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Neither This nor That

Pastor John,

I felt like I understood something today. Better than I have before.  Something you have been describing for a long time.  What real liberty is for the children of God.

Many years ago, in Louisville, some of the saints were sitting around talking and the question came up, “Would you feel OK about printing off the Thoughts for the Day and associated emails, using the paper at your work place?”  In other words, using company paper to print out gospel or related material. Well, several Saints said they would feel fine about using a little paper for that, and some other Saints said they would not use any company paper because it was not theirs.   Well, I think that I understand that the answer to that question lies somewhere else.  Three weeks ago, you told us of a place that Christ is calling us to, a place of neither this or that.  A place of just living in the Spirit.  A place above choosing right or wrong or good and evil.  A place where God’s children are above choosing, above struggling with carnal decisions and the division that it inevitably causes.

Brother John, choosing to use or not use paper to print material is another carnal decision that causes more strife and division.  God’s children are above that.  We have to be.  Let’s live where what we do at that moment is the will of God, and it will always be right, even if our responses to the same situation change every day.  How can we be kept in perfect peace if we are divided about paper?  In the place that you described, we just are, we just do and it is God.  If we have to make a choice, we have already missed it.  God doesn’t choose, He just does, and we are to be like Him.   Where the Power is, where it can be felt, we are just holy, and we do what we do and it is God, and that is never less than perfect.

I want to know more about this place pastor John.  We can just love everybody from this place.  There is no strife, only pity, I would think, for those who were not enjoying God’s life.  That kind of freedom sounds scary to the flesh, or even like a free pass with no rules, but it isn’t.  God’s children have no written rules; the Spirit is the rule, and it is alive, and it will never be out of order or disorderly or mistreat anyone.  It will pass through the fire.   If you are walking, moving, living in the Power of Jesus, and you use all of your work’s paper, then it had to be right.  If you use none, it had to be right.  The answer is to live in the Power, which is that Spirit.

I know I talked your ear off, but I believe that was from Jesus.  I don’t want to keep any thought to myself that I believe came from the Spirit.  I’m going to go light a small bonfire with Beth’s boy, Anthony.

We are always thinking of you, sir.  Always praying for your full recovery.  I hope you can sleep well.



Hi Jerry.

Yes, you got the point, and that place, where our choices are already made for us by the Spirit, is the place of perfect peace and rest that the Scriptures speak of.  In that holy place, we just live.

I was around some folks, years ago, who were struggling with the right way to dress, whether it was sin to wear shorts, etc.  During that time, I was praying, and the sweetest feeling I have ever felt came over me, and I saw that when we walk in the Spirit, we don’t even think about such things.  Whatever we put on when we get up in the morning will be perfect because we are walking with Jesus.  We cannot sin or be a stumbling block to others when we walk with Jesus, above all the controversies of this vain life.

So, yes, you are seeing what I was trying to communicate.  This is the “liberty of the sons of God”, and it is so great and good that it frightens the very children of God that it belongs to.  And, of course, the world cannot even believe that it exists.  The difficulty in getting it across is that words get in the way. The truth is not in words; it is in the power of God.

Pastor John


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Hi Pastor John,

I’ve been reading the tract on Works today. It’s SO GOOD to my soul. I just wanted to say thank you for all your work. I just LOVE how the truth just makes good, godly irrefutable sense (well, it’s irrefutable if you are being reasonable and sensible). I love how you say how Paul and James agree with each other. I remember the first time I read that – how I rejoiced in that after years of being confused about why 2 parts of the bible did not seem to agree. It just makes sense to me that 2 men of God would agree with each other, not disagree. And I love how God gave it to you to show how those men are in harmony. And I am very thankful it agrees with my soul. I’m thankful God loves me. I just wanted to say so.



Hi, Jenny.

Thank you for letting me know. It is a wonderful thing to be able to rejoice in the truth with others!  I feel like Paul did when he said he was “comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me” (Rom. 1:12).

Pastor John

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Shutting Up My Pastor

Pastor John,

I am a 71 year old believer, called by God to preach the word.  The current church or group of people I am with stress the importance of speaking in tongues as evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit (Ghost ).  Having been in Baptist churches for many of my years, I have accepted speaking in tongues as a GIFT from God and that not all get that gift.  I have not gotten the gift of speaking in tongues but would like to just to shut my current pastor up.  I understand that it will come when God is ready, well I am ready so how do I speak in tongues?

​Mitch D.


