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The Name Game. ..


Thanks, Brad.

It is a pleasure to see how well you understand the truth and can articulate it. Isn’t it sad how people can get so wrapped up in what amounts to nothing, and yet be so blind to the what really matters to God? I see that you remembered what I told you about “Jove”, that a Roman would have pronounced it as something like “Yahweh”. That is good.

Praise Yahusshhhew…YeeHaaaHsh… Oh, forget it. Praise Jesus!


PS The following is a bit of conversation that Brother Brad sent me after he tried to reason with one of those people who are adamant that the name “Jesus is wrong, and insist that one’s standing with God is determined by a precisely correct pronunciation of his name.


Yahweh’s Harvest  The reformers came out of the Roman Catholic Church and taught a NEW GOSPEL. It was stripped of some of the Truth. It all sounds good but has been a bit corrupted. We must go back to the preachings of Yahushua and the disciples and also the prophets. Go back and check the Words of the Greek which also points toward the Hebrew language. The followers obeyed the scriptures of that time, not the traditions of men. Of coarse we know that the Priest hood was given after the transgression of the golden calf and so therefore was cut off as Yahushua came and affirmed what He said He would do. And we are now in a more responsible position as He has written it all upon our hearts. To not obey His commands of His scriptures is to spit in His face and to say we do not Love Him. Our Messiah told them they erred in the Scripture, which Scripture? The Barreans checked Paul on which scriptures? Our reformers were mistaken as they just came out of Catholicism, we must go back before the reformers, the reformers Gospel is the gospel we have been warned about, it has been tampered with. We must search and ask Yahushua to help us to see the errors, ask Him in humbleness to open our eyes. His Name really isn’t Jesus, and can’t be, as the J is only 400 to 500 years old. His Name in Hebrew has meaning also His Name is IN most of the prophets names. Jesus is a bad translation. Since we could say His Name in English there is no sense in calling Him a name given 2 translations ago which also has no biblical meaning at all. I am not sure why all this has happened except the devil was haing his fun. He changed the scriptures, he changed the times. It’s not easy to understand Biblical times, dates and seasons after being gregorianized. It’s frustrating.

Evidence Based Faith  find The Name Yahweh In The Scripture. name worship is frustrating.

Evidence Based Faith  the name game is tough stuff.

Evidence Based Faith  like Yeshua, Yashua, Yahoshua, Yahushua..

Yahweh’s Harvest   Actually the changed Name of Yahuwah is Lord in it’s place. Get e-sword, look up Lord, then look at strongs. It says Yahovah But the W is the ancient Hebrew aleph bet, while the v is the modern Hebrew. And the o is a long oo sound. That is all. It’s real easy, really. And I have a video that better explains the Messiahs Name perfectly. It would take too much for me to show you by typing it all out and I am too tired. But there is the Fathers real Name though. Yahuwah, and His Name has so much meaning. Take out the vowels and we have YHWH, which is BEHOLD the HAND, BEHOLD , the NAIL. That is amazing! This is what the Messiah said when Thomas wanted to see the scars in His hands, Our Saviour said His Name. That is so wonderful.

Yahweh’s Harvest   The vowels are not as important as the sounding of it. Like their i is a long e sound, but our I is like eye usually. so the vowels are changed to compensate for sound. Once we know this then it’s easier to see why the vowels are changed around. But what is better than this is every single letter has a meaning and words have roots, and the letters have children to make more profound meanings, and the adopted children are even more precise. Even the ancient Hebrew aleph bet is like a family and shows His marriage covenant. He is all about marriage and being as One.
Like AB is the Father and ABBA is the Father Double portion, In Heaven. The Word says to call no man Fahter but your Father In heaven, yet we call Abraham Father. In English it makes no sense, BUT in Hebrew it makes perfect sense. An AB is the leader, protector, strength of the tabernacle, home. And ABBA has His strength and protection at both ends as in the wilderness when He was at their front and their rear.
A man is ADAM (short a sound) and a woman is the AM, which is strength, leader, and water, together means to be the strong glue or enriching from the inside. Add the N which is continuance to the AM and you get Amen or Amien, which is what she is to her husband, His Amen. She owns the tent while He provides for the tent, he is the warrior to protect his tent. They both have the A in the relationship which is the Father (leader and strength and protector) If you take the A out of the relationship then they will destroy eachother. The M which is the living water on the up side and chaos on the down side. The M then turns from the living water to teeth that devour or chaos. It’s a lovely language. And the old one is real easy to understand. There are charts online for the Ancient Hebrew.

Yahweh’s Harvest   Yahoooshooowah, LOL the vowels are there only for sound, not for spelling. That is why so many have their own preference. I still say Yahshua even though I know now from old writings found that it is Yahushua. Ill try to find that video so you can see where they found this. Im so tired right now that I cannot think of it. But it still means Yah the Salvation. Or BEHOLD the HAND is our Salvation. The Hand is a working Hand and the Behold is also a window. meaning LOOK, SEE, BEHOLD.

