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Matthew Reading

Hi John, 

While reading through the “Beatitudes” in Matthew this morning, I was reminded again of how blessed we are to have you as an anointed teacher and pastor. How many dozen times have I read those same scriptures and have not understood the depth of truth that you expressed this morning. 

As my daughter Amy said, it felt like Jesus was standing in our midst pointing towards a path or an open door saying, “this is the way. Follow me!” 

Oh, how I pray that all of God’s people could hear the truth of the gospel the way we experienced it this morning. 

Thank you. 



I could not have said it better than Tom did, John.  The anointing on you really opened that up today… I have never fully understood the teachings of Jesus in that way, to that depth – maybe not at all!  We don’t know anything without Him.  I wish all of God’s children could hear what we get to hear.

My heart really cried out to God when you prayed at the end.  I really needed that, I know it was just for me (but I guess others can say that too!)  I need Him.

Thank you.



Hi Pastor John.

It feels like it’s more special reading the New Testament this time.  There is an anticipation of what we may learn, and especially what we may feel.  I really loved the part when Jesus said, “Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”  This quote from your translation says so much to me,   “So, you be perfect, just as your Father who is in heaven is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).

This quote explains where Jesus was at this time (on earth), that Jesus had a Father and where he Father is (in Heaven), and what his Father was (perfect).   But one thing that really gave me joy is when Jesus said, “You be perfect.”  We read the prior scriptures in chapter 5 that explained who the Father is.  And you explained that no one could be perfect until after the Spirit was given at Pentecost.  Something really went off in my heart and mind to think we can be like God in judgment, in love, in hating evil things, and in mercy, to name just a few.  I know this is ABC stuff, but whew, something really clicked in my mind.

I wonder if these were things that Satan wanted when the scriptures described him as wanting to be like the most high God.  Satan really thought he could be like God without the life of God (impossible).   No one can be perfected without the life of God that Jesus died for us to have.  It is only given to repented hearts, and then we have to humble ourselves to walk in the Spirit to be perfected.  I feel so much joy!

The readings already are very sobering and exciting.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!





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Colossians 2:15

RE: Colossians 2:15: “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” 

How did Jesus make a “show of the principalities and powers openly”?  I remember what a Triumph was in ancient Rome, but who was Jesus’ Triumph in front of?



Hey Token!

The answer to your question is in the last word of that verse: “it”.

Our translation of Colossian 2:14–15 is this: “After he had done away with the writing of ordinances by hand, which was contrary to us, removing it from between us when he nailed it to the cross, by which, stripping the rulers and authorities, he exposed them publicly, leading them along in a Triumph.”

Jesus made a public spectacle of the principalities and powers when they nailed him to a cross.  They, and everyone else in heaven and earth except God, thought that Jesus was the public spectacle.  But the people who abused and crucified the Son of God were the disgusting spectacle to the One who counted.  The cross was Jesus’ Triumph over the whole universe.


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A Book of Pearls

Hi Pastor John. 

This went really well with our reading in Mathew, this past weekend. I read this from “A Book Of Pearls”, January 26, from where your Father was quoted, “Jesus wasn’t battling anymore with the flesh after he was tested by Satan. He had overcome the world.  Some of us are still on the mountain, battling, after all these years”.

You told us that your Father said that it took him 40 years to overcome the flesh (on that mountain), but it didn’t have to take you that long because you had a Pastor.  I am thankful and glad that we have a Pastor, too.  

Brother Delbert once told us, “Being on top of the mountain has a nice view, but the water and food are down below.”

Hope you have a great week!

Billy M.

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