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A Place Like Your House

Pastor John,

I loved the feelings of Brother Gary’s song and playing with him.  I watched you and others honor God during Gary’s song and it really touched my heart. I loved singing the older songs that you sang, too.   Nothing has changed with the Father and the Son over the centuries; they are still giving those feelings out to those who love Them, like what we felt last night.  And we know They still feel burdens for their wayward children because God (through His Son) lets us feel them.

When we felt the Spirit last night in our bodies, and people started dancing and praising God, it’s because those feelings were already with the Father and the Son and were sent from above; we were feeling what was in God’s heart for us at that time.  I am so glad Sister Kathy was touched!  When she went up for prayer, Judy turned her oxygen up a notch.  I looked at Judy and said, “Did you crank Kathy up?” Judy replied, “I sure did” (with a smile).  The air Kathy was breathing and feeling wasn’t from that tank, but from above; it was so wonderful to watch her get touched from Jesus.

I loved Lou’s testimony, Venice’s, Sister Willie’s.  And I love understanding that it is the love of the Truth that brought us together, not just the knowledge of it, as you said, and it will be the love of the Truth that keeps us together.

I love my little place in Jesus.  I never imaged during my childhood or even as a young adult that there was even a place like your house.

Thank you, Brother John, for loving us.


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The Meeting Tonight (October 28, 2015)

Thanks be to Jesus for touching and taking care of Lou!! Sweet Beulah land!  I love what God did to you when you where in the seminary with the lesson from Hebrews.  God did it!!!  Look what he has done for us since!

We are willing to change anything he wants us to, anything to help us and his people.  We just want to be like him!!  Let it go on before us, Lord!!  Wow!  I loved Gary’s song: “Oh, Jesus, we will bring you are praise.”  May God help us honor you and your Son!

I love how free we are to follow his thoughts when he speaks them.  We are free to let loose of anything that he shows us to let go of by his spirit, and to change and to grow in his knowledge.  We are really living life in him and his ways.  This is the way of life!!!  My, my, how sweet to see the power of God all over everyone dancing in the spirit tonight.  So sweet!!  Powerful!



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Gospel Tracts, Sweet

Good morning John,

I had such a sweet experience today. 

I got a gospel tract order in the mail, the woman sent a small check and asked for a wide assortment of tracts.

I have small quantities of most of the tracts in a box on the floor, in my office, separated by index cards.  As I sat on the floor and went through the box, just pulling out one of each…. “New Birth”, “What is Salvation”, “Seven Pillars”, “Unequally Yoked in Worship”,  “Unequally Yoked in Marriage”,  “Marriage and Divorce”, “Christ or Christianity, “How I Received the Holy Ghost”…. etc. etc. 

It was one after another, all so good, all with memories for me  – how they have benefited my life, and my understanding.  Whew. How much more freedom and understanding I have now than before, because men have heard from God.  And I started to cry.  I love that thankful feeling when it hits me like that, and the Spirit flows over me.

We have so much to offer any child of God who is hungry.  There are 100 tracts almost, I think, and there is no shortage of help if God will send people to us. 

It was such a hopeful feeling…. “God, this is not in vain”, is what I heard.  This is good.  This is a holy and special work – man did not do this.   It will be here for SOMEONE after we are gone.  I hope it is our children and our children’s children.  It has been an honor to be joined with others who love this too.  All I could say was “hallelujah!!”



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Weekend Meetings (October 17 & 18, 2015)


When you sang “When We All Get To Heaven” this morning, Jesus gave me the sweetest touch.  I felt like I could fly!  It was an overwhelming feeling of love and thankfulness.  When we got down to pray for the ones that have fallen away, that was what I was praying for each one to feel.  Certain names would come to mind, and I would think of that feeling and ask Jesus to let them feel it.  It overcomes everything.

Last night felt like a warm, comforting blanket, almost like we could have turned the lights off and all camped out together.

At the end of the meeting today when you sang, “Nothing Between”, my heart felt so thankful that my ears could hear you sing, thankful that you are here, and that I am here to hear you.  I’m very thankful for what Jesus has given us.




Hi Pastor John,

The meetings this weekend have been so good. I’ve just loved all the sweet feelings I could feel. Those feelings are just where I want to be forever, and in those feelings is no worry or anxiety. Just such a warmth, richness and peace. In the meeting today I just kept telling Jesus over and over, thank you, thank you, thank you for what I am feeling. I love it. I love being here. I just feel like the future is getting brighter and brighter, and I love it.

I loved seeing Wendy home, too, and I loved her testimony.



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Pearl of the Day, October 11, 2015

Pastor John,

I still love this!  I remember sitting in your kitchen and you telling me my name was written in the Book of Life before the world was created.  What love I felt!  Amazing when you stop and think, Jesus knew who I was before He created anything!


pearl 10_11

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I know and feel how much we are hidden in Christ.  It is amazing how much so.  I have spoken so plain to some people (as others have done as well, I am sure) about what it true about the spirit of God, and they never flinched.  They did not hear what I was saying because God hid it from them for our sake.  I have prayed many times if he ever opens someone’s eyes to see what we are really doing that we can take the hatred and the way they will treat us.  I pray, “God, let me have the faith to stand and honor you, no matter what!”

I think about Jeremiah being thrown into the mud-pit for telling the truth, and how badly he was treated his whole life.  If God did not have us hidden in Christ, we would be treated the same way as all the prophets that went before us, and you would be in jail, or dead, and maybe some of us as well.  Thank you, Jesus, for your hiding place, and for each other.  I love the book, “God had a Son before Mary did”!  The Son was hidden, and yet he was revealed through out all the writings in old times for us today.  No wonder “the hidden things belong unto God”!  For this purpose, we are hidden and belong unto God!  Wow! What an honor to be hid by Him!

