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Random Thought – Planted by God

Good Morning Pastor John,

This morning, I read your Random Thought “Planted by God”:

“It means everything to be who you are and where you are because of something God has done instead of because of what you have done.  If who you are and where you are is the result of your plans and your choices, it is not eternal; it will not last.  You will be moved.  But if you are who you are because God’s word came to you and made you who you are, and put you where you are, there is hope. Abide in that place, and thank God for the opportunity to be a part of something that He has done.  It is no small thing to have your life shaped by God’s hand.”

Feeling very thankful this morning for what God has done!!!!


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From the Spirit

Brother John, 

I heard this from the Spirit the other morning. I wrote it down so I would not forget it. It made me feel good to read it again:

To further your cause, is to lessen His.

See you soon!



Amen, Jerry.   We do not further the cause of Christ when we are seeking to further our own.  Jesus said something close to this when he said that the man who teaches a doctrine other than God’s is seeking his own glory, not God’s.  

Let’s seek the glory of God!

Pastor John

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Hey brother John,

Tonight’s meeting was sooo good! Just watching Jesus wash his children made me cry with thankfulness. Each time someone went up for prayer I would pray for them, too, and could feel the sweetest feelings. It was like you said: Jesus loves to wash the dirt off of us. I feel so blessed to be in this family that he has put together.


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Tonight’s Meeting (Saturday 3/19/2016)

Hey John,

The meeting was so good tonight!! James’ testimony, Token’s, Richard’s and many more!  The things in Judges about God picking his people back up over and over!!  When you said “throw unconditional love in the garbage!”  That was alive!!  And “live in a place where you need God!”

Thankful for the good food tonight.  Loved it!


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Watching the Meetings

Hey John,

This has been a full two weeks for me. We have had a lot of homework every night. Some nights I had stayed up past 2:00 a.m..

I only have one more week left to go. I’m glad that Jesus has let me do this now, while I’m still able to retain some of the memory work now.  Keep me in your prayers, it’s a lot of work to take in. Can’t wait to see my families smiling faces.

I really love the way Jesus came into the meeting last week and gave us a touch. I was watching from my phone. I ask the Lord to put it on your heart to pray for me. About five seconds later you turn around and prayed for those of us who could not be there in the meeting with y’all. As you prayed, I could feel the Spirit, starting from my hands and going down through my arms. So thankful to feel His touch!  Hope I can watch again this coming Wednesday.

Well, it’s getting time to study some more. Thank you John for caring for all of us.
Love to you!

Tim  🙂

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Sweet Feelings Today


I wanted to share something that happened to me this morning. I was driving home from some errands and passed the big catholic church on Hanford Rd around 12:30 while people were slowing walking into it, funneling through the doors. A new CD had just started and dad’s song, “My Redeemer”* was playing and as I looked at the sight, the words played, “…you gave your life up on a tree, you’re my Redeemer…”! Whew. Something in me broke down and I cried and cried and spoke in tongues the whole way home, I couldn’t even say the words, “thank you, Jesus”, it wasn’t enough.

It was a continuation of the feelings from the tract my family and I read this morning, “The Sacrifice of Christ”, and how it was much more than just dying on the cross! There was much more and just to know anything else beyond that was so humbling and overwhelming. I just couldn’t contain my sadness for those people, and for Jesus, as well as the thankfulness I felt in my heart for what Jesus has done for me, and the world. When I thought back to the tract we read, even the vocabulary that Timothy pulled out brought feelings of thankfulness and love for Jesus. The words were, prepare, sacrifice, necessity, and accept.

I was almost home and needed to make lunch for my family but I wanted to go somewhere and share the feelings with people! It was too sweet. When I pulled in the driveway, Damien and Kay’s car was there 🙂 Jesus sure is sweet and good to me!


*The song My Redeemer can be found on Darren Prater’s Going Home to Carolina cd at the following link: http://www.sevenpillarsmusic.com/

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God’s Life vs. Plant Life

Bro. John:

I love it when the Lord uses things of nature that he has created to teach us!

I was out on my patio this morning tidying up for the spring and summer.  I have some plants that are known as “Hen and Chicks” that are very hardy.  You can leave them out all winter and they still come back in the spring and summer!  I noticed they were starting to grow again so I “fluffed up” the soil a little to refresh it.  As I was doing that, the Lord taught me about God’s Life vs. Plant Life.  Plant life lies dormant during the winter.  It “sleeps” or is “inactive” as you would have it.  With God’s Life, we do not ever have to lie dormant (sleep or be inactive) unless we yield to the flesh instead of the Spirit!  I just thought that was such a good lesson!  If we are dormant, it is because we let the flesh make us inactive or sluggish.  God’s Life is alive all the time! 

God’s lessons are all around us!  It was good to feel His Life in me this morning teaching me and making me thankful for God’s Life!

Sandy  🙂





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