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Hey Pastor John,

I’ve finished reading through the rest of the chapter and I really love it! Reading through the second section, it’s interesting to think of Jesus and Satan both being “servants of God”! Both were doing God’s will and it was perfect! Reading that, and then section 4 last Sunday with Aaron and Abby after breakfast brought some good feelings and conversation about how good it is to know that God really is the one in charge of everything, good and bad. Reading that saves you from fearing what Satan might do and makes you fear God and what he can do. That is the kind of fear I want, the kind that gets you somewhere and doesn’t hold you back.

I also liked the part in section 2 that talked about Satan’s “big chance”. I’ve never thought about it like that, that Satan would have looked forward to offering his position because he thought that meant a promotion for him! It is scary to think of how blind God can make you toward things if you are filled with pride and only want what is best for yourself and can’t see His plan! It’s a bad feeling to even get close to that.

I also thought it was sweet when talking about the story of Peter denying Jesus, and how Jesus asked him 3 times if he loved him. It seemed like Peter was given another chance to say 3 times that he does know Jesus and he does love him, even though his self-confidence was shot after denying him 3 times.

I LOVE the “Treason, Treason!” section 🙂

I have had a few questions along the way…
1. I think you said it before, but what exactly is the meaning of a “son of God” before the Spirit came?


Not to be flippant or anything, but the meaning was just “a son of God”, and apparently, it could apply to any rational created being.

2. What exactly did Satan know about “the Messiah” and wouldn’t he have asked God if he was someone special to Him like Jesus kept saying? I would think that Satan would have asked something.


All of heaven knew that Jesus was the Messiah, beginning before he was born. That is why there was such celebration in heaven as the shepherds saw outside of Bethlehem. Nobody in heaven knew what the Messiah would eventually do, other than rule the nations.

3. In section 5, you wrote that we now have to deal with the same spirits that those in heaven had to deal with…but what do you think that was? Did other angels or heavenly beings get tempted by Satan or were they influenced, what does that mean? That is interesting to think about.


Influence. Feelings. Wondering. That kind of stuff. No wisdom or knowledge of God, concerning good and evil. All of that was still hidden in the Son.

4. Don’t you think that maybe the Son did know about Satan being evil since the Son had the same spirit as God and they talked all the time, and he would have felt something from his Father?


You have the same spirit as God, and talk to Him all the time, and feel things from the Father. Do you know everything the Father knows?

Thank you again for sending this out for us to read, I have really enjoyed it! 🙂
I have attached a copy of the errors I found and some of them have a comment attached if it was unclear.


Thank you, Leah for the help!

You mentioned Section Two of Chapter 6. I have completely rearranged the first half of that section it and re-written parts. You can read it in the PDF document (chapters 1-6) attached.

You will notice some random notes along the way. Ignore them. I am not completely finished yet. But close, thank to you all!

Pastor John

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your response

Pastor John,

I read your response to the young man who wanted to know where he could find a place to worship like we have. Wonderful response.

Tonight, Song and I sat down together and read more of Chapter 6 of your Father and Son book, mostly the part on Satan and his likeness to Haman, etc. We wanted to get still and be fed, it’s been hectic here. So it was good to sit down and read together for a while.

John, it is such good food we have, just so good. The feelings it left us with were so edifying. I thought of your reply to the young man. It would do him more good to sit down with his family and eat unadulterated spiritual food like we did this evening, than it would for him to go to 1000 services at 1000 “whore-houses” in Christianity, looking for something to touch his heart. God’s people need to know that. If they would just get still, and eat that which God has supplied (the truth that He has given you for us), it would do more good than they could ever imagine.

I am so thankful for my family in Jesus, John. I would not want to sit down all the time and read with just Song and I when we have so many people nearby (that’s another miracle!)…. but I did learn that it does one good to do so, and that young man would be encouraged if he would trust God to know that two or three with truth, is enough and far better than the multitudes with empty promises.


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Dear Gary,

Thank you for your email and the mp3, and the lyrics. I’m sorry that I took so long to reply.