Hi Mitch,

It sounds to me that you are the one who needs to shut up, not your pastor.  Try humbling yourself and being quiet long enough to read this so that you might learn the truth of the gospel:


Your servant,

Pastor John

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Dressing up Death

Hi Pastor John.

Jesus taught me something today. I was driving down the road thinking about different careers. I thought about morticians and those who handle funerals. Jesus showed me a little old lady with white hair, full makeup with heavily painted cheeks, and blue dress shoes on.  The thought that Jesus gave me was that even when the flesh knows someone is dead, it tries to make it appear alive. The whole world walks through life spiritually dead, but even in death, the flesh will hold on to the appearance of being alive, paying to embalm a body so that it stay in life-like condition, and trusting in ceremonies until the very end.  It was a very sober feeling. 

I listened to a CD today with you speaking about Uncle Joe and his cancer testimony.  You said Uncle Joe would say that he wished he could get back to that place with God.  Uncle Joe didn’t want the cancer (being in the fire) but he wanted to be ALONE WITH GOD.  Hearing that made me think of you and what your going through right now.  You are on our hearts here.



Hi Beth,

Thank you.  Things are going well.

Yes, even when the body is dead, the flesh is still lying to us.  May God help us not to believe the flesh but to “walk after the Spirit” and really live.

The Son of God spoke through David to his young son Solomon in Proverbs 8 and said, “All they who hate me love death.”  That is the condition of this whole world.  It loves death because it hates the Son of God.

Thankfully, David was also moved by the Spirit to tell us how to love life:

 Psalm 34

  1. Come, you children, hearken unto me.  I will teach you the fear of the Lord.
  2. What man is he who desires life, and loves many days, that he may see good?
  3. Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking guile.
  4. Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Let’s do that, Beth!  Let’s love life together, and spend eternity with Jesus and those who are like him.

Pastor John


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Genesis 6

Pastor John,

Started reading over your Bible translation & it is Absolutely Outstanding!  What is your belief on “the sons of God & daughters of men” found in Genesis 6? I have never heard you mention it.

John C.


Hi John.

Since Jesus said that angels do not marry, the sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6 as marrying “the daughters of men” must refer to humans.  Perhaps “the sons of God” in this case refers to a righteous line from Adam through Seth.

Luke called Adam “the son of God”, in his genealogy.  So, humans can be considered God’s sons, just because God is “Father” of what He creates.

Thank you for the question.

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“The Abomination of Desolation”

Pastor John,

If you could, sometime explain briefly “The Abomination of Desolation”.  I use to think it was what Paul was referring to when I believed the Futuristic view of prophecy!  But then I concluded it happened in AD 70 based on the area of Judea being included in the prophecy.  But I heard you say that the Abomination is “the Antichrist in the hearts of believers” like Paul taught.

Not that big of a deal.  I’m just interested.

John C.


Hi John

“The abomination of desolation” refers to the spirit of antichrist, which God’s people receive into their hearts when they are persuaded that they were born again before they received the baptism of the holy Ghost.  It is the spirit of Satan, which makes the soul desolate of the wisdom and goodness of God, replacing those holy things with the darkness of vain tradition.

Hope that helps.

Pasto John

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Morning Pastor John!

I have been up reading in Galatians this morning. I read chapter 4:22-23 and I am just in awe. I love that God shows us the symbols or foreshadowing of Jesus, such as Adam and Eve hiding from God after sinning against Him because they were naked and ashamed being like our flesh hiding from God, and the tabernacle representing heaven, the purification of wives, Abraham sacrificing Isaac, etc. I am really just in love with how good God is. He lays it all out so we can understand it when He touches us, telling us a story that only He can tell.

Today is the first time I really took in that Abraham had two sons, one by a bondmaid and one by a freewoman of promise. That is like God having His children of His spirit and those who are of the flesh. It almost sounds silly to write because it is so obvious and simple but I really never took it in like I did today. When you take in all the ways God shows us the truth and teaches us about His heart and His desires, it is just so good!  I really love that he teaches us this way because it is like drawing out a picture for us. It makes it exciting to realize you may read a verse and God may paint you a picture of understanding, when you are not even trying to learn anything.  Ha!  I love this.

I  am in awe that this whole story, this whole life, is being revealed to me…to us. It’s like opening a book and realizing it has hidden messages that others can’t see, written in between the script. Kinda like reading invisible ink!

I just had to share these feelings. I feel like the veil over my eyes is getting thinner and thinner. I can see but, oh, I want a clearer picture!  I am so excited to live in NC and soak up what God has taught you and the body.


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