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Preacher Clark biography

Hey John

I have been reading tonight Chapter 8 eight in the biography you wrote about your father. Very good!! One thing that you said in Chapter 8 really struck me: “But the truth was that I had merely been allowed to stand on the shore and feel one small wave of an ocean of the knowledge of God that is hidden in Jesus.” This book will humble the heart to a new place that it has not been.

John, I am sad that this book about Preacher Clark is coming to a end.



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Psalm 2:7

Is there a possibility that the Father is speaking of “bringing forth” the Son into view or revealing him? Looking around yalad seems nearly always to be connected with literal birth, but there are a few abstract uses such as in Proverbs 27:1. And in the Hithpael there is the sense of “to declare one’s birth (pedigree)”.


Hi Damien:

I think there is another figurative use of yalad in play here, in Psalm 2:7. Often, in the ancient world, when a great king installed another as subject king of a province or territory, he would re-name that lower king, as if that king were his son. Symbolically, in renaming the lower king, the greater king was “begetting” the lower king, the way a father names his son when he is born. Here, in Psalm 2:7, God the Father is speaking of installing Christ on his throne in heaven after his resurrection and ascension. So, yes, your gut feeling is right. The Father “begat” the son when he glorified him and placed him on the throne, thus revealing to be “Lord of Lords and king of kings.”


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Pastor John’s House Teaching Materials and Music Store



I am not sure why my thoughts went in all directions, connected somehow, but I don’t seem to be able to make an edifying communication of the random thoughts.

It touches so many points of faith:

The message on “All Things”* goes much deeper, makes God much wiser, more in control, and much more terrifying.

An example of God’s patience now seems in perfect character when he said the iniquity of the inhabitants of Canaan haven’t reached the fullness therefore they will remain in the land for a while is believable with no effort.

it helps me believe he that is least in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist due to the Son’s greatness.

I have to now ask myself do I believe God is in 100 % in charge not 99 and 9/10 percent?

Not of him that wills it nor of him that runs the race but of God who shows mercy.

t makes me ponder Jesus words will he find faith when he returns.

Oh, Thank you Jesus!!!! Oh Thank you Father!!!!


* Pastor John’s “All Things” book has been revised and retitled, Suffering and the Saints.

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Satan tempting Jesus

Good Morning John,

I have been trying to find the answer to a question that I beleive you have addressed somewhere in chapter 6. In the chapter 6 notes it states that Satan would have seen Jesus in the wilderness as any other human and would have expected him to fail as others had done in the past.

My question is this. If Satan percieved Jesus as human, why would he temp him with things beyond human power to perform, like turning a stone into bread and throwing himself from a cliff. I am almost positive I have seen the answer to this question but like I said I cannot locate it now.


Hi, Tom.

Satan perceived Jesus as human but with a very close connection with God. And he knew that connection existed from the time Jesus was born, and that is why he envied Jesus and wanted him dead from the time he was born. According to the gospel written by God in the sky (Rev, 12), Satan is the one behind Herod’s effort to kill the baby Jesus.

As for having power, Satan had seen a number of earthly servants of God demonstrate great power, men such as Moses, Elijah, and Elisha. So, he would have had no problem thinking that Jesus, , since he seemed to be special to God might also have power.

Satan had no idea how much power Jesus really has.

Hope that addresses your question.

Pastor John

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Transcript (excerpt)


I wrote all this down from your sermon this past Wednesday night because it was so thrilling. . . and I was about to post in as a FaceBook “Note”, but wanted your approval. Is it too much for the mixed FB audience? Or if you prefer to send it out to our group exclusively, that’s okay too.

Just wanted your opinion.


[There has been some news, recently, about many individuals in Afghanistan and/or Pakistan receiving the baptism of the holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and have joined themselves with the institution of Christianity at the encouragement of a certain Christian missionary. There’s a tragic error here: GOD has baptized them—with His Spirit—and then a MAN has told them they belong to Christianity, when actually they belong to Jesus! Consequently, these new born-again souls are indoctrinated into the common ceremonies and rituals and misinterpretations of the Bible that burden so many in the religion of Christianity. But you can’t add to what Jesus has done. Jesus is enough. (God help them!)]