Would you please ask pastor John if he could recommend a church in Salem and/or Portland (Oregon) areas that is Spirit-filled, speaks in tongues, is on fire, and has SUCH a Sunday school for kids, too? I have went to 16 churches to my disappointment….

Thank you so much and God bless you and Pastor John


Hi Ling.

Thank you for writing.

I understand your disappointment. What you and many other dear children of God are looking for cannot be found in any church. You will frustrate yourself more and more if you keep looking for it there. Please do not follow the pattern of most who start out sincerely looking for the truth. After failing to find what their hearts are yearning for in a number of churches, they just settle for the “best” one they can find. God does NOT want you to settle for anything less than the way of the Spirit that His Son died for us to have!

You, and all of God’s people, would do well to have nothing to do with church religion, and gather instead in homes where the anointing of God is in charge. Trust God! Meetings do not have to be big to be holy and good. A few humble souls gathered together in Jesus’ name is absolutely sufficient for all your spiritual needs, as long as you and the others are free to be led by the Spirit.

Seek God, my friend Ling, not “the right church”. I despise church religion because I have learned that God and His Son despise it. Jesus died for us to have God’s kind of life; church religion was conceived by Satan and instituted by wicked men in order to to stifle it. Stay out of church, and stay pure and free.

God bless you as you learn to do things God’s way, and please let me know of any other questions you may have.

Pastor John

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God had to?

Hey Pastor John,

I was re-reading the chpt. 6. In the section on ‘No One Knew There Was a Temptation’.

As I read, a thought popped into my mind.
Halfway down the second paragraph, you have written, “God could have chosen any of His heavenly servants to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, of course, but as always, He chose the one with the qualifications….etc.

The thought I had was: He couldn’t have chosen “…any of His heavenly servants…” because Satan was the only one that was qualified to offer Jesus the kingdoms of this world. He was the only one ruling it at that time.

Would this be a correct thought?


Hi Kay.

Thanks for writing.
I would rather say that God could have done anything, whatever He wanted to do, rather than say He was forced to do something a certain way. I understand your logic. I cannot see anything wrong with it, but God is as far beyond our logic as He is beyond our kind of righteousness, and knowing that, I have a hard time using the phrase “God had to do”.

Pastor John



I have been reading over the new ch 6 and just got through p 15. I had to stop and just try to take in just how impossible it was for anyone at that time to take in anything God was doing, even His own people!

He was putting his own son to death, going so far beyond the law, and what anyone could think. It was altogether impossible for them, because God had strictly forbidden his people from such thing in the law. What a good kind of feeling, hope, faith it makes me feel inside about the love of God for his Son and us. It feels good!

And as for ch. 5 I have been chewing on it like a cow chewing it’s cud. I read a page, chew the cud, read another page, chew the cud some more. I love it.

Thank you John for being there for Jesus to talk to.


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Hi Pastor John,

We got together this morning with Damien and Kay. We read Section Two of Chapter 6. It was really good. I know we have been reading these chapters for a while now, but Jacob started asking questions about baby Jesus and him (the baby) being the son of God. I think it was the first time he was really getting what we have been saying. It was something to watch him trying to take it in! I was watching him and thinking, “He has never been anywhere but here.” He has never even been to a church, but to see him struggle with wrong ideas already in there was something. It was very sweet watching him learn this. I had this thought: “Just because our children are sitting in a chair in these meetings does not mean they understand what they are a part of. After everyone was gone, I was doing dishes and just thanking Jesus to be able to help him understand. The spirit spoke back saying, “It’s because you were doing your part!” Our part is taking the time to sit down and read with them and include them. It was very sweet!!


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Bro. John:

I have nothing to add to what you have written here, but I just wanted to share with you some feelings while I was reading this section.

