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Constant and Persistent

Good morning Pastor John,

This morning Jesus woke me up with this thought, “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”  I looked up the word “diligently”, and one of its meanings is “constant in effort to accomplish something”; “attentive and persistent in doing anything”.

I thought, “Lord, let me be constant in asking you for what I/we need.”  Then, Jesus began laying people on my heart, and I heard prayers come from my heart for different ones and for the body as a whole.  We need Him so much, every minute of everyday.  I want to be constant and persistent in serving and seeking Jesus. 

Michelle H.


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John 3:34

What does “for God gives him the Spirit without measure.” mean?  



Hi Damien,

That verse means that we either have the Spirit or we don’t.  (The “him” is not there in the Greek, as you know.)  In general, it means that God either gives His Spirit or He doesn’t.  For God’s people, it shows them that there is no “saved, sanctified, and (then) filled with the holy Ghost”, as many of them claim.  A person is either born again or he is not.

Pastor John


I guess if we received the holy Ghost first, without being baptized with it (as the Assembly of God and other denominations teach), and get the rest later at Spirit baptism, then that would be receiving the holy Ghost WITH measure (i.e. you just get part first, and a second “measure”, later)



Yes. That was my point.  It just never happens like that.

Pastor John

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Stay Ready!

Pastor John,

I woke up at 4 this morning.  Lying there, the Lord brought back memories of 2001.  All those heart feelings!  And not always understanding what was happening!  I just started praying for us all and how we get moved sometimes over the little things.  Pastor John, those times were very tough inside your heart where only God can go!  Some of those times were also the best times.  You could feel him close.  As I was lying there praying, I heard the spirit softly say, “I am coming to visit again.  Stay prepared!”



Hi Jammie,

I have been praying a lot to be prepared for whatever the Lord has determined for us in the future, whether good or bad.  One thing is for sure, namely, whatever it is, it will be too late to get ready for it when it comes.

Pastor John

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“Not Healed” from the GCC Stories

Hey Pastor John,

Last night I was reading more in the George C. Clark stories and read “Not Healed”, the story about when a woman had come to your father for healing but she wasn’t healed.  Your father was troubled about it and asked Brother Hunnings about it, and he reminded your father of times when Jesus “could do no mighty miracles” because of unbelief.  That settled it in your fathers heart, and he returned to his work of healing.  Then I read this, and it has weighed on my heart:

    “How much faith and how much power Brother Clark must have begun to exercise if what surprised him was not when miracles happened but when they did not!  Who in our time is surprised and perplexed when someone’s prayer to be healed is not answered?

     Somewhere in the saints’ march through time, we have been deceived and robbed of the glory Jesus died for us to possess.  The body of Christ has clearly lost something that must be regained if we ever hope to be the community of faith that Jesus wants us to be.  That something was touched on by Brother Creech, Brother Clark, and a number of other Pentecostal ministers in the early part of the twentieth century.  May God help us to regain it and, this time, cling to it unto perfection.”

Then this morning going to work I was listening to the cd from 7/22/15, “Gods Above it All”, when Brother Earl was telling his dream and the experience he had.  What stuck out to me is when Brother Earl said that in the beginning of the dream he was trying to convince the people of the power of God and how “The word of God can come to you and it can convince you!  There is something more that comes deeper with healing.” 

It really fit with what I have been reading about your father. 

It really stirred up some feelings when you wrote that saints’ through the time have been deceived and robbed of the glory that Jesus died for us to possess.



Hi Michelle,

Pray for the Lord Jesus to again fulfill the scripture that says, “Then I restored what I did not take away.”  He has returned to his people the blessings they threw away many times, and unfortunately, we need him to do it again.

Pastor John

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Psalm 148:14

Hi Pastor John,

Is “the horn of His people” in Psalms 148:14 referring to Jesus?

He also exulted the horn of His people, the praise of all his saints, even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him.  Praise ye the Lord.

Thank you.

Billy M


Hi Billy,

No, not directly.  In the Old Testament, one’s “horn” refers to one’s overall status and well-being.  To have your horn exalted was to be happy and blessed.  For example, when Hannah was blessed with children, she exulted, “My heart rejoices in the Lord; my horn is exalted in the Lord…”  Suffering Job, on the other hand, spoke of his horn being in the dust (Job16:15).

Of course, the whole Old Testament proclaims the hidden Son of God.  He is, in one way or another, in every verse.  So, when I answer you “no”, that should always be kept in mind.

Thanks for the question.

Pastor John


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Wonderful Meeting (August 16, 2015)

Wow, John, that message today was good about “placating God” with a burnt offering the way He told Moses to do it.  If it was done any other way, he would still be angry with sin because of the way it was done.  Like David said in Psalms, God “is angry with the wicked everyday”!!!  Jesus did what he did so that the Father would be placated with those who repent and receive his spirit – as long as they stay under that blood that he shed forth on our souls.

I love what God has done for his people!  He made a way for the ones who were his before Jesus came, by giving them the law so that they would be ready to receive his Son when he came later, and if they loved his ways, they were ready.  This has helped me love the law even more than I did already; knowing how much a covering and a way out from sin the Law of Moses was for his people.  Wow!  How much more does it mean to us to know that his Son came and what he did for all his people!!  By the Spirit, he has washed the inside of us forever!  He is our life.  This is the way of life!

What a wonderful meeting today!  I could feel a stirring in the Spirit.  That feels so good!!!  It is strong, full of substance, life-giving power. I could feel the power and love in what Earl said about God being our friend.  God, be our friend, so we can know you more!  Darren’s song, and Gary’s song!  Wow!  Thank you, Jesus!  What power in the prayer today!!



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Destroying the Temple

At the end of Mark, some false witnesses accuse Jesus of saying “I will tear down the temple…” but did Jesus ever say that?  In Mark 13 he says that “no stone will be left on another” but he didn’t say he would be the one to tear it down.   I can’t find in the gospels where he ever said that. It sounds close but the meaning is so different.  Amazing how words get twisted.  Ironically, THEY were the one who destroyed the temple to which he was referring.



Hi Token,

No, Jesus never threatened to tear the temple down, either his own or any other one.  But those false witnesses used some of the words he said, which lent some credence to their lie.

The most effective lies always have elements of truth in them.  Two of the three things the serpent told Eve in the garden of Eden were factually true, and the third thing he said was kinda right.

Jesus didn’t fall for the trap.  He stayed quiet and let them do what they were determined to do to him.

Pastor John

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