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I thank God for “Thoughts for the Day” such as this one, below. John,
your gentle and wise counsel resonates so deeply in this. I cherish
this advice. It lifts BURDENS from my soul when you explain it in
this way…

Brad C

Thought for the Evening



An inquiry from a young sister in the Lord

Hey Pastor John,

The relationship between my sister and me is stressed. There is
unspoken tension between us which stems from our different beliefs.
Whenever Jesus comes up, he is discussed only briefly, which should
not be. I want to share so many experiences with her, but I can’t
because I know she won’t understand. When I do tell her something, I
get the same feeling as when I try to tell my mother a testimony. It
robs my joy. So I try not to talk to her about Jesus at all. It hurts.


I know it hurts, and that is part of what “bearing your cross” means.
That pain is also part of your “being crucified with Christ”. It is
also part of what is meant by the phrase “bearing the burden of the
Lord” for his people. So, you may be both humbled by and thankful for
that pain because in reality, it is not your hurt; it is Christ’s, and
he is letting you feel it. If you were still in sin, you would know
nothing about it.

There are times when the Spirit tells us just to be quiet; however, if
the Spirit tells you to speak, but you do not because you dread a
person’s negative reaction, you are failing to do the will of God.
Don’t allow a dread of people’s bad reaction to your testimony
determine what you do. You must be led by the Spirit. I have seen
people fail to do what is right because of dread of people’s reaction
many times, and have probably done my share of it myself. We have to
get past that if we are ever to be happy in Jesus.


After leaving her house the other day, I was so angry. I was just
disturbed. This is the first time I have felt real anger for
Christianity. I understood the harm it does to the children of God,
but I am experiencing firsthand what I knew to be true . . . if that
makes any sense.


Of course it does. It’s the only thing that does make any sense.


It’s like I knew how sad it was, but it didn’t touch my heart like it
is now. It is just frustrating and sad.


Multiply your experience by a few billion, and think of what God sees
all the time, and how He feels. You love your sister and hurt for her
(and others) as you do only because Christ does. You came out of sin
to know him. Well, here it is. It is his love and his hurt that you
feel. Now that you feel that pain, too, your prayers and your life
will be more perfectly in fellowship with the will of God in Christ

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Preacher Clark


Quick question: I have forgotten. . . What year did your father go to sleep in the Lord?
April 20, 1989

2nd question: Was he present when you received the “all things” message from the holy ghost in 1981? Did he agree with you on that?
100%. He was thrilled with it. Have you not read his tracts, “All Things” (which he wrote at least 20 years before I received that word from God), “Trials Are Opportunities”, and “Christian Suffering”? They were all written long before I was taught by Jesus on the subject, and they are perfectly in line with the scriptures and the truth. We all read those three tracts together after Jesus spoke to me, one a week for three weeks, and even my father could hardly believe that he had written those tracts before the Lord gave us the understanding that he gave us in 1981.

I am asking this because I just recently read a tract on the www.PioneerTract.com site : Renewed Strength. In it, GCC repeatedly claims that the devil is responsible for afflicting people with sickness and sin, so that must have been his “Christian” viewpoint up until you received the “all things” message, correct?
I wouldn’t say that. Even Jesus said, at times, that the devil had afflicted people (Lk. 13:16). There is a time for expressing the truth in a way that is different from the norm. The point of the tract, “Renewed Strength” is to communicate to the readers that God wants to heal them — and that fact holds true whether the speaker says God is responsible for the affliction or not. I recall the verse from Hosea that says, “God has torn, and He will heal us; He has smitten, and He will bind us up.”

When was that tract written?

Sometime in the early 1960’s, I would guess.
Pastor John

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Amos 3:3

Good morning John,

I was reading Amos and I noticed for the first time that in verse 3 of chapter 3 it was a question being asked. I always took it as a statement. Can you explain to me what is actually being said here?




Amos 3:3-6 contains a list of rhetorical questions, the expected answer to which is “no” in each case. Verse 3 asks, “Can two walk together unless they be in agreement?” The expected answer is “no”. People cannot walk together, or work together, if they do not agree.


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Hi, Pastor John:

As soon as we turned on the livestream, you could feel the soberness of the meeting. I said to Judy, “We’re going to get some meat today.” The songs were wonderful, they just filled my heart with joy and love. Amanda’s testimony was so good, I love it when God is priority number one. I loved Lou’s testimony; it is a matter of the heart. I loved when the lady knew Doris from her testimony from the previous time that Doris met her.