When I got to the ending, “Those like Satan, who hated Jesus but wanted him to be king, and those like Peter, who loved Jesus and wanted him to be king, would have done as much damage as the priests and elders would have done if they had been able to kill Jesus and keep him dead.”, I just had to sit there and let that one thought roll over and over in my heart. It struck me as terrifying that one may think they are doing right when it can be as wrong as can be without the Spirit of God leading. As you said here, Satan and Peter, one motivated by hate, the other by love, but both of their desires not according to the will of God. This thought made me realize how much we poor humans need the holy Ghost. How very valuable is the Spirit of God guiding us everyday in our lives so that we please Him who made us!

I remember you telling us in a message a while back that if there was anyone doing the will of God on the day Jesus died, it was the ones who crucified him. That was a new thought to me, a forward thought from God. Who was doing the will of God on that day? The ones who appeared to be doing what was right or the ones doing the will of God, who appeared to be doing wrong?

I am just overwhelmed with what we are receiving from God. I know it is not just for us. The Lord reminded me of the verse in Romans 11:1-5

“I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.
God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew. Wot ye not what the scripture saith of Elias? how he maketh intercession to God against Israel, saying,
Lord, they have killed thy prophets, and digged down thine altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.
But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.
Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.”

For these hearts, God is still seeking. There is still so much hope and love in Jesus. This kind of love just makes the heart weep and at the same time overflow with joy . . . . and want to kiss the Son. 🙂

Praying God will open up the storehouse for you (and us), John, to get this to His people.

Sandy 🙂

That was a remarkable thought about Satan and Peter, Sandy, but it was not quite perfect. I had to re-write it as follows:

“If they had had their way, Satan and Peter, who wanted Jesus to be king of the world, would have done as much damage to the work of God as Satan and Israel’s elders would have done if they had been able to kill Jesus and keep him dead.”

At different times, Satan was on both sides of that issue. And either way he had it, if he had accomplished what he wanted, it would have been bad.


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Bro. John:

I remember when I first started seeking the holy Ghost and reading my bible, a verse in Genesis 26 jumped out at me: “And God said, Let usmake man in our image, after our likeness: . . . .” I gave you a call that night and asked you to help me understand who the “our” meant. I had always thought, as many still do today, that God alone was in heaven (except for the other heavenly creatures) and that Jesus did not come until his birth through Mary. It was that verse that caused my heart to realize that God was not there alone, but sharing His heart with someone very dear to him – His Son!

Chapter 6, Section 1 is so full of sweet feelings, the knowledge and understanding of God that can only be revealed by Him to us. It is truly amazing to take into our hearts what He has shown us thus far.

I love the explanation you wrote here.

They did not understand that when Mary’s son and God’s Son became one, that one new man shared everything that made up the two, so that it can truthfully be said that the Son of God came from Nazareth and that Jesus came from heaven. Paul was not wrong to say that God’s Son was “born of a woman, born under the law” (Gal. 4:4), and the author of Hebrews was not wrong to say that when the Son came from heaven, a man’s body was already prepared for him (Heb. 10:5, quoting Psalm 40)”

I had to read it several times to grasp the fullness of it, but what a revelation. It is us! An old past and a new past in one. We live in these earthly temples created for us by God, but the new man is in the holy Ghost, and if we are led by His Spirit, we will dwell with the Father and the Son one day. What you wrote helps me to understand more fully what Jesus told me about my earthly parents: “You are not a product of that union anymore.” I am the biological daughter of Fred and Marguerite from New Bern, NC, but oh, how sweet, that I am the daughter of my Father in heaven. His traits live in me now – a child of the King!

We are truly blessed to be receiving such sweet manna from heaven. I want these holy thoughts to settle deep within my heart and soul so as Solomon said about the law:

When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee.”

The love of the world pales to the love that is in the heart of God. Whew!

Sandy 🙂

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Pastor John,

The feelings and thoughts that have been coming since reading these chapters in the Father and Son book!!! I was driving home today listening to the Father and the Son music cd. There’s a part in the first song about the Son being revealed through the passing of time! All these thoughts and feelings just started flooding me, on the inside. I don’t even have words for all I was feeling 🙂 It was like looking behind a curtain, and you could understand what you saw there, but when the curtain was closed you are left with just bits and pieces!! I started praying, “Please, Lord, I want to know!”

