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Our Readings, Lately

Hi Pastor John,

I am still very encouraged from our readings lately; I have never felt so encouraged to live for this Truth.  The Truth that we have has never gone through a tunnel, as we read about in the Two Gospels book (Acts 15 Council).  We saw that God’s people went into what might be called a spiritual tunnel after the apostles died and mixed the truth with wrong ideas about God.  But this truth is just as pure as it was on the day of Pentecost.

I was driving through the mountains of Virginia yesterday and had the sweetest time reflecting about our NT readings, the Two Gospels readings, and listening to our gospel tracts on my iPhone.  It’s wonderful to be able to hear about Jesus and his Father without the message being mixed with anything.  At the same time,  it’s wonderful to have an attitude that if we are wrong about a word, phrase, or what we’re doing, that we will change, change to become more like God and have more of a mind of Christ.

I love these feelings of joy and peace!




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Great Lesson

Hi Pastor John!

I had a lesson from God last week.

Sometimes I have these feelings come of wanting more assurance from the Lord.  I have had amazing experiences with Jesus, and most of the time I feel very connected to Jesus.  Every once in a while, though, I have a thought come, like “Lord, are you really there?  I want to know you are really really there.”

Last week, I asked Jesus to let me know that He is really there.  Not to just believe, but know.  Let me know like Preacher Clark knew.  Let me know I have that quarter in my pocket, as he used to say it. The next day I woke up feeling awful.  I felt heavy and empty.  I felt like the old Beth, and I hated it.  This feeling lasted 4 days.  I put in CDs, and I could not feel anything.  I tried a lot of CDs…I felt nothing.  I read the bible, and again I felt nothing.  After days of feeling miserable, I came home and told Jerry how awful I felt.  Jerry knew that something was wrong, but he could not help me.  Finally, I could not take it anymore.  I went in the bedroom, and I said, “Jesus help me!  I cannot take this feeling anymore.  Please take it from me.  I am so used to being happy, and I don’t like this feeling.”

As soon as I said that and realized what I said, I felt it lift.  I felt more like myself again.  I thought that maybe Jesus wanted me to realize how happy and blessed I am, but there was more.

I drove to Kentucky on Saturday, and Jesus showed me the whole lesson.

The Lord had pulled away those four days, and showed me what I feel like without Him.  I could not make myself feel better.  I could not talk myself into feeling Jesus.  I tried.  I tried hard, but it did not work.  I could not put in a CD and feel those sweet feelings from the spirit because that comes from Jesus.  That is a gift from Jesus EVERY time.  It is never once something I do or control.




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Two Gospels

The book about the Two Gospels is such a wonderful work that you have put together & I really do believe God’s hungry people are going to eat it up one day.

It’s sweet to think about someone finding this in a book store or on their grandmother’s old book shelf or an attic somewhere, reading it & getting so excited that they search for the author. Even if we’re not around, can you imagine them searching & finding John David or maybe even little John David or even some of our other young people & they will be able to say, “Oh yes I was around when that was written & I remember the saints reading it & reading it & loving it more each time they went over it.”  Wouldn’t that be just wonderful.  Yes, I think that could so easily really happen. 

Thanks for doing this!!


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I love what you have taught us about staying full of the Holy Ghost and keeping sin out of our lives, keeping a clean conscience toward God, and how that is the most valuable thing.  Doing that keeps our feelings alive!!!  Feelings of life and hope and rest and peace!  When we live in those feelings, we are right where we need to be, every time, every day. 


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The Angel in the Wilderness

After reading the Father and Son book excerpt for July 16, I had this question:

So, was it the angel (in the name of the LORD) that executed the judgments of God on Israel in the Wilderness Wanderings?  Such as Aaron’s son’s being slain by fire coming out of the Most Holy place, and the earth opening its mouth so that Korah and company went down into the pit?

Billy H.


Yes, I would think so, Billy.  Good question.

Pastor John

FS 0716

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Good Food

Pastor John, 

I loved the reading this weekend!   I remember when I was young there was an old Saint I loved very much.   I knew her from a little girl.   She always seemed so wise and godly.   After receiving the holy Ghost, I would sometimes ask her about things I would feel.   She would always tell me, “Just pick through, and take the good and leave the bad.”  I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.   I’m so thankful that I don’t have to do that anymore, Pastor John.

I’m thankful for what we’re being served.   We have no worries when we come together and eat!   It’s all so good and so satisfying to our soul.   I know that it does not have to be this way, and I want to eat and savor every crumb!

Thank you Pastor John!


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Pastor John,

I was standing at the sink this morning doing dishes, not thinking about anything.   Then I had this thought – if you think homosexuals are born that way, then you have to believe murderers are born murderers.  Cain killed Able out of pride.  Even Satan was made perfect in the beginning, and then pride crept in.  I always thought of pride as sticking out your chest and strutting around, but I saw it very differently this morning.  Pride is a dangerous thing to grab a hold of.  It won’t let you go!!


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