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Well-Behaved Children


Today the kids and I went shopping again 🙂  I love being able to take them out and shopping with them.  Three little ones like that draw a lot of attention and the two most common things I hear are, “Are they triplets?”  and “They are so well behaved.”  I tell people that it takes a lot of work at home to be able to take them out in public.  I’ve even told some that we spank them if they need it.  It makes me think of what you have told us before.  If we will just be who Jesus has made us, we will shine.  Being normal will make us shine.  It’s amazing how most people (around here anyway) don’t think that having well behaved children is normal anymore.

There was a young man who was working as a cashier at one of the stores the other week that really stood out to me.  He seemed sincere in wanting to know how to have well behaved kids.  He looked me in the eyes and said that he wished he could take his kids out in public.  I felt really sad for him.  I told him that it takes a lot of work at home, and they have to know that you mean what you say.  I also told him that I pray a lot and get help.

I had to go back to that store today to return something, and I was hoping to run into him.  He was there and he remembered us.  He talked to the kids some.  I was prepared to give him a business card this time.  He got busy helping someone else and it turned out that the lady working with him was the one who wanted to know my “secret” this time.  I handed her a pastorjohnshouse.com card.  I told her that was my secret and if she visited the website she could get help.  She tucked it in her smock and said she would do that.

When I left, I felt a little disappointed that I didn’t get to mention spanking to either of them, because that is really what is lacking in most homes today.  There is a big pressure to be “nice” and spanking is seen as being mean and impatient.  I wanted them to know that those well behaved children are the results of us being “mean” enough to spank them. 🙂

I had another stop to make at the post office, and we all filed out of the car 🙂  (I really do enjoy going out with them!)  As we were walking in, I was still feeling like I had missed something at the store, and the Lord said, “It is better to obey God than men.”  That broke that feeling that I had.  I was pointing them to my help, and I wasn’t trying to be anyone’s hero 🙂 .  If they get in touch with Jesus, they can overcome the same spirits that are around us all.  Including those that would make you feel mean for doing what is godly.  I was feeling this “pressure” to tell them about spanking, but what Jesus did was enough.  Jesus knows my heart and that I still want to outright tell them that spanking is good if done correctly, but I’m trusting him about all of that.

I was wondering if there was anything on the website to encourage people who are looking for help in parenting?  I’m thankful to have the family that we do.  A couple of weeks ago, Token said that as parents, we can’t catch it all and that we need each other.  She also said that God has set it up that way.  I love that.  It’s a relief! 🙂  I’m just wondering about other children of God, who are looking for help.  I only heard bits and pieces of some testimonies on the beach Thursday morning, but it was the relief that I was looking for.  And watching your gentleness with Daniel’s fear of the ocean was wonderful for me.  We don’t want to be too far one way or the other, and I need the ones who have been there before me to show me what is good.  I’m thankful for my family. 🙂  I want to live and let my children live 🙂

Love you,

P.S.  In no way do I feel that my children are “saints”….at least not yet anyway! 🙂  And even then they will still need correction!  And I would very much appreciate your prayers that the praise that men may give me now for having “good” children doesn’t puff me up.  We are just being normal!  We have plenty of times when they are not so “good”, and I want to remember that it is all working together for good if we love God.


Hi Cris.

Rearing children is indeed a community project!  I am thankful for the sweet, godly community that we have.  The fellowship we share in Christ serves children well, as parents take advantage of the wisdom and love in this body of Christ for all these wonderful kids.

Keep up the good work!

Pastor John

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(see: http://pastorjohnshouse.blogspot.com/2010/06/principalities.html)

Pastor John,

Regarding your BLOG concerning certain angels being over nations, territories, etc., do all angels have to have authority over the nations?


I would think not.  There are no doubt all kinds of angels, fallen and otherwise, with all kinds of authority,

Pastor John

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The BLOG on “Forced Conversion: was is very good.  I thought when I read it, after reading your blog on “Unbelieving Disciples”, that if someone is following the truth, as the unbelieving disciples followed Jesus, only for the benefits of it, then their sacrifices of praise to God are not acceptable.

I remember when going through the Old Testament class that the first thing the people of Israel brought to Moses when they were starting to build the tabernacle was a willing offering.  Their offering, God said, would not be acceptable if it was not given willingly AND if it was not what God wanted for the tabernacle.  He wanted the people to be willing.  He was not forcing Himself on them.

I looked back at those scriptures on “willing” to see what was asked of the people, and it was a willing heart and a willing mind.  That’s pretty simple, and filled with much love.  Anything that would force you into worship of Jesus is not of God.  What a great measuring stick!

It will be so sweet when we really realize that God is not a big one of us!  😎  He does not think like we think about things, especially His kingdom.  I always remember Isaiah when the Lord spoke to Him:

[8] For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
[9] For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

It’s a good prayer to pray: “Lord, let my ways be your ways and your thoughts be my thoughts.”  When you pray that prayer, He will show you!  Just pray that you believe it when He does show you!


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PJH Question

Name: Marja

comments: How do I put my complete faith in God, I feel it slipping away.


