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Mornin’ Bro. John!

The section of the Father and Son book about the crucifixion of Jesus was so very good. It reminded me of what the Lord told me a few years ago: “Even in dying, Jesus was living because he was doing the will of His Father.”

I really loved what you wrote, after quoting these verses form John 11:

51. But this he did not say of himself, but being high priest at that time, he prophesied

that Jesus was about to die for the nation . . .

53. So, from that day, they plotted to kill him.

You wrote, “Satan and these elders of Israel all thought that Spirit was decreeing, through the high priest, that

Jesus had to die in order to rescue the nation from the Romans. What the Spirit was actually decreeing

was that Jesus had to die to rescue Israel from sin.”

It is just amazing to realize that men thought they were killing Jesus when all along it was God’s plan. God was never out of control over what happened to His Son, whether man saw or understood it at all. Nothing appeared as love in man’s eyes, but God was loving his Son and us the whole time. And still is. The Father and Son (and us) – – an amazing love story. Whew!



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from Jerry

Pastor John,

A¬†year ago, I was riding down the road and I felt Jesus speaking to me. He used to do that often, and He would tell me things that I would write down, things that blessed my soul and things that made me better for hearing them. But because of my actions, those experiences slowed and nearly stopped altogether. But this one day, a year ago, He came…and what He said to my heart was good. It is what you have said all along, but I wrote it down. I wanted to keep it. I thought about it last night and pulled it up and looked at it again. It still seems good. I wanted to send it to you, because I believe it was from Jesus, and that makes it valuable.

All Authority that is….. is of God. A person does not “exercise” authority, as if it were a thing, it is not a thing or a what…it is a Who. If you are trying to be in charge, then you are not. If you are trying to take control, then you are not in control. If you are having to “exercise” authority, then you have no authority from God. Authority comes in the form of a “Who”, the first form is Jesus, Who received that state of being from His Father and passes it on to whom He will. Those who are an Authority, are so, because God made them that way. And there job is to walk in a gentleness and kindness so as to make people at ease so they can receive the blessings that the Authority has to give. A man who is really in charge is spending his time trying not to intimidate people because of what he really has, he never spends his time trying to “take” charge.

Charge is given by One who is greater, never taken. And those who don’t have it…take it by force.


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