Then the Spirit said, “I am still hidden to some.”

John, the feelings of – do I really know how big this is, to know the things? We do know! Or to hear the Spirit speak to us! To have the Son revile himself to us!! IT’S BIG!! It’s like looking behind that curtain. We know him when we see him, but when he shuts the curtain, we just see bits and pieces. I can’t get it all out!!!

Love you guys and hope you are getting a lot done.


PS. I did have a question the other night when reading chapter 6. I have never thought this before and even thought why have I never asked this. Anyway, how come we never hear anything about Mary’s husband, Joseph? It’s always about Mary. Did he die young? I will look this up, but just struck me the other night.


Hi Jammie.

Yes, it is wonderful to have fellowship with the Father and the Son! It is very humbling and sweet. I am so happy you are being blessed by the knowledge God has given to us, and to all who will believe.

As for Joseph, there is nothing for you to look up. He just disappears from the biblical record. Let’s hold on to the love and righteousness of God so that we can get to meet Joseph one day and ask him what happened!

Pastor John

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Hey there – I remembered when we first went over the part about bowing there was something very good in it. So, I went back and looked at some older files and one thing I ran across was the part that Satan “asked” Jesus to do it. Here is the section I found. I believe there was another time we typed up some notes on this subject that were very good, but I haven’t found those. I just remember really liking that section. I just wanted to forward it on to you just in case you saw something here you would like to include. I don’t remember the “asking” part in the “bowing down” section quite the way it is stated here. It may not be needed, but it was good. 🙂


If it is true that before he came to earth, the Son did not know that Satan was evil, he most certainly found it out during the Temptation, for when Satan attempted to persuade him to bow down and worship him by offering the Son great riches, the Son would have known such a request came from a wicked heart.

But it wasn’t simply the bowing down part that would have made it clear that Satan was wicked. Throughout biblical history, righteous men had responded to visitations from heavenly beings by fearfully bowing down, even collapsing before them (Gen. 19:1; Num. 22:31; 1Chron. 21:16; Ezek. 1:28; Dan. 10:7-10). So, the mere concept of a man falling down in a worshipful attitude before a powerful heavenly being would not have seemed out of order. Even as late as the book of Revelation (19:10), the apostle John, overwhelmed by a heavenly messenger’s presence, fell down at the feet of the messenger to worship him!

The critical difference between Satan and every other heavenly messenger before whom men fell is that none of those other messengers asked men to bow and worship them, nor did any of them ever attempt to persuade men to worship them with promises of great riches. It was simply the power of the presence of God’s messengers that caused holy men to bow. Satan, on the other hand, coveting the honor that all creatures gave to God, openly grasped after it. That evil deed, if nothing else, would have let the Son of God know that he was dealing with a wicked creature.

At the same time, we can assuredly say that if Mary’s son had shown up in the wilderness without God’s Son dwelling within his temple, he would have been overwhelmed by the terrifying, “anointed cherub” from heaven; but not so, the Son. The Son has never bowed to anyone but the Father, and never will.

Amy B


Hi Amy.

There is some truth in all that, but I wrote those paragraphs before I understood that Jesus bowing to Satan would have only been a formality, a symbolic acceptance of the position Satan was offering him. It is not surprising, then, that Satan asked him to bow. It was a way of saying, “Do you accept my offer?” Anyone at that time in history would probably have expected it and would have been shocked, as Satan no doubt was, that there was no bow, that is, no acceptance of the “honor” offered to Jesus.

Those old paragraphs that you found fall short of communicating what was really going on between Jesus and Satan at that moment. That’s why I cut them out.

Thanks for the comments, though. We are on a journey, aren’t we?


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Pastor John,

Judy and I read the first part of Chapter Six, last night. The reading is becoming easier to read, or maybe it’s my understanding of what is being written.

One of my favorite parts is when you are explaining the articles, “a” and “the”, such as with the Centurion, when you are describing a son as compared to the Son, and how it has been mistranslated on purpose to support a false doctrine like the Trinity doctrine (watched the Trinity study you did from TN on youtube; exciting because I understood what you were talking about).