Thank you John, 


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My Experience at Sunday’s Meeting

Good morning John, 

Recently, I have been talking to God about having to spend so much time with medical things concerning my health since late June. It’s a life/world I have never known. It tires me out to have as many as five medical appointments in one week but we’re trying to find the cause for pain and swelling in my feet. I always end up telling God that I’m glad He knows what’s going on because I surely don’t.

I know Jesus sees us when we hurt physically and he also sees us when our heart is hurting. 

When our meeting began on Sunday, my heart was hurting. Even though there were visible tears in my eyes, there were invisible tears from my heart; it felt like my heart was crying. As the meeting went along and the spirit was moving, people were standing and being blessed, I was still sitting in my chair with both arms raised. A quick “swish” from Jesus came by me and my heart responded, “I don’t know what that was God, but I want more of it”. Immediately I stood up and began staggering to the right and then leaned forward over on a chair (I think) and it felt like I was gliding across the floor. Once I was on the floor on my back, I could vaguely hear people’s voices and someone was praying for my feet, patting them and someone else was praying, patting my arm. My eyes were closed the entire time and I felt so restful and relaxed. Then my heart started talking to God saying, “You did this for me, you saw my heart crying, Jesus, did those tears touch you, and did you really bless me because you were touched, that was so sweet of you, Jesus, thank you.”

This morning (Friday) I woke up at 3 and immediately started thinking about my experience. It was so good, I went over it the second time in my mind and a couple of things stood out this morning.

Because my heart was hurting and I felt a Jesus “swish” come by, my heart immediately responded that I wanted that and more, immediately I stood to my feet and immediately started staggering, and immediately felt restful and relaxed, no thoughts, no hurt, no pain. That immediate response was a heart response, not any kind of brain response. My brain is sometimes slow and if a brain response was needed I definitely would have missed out. In fact, when that strong heart response was there, there was no brain anything; I had no brain. (Of course, we all know that responding to the spirit is a heart thing anyway). But it was good to have no brain thought to deal with, not even one split second.

Our brain or flesh sometimes likes to make excuses as to why we did a certain thing; skirt around an issue, or use many words to wear someone out. But when all that stuff is raked off, the only thing left standing is “The Heart”. We can’t get around that no matter how hard we try. Even though you have said that all these years (since 1984 for me), it seems that I understood it even better after Sunday. 



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Speaking in Tongues Question

Dear Sandra,

 Thank you for your recent order of the Speaking in Tongues booklet.  I am a volunteer who helps send the booklets out and received your comment: “Is when the Spirit of the Lord comes to you the only time you start speaking in tongues? Is this something that can be taught to you by other people?”

When someone is baptized with the holy Ghost, Jesus said there would be a “sound” (speaking in tongues/stammering lips) that comes with God’s Spirit entering into a person, and this enables them to communicate directly to the Father.  It is not a one-time experience; we can speak to God and His son, Jesus, every day and keep the holy Ghost stirred up in our hearts to guide our ways to be more like them. Speaking in tongues cannot be taught by man, it is only given by God to us.

Thank you for leaving a question and I hope you enjoy and find the answers you are looking for in the booklet!  It has already been sent and should arrive soon!

Ellen S.

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Pastor John,

Often, Beth and I speak of being in the one true “witness protection program”.  Jesus knows how to hide us from the mob. Now we just need to be good witnesses. Only real witnesses get hidden; even this earthly government knows not to waste their resources hiding anyone who isn’t a real witness. 

I really enjoyed what you pointed out tonight about us humans, again, having backward thoughts; that is, for us to think that having Christ in us, is better than being with him, in His presence.  That was true for the disciples before Pentecost, but now the opposite is true. He is in us now, but it will be greater for us to be with him when he comes.

After you said that this evening, I could just imagine Jesus’ disciples barely able to contain themselves as they proclaimed their joy of being in His presence, and Jesus then saying to them, “Oh, but what greater joy, for me to dwell in you !”   And then, Jesus’ present disciples – us – striving to receive the Spirit and have him in us, and obtaining it, and then we, proclaiming our joy, for “Jesus, now dwells within!”, only to have Jesus to speak again, with a smile on His face, and say, “Oh, but what greater joy for you to be with me, in my presence!” 

Ha ha!  I just have to laugh when I consider it. He is so wise and we are so not.  But we are loved, and He sees us through.  We don’t know anything, even when He tells us. We are always wrong, even when we are right. And more and more, I see that He is always right, even if He contradicts Himself without ceasing. His words make truth! The truth doesn’t even exist, until He is IT, at that moment in time. He doesn’t line Himself up with the truth, He creates it by existing.  And He permits our effort to count for something, out of sheer love for us. Otherwise, all that we do is useless and wrong, even if it is useful and right  🙂

Thank you. Good night.




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Luke 19:38

Hi Pastor John,

When you were reading last night ​in Luke 19 ​and came to the part “peace in heaven”​ (v. 38)​, could th​at​ possibly be ​referring to the time ​when Jesus would be glorified and Satan ​actually ​”fell like lightning”?

Just a thought.



PS: Also, I felt a fear of the Lord (almost took my breath away) when we came to the part about being ready (prepared) for the Lord’s visit.


Hi Billy.

It is altogether possible that the Spirit of God came upon that multitude praising God and welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem for what turned out to be the last time. No one can say for sure. If that was not the case, however, I don’t know what they were thinking.

As for being prepared for the Lord’s coming, one of the most fearsome scriptures in the Old Testament is this, from an angered God to Israel, through Amos 4:12: “Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel, and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel!”

Pastor John

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