I never heard the story before of the person that you gave your coat and gloves to, so that he would not be cold, only to throw them in thorns. Then, to hear the story of what happened to him later, really put an awareness of how God really does loves us and will take care of us, in all situations. I loved it when Aunt Barbara, said that the ones who had left lost their thankfulness. I don’t want ever to be unthankful; it is all about having a Godly attitude.

I also loved when you were talking about having favor with God, and your had favor because your father had favor. I don;t think we could write all the things down that God has done for us, no matter that they could in the NT about all of the things that Jesus had done. I have found favor in a kidney stone; God used that to save my life. I thank God that I was able to see that when he revealed it to me.

The testimonies, songs, and teaching really was meat to my soul, this past weekend–it all was wonderful,


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Name: Ortwin ….

Pastor Clark,

I am speechless surfing your website. I am the one who mailed you asking for the full video clip Fill Me With Your Glory Now. For some reason I always had a problem calling myself a christian, I rather call myself a follower of Christ for all those reasons you already explained. Not that I am perfect, far from that, but I think you understand. I have been to several churches to be batised in the Holy Ghost several times, but I never received the evidence of speaking in tongues and the translation of it. Which I am longing for so long now. I have red all you said about christianity on your site, and I think you are so right, but at the same time I am so afraid of all that, because I have been raised in that tradition. And I am still suffering from a church split a few years ago, every thing changed drastically since then in church. And since then I didn`t go to church anymore, could not find a good one. I am still very confused Pastor, will you pray for me please, for revelation and the batism in the Holy Ghost.I am desparate in need of the Lords guidance in my live because I also lost my job after 30 years of working with the same firm. But the real pain in my life is that my wife Grace and eldest son Byron are still not saved. It`s just me and my youngest boy Gailan who are saved, so I have a divided house. Please remember me in your prayers.

Ortwin …..

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Jesus said that everyone who hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled, and so, I am excited for what is in store for you from the Lord. You do not need church religion to receive anything from God. You can meet Him in peace and never set foot inside the door of a church building. In fact, I warn people to stay away from churches and churchmen because they are deadly to the souls of men. You can serve God much more acceptably without them. Love those who are still in churches, but stay away from their religious prison houses.

But think on better things. Give no more thought to church religion, and just seek God. Read your Bible and pray. Keep your conscience clear, and your day to be baptized with the Spirit will come. Let us know about it when it happens. Everyone here will be praying for you and will rejoice with you on that day.

Pastor John

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Affliction & Healing

Hi pastor John,

I was at a seminar today listening to a scientist at our company talk about new technologies that are being developed to image tumor cells in cancer patients prior to and during surgery. He made a very convincing argument for this new fluorescent imaging technology, describing his own personal experience with his son-in-law, who now has cancer throughout his body because each of the seven surgeries to remove the cancer had missed enough to allow for the cancer to spread. In his emotional presentation, this scientist, whom I happen to know is a fairly devout Christian, was putting all of his faith and all of his hope into this technology, to save future cancer patients from the pain & suffering that his son-in-law endured.

It’s wonderful the things that are being done to diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases, but I wondered where he thought the cancer came from? Or where he thought the wisdom for new therapies, methods of early detection, etc. come from? I couldn’t help but think about Uncle Joe, who was completely cured of cancer, which was spread completely throughout his entire body.

While I was pondering these things afterwards, I had a thought which I feel like came from the Spirit: “We can’t believe that we can be healed unless we believe that Jesus may have afflicted us with the very thing for which we are asking healing.”

Does this sound right to you? I know I have heard you teach on this and I know God is in control, but are there afflictions, diseases, suffering, etc., that don’t come from God (either on His children or anyone else)?

[Name Withheld]


Hi —-.

In light of what the Bible clearly teaches, from Genesis to Revelation, I am convinced that those who deny that God is in absolutely control of their circumstances are victims of pride and ignorance. Pride, because humans do not want to face the fact that we are by nature “desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9). And ignorant because they do not know how holy God is and how great an offense to His holiness our sin is. “The wages of sin is death”; therefore, faith in God sees whatever we suffer before we die as designed by God to help us humble ourselves and prepare for death.

Who can read Deuteronomy 28, or the book of Job (carefully), or even consider Jesus sent by the Father to the cross, and not see that God was in perfect control of every affliction and suffering of His people? One seminary professor taught our class that God would not afflict children. David didn’t know that, and when God struck his first child by Bathsheba dead, David knew it was for his sin that the child died, and that God had done it. When the prophet Nathan confronted David with his sin, he said, “because you have given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, the child that is born of you shall die!” And in the next verse, the author of 2Samuel had no qualms about saying, “And the Lord struck the child, and it was very sick” (2Sam. 12:15).