Yahweh’s Harvest   You can know what kicking against the pricks means in the Hebrew and leaves a question mark in English. These things are profound and has richer deeper meaning. Ill explain it later though cuz I just cannot keep my eyes open any more. I am so sorry. Shalom friend.

Brad   The LORD knows the heart; the LORD knows our intentions regardless of the proper Hebrew word, for goodness sake, therefore this name game thing is ridiculous.
Shakespeare: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Brad   BTW: “Yaweh” can mean Satan too. (Spelled differently, as “Jove”. . . the chief god of the Roman Empire). The high priest was, of course, Pontifex Maximus, and served Jove in the highest religious position of the time. Where is good ol’ Pontifex Maximus nowadays? Where is he preaching? Take a guess.

Yahweh’s Harvest   Yah not Jove. No, it does matter. Jesus is not his name. Intentions are not enough, seeking is what He says He wants. Those who SEEK me will find me. Don’t be satisfied with what the church who came from the reformers who were tainted and came out of the catholic church, says. They did not know what the true Word said. The Barreans checked Paul on which scriptures to see if he was telling the truth? Yahushua said they erred in THE SCRIPTURES, which ones are the scriptures? YHWH is not into psycobabble and human minds making up whatever they please. The people in the wilderness may have had good intentions also, but He wanted their obedience with all their hearts. He wanted them to also have a circumcised heart, and the 2 greatest commandments are from the Torah scriptures.

Brad  And a circumcised heart is accomplished in this current dispensation. . in what way?

Yahweh’s Harvest   In walking in all his ways with all your heart all your soul and all your might, Deut 6 and 1John 2

Brad   Hey there! [insert name here], thanks for your prompt reply. I think you are partly right, for it is certainly good and right to walk in all his ways. . etc. But is that, in itself, circumcision of the heart? I think not. That is the RESULT of being circumcised in the heart.
Paul wrote two very important things about circumcision:
Romans 2:28,29. . .

     ‘For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. . . but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, in [by] the spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.’

AND. . .
Philippians 3:3. . .

     ‘For we are the true circumcision, who worship in the spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.’

That seems to suggest, quite strongly, that those who have been circumcised in this dispensation have been circumcised by the holy ghost, in their hearts, not with a physical law written on stone, for the law is now “written” [by the indwelling of the spirit] in their hearts—they who have received the spirit of God. Circumcision is an act of God, via the holy ghost; not something we can accomplish in the flesh—by effort or by doing good works or even by faith.
The reason I explain this is because there is an assumption that all Christians have the holy spirit, and—as you wrote—they are circumcised by walking in all his ways with all of their heart and soul and might. But I affirm that a believer is circumcised on the day of his or her new birth, when the spirit enters their temple, with joy and gladness and praise of God in an unknown tongue; under the visible POWER of God this is an obvious act of God. That blessing upon a man or woman enables them to finally worship God acceptably, IN the SPIRIT; no other worship counts with God.
I believe that is the true circumcision: the baptism of the holy ghost; the new birth.
Paul also said that “no one can say Jesus is Lord, but by the holy ghost.” Any proclamation of ‘Jesus is Lord’ that is not inspired by or compelled by the holy spirit is only man’s mouth—man’s lips saying words. It is the Spirit that is the witness, and the spirit speaks in another tongue, with overwhelming joy and power and authority.
So, my question, friend of Yahushuah: have you been truly circumcised in the heart, by the experience of being born anew? You seem to be well-researched on your name topic, and I respect your zeal, and your scholarship, but I’m wondering if you are making the mistake of “majoring in the minors.” Like the Pharisees who tithed ever-so faithfully, with painstaking detail, but neglected the weightier provisions of the law.
First things first: “Repent and be baptized.” I want you to FEEL what circumcision of the heart feels like! Then, perhaps, we can talk about the correct name of the Lord, and whether it is so critical or not. True, His name is originally the Hebrew name, as you say, but after all, we ARE English-speaking persons. And I believe that the Father doesn’t judge according to the correctness of our words, but by the intent of our hearts— and the love we have for His beloved Son— the Savior.
If I’m wrong, please show me, so I can understand your point more perfectly.”

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After the meeting


I was praying for you, John, to give you the wisdom and the eloquence to keep on. . . and to finish the book. . . but then I began to pray: “God, make John’s book what YOU want it to be… exactly what you want it to be. .. for your children… and for those hungering for the truth.”

When you write so thoroughly about the new birth and the evidence—the neccessity of tongues—it breathes such richness—such LIFE—-into that chapter, even though it does seem to vere off the subject… yet it really IS the subject.. “It’s the point!” as Damien said. It covers everything. It settles everything.

Tonight’s meeting felt so, sooooo good. Just what the doctor ordered.


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Hi, Pastor John:

I can feel that your book “God Had a Son before Mary did” is changing me on the inside. I am more thankful every time we read it. Sometimes, I am in awe of what God is showing us. He is so good to us and loves us so very much.

