We Become the Truth!


I loved everything you said Wednesday night!!  I love the truth and everything it does for us.  It is so simple and not hard to believe when that is what you want and are looking for.  I was so full tonight, I could feel everything you were saying going through my whole body, just saturating every cell of my soul.  It felt so good!!!  We become the truth when we live it everyday.

I am so thankful that we are here in the middle of the love of God that He has shed on this place and His people.  Thank you for loving the truth more than anything on this earth, John!!  



I Love My Home

I can’t  express my feelings from today.  Jesus took my breath away with the love of God with everyone.  We truly are in this boat together.  When you told us, “I love everyone one of you,” it penetrated my heart.  I’m still feeling the effect of that.  Want to say, “I love my home.”  I never really had one until I met all of y’all.

Billy M


Pastor John,

I loved Jimmy’s testimony tonight, regarding his struggle with tobacco in the beginning of his walk in the Lord.

The sincere desire that he expressed to be free of it, and the utter helplessness that he felt to put it down on his own, gave me such a restored feeling of tenderness and compassion toward people around me that are weighed down with sin.

As one person rightly put it, “sin messes up everything,” and it is genuinely frustrating when a person’s self-destructive behavior invades our peaceful life.  But how much sweeter it is to feel a genuine burden for the soul that is living in bondage to sin, instead of feeling frustration or aggravation toward them.

To know that someone is destroying their life because they are simply powerless over the sin that binds them fills me with nothing but sadness tonight for the folk that I know who are in that condition. And it gives me a sincere prayer in my heart for all people who are in that place. They need God, too.

Jimmy reminded me that we are all in that condition, without the miraculous touch from Jesus that makes us free.

I love knowing that; it makes me more like Jesus.



Praise God!

Hi Pastor John! 

Here’s a few things that have been gathered up since coming to the truth.  We have been prepping new rental for move and packing up apt. so it’s a time of work for Jerry and me.  Jesus keeps telling me “it is just for a season” so I am leaning on that every time it feels like too much.  Jesus also has been encouraging me and making me laugh when I really feel like crying.  Thought I would share them with you.

1. When you lose the start of the box tape for the fifth time – Don’t throw that box tape.  You will just have to apologize to Jesus, so gently lay it down and PRAISE GOD!

2.  When you feel like you can’t work and pack and feed your husband – remember at least you don’t have a bag of dirty diapers to wash out and PRAISE GOD!

3. When you are not sure exactly what is a weed and what is a flower – Call Suzi and remember that Jesus put us here in this body to have help learning what is a weed and help to pull it!  After or before you call Suzi – PRAISE GOD!

4. When you have to stick your head in a cabinet full of cracks and possibly spiders and are wondering why you are doing all this for a rental home – Seal up the cracks where He has you. Live where Jesus has you and PRAISE GOD!

5. When only one room in the whole house is clean and put together – live in the room that is finished!

I don’t know if that exactly fits, but it sure is good and it has come to my mind all week. PRAISE GOD!

I have loved Jesus talking to me and encouraging me lately.  Every time it gets too much, Jesus sends one of our sweet family members with a hug or a laugh or a sweet text.  Debbie T. fixed a big dinner the other night and sent us some.  It was exactly what was needed that night.  I just love that Jesus stays right there with us.  I have been rescued.  I have been wooed.  Now I am seeing what a friend Jesus is.

Makes me cry to think Jesus wants to be my friend.  It really does just keep getting sweeter, huh? 



Peace and More Peace

Hey Bro John!

While listening tonight to your message, it was so good when you said, “God, what do you want us to do?  Or if you want us to do nothing, that’s ok, too.”  What Pastor ever says that?  What a blessing to be relieved of that stress!  We live in such a wonderful place of knowing it’s ok to just wait on Jesus.  I appreciate the peace Jesus has us in.  Who really has that!  My heart hurts for God’s people because this is what they’re searching for, and they don’t even know why they are rejecting it. Whew, I want to keep loving what Jesus is to us.  Tonight was peace, thankfulness, and more peace!!!



Wheww! Bro John, what powerful preaching tonight!  It was another one of those over-the-top meetings!  You were all lit up and on fire!!  Wonderful feeling.



Hey John,

To hear the words of life tonight!  I felt so honored. Here are just a few things I heard from your sermon that touched me:
“We owe him something.”
“If you don’t like being left out, then come on in.”
“Do you want to learn about Jesus?  Watch me.”
“If we feel honored to walk with Jesus here, Jesus will honor us to walk with him there!”
“There are benefits to holiness!”

Then the last two songs, “The Way of Grace” and “Perfume and Promises” ! What those two songs did for all of us in 2002!

Years ago, when you had just written those songs, a lady in Louisville came and wanted to tell you her problems.  You said to her, “This is all I have for you.”  It was The Way of Grace song!

I’m just thankful tonight.



Wheww, SUCH good feelings tonight!  This body can hardly contain them!  Thankful to feel and hear what we heard tonight.



I loved the feelings, and hearing Truth preached last night.

I loved Sheila’s testimony, and really loved watching Carrie dance with joy.   We watched her tears and sorrow over the past months, and Carrie kept her faith and trust in Jesus.  So it’s a wonderful thing and brings my heart joy to watch her dancing and joyfulness.

What a wonderful night!  The songs, again, were not from this world.  It’s an honor to hear them and to play them.

Billy M.

An Audible “Crack”!

I am still feeling the effects from last night’s touch. I am so thankful Jesus touched me and let me feel his power shake me and hear that audible sound of him breaking/cracking something inside my heart. It sounded like a shotgun firing or a clap of thunder- a loud crack! It came with the feeling that he had broken/destroyed something that had had me bound. And I woke up hearing the song “God Will Take Care of You”.

I am very grateful for what you taught us last night. I love the anointing God has put on you to shape and mold us to be more like him! He is giving us some beautiful testimonies! Gnite!


Knowing Satan Was Evil


Since no one really knew the Son before Pentecost, is it true that no one really knew Satan either?



Yes, Wendell, that’s right.​

Before Pentecost, no one ​but Jesus understood that ​Satan was evil.  Even if ​people believed Jesus when he said ​that ​Satan was evil, they ​themselves had no way of knowing why Jesus would say that.  ​What evil ​deed ​Satan had ​ever ​done​ during the Old Testament?

​Pastor John