Any time I hear a man begin a sentence with, “God would never…”, I know that man does not know God. God will do whatever He pleases, whenever He pleases, to whomever He pleases, for as long as He pleases to do it. Psalms tells us that “whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did He in heaven and in earth.” It has never been any other way. He may or He may not use someone else to carry out His design, but God is always in charge of His creation and everything thing in it, and who “works all things for good to them who love Him and are the called according to His purpose.”

I recall the words of Job, after he had lost everything, including his children and his health: “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord,” but even more important is the Bible’s immediate assessment of Job’s words: “In all this, Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly” (Job. 2:21-22). In the end, God Himself testified on Job’s behalf, that Job had said “right things” about Him (Job. 42:7).

If we humble ourselves, we will “get the gold” from our trials, as Job did, and we will eventually look back and thank God for whatever valley He designed for us. Jesus begged the Father not to make him suffer crucifixion, but I suspect that afterwards, he was glad the Father’s will was done instead of his own. On the other hand, if we are proud, we will rebel against God’s will, fail to attain to God’s good purpose, and become bitter, even cruel toward those whom He used in our trial.

If God has numbered the hairs of our head, as Jesus said, surely He has designed all the other circumstances of our lives. I would hate to think that he spends His time counting hairs on our heads, but is not attentive to how we feel, or whether we are well in need.

Pastor John


Pastor John, thank you [for your reply].

The following statement from your reply concerns me, and it is something I have prayed about many times:

“On the other hand, if we are proud, we will rebel against God’s will, fail to attain to God’s good purpose, and become bitter, even cruel toward those whom He used in our trial.”

I know in my mind that the past year, with my divorce and the situation with my (ex) wife, my children, the family counselor, lawyers, and everyone else involved, was designed by God. But I don’t know if I have really taken that to heart and gotten the gold out of this trial. There have been many times where I have felt angry and resentful towards her – and even now when I think on all of the events of the past year, those feelings still get stirred up in me.
Does this mean that I have been proud and rebelled against God’s will for me? Is this the bitterness that you are talking about?

From everything I have seen from you, and I have followed your situation fairly closely, no one could say that you have rebelled against God’s will to be patient and kind. If anything, you have fallen short in the “be angry” category. I think you could have benefited from feeling more anger, from the very beginning of the abuse you suffered at the hands of your former wife. She misled you, lied about you, turned your children and even your own mother against you, and God only who knows who else in your town, while you did not contest anything. You were not even going to hire a lawyer until I talked you into it. Even then, you have given in to the vast majority of her demands, trying to show her and others that you were a good person, trying to serve Jesus and harm no one. If you have rebelled, it has been against God’s will that you stand up for what is right about yourself as well as for what is right about Him.

I want so much to be able to get past it all, and “love my enemies and treat well those who hate me”, but in my heart I just haven’t felt that forgiveness – even knowing that God is the one who used my wife and everyone else to get me where I’m at right now.

Loving our enemies has nothing to do with forgiving our enemies. You can love them, and you do, but forgiveness comes from God; it is God’s response to repentance. Your wife has not even begun to feel regret for her cruel abuse of your heart, and the hearts of your children and others, and for her taking advantage of your sincere efforts to be a good husband and father.

You have taught us that we should not try to forgive someone who has not repented.

Not really. You can try all you want to. But genuine forgiveness does not exist where there is no repentance because God alone creates forgiveness, and He has never created it for someone who does not repent. What I have taught you is that we have no power to create forgiveness where none exists. We would forgive everybody if we could; but that is God’s work, not ours, and it is our duty, and privilege, to wait on God and do as He does.

Is it possible to love and treat your enemy well, but to never forgive them (if they never repent)?

That is what I am saying. Until sinners repent, what else can we do but follow God’s example?

I guess I’m still a little fuzzy on the difference between love and forgiveness, and how they pertain to our enemies, our acquaintances (who are sinners), and our brothers & sisters in Christ.

[Name Withheld]


I hope this clears it up for you.


Ok, the forgiveness part makes more sense to me now. We can say we have forgiven someone (as we hear people say all the time), or desire to forgive someone all we want, but it really means nothing without God granting the forgiveness. I love this: “genuine forgiveness is God’s response to repentance.” (not man’s).

And, though different from forgiveness, truly loving your enemies and doing good to those who hate you are also things that can only be felt/done in response to the Spirit leading. Right? What happens if someone were to try to do good for an enemy (or friend, for that matter) – but only because they think it’s “the right thing to do” rather than waiting to hear from God? Let’s see, I think (maybe) I can answer my own question, based on what we’ve learned from Job: “trying to do good” in the flesh will only do harm to the person trying to do the good and the person receiving it. Because without the Spirit letting us know, in any given circumstance, what is good or what is evil, it is impossible to know if what we are doing is good or bad.

