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Drawing Near

Good morning Pastor John, 

This morning I woke up thinking about when Jesus was dying on the cross how God bowed the heavens to be close to his son.  It is so sweet thinking about the love in that.

But then I had this thought, when we are dying to our flesh and to old habits Jesus is doing the same thing for us, drawing near because he loves us so much.



That is right, Michelle!  Sweet to think of it.  Thanks.

Pastor John


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“We Are Lively!”

I  just had the best thoughts from Jesus while I was listening to a song from the July music cd, ”We Shall See the King”.  I said to Jesus, “We are lively, Jesus!” The next thought I had was about the midwives Shiphrah and Puah and how they told Pharaoh in Exodus chapter 1 that the Hebrew women “were lively” and not like the Egyptian women.  Outside of Christianity, we are lively and are prepared for babies to be born in the spirit when we gather together in our services.  I want to stay prepared for when we gather together!  Christianity would have us to abort that baby being born, but Jesus has taught us to value his babies and encourage them to live!


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God’s Smorgasbord

Definitely not crabby, but a wonderful Chef!* 

I’ve been thinking about the wonderful food that Jesus has given you to prepare for us, such as:

(1) Learning the real reason behind Job’s trials (for Job to experience a touch of God’s righteousness).

(2) The foreshadow of Jesus through the story of Joseph.

(3) God had a Son before Mary Did, and about when God’s Son entered his earthly temple.

(4) Paul preaching the truth and how many of God’s own people rejected it. 

(5) When the New Testament really began.

(6) How from the beginning God told, through the prophets, the whole story of man’s time on earth, from beginning to end.

(7) etc., etc.,  

Pastor John, you have prepared for us a smorgasbord!  Sometimes I can do nothing but marvel at what is laid out before us!

To say thank you just doesn’t come close.  I love you very much and am so thankful Jesus has put me here to be one of your sheep!


*See post for 11/14/2017, “What You Have Given Us”.

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What You Have Given Us

I’ve always loved crab legs but could never get the meat out.  I would try but only get a little piece here a little piece there​ …  never enough to fill me.  My dad had a way of getting the meat out in its entirety.  I loved it. I could eat and get full!  I really love it!  That’s how I feel about what you have given to us.   

Hope you have a good day!



I wonder if that is what some people say I’m a crabby sort of fellow?

Just kidding.  Thank you, Michelle.

Pastor John

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Ephesians 3:10

Do the principalities and powers over us know the wisdom of God by watching the congregation of God?  Is that what this verse is saying?

Eph. 3:10: “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God…”



Yes.  That is what Paul is saying.  God has ordained that the truth about Him is made known to all creatures through those who walk in the Spirit of His Son.

Pastor John

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Pastor John,

I have been thinking about what you said Friday night about Wed night’s reading of Revelation.  It left me praying to Jesus to not let me grow complacent and take for granted all that Jesus has given us.  We have so much to eat!

I was listening to the latest meeting CD today, and Judy M was testifying about her scare with the horse.  At one point she said that Billy told her “not to grow complacent” with the horses.  When she said that, it struck my heart.  I knew Jesus wanted me to hear that. Judy also said things “can change in a moment”, and after my scare at work with a gunman, I feel like Jesus was wanting me to hear that also.

I was just about to go to bed but after reading today’s Excerpt (below), I had to write.  God’s patience is terrifying.  It is terrifying to think we could be the “ignorant creatures” God is using.  Israel grew tired of Manna.  I pray that Jesus gives me a heart to cherish our Manna. How terrifying to not cherish and love what God has given and for Him to take it away!

I am thankful that you love Jesus and the things of God we are given, Pastor John.  Thank you for all the time and work you put into teaching us.


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LORD and Lord

Pastor John,

“LORD” is The Father.  “Lord” is Jesus.  So when writing about Jesus, do we write with a lower case h (example .. he ) and only use upper case H when writing about the Father?

Beth D


That’s what I do, Beth.

Pastor John


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