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Revelation 11:18


Verse 18 of revelation 11 says that God will “destroy those that destroy the earth.”  What does that phrase mean?



Good question, Wendell.  I have wondered about that unusual statement many times over the years.  I assume that in this verse, John is using “earth” the way the prophets did occasionally, that is, as a reference to the people of the Lord.  Here is the section of the God Had a Son before Mary Did book which deals with that:

“The Earth” Will Never Hunger or Thirst Again

It will help to understand the next prophecy of the Son if one is aware that “the earth” is sometimes used prophetically as a reference to the people of God, just as “the sea” is sometimes used as a reference to people of the world.  We find instances of God’s people being referred to as “the earth” in Psalm 2:10, Isaiah 66:8, and Revelation12:16, while in Revelation 17:15, “the sea” represents the world’s “peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and languages.”  Here in Isaiah 49, the Son reveals that the Father will answer his prayers for us and will give him power to raise “the earth” from the dead and to give them an eternal inheritance, never again to suffer hunger or thirst, or any such thing:

Isaiah 49

8. This is what the Lord [the Father] said: “In an acceptable time I will answer you, and in the day of salvation, I will help you.  And I will watch over you and give you for a covenant of the people, to cause the earth [God’s people] to rise to inherit desolate inheritances,

9. saying to the prisoners, ‘Come out!’  And to those in darkness, ‘Show yourselves!’  They shall feed along the roads, and their pastures shall be in all the high places.

10. And they shall neither hunger nor thirst, and heat and sun shall not beat upon them.  For He who pities them shall guide them, and by springs of water shall He refresh them.”

Thanks for asking.

Pastor John

PS. I think you will appreciate this, from Isaiah:

Isaiah 66

8a. Who has heard such a thing?  Who has seen such things?  Shall the earth be born in one day?  Shall a nation be born at once?



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Tears for Others

Hey Pastor John, 

Tonight when I was reading the George C. Clark stories*. I read about when your dad was coming out of his “dark times”.  He said, Jesus told him that men can only see him through tears, and that the tears cannot be for themselves, but for others.

That really did something in my heart.  

I feel like I’ve been in school, reading these stories/testimonies.  Feels good and clean.



It would benefit anyone to read those wonderful stories.  I’m glad you are doing it.

Pastor John​ 

* If you would like to read the George C. Clark stories, please click on the link below:


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Hi Pastor John, 

I had the most wonderful feeling of thankfulness from Jesus today. It was not a human feeling.  This kind of thankfulness is from Jesus.

I had been feeling pretty sad.  Jerry and I came down with a cold this weekend.  That meant I couldn’t go see Bess or Debbie T.  We had to cancel dinner with Tom, Suzi, Michael and Anna.  Add a cold day in the rain today, and I was feeling kind of pitiful.

Now for the good part:

I put on your CD “The Best Thing to Me”.  Pastor John, just your voice made me feel better.  I began to think about how thankful I am to be here with you.  How thankful I am that you wanted Jesus more than high positions and titles.  Thankful for how much you love Jesus. Thankful that how others treated you did not stop you from obeying and trusting.  The feeling that filled my car was from Heaven.  It made me weep.

Then I began to thank Jesus for taking such sweet care of Bess and her dad.  I couldn’t go and comfort my sweet sister, but Jesus did.  I thanked him for taking care of Debbie T.  I thanked him for guiding the doctor’s hand.  I thanked him for the wonderful news about Jr.  No cancer! I thanked him for wise counsel and a family that loves the truth.  Sister Willie is right; you cannot complain and feel thankful at the same time.  Thankfulness is consuming.  No room for anything else when Jesus lets you feel his thankfulness. 


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Hey Pastor John, 

One thing that has stood out to me reading the Georg C. Clark stories this time is the importance of discernment, not only to be able to discern who’s who in the body but being able to discern people so that you will treat them right, speak to them correctly, and judge them righteously.  



Yes, that is very important, Michelle.  We cannot deal with anyone in a godly manner unless we are in tune with what God thinks and feels about them.

Pastor John

*To read Pastor John Clark’s book, George Clarence Clark – Pioneer of the Faithplease select the link below:


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A Few Notes from 1-21-18


I went back and listened to part of the meeting from last Sunday. So wonderful. Here are a few things I wrote down-

“Who wants to stay where the problems are?  Get out of your problems and get into Jesus. Let that be the most important thing!”

“He’ll make you forget your problems.  He’ll remind you of a better place.  That’s his promise to all who love Him.  The cure for all your problems is to love God.”

“[Jesus is saying] Forget your problems.  Remember me.  Feel me.  Trust me.”

“Every problem that God’s people have is because they didn’t remember Him.”

“You can have a real problem, but God is a real answer!  He is a problem solver extraordinaire!”

I love all of this!


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Firmly Planted in Jesus

Hey Pastor John,

​Yesterday, while talking with a mom of one of our patients I found out that when a child turns 13 yrs old, parents no longer have rights over their medical chart.  The chart is literally locked until the 13 yr. old completes a form that allows their parents the right to their medical records.  I was completely shocked, I’m not sure how long this has been in effect but it really took me back.

I had this thought:  the spirit of antichrist is a rebellious spirit.  It hates righteous authority.  It hated the authority that God gave His son, it hates the authority that Jesus has given you, Pastor John and it will do anything to tear it down.  It’s so bold now that it is going even further, to the natural God given right to a parent for their child.

It really put the fear of God deeper in my heart, Pastor John.  It made me pray for Jesus to take away all rebelliousness in me and to give me a heart to humbly follow the authority that He has put into my life to lead, guide and direct me.  I want to be firmly planted in Jesus; He is our rock and our foundation.  Times are coming, and are coming quickly, that we will not have time to think or contemplate what to do.  If we are not founded in Jesus we’ll fall no matter what our good intentions are.  These are very humbling thoughts.


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Ruling in Our Glorified Bodies


I just had a thought/question… When we come back and rule the earth with Jesus in our glorified bodies, will people know who we were when lived before on earth?  Will people on earth at that time even know that we once were people who also lived on earth?  Can’t help but wonder!



Hi Jenny.​

During the Millennial Reign, we will still remember our lives here, and those who knew us in this life will know us still. I can’t say about the others on earth at that time. But it is certain that beyond that ​thousand-year reign with Christ, God will wipe away all memory of this present world. We won’t even remember our former lives.​​

Pastor John​

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