While we were reading how parents were sacrificing their sons with fire to Baal on page 8, using the Jeremiah 19. I had a thought, “It is still being done today”. I asked myself, “how”. I felt in my heart say, “By a baptism other than Jesus’ baptism.”

Catholicism requires one to be baptized into their doctrine of form and bondage. I feel it’s no different than sacrificing a son to Baal. And, when Henry the 8th broke away from Catholicism and started the church of England (to fulfill his lust), one must be baptized into the church of England, to show his allegiance. From there, great massacres started by one side killing the other side to prove their side was the right side. In this modern age, it’s illegal to kill as they did back then, so now the great whore’s daughters (Protestant denominations) started to arise everywhere throughout the world, and most if not all required a baptism in water (a sacrifice to a modern day Baal), especially when their children reached the age at which their doctrine required it.

I wonder how Jesus feels, and especially his Father who gave Him, every time a baptism is done that is not His, or any other means of worship that is not sanctified by the Spirit; I know it hurts us seeing or watching it on TV.

We are so blessed to be given the task of getting truth such as this book for God’s people on the Father and the Son. If just one of God’s children can understand what God has given you and puts it into practice, then it’s one less sacrifice to Baal or one of the other demons.

We really appreciate you sending this out. When we’re reading things like this, it feels as though we are with you at the beach.

Billy M.


Hey John,

We enjoyed reading the chapter six section of the Father and Son book this evening. Your Rebekah will be armed with some questions for you over the weekend, things we talked about but did not know the answer to. We got together with Amy F., Tom and Suzi, Rebekah and Ellen, and LeeAnn and Ben, and enjoyed our time reading.

A couple things I wondered about after reading about the section on the willing sacrifice…. When a person had to offer their animal they were required to lay their hands on the animal’s head prior to killing them (I’m assuming for transference of sin, etc.). I was wondering when the Father did that to Jesus, and how. Was it before Jesus was killed, or sometime afterwards but before he offered himself to the Father.

There were a lot of good thoughts in this section… it really sends the wheels to turning.

Another question was this: before creation, Jesus was in a body, correct? And when he was glorified after his resurrection, was his glorified body a NEW body, or the same body he had before? And if a new body, what happened to the first body he posessed?

Then, with us, we will get a NEW body, but I suppose that is where we differ from Jesus – we were not sons as Jesus was with a body previously… All that gets a little sketchy. But I’m sure there are some good things in all that.

Who among God’s people is being given the good things we are? We should be SO thankful John.

Talk to you soon,

Pastor John,

It felt very good reading this section of the Father and Son book. I felt blessed reading through it. Good!!!
I liked the footnote on page 4 with the word since instead of if.
Also the part where you wrote about how much of what humans think is impossible is the norm in heaven.

Are you going to have in the next section about when Abraham was going to sacrifice Issac, how it would have made God jealous?
I still marvel at that sight, how confident Abraham was in knowing without a shadow of doubt that God told him to do that. Then, how he made no excuses for what he heard, and what he wanted for himself, being the father of that young boy.


We just finished reading it, and again…wonderful! Thank you 🙂

There was one more thing I saw in the paragraph halfway through that begins with “As miraculous as…”, half through that paragraph there is an “and” that I don’t think should be there…the sentence, “and contrary to Church mythology, AND the pre-baptism Jesus”.


Thanks, Leah. Every correction like that is valuable.

Hey Pastor John,

I like this paragraph that you added:

Abraham was willing to obey God and offer up his son Isaac, but Abraham was not making a sacrifice for sin. He didn’t know why God commanded him to sacrifice Isaac; he just knew that God told him to do it. Only after God’s angel stopped him from killing his son did Abraham learn that it was just a test of his faith…”

When I read it what I thought was, not only was God willing to give up His son as a sacrifice for our sins but His sacrifice was willing to be given up!