John Clark points out this error in this excerpt from Wednesday’s meeting:

“If they have received the holy Ghost, they have hungerd and thirsted for righteousness. I have a right to talk to them. . . because what I talk about is what they hungered and thirsted for. It doesn’t matter who claims to have a right to talk to them. Every child of God who was baptized with the holy Spirit, in Afghanistan [or wherever]. . . to get the holy Ghost they had to hunger and thirst for what we have. They might not know it. They might not understand what we have, but I know this is what they’re after. They can get sidetracked by Christian foolishness, but that’s not what they’re after; that’s not what got them the holy Ghost. What got them the holy Ghost was hungering and thirsting for the truth—the righteousness of God—which is without ceremony, without ‘form’, without false doctrine. God help us get it to them!

‘The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the holy Ghost [Romans 14:17].’ It’s IN the holy Ghost [Not in Christianity]. That’s why, when people hunger and thirst for the kingdom of God—and His righteousness—they get the holy Ghost! That’s why they get it–’cause that’s where it is! And God’s giving it to them!

God: “You want My kingdom? Speak in tongues! You want my righteousness? Here it is: speak in tongues!”

If they’d been hungering and thirsting for rigtheousness and God had given them a bowl of turnip greens I would’ve said, “That’s where it is!” But He didn’t give them a bowl of turnip greens! He didn’t give them a water baptism! He didn’t give them a ‘church membership’. He gave them the holy Ghost [with the evidence of speaking in tongues].

Glory to God!
‘Cause that’s where the rigtheousness is!
And the angels rejoice…. And Jesus rejoices…. And we rejoice!”

April 18th, 2012


If you have the faith, then shout it from the rooftops, Brad.


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Pastor John’s House Teaching Materials and Music Store


Hi, John:

We had another wonderful time reading with everyone this past Sunday. We read from your book Solomon’s Wisdom, Chapter 6: “The Merciful and the Cruel”, and Chapter 7: “The Righteous and the Wicked”. We know that Solomon wrote those wise sayings for his son, but these passages are so rich for all of us (young or old) today. We started out by reading, “What To Do When Bad Things Happen”, in your book, All Things, that Suzi brought. I asked everyone, “Tell me something good that happened to you this week. Everyone took a turn and told on God. Tom told us about his email to you about moving; Danielle told us about the good grades that she got; I told about my grinding wheel dream; and so on — simply wonderful. Then, we read, “What To Do do When Bad Things Happen.” It comes down to believing that Jesus really does love us, and that “All things work together for good, to them that love God and are the called , according to His purpose.” But also included is the reality of how much God hates the wicked.

Reading the Solomon’s Wisdom book has been very encouraging for us. It keeps your mind on God during the off-weeks that we don’t have Livestream, and it gives you strength for the upcoming week, and we still have about half the book to read!

Hope to see you soon,

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I was listening to your the OT class on a CD about how physics of the earth changed after the flood with the lifespan shortening & Noah getting drunk for the first time & I noticed something interesting. The first time in Genesis that the word “month” is used in the date is when the flood happen. There is not a reference to “month” before the flood. Did the moon have 30 days cycles before the flood? The moon was there as the lesser light in the night but is there any reason to assume there were months beforehand? Their were days and years (cycles of the sun?) but not mention of months. The moon affects the ocean tides so were there tides? We had a god discussion about “months” and what God did with the flood this am. I’ve noticed lately how much I’ve assumed in the Father and Son book that was wrong. We must be careful about always we just “assume” to be true. Good to think on.


It is not safe for us humans to assume anything about anything. You have obviously caught on to how ignorant we are, as a species. When we reach that point in our spiritual journey, we can really begin to enjoy the journey, and sincerely examine our own thoughts, which is what Paul told the saints to do: “Examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith.”


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