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John 16:13

Pastor John,

I wanted to write and tell about what happened tonight on the way to the mountains. We were driving through some curvy roads. It was a beautiful sunset. I started have this feeling I have never felt this before. I was praying inside myself, not out loud. I was praying about our trip and for Jesus to keep us all safe, but it was as if I could feel death. I have never felt this before and didn’t understand why I even knew to think it was death. We came around a curve, and you could see there was an accident. Everything looked in slow motion. No one was running around frantic or anything, but it was bad. Someone was on motorcycle and had been thrown off of it across the street, and was tangled in a railing. It must have just happened. There were no emergency people on the scene yet. It was all a matter of minutes from the time I started having that feeling, coming around that curve.

I am so thankful to Jesus for keeping us safe. I have never felt anything like that before.



Hi Jammie,

Jesus told his disciples that when the Spirit came from heaven and filled those who believe in him, it would show them “things to come” (Jn. 16:13). “Things to come” includes more than the epochal events of revelation. It includes what is just around the corner for each of us. The Spirit showed you a “thing to come”, and it shows all of us many such things so that we can glorify God and praise Him for the help He gives us in this very dangerous world.

Pastor John

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Quick note


Just a quick note!
I’m in my own office now. Listening to the “Songs of Rest” website……….
How nice it is to hear “praise ye the Lord” while working!!!!

Michelle : )

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Short testimony

Hi John:

I was working at home the other day, and the presence of the Lord filled my office. It was growing stronger and sweeter by the moment. I prayed, “Lord, I want this to last as long as you want it to last; I’m not going to put my phone on hold or busy”. A spirit of prayer followed and I began to cry uncontrollably and began speaking in tongues. The moment the Spirit of prayer lifted and I dried my eyes and composed myself, my business phone rang. I love the “Comforter”. I had some things on my heart, but truly I didn’t know what the Spirit was praying; I’m just glad my heart was able to receive it. It is an honor to feel Jesus.

billy m

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Hi John,

I have been giving Joseph guitar lessons the last several months…. in the course of our banter, he was telling me that he was working on figuring out how to set up iTunes Podcasts, and I asked him if he could set up Music From Pastor John’s House radio program as a podcast (which is kind of like an iPhone radio program that people can get them on their phones, etc…. they are fairly popular).

Joseph set it all up, and posted our first radio program as a test. And it looks great, and works great. These young people really are learning their technology. (It’s not an easy thing to get this set up and approved by Apple, etc., so great job Joseph!)

If anyone has iTunes, or an iPhone with podcast app, or even want to get the podcast by computer link for their computer (link at: http://www.buzzsprout.com/7766 ), it’s there.

Joseph will be adding them episode by episode, and now, we have another hook in the water. He will be formatting a little more, adding keywords for searching and so on, but if you go to iTunes and search for “music from pastor johns house” or just “pastor johns house”, we’re there now, as a podcast!


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Pastor John,

For most of Sunday’s meeting I had a terrible stabbing pain in my right knee. Amanda told her testimony how Jesus gave her comfort from her rough week. And Brother Tom talked how Jesus knows our cry, like we know the different cries of our children.

Brother Earl talked about praying for others, is when he got his best blessings from Jesus. I also remember you talking about staying on the right path with Jesus, and if you feel something is wrong that your not sure where Jesus is then back the truck up and ask Jesus to help you get back on the right path. Then I am remembering Darren and Gary singing Stand By Me. That song blessed me so deep when it says, “Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you know I’m everything? So stand by me.” Then you began to talk about the body and some of us having back or knee pain. Just over all us needing healing from Jesus.

Then someone came up for prayer and in not too long of time the whole body was standing around the meeting room, while you were praying for different ones. When you said Jesus heal us, it got my attention. I was sitting in my chair in my home looking at everyone getting prayed for. I could not stand because of the pain in my knee. All of the sudden I heard Jesus tell me just get on my hands and knees in front of the computer and to put my head on the computer. Then He said, “You pray for the body at Pastor John’s house, don’t pray for your knee.” So without delay I obeyed Jesus and did exactly as He said for me to do. As I was on the floor I started praying for Jesus to heal us, heal my family, touch each of them, you can do it Jesus. After a few minutes of praying I felt a gentle peace come over me. Then I noticed the pain in my knee was completely gone. When everyone was done praying, I had to write in the comment box on Justin TV and tell that Jesus just took my pain in my right knee, while we were all praying.

Well we went to Huber’s Farm after the meeting and I walked around that whole farm pain free. And now it is Tuesday and my knee still feels great. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!

One thing Jesus said to me after healing my knee was to always be available and obey Him, if He calls to us too do whatever He will ask of us. Because we have all prayed for Jesus to heal something at different times in our walk with Him, rather its a bad week at work or a pain somewhere on our physical body. We don’t know when He will show up and just say a pray for your family don’t pray for yourself, and who knows what Jesus will do.

He is saying just live right and be available and obey Him in everyday because today could be the day He will heal something you prayed for long ago.

T. 🙂

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(Michelle has been listening to Pastor John’s Old Testament classes on CD, recently completing Pastor John’s telling of the story of Joseph)


Pastor John
The more I learn about the OT the more I feel whenever I ask Jesus to give me a heart like His. The love and mercy is overwhelming. I just feel so much right now there are no words.


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Morning Bro. John!

I love waking up to the words of the Lord and instruction for my life from the Spirit. I awoke this morning with this sweet truth:

You have to listen to be saved . . . . and you have to obey what you hear.”

It reminded me of the first time I heard the Lord’s voice directing me to Romans 6:13 for instruction for my sinful life at that time. As I read, it was laid out there before my eyes what I needed to do to be saved. Would I continue to be a servant of unrighteousness unto sin or become a servant of righteousness unto God? Did I want death or Life? I thank God, Bro. John, that He put it into my heart to consider the two paths shown to me and where they would lead. He knows exactly what we need. Today, I can read the following verse in Romans and praise Him, knowing that it is true only because of the mercy and love of God sent down to me 25 years ago:

But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.”

To just have read the verses in Romans that day and put it aside would not have done anything for my life. I would have continued in sin. I had to listen to the words of the Lord, and I had to obey the instruction that was there. To continue on the Path of Righteousness, the same instruction the Lord sent through Romans then, still applies today. To continue on the Path of Righteousness and be saved, I have to listen and obey the words of the Lord delivered to my heart each day.

I am so thankful He is still speaking to us through His Spirit, still giving instruction and guidance for our lives. Everyday obedience to the words of the Lord will lead us to our salvation. He loves us and will keep us to the end if we listen and obey.

It is a very good day when you can start it with instruction from the Lord wrapped around your heart. What a good life we have!

Sandy 🙂

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