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My Favorite Song


Hey Pastor John,

I just wanted to tell you my favorite song.

It is The Way of Grace, I don’t know what it is

about it, but it is so nice to listen to. Thanks for

writing it.

P.S. I also love the way it sounds with the guitar
and all the vocals. Thanks.

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Speaking in tongues


Pastor John,

I have experienced in several Pentecostal churches where members were speaking “tongues” another language to me, but there was no interpreter as Paul tells us must happen.  Just trying to get your advice and counsel and mean no harm.  God Bless you for serving Our LORD.

May God Bless you with his grace

Evangelist Stephen


Hi Stephen,

I believe you have misunderstood Paul’s instruction, which is not unusual.  If you will, check out the following.  It may help clear things up.

May God bless you and those with you.

Pastor John





Thank you for your quick reply. But my confusion is still why people in great numbers just stand up during the sermon and speak in tongue. What was it they were saying I have to ask myself. Now I am guilty of speaking during a sermon by an occasional amen. At least everyone knows what was said. I understand the gift of tongues and having that great one on one with God. What about new visitors to the Church? Will they run out the door in fear that evil dwells there?

Thank you again for kindly having this in Christ discussion. In my 60’s I have turned into a human sponge for God’s word.

May God Bless you with his grace
God’s Preservation Ministry

Evangelist Stephen


Hi Stephen,

The portion of scripture you are thinking of is from

1Corinthians 14:26-31:

 [26] How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, everyone of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.[27] If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret.[28] But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God. 

Because Christian translators mistranslate the Greek word, ekklesia, as “church”, most people have the same misunderstanding as you do concerning what Paul was saying.  The phrase, “in the church” should be “in the assembly”.  In other words, Paul is referring to someone standing up and addressing the assembly of saints; he is not forbidding people to speak in tongues in the building where the saints are meeting unless there is an interpreter.  Here is what Paul actually wrote:

 26. What is it then, brothers?  When you come together, each of you has a song of praise, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation.  Let everything be done for edification.

27. If anyone in an assembly speaks in an unknown tongue, it should be by two, or at the most, three, each in turn, and let one interpret,

28. but if there be no interpreter, let him be silent in an assembly, but, let him speak to himself and to God.

In verse 34, it becomes even clearer that Paul is referring to someone addressing the assembly when he says that women are to be silent “in the assembly” (that is, “to the assembly”).  He made this point even clearer when he wrote to Timothy that women are not to “usurp authority over a man” to teach in an assembly of saints (1Tim. 2:12).  We know that here in 1Corinthians, Paul was not issuing a blanket commandment forbidding women ever to speak when an assembly of saints met because he commended both Aquila and his wife Priscilla for the work they both did for the assembly of God, including the assembly that met in their home in Corinth (1Cor. 16:19), and even into his old age (2Tim. 4:19).  Paul also called both Aquila and Priscilla “my fellow helpers in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 16:3), and they both helped Apollos understand the truth of the gospel more perfectly” (Acts 18:26).  We also know that the apostle Philip had four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:8-9), and it is impossible to think that those daughters prophesied without speaking “in an assembly” when the Spirit moved upon them.

So, we have to take all the scriptures together in order to get the whole picture.  When Paul forbids anyone, male or female, to speak “in the assembly”, he is forbidding any person to speak to the assembly as one who is addressing and teaching the assembly.  He never forbids anyone to speak in tongues while an assembly is together.  And as to whether or not some visitors will think God’s people are crazy for doing so, the answer is, yes; they will.  And some will run out, thinking something evil is taking place there.  John Sherrill did, for example (but he later received the Spirit, and wrote a famous book about the experience).  But so what?  Paul himself never says God’s people are crazy for speaking in tongues during a meeting.  In fact, he forbids anyone to tell God’s people not speak in tongues and says in 1Corinthians 14 that he speaks in tongues more than anyone in Corinth does.  But his point is that when addressing the assembly, he speaks in a language the people can understand:

 18. I thank my God, I speak in tongues more than all of you;

19. however, in an assembly, I prefer to speak five words with my understanding so that I may benefit others also than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.

Finally, let me point out that there is no such thing as “the gift of speaking in tongues”.  All of God’s people speak in tongues because the evidence of receiving the Spirit is “stammering lips and another tongue” (Isa. 28:11 and 1Cor. 14:21), but only a few have the gift of “diverse kinds of tongues” (1Cor. 12:10); that is, the gift of ministering to an assembly (“in an assembly”) in a language other than their own.

