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Pastor John, 

All week I’ve been looking around marveling at what Jesus has given me.  A family that shares the same heart, a home that is filled with peace and joy.

Then this morning I was reading Random Thoughts: Your Vision or God’s?  When I read this:

(Ezek. 16:5—6): “None eye pitied you . . . to have compassion upon you; but you were cast out in the open field, to the loathing of your person, in the day that you were born. And when I passed by you, and saw you polluted in your own blood, I said to you when you were in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yea, I said to you when you were in your blood, ‘Live!’ 

Whew!  This most of all is what I’m thankful for.  He has ​said to us, “Live!”  I can feel Him flowing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet!  “Live!”  ​Oh, what a sweet, perfect, loving life! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 



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Holy Ghost Baptism

Dear Pastor John,

My name is Osmond and I found your ministry when searching for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I came to know the Lord at a Baptist church my first year in college and only within the last two years came to understand and believe Jesus is the same, He still heals, still delivers, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for today. I know Acts 1:8 and Luke 11 describe how the Holy Spirit empowers us for life and ministry and I have prayed and fasted, but have not gotten the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I have seen God provide in amazing ways but I do not know how and when the baptism of the Holy Spirit will happen in my life. Can you help? Brother Osmond


Greetings, Osmond, and thank you for writing!

The only thing the Bible tells us Gentiles to do to receive the holy Spirit baptism is to repent.  If there is anything more required, I do not know what it is.  The old saints who taught me Christ used to say, “Whatever keeps the holy ghost out of your life will keep you out of the kingdom of God.”  I believe that: so, I encourage you to make receiving the baptism of Christ THE priority of your life.

Men have invented many ways (church doctrines) by which they justify themselves and others, but as Jesus said to one such group, “God knows your heart.”  Do not believe those who tell you that you are born again and right with God without Jesus’ baptism of the holy ghost.  They are not the door; Jesus is, and when we satisfy him and His Father with our repentance, he baptizes us into his body (Rom. 6:3; 1Cor. 12:13; Gal. 3:27).  There is no other way to get into the body of Christ.

If you have further questions, please let us know.  May God richly bless you and fill you with His holy Spirit!  And do let us know how things go with you.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor John


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Drawing Near

Good morning Pastor John, 

This morning I woke up thinking about when Jesus was dying on the cross how God bowed the heavens to be close to his son.  It is so sweet thinking about the love in that.

But then I had this thought, when we are dying to our flesh and to old habits Jesus is doing the same thing for us, drawing near because he loves us so much.



That is right, Michelle!  Sweet to think of it.  Thanks.

Pastor John

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“We Are Lively!”

I  just had the best thoughts from Jesus while I was listening to a song from the July music cd, ”We Shall See the King”.  I said to Jesus, “We are lively, Jesus!” The next thought I had was about the midwives Shiphrah and Puah and how they told Pharaoh in Exodus chapter 1 that the Hebrew women “were lively” and not like the Egyptian women.  Outside of Christianity, we are lively and are prepared for babies to be born in the spirit when we gather together in our services.  I want to stay prepared for when we gather together!  Christianity would have us to abort that baby being born, but Jesus has taught us to value his babies and encourage them to live!


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God’s Smorgasbord

Definitely not crabby, but a wonderful Chef!* 

I’ve been thinking about the wonderful food that Jesus has given you to prepare for us, such as:

(1) Learning the real reason behind Job’s trials (for Job to experience a touch of God’s righteousness).

(2) The foreshadow of Jesus through the story of Joseph.

(3) God had a Son before Mary Did, and about when God’s Son entered his earthly temple.

(4) Paul preaching the truth and how many of God’s own people rejected it. 

(5) When the New Testament really began.

(6) How from the beginning God told, through the prophets, the whole story of man’s time on earth, from beginning to end.

(7) etc., etc.,  

Pastor John, you have prepared for us a smorgasbord!  Sometimes I can do nothing but marvel at what is laid out before us!

To say thank you just doesn’t come close.  I love you very much and am so thankful Jesus has put me here to be one of your sheep!


*See post for 11/14/2017, “What You Have Given Us”.

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What You Have Given Us

I’ve always loved crab legs but could never get the meat out.  I would try but only get a little piece here a little piece there​ …  never enough to fill me.  My dad had a way of getting the meat out in its entirety.  I loved it. I could eat and get full!  I really love it!  That’s how I feel about what you have given to us.   

Hope you have a good day!



I wonder if that is what some people say I’m a crabby sort of fellow?

Just kidding.  Thank you, Michelle.

Pastor John

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Ephesians 3:10

Do the principalities and powers over us know the wisdom of God by watching the congregation of God?  Is that what this verse is saying?

Eph. 3:10: “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God…”



Yes.  That is what Paul is saying.  God has ordained that the truth about Him is made known to all creatures through those who walk in the Spirit of His Son.

Pastor John

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