I love what Jesus said, “My Father hears me always because I do those thing that are pleasing in His sight.” God eyes are everywhere. The Spirit has been really dealing with me to take care of the small things in my daily walk with God. The big things are obvious, but it’s the little things (foxes) that can spoil the vine.

I can’t tell you how much this book is helping me. Since chapter 5, it’s seems my understanding is opening up. It makes me want to go back and read chapters 1-4 again. And I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book and am praying for my understanding to be opened up in those pages, too. Whatever I understand, Jesus revealed it.

Hope you have a great week,


Good morning!

 Reading section three from Chapter 6 in the Father and Son book left such a good feeling last night.  There were two things that really stood out to me.  One was that the Father heard and answered Jesus’ prayer and did give him a way out of being put to death on the cross, but that Jesus did not take it.  The love of the Father, the love Jesus had for his Father, the love they both have for us is, well, it’s just huge!  It is so big, that just to feel a touch of that love makes me feel very still and small.  Who in this world is thinking on such things?  Believing such a wonderful thing?  
The second thing that stood out to me was going over the supposed “crimes” of Jesus.  I love that part because it clears out wrong ideas about what Jesus was doing and saying while on this earth.  He really was intent on doing his Father’s will, above everybody and everything, himself included.
Wow, who knew it?  The Father had a son!  

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Pastor John,

Ok. I found the part in Chapter 6, Section Three that I really liked. For me, it set the stage for reading about the Son’s ministry. It’s the five statements Jesus made.

    • No one could come to the Father but by him (Jn. 14:6).
    • All power in heaven and earth was given to him (Mt. 28:18. Note: Jesus did not claim power over the earth only, which Satan had offered him, but power in heaven also, which Satan wanted for himself.)
    • He had the authority to forgive sins (Mk. 2:5-7. Note: This claim was rejected by religious leaders whom Jesus called Satan’s sons, and being Satan’s sons, they would have been reflecting Satan’s attitude.)
    • He and God were in perfect accord (Jn. 10:30; 17:22).
    • He was greater than both the temple (Mt. 12:6) and the Sabbath (Lk. 6:5).”

Thinking about only Jesus can do these things gives me a settled heart and encourages His spirit in me. The Section Three is wonderful. Thank you! I almost feel like I’m learning a new Jesus and a new Satan.


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is this in there?

RE: Wednesday night’s reading about the Temptation.


Okay, people’s image of Satan is usually with a pitchfork and tail but really that’s not how it is. Bekah asked if Satan wants the catholic or pentecostal; is it pentecostal since it is more like what he was used to? (or something along those lines)
This is what I gathered from what everyone was saying:
–> God- holy ghost, real, life, good, alive
–> Satan- holy ghost {dormant}, ceremonies (water baptism, communion, feet washing), like home to him but [in such things] he has control
–> Man- self willed, crazy, uncontrolled

Yes, that is right, except that Satan has never had the holy ghost. The holy ghost is God’s life, and only the Son had that. What he was good at is maintaining perfectly proper form.

Is this in the book somewhere?

Is what in the book? The issue of proper form instead of real life? Yes, there is a whole chapter coming up about that, chapter nine.

I feel like it would help people understand who Satan really is, and his point of view of things. If they get that image out of their head it would help move forward; it could make it easier to understand. They need to keep the holy ghost alive! If not, by going to the church, that is where Satan gets his foot in and the “dormancy” begins. I remember it being said about the image people have of Satan, but in tonight’s reading, I feel like it was very simple, black and white, of how it really is. That may already be in the book, but again, tonight it was just really clear. Maybe it’s just me understanding it better. But, the way it was said tonight made more sense!


Thank you for the questions, Danielle. It makes me glad to hear when something is easy to understand. The truth is always like that. Please pray that I can get the truth out there, as simple and good as it always is!

Pastor John

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Hi Pastor John,

I am thankful Jesus let me love what you were saying Saturday night to us as a body, and “The Temptation” was beyond wonderful.  Since our translation session on Friday, after doing the verse in Ecclesiastes 12:13for the Father and Son book, I have been feasting on whole book of Ecclesiastes.  It goes hand in hand with what you were telling usSaturday night.  I love God’s wisdom.  I feel so blessed to be allowed to hear with my heart.  Thank you for watching over us. 


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Hi Pastor John,

I had just written a letter to the local BSA branch executive, 2 weeks ago, and he replied the day after the decision, claiming victory.  I had written to the wrong man.  You see, he was a hypocrite.  The organization was killed from within, by liberal men who condoned the lies from the homosexual pressure groups.

If you can stomach this article, it’s very good.  And read some of the comments afterwards.


Hi Brad.
This is what i posted at the site you sent me:
After carefully studying the issue from a purely scriptural standpoint, I can see no possibility of homosexuality being anything but an abomination to the one who created us. The Bible never varies from that clear position. What is surprising, though, is how Paul describes it in his letter to the Roman believers. He describes homosexuality as more than sin; he describes it as a curse that comes on unthankful people who have turned away from the truth. Read this level-headed article for the details on what the Bible says about Homosexuality.

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