Not so sure Isaac would have willingly died as “his” father’s sacrifice just because God required it as a test of Abraham’s faith. That would have also been a test of Isaac’s faith!!

Gary’s song “Ask of Me” comes to mind… [Jesus talking] “I didn’t have to wonder what I’d say or do. I knew I’d ask my Father for you.”

This is soooo good! Thank you for sending this for us to read. I love it more and more!

Amy F

Pastor John,

This was good reading tonight.

I believe the verses on page 5 about the demons cried out (Mk 3:19; Lk 4:29) aren’t the right one’s- maybe it could be Matthew 8:29? Also the Hannah reference of (2Sam 1:1-2; 2:7) on page 6 I believe should be referencing different scriptures.

Thank you for sending this- have a goodnight!

Rebekah Embry

Thank you, Rebekah! I will check them out.

Hi Pastor John

If there were typos in what we read tonight for Chapter 6 we missed them because the reading was so good that we completely forgot to look for them.

In the section “A Man In Appearance” we love the part where you describe how the Son of God made his appearance as a man, not as an infant in a manger, and certainly not as an embryo in Mary’s womb. That section is sooo clear and easy to understand! Don’t change it!!! In the section on “The Virgin Birth” we were so glad Gary asked the question of why did it have to be a virgin birth and God gave you the answer. We doubt that anyone else knows and understands this. Now God is making a way for others to understand. These were just a couple of sections that stood out to us. Everything we read tonight from Chapter 6 was very good to us.

We are praying that God continues to give you what is needed to finish the book.

Love you,

Randell and Doris

Hey there,

The reading was so good. Joel and I read it together as we waited on Rob to come in from the airport (he had already read it on the plane!), and it was the sweetest feeling spending time together reading this chapter. Thank you for all your work and effort. it is a beautiful story of God and his love for us. I especially liked the part towards the end about the sacrifice being God’s own son. When I asked Joel what stood out to him, he brought that section up, also.

Hope to see more of your writing soon, and I hope you and Barbara are having a very good trip.


Here are a couple of corrections/comments:
1) In the paragraph which starts “As miraculous as Jesus’ birth had been . . .” there is an extra word in the fourth line after the word “mythology”.
2) page 6: just before the Mark 14:32-39 scriptures…”to do it to him” seemed a little vague. Is there a way to make it clearer?
3) The last paragraph didn’t seem to flow or end the section somehow.

Thanks, Donna. I will look at all that.

I like the last 2 sections much better tonight. The Owner, Willingly had a much better flow of thought 🙂 Michelle & I took turns reading together. It was sweet– Thanks for sending out.

I did have one comment, on pg3 in the 2nd paragraph from the bottom….
No halo encircled his head; his hometown was insignificant; his parents were nobodies; and contrary to Church mythology, and the pre-baptism Jesus performed no miracles and had no special knowledge of God, though he certainly loved Him, even as a child.



Yes, it seems that a bunch of people caught that mistake. Thanks for the feedback! It helps.

John, this Chapter 6 is so good. I will have to read it two or three times. On page 7, had to stop and take in the feeling at the beginning of that page. Just feel thankful to hear these words of life. The Lamb which God sacrificed for the world BELONGED TO HIM!

Junior E

We really enjoyed reading Chapter 6 tonight at our house. It was great to see Jonathan starting to have glimpses of God’s Son and Mary’s son coming together at the Jordan River to make the new man:) It felt so good reading and stopping and looking up scriptures and discussing what you had written. We took our time, and it was wonderful! So thankful you sent this out for us all. And we loved the pictures of the sunrise and sunset.

G’nite 🙂

Those new sections in chapter 6 are really good.

Julie P

Just got through reading! We are so blessed to know what we know !
Jammie C

That’s beautiful! We just finished reading chapter 6, Part 1… Good good feelings about God’s sacrifice… Really like the new sections!
By the way I noticed the translation you ended up going with for Psalm 113:9. Did you not want to translate that a little differently?


We can change the words a little, but the meaning that comes through as it is will not change. I will probably keep what we have now, but I will look at it again. Thanks.


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