Sorry, sort of asking and thinking aloud at the same time here. I just want to make sure I have a good understanding of how God sees forgiveness, love, doing good for others, etc. Thanks again!

[Name Withheld]


Great question . . . and answer!

There are times to “do good for those who hate you, etc.” But sometimes, people have actually provoked God’s wrath by being good to certain people whom God hated, such as King Ahab when he showed mercy to Benhadad, the wicked king of Syria (1Kgs. 20:20-43), and King Jehoshaphat when he made an alliance with King Ahab and helped him in in battle (2Chron. 18). In the latter case, God sent a prophet (called a “seer”) to rebuke Jehoshaphat: “And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and he said to king Jehoshaphat, ‘Should you help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? Therefore is wrath upon you from before the LORD!'”


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I don’t know when this article was written but I want you to know that it
has been a blessing.  Overheard a coworker talking about T/O was old
testament and it really blew my mind that someone believed that so I was
challenged to study to show myself approved.

Thanks a lot

Sonji P

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God Protects the Tares?

Hey there.

Tonight when reading about how God is protecting the tares and the wheat, I had the thought, “Protect from what? God’s own will?” I thought of a tornado. If one comes around, is it not God who sent it? What is He not in complete control of? So I thought I would see where in the Bible the word “protect” was. I was amazed to find that “protect” or “protector” or even “guardian” was not even in the Bible. The word protection is used one time in Deut. 32:38 when God is referring to other gods or idols worshipped by a crooked and perverse generation. Isn’t there even something written about “guardian angels”? Seems to me that whatever befalls anyone is simply God’s will. So is “protecting” the tares the right word to use? I do feel protected living in this world, knowing that I do have a relationship with God and an understanding of all things. Or is what I feel more of a peace of mind, knowing that whatever befalls me is the will of God for my good? Any thoughts?


Hi Bob:

The Hebrew and Greek words for “protect” are in the Bible many times; they are just translated as “keep”. “guard”, “watch”, etc., in the King James Version.

You don’t want to develop a fatalistic view of “all things working for our good”. Some people do that in order to excuse doing nothing when confronted with difficult circumstances. God sends things our way for many different reasons. Sometimes, He is trying to motivate us to DO something instead of sitting back with a yawn and saying, “Well, God’s in charge.”

But through it all, all of God’s children, even the foolish, we are being protected, to various degrees, even if that word is hardly ever used in the KJV.


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Pastor John:

What was Job thinking, when he mentioned the iniquities of his youth? Do you think that he pondered this was a possibility for the events transpiring ?
Am I remembering this correctly? If yes, does this mean he somewhat agreed with his comforters in at least the theory of their reasoning?


I believe that Job agreed with his three friends in principle. He just could not agree with them that he had caused his sufferings by committing sin. Yes, Job said at one point that God was calling him into account for the sins of his youth. But that was just a guess. Job had no idea what was happening to him.


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1 Cor. 7:14


Good Morning John,

How does a believing spouse sanctify his or her unbelieving spouse? And also that the children become clean? In verse 1Corinthians 7:13, it states that he is pleased to dwell with her. But they are still unequally yoked in their marriage are they not? In verse 12, Paul says this is he (Paul) speaking and not he Lord as in verses 9 and 10. Thanks.

Jim K


Hi Jim:

The unbelieving spouse is sanctified by Christ, but using the believing spouse to lead the unbeliever to him, and that WILL happen every time that the unbelieving spouse is truly “pleased to dwell with” the believing spouse. The only way we can know if the unbelieving spouse is really “pleased to dwell with” the believing spouse is that he comes and is sanctified by the holy ghost baptism. We have seen examples of this. For one example, Rob was truly “pleased to dwell with” Donna, after she found the way, and he (eventually) followed her into Christ. Brother Keith is another example, and Bob and Cliff. And there are some women, like Caroline, who were pleased to dwell with their believing husbands, and they proved it by coming to Christ and being sanctified themselves.

Of course, it is true that until unbelievers are sanctified by Christ, they are still unequally yoked to their believing spouses, as you pointed out. Paul’s statement “else were your children unclean” is harder to understand because everybody is unclean until cleansed by God’s Spirit. He makes it sound as if children are not unclean in God’s sight if both the parents are believers, but I know from experience that offspring of godly parents can be as worldly as offspring of sinners. So, Paul is probably referring to how God feels in general about believers mating with each other as opposed to children born of “unequally yoked” parents.

Good questions.


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