Hi Marja:

It will help if you do as Paul told Timothy and give yourself study and to prayer.  Not study of just anything, though.  Mere study is, as Solomon, said, “a weariness to the flesh”.  Study the truth and let it consume you.  Visit this web site and get anchored in the light:  www.GoingtoJesus.com

Pastor John

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Peace and Joy


Hi pastor John,

Just had a question from chapter 10 of the Father & Son book.  In it, you say that peace and joy are the fruit of obedience to the will of God.  And then also, “With righteousness, the feelings of peace and joy are dependable indicators of the standing of our soul with God.”  So conversely, that means if we do not feel peace and joy, that we are not living in obedience to God?

What about all of the people out there who seem to be happy and content, but are living in sin, and disobeying God (and unable even to blush, in some cases).  I can feel the difference between the two because I have experienced both sides of the coin.  But I can’t put it into words.  What is the difference?  Are those feelings that sinners have just false?  or a form of joy & peace, rather than the real thing?



Hi Vince:

When I described the role of peace and joy in chapter 10, I was describing how those feelings work in the hearts of people whom God loves; that is, His children.

People who feel happy when they have committed sin are those whom God does not love. This is why David said that the man whom God chastens for sin is a blessed man.

Fools do enjoy sin.  Bit in no case does God allow the wicked to feel the feeling of peace.  Isaiah said, “There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

Pastor John

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In reference to your blog on “Principalities”, what was Daniel saying when he wrote, “Therefore I was left alone, and I saw this great vision, and there remained no strength in me, for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption, and I retained no strength“?


Daniel was referring to him losing his health as a result of the power of his vision.  This was not unusual.  On at least one other occasion, Daniel was made sick by his experience with the power of God and by the overwhelming revelation he was shown: 

Dan 8:27  And I Daniel fainted, and was sick for days; afterward I rose up, and did the king’s business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it.


When I read this part you wrote, “Jesus taught that, in the resurrection, some saints will be given greater authority than others (Lk. 19:12-26), according to the ability of each one. Also in the resurrection, some saints will be ruling over other saints, just as it is now among God’s people in this present life (Heb. 13:7, 17, 24).”, I felt my insides “leap”.  I guess (without realizing it so much) one thing I love about God’s way of doing things, his order, etc. is the comfort I feel in knowing I’m under the shadow or the protection of one of “God’s men” (you).  I love that, and to read that it will always be that way made me very excited, as there will never be an end to the wonderful way it is right now.  God will always have one of “His men” to look after me.
Just wanted to share that.  It is good!


Thanks.  It is exciting learning about God’s ways and to enjoy them.  I believe that God has put some of the best people He has into my life, and for that, I am so very grateful!  I want to “walk worthy” of His blessings, and I very much appreciate your prayers for me when you pray.


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True Humility


I wanted to write out some thoughts I had this morning.

During the night, I heard, “Be ye mindful always”.  When I woke up this morning, I found the scripture in Chronicles, “Be ye mindful always of his covenant”.  I was thinking of that and I asked the Lord what does that mean, being mindful?  I heard, “Caring for the things of God and thinking on the things of the Lord.”  When I looked up the definition of mindful, it meant taking care of, keeping remembrance of, and being heedful of,  which is just what the Lord told me.

The other day, I saw an example of someone seeming to be polite/humble by appearance, but the feeling behind it wasn’t right.  I asked the Lord, “What is this I am feeling?”  And I heard right back “false humility”.  I was seeing what looked like humility, but was not.

So, this morning, when I was talking to the Lord, I asked him, “What is humility Lord? (according to your definition)”  And a list of thoughts came flooding down.

Loving your brother
Testifying to what God has done for you (confessing Christ)
Obedience – Obeying the commandments of God
Obeying the feelings of God – doing something
Reproving evil
Being honest with yourself and others
Then came, “the opposite of what the flesh wants.”

Humility in the Spirit is responding to the Spirit and putting into action whatever the will of God is for you.  It is a response.  The flesh wars against the Spirit of God and every time you obey the will of  God, you are being humble in God’s sight.

Then, tonight, when we were reading chapter 10 of your new book, God Had a Son, we were talking about Form and Life.  When we were reading about form, the Lord gave me this thought, “Form is false religion, and false religion is false humility.”

When we hide behind a form, we are not being humble in God’s sight.  It may look good, but it really is only an appearance and false humility.  It is only pleasing to the flesh and it’s doing something other than what the Spirit is saying do; with form, we are really rebelling against the Spirit of God.

I love reading chapter 10.  To me, it’s the cap on the whole book.  The key is sincerity.  If we will stay sincere in our hearts and listen to what the Spirit is saying to us and obey it, we can stay free from form, false religion, and false humility, and any kind of pretense. That’s the way to life everlasting!  And if we stay “mindful of his covenant” and always keep it in remembrance, thinking on these things always, and be heedful of it, we will be there already in Spirit.  We can live!  And stay free and happy – forever!  It’s only as hard as we make it!  😎

Amy P.

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