I have seen people be out of order by speaking in tongues when the preacher was preaching, but it was not the speaking in tongues that was out of order; it was the people themselves, and their speaking in tongues at that time was only the evidence of it.  As a rule, there is nothing wrong with it, and you will damage a congregation by commanding them never to do so.  You will quench the Spirit, which Paul absolutely forbid us to do.

I suspect that the basic reason you are confused about this issue is that you believe that all speaking in tongues is the gift of “diverse kinds of tongues” and that you do not understand what the new birth really is.  Please read my gospel tract, “The New Birth” at:


Pastor John

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Billy M – Last night

Hi Pastor John:

Last week, I had been in meetings in WV all week. The things you hear and see can be very vexing. It was so refreshing to see everyone on livestream Saturday and last night. Even though it was livestream, the feelings of seeing my family were wonderful.

I sat in my chair with tears running down my face last night, so thankful for everyone. I felt peace and the power of God from the testimonies. The songs were not from this world and the reading of chapter 9 of your book, God Had a Son came from the same place.

When you stretched forth your hand and prayed for us on JustinTV, I felt a surge of the Spirit that was so peaceful covering my body; it felt like I was wrapped in a security blanket of peace. We know you love us all, and we know that especially Jesus loves us all and that love came from his Father. What else could it be to hear the words, testimonies, and songs that were are blessed with?

Thank you, Jesus

billy m

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Pastor John,

I have been watching YouTube videos of Oral Roberts since Saturday night when you were talking about him. I love watching him obey the Spirit and heal all those people. There’s something about him that I just love! I know he’s gone now, but I feel like he belongs with us. Since he’s been on my mind, I’ve been praying this week to feel His power more. When I went up for prayer tonight, I could feel my flesh resisting for just a split second, but when I gave in, I just felt like I was floating down to a heap on the ground. I love, love, love the feelings that Jesus brings.

As you mentioned in tonight’s reading, there’s no “maybe” with the truth; there’s no compromise, no mix. I’m happy with exactly the way the truth is- nothing added.

Thank you for everything.


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Jesus touched my hand!

Hey Uncle John,

I just wanted to thank you for praying for us who were online. A couple hours before the meeting I had cut my hand badly. I got a new dissection kit for one of my science labs and I was taking the cap off of my exacto knife and my hands slipped. It put about a centimeter deep cut into the palm of my hand. I don’t think my hand has ever hurt that bad. It was still hurting during the meeting, but when you prayed for us I felt all the pain go away instantly and I could move my hand again. I’m gonna need it for taking notes in classes. But I know Jesus did that for me. It makes me cry writing this. I was scared about it and considered going to the infirmary tomorrow morning, but not anymore! 🙂 Thank you Jesus! And thank you for praying for us. I sure did feel it.


Ps: I miss you all a lot. 😦 Its a different world up here. Classes are going well though. 🙂

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Hey there!

I dreamed about the Father and Son book last night.  In the dream, I was looking at the file and the first line of the paragraph I was reading said in bold:  
Nobody can have communion with God alone.
🙂  That just goes along with everything we have learned about the Father and the Son.  It’s about relationships: The Father and the Son, them with us, us with them, and us with others here on earth in the family of God – no one is left out.  As you have said, there are no loners in the kingdom of God, and nobody can just have a relationship “with God” alone.  You can’t just work it out between you and God.  It’s all in the family. 🙂  And, anyway, that kind of thinking leaves the Son out, and that will not go over very well with his Father!  I love the love of the Father and the Son and the relationship they share with us, no one is “left out”, not his Son and not his family.
I am very thankful the thoughts of the Father and the Son are my life!

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2 Samuel 24

I just finished reading 2 Samuel 24 with Naomi and it was about when David sinned by numbering the people and God had him chose a punishment and he chose sickness for 3 days. Gad tells David to build an offering on the threshing floor of Araunah and the plague will be stopped. When David goes to Araunah’s to make the sacrifice, he offers him the floor, all his equipment for wood and his 2 oxen for free. But David told him that he could not offer it to God unless he paid for it.

It was so good, after learning about this recently in the Father and Son, to understand that David could not take all of that for free or the offering would not have been his offering. I was able to explain that and then add that is why God had to have a son. He could not take another man’s son and make an offering for sin. He had to have His own son.
Thank you!


“I am understanding; I have strength”
That is what the Son of God said through David. When we understand what was really happening, it not only brings peace and joy, but it also gives us strength to overcome the spirits of this age that would have us doubt that God is good, as the serpent made Eve doubt it in the garden of Eden.

It also makes telling those wonderful stories to our children much easier because they will certainly ask the questions when something is not clear!


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