadness and I hated to see her so upset. I was trying to make her feel better, reassure her that she would get stronger, and not to worry. I told her, “Jesus can make you better. Just ask Him.” Her ability to form words has also decreased greatly, but I could hear her say, “I’m in God’s hands.” As I was rubbing her arm, both of us with tears in her eyes, I told her I loved her and that Jesus would take care of her, and I really believe He will. Having that moment with her and being able to share the real Jesus with her felt so good and real compared to that silly ritual I saw earlier.


Hi Anna.

May God touch that dear lady, and the other patient, too. Fortunately, God looks on the heart instead of judging us simply by what we do. Maybe he wants the real God and doesn’t know how to find Him. Who knows? Maybe Jesus will even speak to that foolish minister the way he has spoken to us, and maybe that minister will humble himself to come out of ceremonial form into real life in the Spirit. I certainly hope so, for his sake as well as for those who look to him for spiritual guidance.

Pastor John

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Last night [after the Oscars], it occurred to me that I am grateful that the Lord rescued me from a vapid Hollywood lifestyle, so I didn’t end up worshiping a gilded statuette instead of Him. Glory to God!

It could’ve easily gone another way. I was on that path.

He didn’t have to.

I owe Him my life. 🙂


Yes, that is something to thank God for, Brad. God has rescued us all from one vain lifestyle or the other. He is worthy of our praise!

Pastor John

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Ashley’s testimony

Reading & hearing everyone’s testimonies is so wonderful! Especially because it does remind you of what Jesus has done in your life at times and who he sends to help!

I was in college in Louisville, and it had snowed one night so that they gave us a few hours delay for classes. The roads weren’t bad enough, supposedly, to cancel classes for the day. I started driving to school and the roads were not bad. But I knew when got on the ramp to get onto the highway I needed to slow up because over passes stay frozen much longer than the regular roads. I looked in front of me and everyone in front of me was sliding and before I knew it I was, too. My car did a slow 180 and I was facing traffic and barely missed the guard rail. I was shaking and praying, because the traffic coming towards me had not seen me yet. Then, a man in a delivery truck stopped traffic by cutting across the lanes, motioned for me to turn around, so I did. As I started driving again I went to wave at the man to tell him thanks, but he was gone. There was no exit he could have taken, and a delivery truck is not easily hidden. He was just gone. I knew Jesus had sent me an angel that day. I cried they whole rest of the way to school.

But the next part is just as neat! About a year or so later, I was going through my emails and found one from Uncle Earl. He had written to me to see how I was doing because he’d been praying that day and my face came before him. I looked at the date, and it was the day before or day of (I don’t remember which) that had happened on the highway! The Spirit knows what to pray for!


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It is starting to happen to Christianity as you said years ago when we studied Revelation. The Catholic Church in Rome will have to start paying property tax. Estimates are that it will amount to over a Billion Dollars a year.

I haven’t heard that news report. Still, it is certain that the Church (not just Catholic) will be plundered and ruined by the Beast and his ten kings whom John spoke of in the book of Revelation.

One thing hit me this morning which I hadn’t considered before now. While it is not the most important aspect, when a person participates in that religion, are they partaking in all the property stolen under false pretenses when people wouldn’t concede to it’s doctrine? Not wanting to take away from those who have been tortured and put to death as faithful martyrs. I wonder if that is the predominate way property was stolen.

Yes, whoever is a member of the catholic Church shares in her guilt for the persecution, plunder, and murder of the saints of God over the centuries. And the Protestant sects have done similar evils to saints, although not nearly as much. To prevent any of His children from having innocent blood on their hands is one reason God is calling all who belong to Him to come out of Christianity altogether.

It is sad to think none of our family in that abomination are being prepared for what is coming. JESUS, help us help your people!

Yes, in one way, they are not being prepared, but in another way they are. They are not being prepared to OVERCOME the beast and “the strong delusion” that God will send upon His children who refuse His call to come out. That is what you are talking about. At the same time, they ARE being prepared, by Christian doctrines and traditions, to receive the Beast and to believe the Lie that Paul said was coming for them, in 2Thessalonians 2.

Also I pray, “God, please help us prepare for whatever part of salvation history we will be a part of, so we will do those things which please you!”

The spirit has been saying, “Come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing” for a long time, God, please allow your people to understand what the “unclean thing” is – Christianity.

The anointing is what destroys the yoke! We will need more strength to live uprightly in the wretched time and place that is coming. As matters take their destined course, we shouldn’t expect any different treatment from the saints in the past, but be comforted by the fact it is part of God’s plan.


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Hi Pastor John

where is the story about a man not hitting the prophet? I remember i saw a video of that sermon on your website. Also in Matthew 5:18, when Jesus says, “One jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled,” Jesus is talking about while he was on earth fufilling the law, right?


Hi Michelle.

The story you are looking for about the man who refused to hit God’s prophet is in 1Kings 20.

As for Matthew 5:18, Jesus is speaking of far more than the time he spent on earth. He is referring to everything spoken of by the law and the prophets, which includes the end times and his return to reign on earth for a thousand years. The law of Moses itself is a prophecy of Christ’s return to reign because it tells us what kind of laws Jesus will enforce during his thousand-year reign.

Thanks for writing. It was good to hear from you again.

Pastor John

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